Hello Everybody! Future Duran Doll :) - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey ladies :) I've been creeping on here for...

Hey ladies :)
I've been creeping on here for months now. I finally decided to make an account!
Months ago, i read reviews on Dr. Jimerson, and i fell in love with his work.. He's a bit more pricier and is also booked until 2015? with this in mind i decided to search for other surgeons, and i came across Dr. Duran. All of her patients end up having A$$ for days lol!
Not too long ago, i sent in the form to Jazmine Navarro, a Bella Vita Consultant, to send my information to duran so i can receive a quote.
I'm currently 19, turning 20 in November. I'm 4'11 & i'm overweight for my height! i weigh in at 170 :(( I'm already working on losing the weight. No doubt i'll have to drop maybe 30+ lbs. I'm trying to confirm a date for January 15th 2016. I would choose November/December of 2015 but i don't want to miss out on spending my birthday recovering or miss out on time with my family during the holidays. i'll be having a Brazilian butt lift, lipo on my stomach, whole back, arm, inner thighs, and calfs, and also a breast lift. I haven't measured myself recently but last measurement of my waist i was about 28" & my hips were maybe 39" i don't remember tbh. I love my small boobs, i'm a 36B.. but they do sag, just a little.. i like the idea of having small perky tits that look like their resting in a bra without the bra LOL. The ba is not necessary. I'll probably just stick with the lipo and bbl. i have an obsession with slim waists, and wide hips. i have some pretty thick thighs, i'd like to keep them lol. i don't want a huge butt slapped on a pair of chicken legs :/
I have faith that dr. duran can give me the body i dream of. I'm not sure what else i'd like to say, so i guess that's it for now lol!
tata! xx
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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