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Hello ladies, Im going to the Dominican Republic...

Hello ladies, Im going to the Dominican Republic and getting a Brazilian Butt lift from Dr. Duran. Im planning on staying at a recovery house, but Im looking for a travel buddy, Im putting the $250 deposit down today, and Getting a surgery date tomorrow. If anyone is going the end of September or the first week in October, and looking for a travel buddy let me know. I am very nervous, but mostly excited to finally have the body I've been wanting.

Finally Have my Date with Dr. Duran!!!!!!

I am so excited!!!!!!!!. I finally have my sx date with Dr. Duran 9/23/15. I'm very nervous but extremely excited!!! I booked my flight yesterday, and now I have to decide on a RH. Any Suggestions??? I have a few in mind, but I would like to know if anyone stayed in one that they really liked. Time for me to get started on a vitamin regimen to get my hemoglobin up above 12.

A few wish picks

Some much needed supplies

My Calender

Change of plans!!!!!

So I had to reschedule my surgery date with Dr. Duran for August 17. Sooo close.???? I changed my flight, my dates at high class recovery house, now just waiting to get my passport. I pretty much have everything I need to take with me, so now I'm just counting down.

Need my passport!!!!!!

I applied for my passport on 07/22 when my sx date was 09/22. Now that I've changed my date to 08/17 I am so nervous that I will not get my passport in time. I had to call and get it expedited, but even that takes 3 weeks and I'm leaving in 16 days. I'm pulling my hair out right now hoping I get it on time.

High Class Recovery House

Where I'm staying for 10 days

12 DAYS TO GO!!!

I just got a call from the passport agency letting me know that they cannot issue me a passport because I DID NOT sign my application under my married name. I am FREAKING OUT!!! I am leaving for DR in 12 days and I cannot get back into the US without my passport. I have to apply again, get it expedited again, and hope it comes in time. Other than That, I'm continuing to take my vitamins, hemoglobin level is 13.4, bags are all packed, and I'm ready to go. I'm extremely excited to be a Duran doll, I know she is going to do an amazing job on me.

Before Pictures. UGH!!!

I have 7 days until I leave for the DR to get surgery, so I've decided to post before pictures of myself.

1 day post op

I'm 1 day post op, and in a lot of pain. When I woke up in the recovery room, I felt like my butt was on fire. I could not take the pain. After about 10hrs the pain subsided and now I'm just sore. Duran told me she wouldn't be able to put a lot of fat in my butt because I had a little butt and the fat wouldn't fit, but after seeing myself in the mirror, she put enough. I'm loving my results so far. I'm super swollen, but I can see how small she made my waist. I'm getting my first massage tomorrow and I'll take pictures after. Pray for me dolls.

Quick update

Quick update. I had my surgery with Dr. Duran on Monday August 17. I went to her office at 6:45am and immediately went in to do labs and her my blood work done. After she marked me up and let me know her recommendations, I went to get prepped for surgery. I was given the blue pill about 10min later I was taken to the surgery room and I was out like a light. I woke up in the recovery room not in any pain. I slept almost the entire day. The next morning I woke up in a lot of pain feeling like my butt was on fire. Was given pain meds and that worked a few hrs later. After being discharged from Cipla, I went to the recover house in lots of pain. I couldn't sit, walk, bent, get in and out of bed, it was horrible. I will say it does get easier as the days go on. I'm now 8 days post op, and though the massages and baths are still painful, they are getting much better. I'm excited to go home tomorrow and see my family. The hardest part of this has been being away from them.

Almost 1 yr update

Stopped wearing my faja prematurely

I stopped wearing my faja after only 2 months and because of this, my belly isn't completely smooth. I'm gonna start wearing it again. Hopefully it'll help.
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