Future Duran Doll May/2016 (Lipo, BA, Mini BBL) - Dominican Republic

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Hello bellezas. As many others have I would like...

Hello bellezas. As many others have I would like to give back to you all what has helped me a lot...I've been lurking on this site for almost two years now and I could honestly say that I'd never thought I'd be doing this. At first it was more of a fascination and admiration for all of the women that have done what I wished to do but after so many months of being unhappy with all the scrutiny of my weight gain and not liking what I saw in the mirror. I decided to do something about it. Could I had gone to the gym? Yes, if is loose like 40 pounds but that double chin and pouch has always been there...so after outweighing the facts; money comes and goes and it's time to finally do something for me. Let me see if this works and I will add more in a bit.

Contacting Dr. Duran

Hello bellezas,

I know how difficult it is to finally decided that you're going to do the surgery. Whether it would be because of money, because of what people say, or simply because you're scared. And then when you finally decided on the Doctor you want, you can't get a hold of them. Talk about frustrating and discouraging... Don't I know everyone says be patience and give it time, but let's be honest, most of us don't have time to sit around and wait,
Some have family responsibilities. Jobs and days off and all sorts of factors. Ain't nobody have time to wait...wait too much that is. So ladies YOU HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE on this.

Sometimes she responds to some and to others she doesn't so I'll just tell you what worked for me, afte extensive lurking in RS from previous dollz.

E-mail: hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com

That's is the email that works. Disregard the hotmail completely.

Things to include in the email:

Pictures: cut off your face to make yourself at ease bc we all worry about the crazy people that clearly have no lives and are around.

Her pictures of your profile in the
a) front
b) back
c) sides (I even included some of pouches and double chin which are my areas of concerns)

Continue to elaborate clearly what you want like For example I stated that I wanted full body lipo, lipo also on the chin area, arms, and possibly inner thighs since they make me sweat and bother me when I walk. I also asked for two separate quotes in case if I changed my mind on the breast augmentation and that way it would alleviate me having to run around waiting for her to give me a separate quote all over again.

Also, provide information such as;
a) height
b) weight
c) any possible health issues
d) when you're thinking about getting the surgery and keep in mind most dates are booked even three months out. I got my surgery three months out and that was only because someone cancelled so if you're doubtful and still thinking about it, do what I did, I said fuck it, went through to see at least what kind of prices are given. If it's more than before, keep in mind that 1) most post are easily two to three years old and b) just like everything else in life, with success and the cost of demand, prices increase (I'm sure Dr. Miami charges a lot just bc he has a tv show feel me).

But I'm almost positive Duran won't get to you right away. Just think about it this way, if you are finally in DR waiting for your surgery, would you really want to see Duran answering phones and emails meanwhile she has multiple patience that she needs to physically work on and everyone is nervous, has tones of questions, not just the ladies waiting, what about the ones in DR recovering freaking out because they're swollen or something....her works the shit=wait.... It is what it is.

Here's my time line;
20-Feb-16>>>sent out thorough email
4-Mar-16>>>got two quotes along with description of what I would need to heal
7-Mar-16>>>received email with calendar scheduled surgery

Keep in mind that between these two weeks that it took me I spoke to Fania and Walkiria multiple times and over the phone discussed many things like prices, healing, how long should I stay, and optional surgery dates...very sweet ladies just be patient and highly recommend setting an alarm and calling early and to expedite, if you don't speak Spanish, get someone that does bc me being Dominican,
I know helped me since I can tell bullshit, and be tactful about having people help me ASAP since I already know when no means no and when no means please help me I'm being persistent and you'll help if I don't take no for an answer but also be veryyyy nice. Good luck ladies. I will post some more things. =]

Before/pre op pictures of me >

I'd figure I'd tell you a little about myself. I am 28 years old and haven't had any children yet but is love to one day and yes I am single. I am 5'4" and currently weight 173 pounds. I've NEVER had any surgery all this ass and fatt and polkadots are mine. But let's get to it...I'm an open book so just ask me. :-)

Affordable Recovery Houses

I am not staying in one because I am staying with my family but if j would, it would be definetly one of these;

?+1 (809) 877?0988?(spoke to Juan via whatssup)

Here's what it offered;

8 days packege.
For 8 days we charge $595 dollars, that include:

4 lymphatic massages
Nurse care 24 hours
Double room
Laundry services (faja and your clothes)
Room services
Transportation (all appoiments and airport)
Some expensive materials
Bath material (towels, soap, gel, shampoo and conditioner)
Wax terapy and cold band for inflamation
Ultrasound therapy

That is the principal things that you need.

NOTE: all room have wifi, AC, International chanels and TV.

That's w me getting him to knock off $95....they are always willing to bargain ladies don't be shy to hustle...he was really nice...and still checks up on me.


?+1 (829) 870?8435? (spoke to Ruth)

- include Round trip transportation from the airport and return [America] and [appointment [4] [charge] personal issues provide 24-hour nursing service, laundry, ...] provide bottled water offers 3 meals one snack, one-each room has a TV, fan and air plasma with international channels, wifi accompany the night of surgery [extra cost]

$655 with 5 massages included and what I loves about this one is that I really saw myself rocking in that chair recovering and FYI it's close to all major civilized dr areas (la capital) if that makes sense.

Both have fast quotes and communication via whatssup.

What Duran recommended pre op

So I went to The Vitamin Shoppe and I got multiple vitamins in order to help build up my hemoglobin level. Some where what Duran recommended and others were recommended by the sales person and I have seen many dollz take them too.

Vitamins and pics of previous post

Reminder to my self

Today I had to remind myself that this beauty is still naturally all mine...and then I remind myself how I want a tiny waste...Duran here I come. I spoke to her secretaries today and they said not to take the vitamins unless my hemoglobin is low so guess I'll wait until my appointment on Friday to find out. Have a great evening ladies

The struggle 1 wk post op

I'll write more when I get to the states ladies



23 days post op

Hello ladies
I know I haven't written in a while but I definetly did not feel up for it before....my obsession with real self has definitely subsided since I really don't want to remember anything. I stayed with family. Expect at the clinic to be there for a while. I showed up and had all my lab work done and paid for surgery. Usually dr. Duran does consultations and follow ups from 8-12 in the morning. So she'll do the consults for the patients that she has to perform surgery that day and also follow up for her patients that have been operated on. I must say she did spend a good 40 minutes on me making sure I was comfortable in what she wanted to do.

My hemo befor surgery was 13.8 and it dropped to a 7. I appArently bleed easily so I had a transfusion which took forever to be given to me. And it cost me $250 dollars.

I ended up getting the following done;
a) lipo on stomach and back
b) lipo on chin
c) fat transfer to the sides to be more curvy (didn't add any to my butt)
d) breast augmentation

I wanted my arms but she said I didn't need it and I was going to get my inner thighs but she said I bleed out too much so she. Like the do it. And honestly I'm glad bc I don't think I would've been able to handle it.

Nothing bothered me except the lipo on my stomach and back. It was horrible. Like this is an emotional rollercoasfer so mentally prepare your self.

23 days

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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