Dr. Ary Krau Breast Implant Exchange and Revision

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Hello, I am 32yrs old with a 10yrs old daughter....


I am 32yrs old with a 10yrs old daughter. I am looking to get a BBL, Lipo and get my breast re-done. I've read many reviews here on Dra. Duran and I feel confident that she will do an amazing job on me. I am anemic which is my only concern at the moment. I will be treated it hard from now on, making sure I take my iron pills and consuming lots and lots of greens and beet juice. Through this journey, I am hoping to find a buddy who I can room with when I get the surgery. I am looking to have surgery done beginning or second week of October, November, or January. I want the weather here in New York to be cool so that when I get back home I'm able to wear the garments required after surgery comfortably rather than having surgery in the summer time when is all hot, sweaty and sticky. Also, I want to be completed healed by summer of 2017. :) If anyone is considering Duran and the months I mentioned let me know and if it's something you are looking to do as well (room buddies) we can team up! :)

I'm already becoming nervous about this journey. I can't wait to be 1 month post op already! lmao

Sent Duran an email with my pictures. I'm going to send her another email and include my wish body this time. I hope she gets back to me ASAP.

Also, for those looking to buddy up maybe we can book flights together as well once quote is back or if need a little bit more time I don't mind waiting a little to book flights together. :)

Still waiting for a Quote from Dra. Duran

Hello Ladies,
I am still waiting on a quote from Duran. I've been calling her office but no answer on all 3 numbers 809-565-5348, 809-707-7163, 809-331-5050 ext. 212.
If anyone knows a better way for me to get in contact with her please provide me the info. I also emailed her yesterday and today again. I just keep forwarding my initial email to see if she will see my emails. I'm sure her inbox might be full of emails and my email can go unnoticed if I don't stalk her. lol
I hope you ladies are having an amazing day! :)

Happy planning,

No longer having surgery with Dra. Duran.

Hello Ladies,

I decided to no longer have surgery with Dra. Duran. I just really don't feel safe going out the country to have a procedure like this done. My first option was Dr. Miami and I am just sticking to him. I LOVE his work and stalk his Snap Chat like EVERYDAY. Going to MIami 6/22/16- 6/26/16 and will visit his office to have a consultation done with him. I will also be giving my deposit the day of consultation. I am BEYOND excited and I'm able to breathe again. :)

Your safety is #1.


Breast Revision with Dr. Krau November 18, 2016


I will be having a breast revision and a breast implant exchange for bigger size with Dr. Krau. His work is just absolutely amazing!!! I am extremely confident that he can give me the breast I've always wanted. Right now I have 325cc on my right breast and 350cc on my left (since my left was smaller than my right). I had my 1st breast augmentation done in NY on 5th Avenue at a place called Sleek Surgical & MedSpa. The Surgeons name is Dr. Harry T Haramis. He was VERY conservative and didn't give me what I asked for. My breast aren't together as I requested them to be, they are still far apart. One breast is higher than the other which was there before surgery and he did nothing to fix that problem. Overall, I HATE my results! I don't believe breast augmentation was his specialty and I only blame myself for not getting more consultation than just him.
I am SOOOO excited to have Dr. Krau as my PS to do my breast revision. I can't wait to see what they would look like. For those interested in Dr. Krau, CG Cosmetics (located in Miami) are having a special on Breast Augmentation which is $3,500 and they are charging me $500 additional for revision so all in total I will be paying $4,000.00.

Breast Implant revision with Dr. Krau 11/18/16

Hello Ladies,

So I made my deposit of $1k on 8/27/16. I am locked in to have surgery with Dr. Krau on 11/18/16 in Miami. I am going to be flying out from NY. I am super EXCITED and cannot wait to see what the results are going to look like. Karla (at CG Cosmetics) sent me a list of medications and teas to avoid before sugery along with my receipt deposit and invoice of the surgery. Now, I am just preparing myself for surgery. I quit smoking cigarettes, I'm buying everything I need post surgery and just waiting for the day to come. Will keep you all posted! :)

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