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Hi guys, so basically i'm skinny as hell right...

Hi guys,
so basically i'm skinny as hell right now. I need HIPS THIGHS and BOOTTTYYYY!!! im 5 ft 8 and around 129 pounds. My body is not that bad, i dont have a big stomach etc but im really lacking in the curves department. I understand i need to gain some serious weight to do this procedure though. im thinking 14 pounds??? I can gain weight pretty easily anyway and im not looking to get this bbl until late this year so that wont be a problem.
I really want a perfect bubble butt and skinny waist, I'm in love with miracle watts body its perfect. Her body shape is what im aiming for because its in proportion and so natural looking. Plus shes 5 ft 7 so kinda tall like me.
I'm hoping to go to doctor duran because her prices are great for such amazing work, really love the projection and tiny waist effect she does. However I have done my research and know shes so haaard to get hold of, any suggestions ladies? I'm not looking to get the procedure anytime soon so i'm guessing i can get hold of her between now to sep - nov? I know its pretty early to start planning but the sooner the better right. I just want everything to go to plan smoothly. I also wanna make sure i get the date i want cos i know shes such a busy lady. Any of you girlies looking to go to dr duran or have a date to see her soon? pleeeaase let me know. Also i want know if any of you ladies are looking to get this procedure around the same time as me??

I want a breast lift too

so yh I have decided I also want a breast lift. No point having a big booty, small waist and saggy tits! might as well go all out so my body is PERFECT. Does anyone know durans breast lift prices? I have added a body pic for you girls to give advice etc.


well...i'm back. I've been spending the last couple years contemplating on whether I want to go through with this and i can now honestly say....HELL YEAH!
My weight keeps fluctuating. up down up down. Even though yes i have put on a little weight my slim physic remains. I really want a big round booty so I'm still trying to pile on the pounds. I swear putting on weight is harder than I thought! Currently I'm a student and part time worker as well as a mother so pigging out is sometimes the last thing on my mind. Although I do have this habit where I smoke at night then pig out from the munchies. I know, not very good to eat at night but thats the only way I have been seeing a little weight gain. I'm looking to gain hopefully 10 - 14 pounds for this surgery. I also have new wish pics which I believe are far more attainable than Miracle Watt's (LOL what was i thinking). I'm tall and slim. I Like being slim so I'm really not going for that kinda stallion horse look (sorry not looking to offend but you know what I mean). I'm thinking of a more slim thick figure. ya know, tiny waist, slim but shapely thighs, nice big round bubble butt! I really want my results to be natural but noticeable. I've added new wish pics and up to date pics of my body.
I am sooo ready for this surgery. so sick of tired of walking past guys and them saying 'pretty girl but she's got a flat butt!!'. arrghh! I flip my weave and strut off looking like I REALLY don't give a fuck but deep down it BUUUUURRNS. But don't get it twisted I'm not getting this surgery for these fuck boys i'm getting it done for ME. I'm tired of being so self conscious, i'm tired of not feeling sexy, i'm tired of feeling insecure around other females with beautiful curves, tired of always covering up, just..TIRED. I just wanna feel confident in my own skin.
I am still sticking with Duran she is The Queen of BBL she's just everything. After millions of emails trying to get through to her i decided to cut to the chase and go through bellavita consultants. Now i'm just waiting of the quote. I am looking to go in June around the 23rd. I'm travelling by myself so a surgery buddy is needed!! Oh, and I'm travelling from London if there's any UK girls out there. Will keep you all updated! xxx

forgot to upload my pics

And by the way i haven't been trying to gain weight constantly during these couple of years. As I said I was contemplating whether I should go through the surgery or not. I use to go to the gym to do squats with weights and also doing sit ups etc to define my waist. the sit ups where working but not the squats so I just stopped going. Only started trying to gain weight a couple of months ago thats why I'm still so slim. Oh and if you know of any good ways to gain weight please let me know.

Recovery house

I'm now looking for recovery houses. Can anyone recommend a clean one with decent staff. I've read so many bad stories on here and I really don't wanna be stuck in a contaminated hell whole with rude staff for two weeks.

Weight gaining

So I have decided because I'm so skinny im gonna start taking a weight gainer called serious mass as of Monday. I have done my research and I feel it's best for me as I'm so small. One serving contains a huge 1200 calories! This will definitely help me pile on the pounds. Cos it's such a high calorie intake I'm gonna start with half portions first (roughly 600 cal) and then slowly increase. Also will be taking feroglobin to increase my iron and apetite simultaneously. Very confident this will work. I will update with pics in a month for you girls to see my results. I was gonna take ensure but it's way to expensive over here in the uk (£30 for a 12 pack approx $60). I'm not gonna be spending over 100 a month for a regular supply of ensure as I have this surgery to save for!

Thinking of going to cabral!

Ok so I've been researching and I think cabral is the man for me. Yes Duran is good but she focuses on big butts. Cabral however gives u the full package! He shapes body perfectly. He not only gives u a big behind but also a itty bitty waist! He is a master of sculpting! Yes I already know his past and I know the risks but hey ALL of us going to DR to get this procedure are at risk. I just wanna make sure I wake up with some banging curves. I don't wanna fly all the way to dr to get half the body I asked for and leave with disappointment. I know Duran does aggressive lipo but not as aggressive as Cabral! I'm a naturally slim girl (although I'm gaining weight for this procedure) so I need real aggressive lipo to get a phatty and small waist. I don't wanna look in the Mirror and think "if only my ass was bigger". Nope. I do NOT want to have to go for a round 2/3. And I think my goals are achievable for my body type. I want that slim thick look. I want a really small waist and reaaaally big ass. Obviously I want hips but not too much because I heard the hips disappear and I don't want a lot of fat wasted. Once again I know cabrals past but I have not heard of any recent deaths. Plus God is with me he has my back. It's 2016 and I believe Cabral has changed his ways. But if I hear of a RECENT death I will not be going to him

Weight gain

Oh and my weight is increasing! I'm on these periactin pills which make you crave food like craaaaaaazy. It's like a miracle pill for weight gain. I'll add pics later cos right now I'm watching cartoons with my daughter lol

Got my quote from King Cabral

So I got my quote from Cabral. $3500 this includes bbl lipo and chin lipo (I gain weight on my face)
Soo excited now. I'm scheduled for 5th June which is only 4 months away. Cabral doesn't go into much detail about what you need and what the cost included. What should i pack in my suitcase? Also, any girls that have gone to Cabral what was ur experience? Please girls that have already done bbl let me know what they packed/items you didn't need etc. I'm not gonna wait till last minute to get my supplies I'm gonna purchase them bit by bit so when June comes I'm not overwhelmed with last minute packing
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