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Hiya Babes! I've been a part of this community for...

Hiya Babes! I've been a part of this community for a while, but went underground after I had my breast revision. You can check it out in my profile. I'm ECSTATIC to announce, that I have FINALLY commenced my Booty Dream Journey! Like most beautiful women on here, I've wanted this surgery for a looooooooooong time and it's finally coming into fruition.

I live in South Florida, and had a consult with Salama about three months ago. When I went he told me he wanted me to gain A LOT more weight. I'm 5'7", and I fluctuate between 155-168 You see, I'm a gym bunny and usually look forward to working out and getting sweaty. For years, I've been trying to do this balancing act with eating whatever and working out to keep my body "decent" and toned. I have a body type that reacts pretty quickly. When I want to gain, I gain. When I stress or when I work out consistently, I lose weight pretty efficiently. I have a lot of muscle mass, my whole family of women- if we so much as pick up a weight, our arms bulk up something fierce. So like to keep my body cut and toned, but not too much, I truly love the look of a curvy, soft but also fit and toned woman. So with all that being said, but no matter what I do, my booty is NEVER what I want. Exercises galore: squats, hydrants, lunges, dead lifts, kick backs, the Brazilian Butt Lift Beach Body DVD, IT WILL NOT GET TO HOW I WANT IT WITHOUT SURGERY! lol That's the frustrating thing to have to keep explaining to your friend/family who always say, "Oh you're FINE, you don't need anything done!" *Rolls eyes* I have NO SHELF and though I have bottom cheekage (pics posted above), I still need a lot more volume and projection. I flatten out by my hips and would love them to be rounded. But I don't want the fat and thickness taken out of my outer upper thigh region, I like that look. It's weird, I know my body type and what works for me, so even though I have quite a few wish pics, I know what my body can look like at its best- my expectations or realistic. I'M JUST SUPER ANXIOUS!! I would expect that most of the fat will be coming from my inner thighs, stomach/back/flanks/armpits and most likely arms.

With all THAT being said, I definitely feel like I'm leaning towards Dra. Yily in Santo Domingo on the island that is shared with my beautiful country, Haiti. :-) I'm shooting for early July, as I have a lot of ducks to get in a row, and hopefully she'll have a date around then. I'll update you gals when I know for sure, the first step will be sending in an e-mail and pics for a quote to her office. Excited to start this journey, if you ladies have advice for me specifically about having surgery in D.R. with Dr. Yily, please holler back. Thanks in advance!

I'm 30, 3 Kids, Previous Surgery: TT, Breasts done twice
5'7" Currently about 164 Trying to slowly gain but also maintain (lol) (Needless to say I've had to drastically alter my workout schedule/routine- used to go 4-5x p/wk - now it's more like 1-2x. #SadButNecessary) xoxo

Hi Dolls! Hope everybody is well! I had to resend...

Hi Dolls! Hope everybody is well! I had to resend my pics/consultation email to Dra Yily's office today because my dumb butt ended up putting the wrong email address in the first time! Waiting for her office's response- I'll keep you posted!

Okay Dolls, I got my Quote yesterday! Dr. Yily...

Okay Dolls, I got my Quote yesterday! Dr. Yily responded within one day, which was AWESOME I was expecting a lot longer.

So my quote is what I expected (I updated the price above) and she answered most of my questions but also created new ones.

FOR THE ONES WHO HAVE ALREADY BOOKED WITH YILY: She writes: "And once the date has been set and you’ve booked your flight you have to send me your flight information and a deposit of 500$ US (it can be more but no less than 200USD$)" Is the deposit $500 or anything between $500 and $200?

Also, when do you give her the rest of the balance? When you actually get to the country or before?

And in regards to this list:

-HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days.
-CLAVULIN 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.
-DICLOFENAC 50MG: Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day
take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days.
-OMEPRAZOL 20 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.
-VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
-FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
-FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.
-THROMBOCID CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days.

WHEN DO YOU START TAKING WHAT? Injections?! WTH? Is that pre surgery or post? Which is pre and which is post or both?! I'm lost! Lol I'm pretty sure the calcium, ferrous sulfate, folic acid is before... But not sure about the others.

Also, which test is it to my advantage to take here in America? I can go to QuestLabs and have them drawn if my PCP orders them, but doesn't she do tests in DR? How soon should the labwork be completed if you do it in the US?

Thanks in advance to all you ladies for your help in advance! Still haven't decided if I'm sticking with this date or not, it all depends on who I can have as my caretaker. I'm thinking of my ex-hubby, he's still one of my best friends and has seen me through all my previous surgery, so he's a pro by now! Lol I'll update accordingly. Be well Babes, Sweet Booty Dreams xoxo

Hey Everyone, I must say- everytime I've emailed...

Hey Everyone,
I must say- everytime I've emailed Yily's office, I have gotten an expeditious response. It's obvious they're making strides to work on that since in the past there have been pitfalls with communication. I had a couple more questions and I wanted to add lipo of the inner thighs and that changed my quote from $3250 to $3550. I think I'm gonna go for it since a lot of my good fat real estate is located in my inner thighs.

Most of my concerns lie in the anesthesia process. I know she says she does an epidural block, but I've read about people waking up and "realizing" what's going on. Never in pain, but just a lot more alert than I would ever want to be. All my prev. surgeries have been done under General and I'm more than willing to pay extra for that guarantee. I was curious as to others' experiences. If you only just get a "blue pill" prior to surgery, when does the epidural block portion take place?? Is that done while your face down as soon as they bring you in? I had epidurals with each of my three children, and I had to stay as still as possible with a pillow to hold on to. It's a stressful process, being that they can miss and hit a nerve in your spinal cord, then BAM: Big trouble in little China. :-P So if anyone has feedback on that, please holler back.

Super shouts to my girl bootyliciousDMD who has really been the only one answering Yily specific questions for me.

Also, I'm in search of a garment that won't squish my hips and butt. Obviously the butt out ones are my first choice, but I haven't seen any with the hips out... is that just custom made with a pair of scissors?! Lol

Breast revision complete, Now I can focus on BBL with the Master: DRA. YILY!

Hey Dollfaces,
I haven't been on in a while, I was preparing and recouping from a breast revision from Dr. Thomas A. Pane of Sunrise, FL. He's a great doctor that means well, but I've had to do TWO revisions with him and now I'm breasts are finally even and acceptable to my standards.

So I had to hold off on the plans with my BBL and surgery with Dra. Yily. What makes me happy is that we've been in touch with each other, and she is truly a caring and thoughtful doctor who responds and answers all my question. I brought up the fact that I was petrified about the IV Sedation and she reassured me that it shouldn't be a problem, but if I get to D.R. and STILL feel trepidation, she will discuss doing general anesthesia with her anesthesiologist. It's all on a case to case basis. I'm so happy she was so open and understanding to my concerns and fears, and she put them all to rest while being very respectful but also clear and concise.

I find myself getting antsy and starting to gather more materials for my BBL in the future. I have decided to make a mini-vlog to detail my journey and also give tips and advice since I've had multiple previous surgeries as well. My date still isn't locked in, and that's because I have to first wait for my breasts to heal and be okay before I can proceed with surgery outside of my country.

I'll keep you guys posted on whats happening with me, and I hope you're all well and enjoying this awesome month of May. Take Care! SMOOCHES! xoxo

Finally ready to book a date! WOOHOO! #Surreal

Okay, I can't believe I'm finally at this point! AAAAGHHHHHH I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself! Now this is feeling so so real! Let me explain: I wanted to wait until I had everything ready before I moved forward with my travel plans. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like leaving things to chance. I like to have all my ducks in a row, and though I know life is unpredictable, I like setting myself up for success rather than stress and disappointment. "If you fail to plan, then plan to fail." So I'm pleased that my finances are in a place where I can get and do WHATEVER I need and/or want when it comes to this dream procedure I've always desired. The time has come for me, and I couldn't be more elated. God is Great.

So what's the next step? I have to figure out a date. Since nothing is limiting me, and I have a few choices of caretakers that can go with me to D.R., I'm now just trying to hone in on a good time to book with Yily. I'm trying to get an idea of what the climate is out there: are a lot of people going in July?! I don't think I'm going to wait for August... The sooner I can get it done, the sooner I can start to heal. My goal is to be decent by the holidays. So, I'm thinking late July but I wanted to know and get feedback from other Yily Dolls to Be who else is going around then... Holla back, Ladies!

In the meantime, all is well- my breast revision is healing well and I'm glad that I closed that last chapter before beginning this new one. I've been eating "generously" though I continue to juice my vegetables, fruits and seeds. I won't allow my health to suffer because I desire something so badly that's physical. That's a no-no, especially since I have three phenomenal daughters I've been blessed with. I have noticed some weight gain changes (certain jeans fit tighter and you can def see a difference in pictures in my face, arms, and thighs) and I'm so EXCITED about that! I think it's because I drastically reduced the amount of times I work out in a week. Regardless, I'm confident Yily will have all the fat she needs to sculpt me to the GAWDS, Hunty! Lol J/K

Well I hope everyone is well! Happy healing to those of you who have crossed over recently, and stay excited and motivated to all those who are yet to come! God bless YOU ALL! xoxo

P.S. If there are any YILY ladies going in JULY, please post your date or let me know, I'm trying to get an idea of how it's looking like. Thank you in advance!!

Rise and Grind!

Good Mornting, Babes (in my Madea vc)!! I'm up bright and early today doing research and planning my trip. My original intention was to bring a Bestie with me to help out and lend emotional support. But now I'm back tracking because if I pay for their flight AND room and board somewhere, I'll be paying roughly $145 more in price... Hmmm... what to do, what to do?! I'm wondering if that $145 is worth it... I'm beginning to think it is, knowing myself so well. I'm an emotional Gal. When I go to Vegas once a year for my B-Day I get a knot in my throat just leaving my kids behind. Could you imagine another country for a lot longer period of time?! If I were to be bymyself without anyone I knew, I'd feel even more vulnerable and leary. But there's also something to be said about traveling alone. I'm a strong NYC-Brooklyn B****, I can handle it, I just don't think I WANT to handle it for this particular trip! lol Do you know what I mean?! There's going to be A LOT going on mentally, physically, and of course emotionally that I think having a close friend or family member around to help me deal would be an advantage. Especially going to a third world country and knowing just a bit of "getting by-Spanish".

So that's what I'm trying to figure out today. I'm def planning on going into Yily for Late July.

Contacted Yily about My Date, Starting to Gather Supplies

Hey Ladies,
Just checking in. I sent an email to Yily earlier this morning basically letting her know I'm ready to book and the dates I'm interested in. We'll see how long it takes for her to hit me back, but like I said in previous posts: all my interactions with her and her office have been expeditious.

In other news, I've began putting together all my supplies (I have a lot of stuff left over from my breast surgeries i.e. SteriStrips, Bandages, Surgical Tape, binder, heating pad, pill cases, etc.) I truly don't plan on going overseas with a whole bunch of stuff that seems superfluous, some of these surgery lists I see floating around are definitely inflated. For example: there's no reason I need to pack a pill cutter! Lmao!! That's just me, though. I'm a hella resourceful Haitian American, I'm pretty sure between my caretaker and I we can figure out how to cut a pill without a device. I'm sure because I've used a butter knife and it works just as well! Lol!! Most pills are scored in the middle just for that reason (that little dash tab mark in the middle of the pill). {Just sit your knife or even scissors in that area and press down. Keep your hand over it in case the pieces fly you can keep them contained. But that's just an example!} Lol

Anywho, I'm getting super STOKED about what's to come and I hope and pray you're all well. I'm about to go juice and do a yoga sesh. Gotta keep the body limber and fit, even if I have gained for a purpose! Today I'm uploading a bunch of pics. They're of my current body shape/weight gain in various positions & angles for your viewing pleasure. I don't have a problem showing my face or ink, so there it is. Bladaow! *Looks around room* Unashamed. Oh, I also just found a perfect wish pic, uploading that too which will become my avi. Take care!

Super STOKED!! Date finally set and confirmed!

I'm as happy as that camel on hump day! Lmaoo! I got the date that fit into my caretaker's schedule and works for me too! Spoke with the sweet Yira today and Miss. Lola Jigga is OFFICIALLY having surgery with Yily on Friday July 26th! I plan on flying in on the 25th and staying until August 3-4th. HOLLA!!!!

That's it! Ya Girl Lola is BOOKED BAYBAAAAAY!!

Woooooow Ladies, this is ACTUALLY happening! Moved my surgery date up from the 26th to Wednesday July 24th!!! Words are failing to explain how I'm feeling right now. I'm just Praising Him for letting this dream of mine come to be! You guys just don't know everything I've been through, it's been so insane, this is FINALLY my reward and such a total blessing. I promise to remember that when I'm going through the toughest parts of my healing and recovery.

I hope you're all well and healthy. HERE'S TO US, BABES!!!!

Juicin' & Preparin'!

Hola Chicas! I've been juicing for years now, (waaay before it became fashionably healthy lol) so I just wanted to share some awesome info on a high caloric nut you can get at your local Supermarket or Walmart. It's the Brazil nut and I'm attaching a link so you can read more about the health benefits. Once you guys read this you'll see exactly why I incorporated into my smoothies in preparation for my BBL. I ended up milling my Brazil nut and mixing it with vanilla almond milk. Pretty much made a Brazil nut butter which I'm keeping refrigerated for freshness. I also took a couple pics while I made my breakfast smoothie, here's to your health Babes! Hit me up if you juice or have interest in questions. We can share some recipes! Xoxo


T-Minus 39 Days!

Okay, so here's what's been going down ladies!

I decided to order my pre and post op vitamins and supplements as well as my PStyle (got it in pink teehee). I already have a garment, but I intend to use it as my secondary stage 2 garment. I still need to get a secondary after-surgery garment (stage 1) as the first one will be given to me by Yily. Still gotta order my Lipo Foam and arm compression garment.

Preparations are well underway and I'm SO EXCITED that my Surgery Sisters and I have found The ULTIMATE spot for us in D.R. Now trying to lock down a driver (Juan) and a nurse (we got a few options).

This is getting real, and I friggin LOVE it! I hope you're all blessed and well.

So Guess What? I arrive even sooner!

UHHHHHH!! He is SO MIGHTY and SUCH A SHOW OFF! Thank you, Father! After much stress and back and forth, God and one of His special Earth Angel's blessed me & my fabulous surgery sisters with the gift of securing and confirming our numero uno choice, DREAM condo in D.R.(YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!)
I then decided it'd be prudent to arrive a day earlier than first planned. This is why:

I spoke to Yira a few days ago and I asked her what time does CIPLA close? So I can determine if my flight will give me enough time to do what I need to do pre-testing wise. Well, apparently she said 7pm! My original flight would have gotten there at 4:30, I'd be at CIPLA by 5:30, 5:45 and only have about an hour to do ALL my pre-labs!!! Ughhh... {blank stare} I don't think so! They're not gonna turn my flat ass away! Lol So I thought it safer if I get there a day before. I actually arrive on the morning of the 22nd now, so I can do all my labs that day and get it out of the way. Then I'll have the entire day of the 23rd to chill, relax, prepare mentally and support my group Sistah's! I'm calling us Yily's Big Booty Brigade! The BBB! LOL! :-P

So that's my update. Getting there a day earlier. Please keep this in mind if you are planning to do your pre-op testing at CIPLA they day prior. Make sure you know when they close! I'll confirm the closing time when I get there, and let you guys know for sure.

Next on my To-Do list: Passports and flights! Then my extra garment/LipoFoam, and a few odds and ends like baby wipes and hand sanitizer. I'm not gonna be going overboard with a lot of stuff (as I mentioned before). I have a few maxi dresses already that I don't mind wearing and possibly getting bloody. I already have wife beaters in black (what I used to work out in). I prefer to save my money so I can truly enjoy my time in Santo Domingo. I'm also interested in getting Permanent Brows done down there, currently researching.

Until next time, Dollfaces! xoxo

Some Travel Tips/Links | Commencing 7 Day Cleanse

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you're all well and awesome. It's been nutty planning things on my end, but that's because I'm a perfectionist with a touch of OCD. I'm anal (not in the bitchy way) but in the "particular" sense. I like order & discipline when it comes to making travel plans, especially in a foreign country with a language I'm not fluent in. I hate the kind of surprises that lead to disappointment and anger, so I do everything I can beforehand to prepare for all that may arise. (Trust me, when the Brooklyn side of me comes out, it is NOT CUTE!!! Lol I shut it DOWN and I don't play!) Of course, nothing is perfect, so we can just do the best we can.
With that being said, I'd like to offer some critical advice to the men and women who are considering this procedure in a country outside of their own: PREPARE WISELY! There are so many details to be ironed out including but not limited to: Your room & board/post surgery aftercare, transportation, massage therapy, supplies needed, etc. I have decided to bring mostly Travelers Checks instead of cash, it's SO MUCH safer:

"Travelers checks represent a form of prepaid money exchangeable for goods or services on the same basis as local currency. This payment method is considered to be safer than carrying cash because identification and signature verification are required to cash a travelers check. Unlike cash, if a travelers check is lost or stolen, the issuing company will replace it. The travelers check is accepted at the same rate of exchange as cash, and any change due is returned to the consumer in local currency." {Read More at http://traveltips.usatoday.com/travelers-checks-work-15631.html }
(Just thought this might help somebody out.) I'll have a very small amount of cash when I arrive that will be for tipping my driver (upon pick up) and for the nurses/staff at CIPLA. REMEMBER, you will get a lot further by tipping people for services rendered, they will go above and beyond for you if you show them a little financial love. ;-)

Here is the link to the U.S. Embassy that offers updated and fresh information on the various crimes to look out for and avoid in D.R.: {http://santodomingo.usembassy.gov/messages_for_us_cits-e.html}

Here's a great link to purchase travel insurance: {http://www.insuremytrip.com/}

Here are some TIPS FOR TRAVELING ABROAD (good stuff here, folks!): {http://www.travel.state.gov/travel/tips/tips_1232.html}

I would also add these tips to keep in mind for a safe/easy going time.

~DON'T BECOME AN EASY TARGET! (This tip came directly from my Dominican hostess, she knows that city inside and out): As much as you may want to dress like you do normally for vacations, I would consider downplaying your wardrobe/attire and accessories as this is an easy way for potential thieves to target you/ your group. Keep the REALLY NICE, good bling at home. If you insist on balling out, I would suggest wearing fakes/replica's (in case they're taken, it won't affect you as much.) Even if you go out with no jewelry, they'll know you HAVE money that can be back at your hotel if you wear a lot of bold makeup and nice outfits and shoes. So if you want to avoid ppl possibly following you, just downplay your attire and play it safe.

~WHEN IN A PUBLIC SETTING, KEEP YOUR GUARD UP! In public, DON'T SHAKE ANYBODY'S HAND unless you know them, as they may slip you a small baggie of drugs and then all of a sudden, a cop will grab you up and say they'll arrest you for possession unless you give them a certain amount of money. (SMH it's a really sad/deplorable thing, but some thieves are often in cahoots with crooked cops.)

~LOCK YOUR CAB/CAR DOOR, WINDOWS UP as there have been a slew of car robberies along major intersections in Santo Domingo. It's been reported that someone in a moped might pull up right beside your car/cab and grab your bag/wallet purse if it's sitting by an open window or easily accessible car door.


I have decided to start my 7 day GNC Preventative Nutrition: Completely Body Cleansing program! I've done this before when I wanted to jump start my weight loss before a Vegas trip and it worked WONDERS for me, Yall!


If you're anything like me, you like to know WHY before you jump into something. This is the theory behind doing a cleanse prior to starting a diet or a vitamin regiment:

Imagine your body like a clear tube. Everything you eat and drink goes down that tube and is absorbed into your body. After year and years of this (and usually not the cleanest foods and drinks), that tube gets cluttered and full of junk and crud. So now imagine taking all those expensive vitamins and supplements you ordered from MMH (or anywhere else) going into that tube. Your body won't accept and process those nutrients and vitamins as well as they can because your tube is so cluttered! But by doing a cleanse beforehand, you will ensure that your system is ready to receive and absorb everything you present it with. It has other benefits besides what I'm stating here. For example, if you want to lose weight, this WILL help jump start it! If you have an illness, it may help alleviate some symptoms/conditions by irradiating the bad bacteria that lives inside the major systems of your body (blood, liver, stomach, intestines) and killing harmful organisms. It will also help balance your natural pH levels and thus keep you from easily getting infections such as yeast infections. Go here if you want to read more in depth about how doing a cleanse can benefit you or a loved one: {http://www.renewlife.com/learning-center/digestive-care-articles/cleansing-and-detoxification/benefits-of-total-body-cleansing#} Keep in mind, if you're doing the cleanse, you want to set yourself up for SUCCESS and not disaster. So avoid consuming dirty foods and drinks. They recommend consuming fruits/veggies and clear soups/gelatin while you cleanse. Limit artificial sugar/sweeteners, caffeine and fried and processed foods. If you just think, eat and drink clean and your results will be MUAHZ! Trust me, you'll feel SO much better and you'll even be able to focus and concentrate more. You might also notice that you get full easier since your system will be cleaned out.

Now, I'm using the GNC one I posted a pic of for a few different reasons. Not only was it affordable, but it does my whole body and it's very manageable for me. I'm always on the go and I can't take a cleanse that will have me chained to the bathroom! They all usually work so well that you will need to go #2 frequently. The one I got is a lot gentler and eases you into the world of cleansing, it's a great starter kit if you haven't done it before. You can certainly search for other brands, or walk into any health/vitamin store and they can lead you to the area with cleanses and help you find the right one according to your needs and wants.

Look at your calendar and time/plan this right! My Sx is the week of 7/21. You normally begin your Pre-Op/Pre-Surgery Vitamins and Supplements about 3-4 weeks before your surgery. For me, that would be that first week of July 7/1. Since my cleanse is a 7 day one, I've decided to give it time to do it's thing and kick in, so I scheduled to start taking it two weeks before starting my Pre-Op vitamins. That way I have a week in between for my body to chill and process and prepare to FULLY accept and absorb my Pre-Op vitamins and Iron. You can certainly do the cleanse a lot earlier than I'm doing mine, in regards to your surgery date. I just happened to pick mine up and begin today. When doing a cleanse or taking ANY vitamin regiment on a consistent basis, you MUST stay HYDRATED! Drink as much WATER as possible, it will help clean you out!!

I hope all that makes sense, and I helped some people out today. If you guys have ANY questions, hit me up via my Inbox. TAKE CARE AND BE WELL LADIES!!! xoxo

FLIGHTS BOOKED! | My Vitamin/Supplement Regimen

Hello My Sweets!
Just wanted to jump on and let you know that I booked my flights to Santo Domingo via JetBlue. Officially arriving on the 22nd so I have ample time for pre-surgical testing.

Also, I wanted to share with you what I'm doing regarding vitamins and supplements. Instead of ordering the pre and post surgery packs from MMH or Vitamed, I decided to make my own vita-packs. It's so easy, you can totally do it too and in my opinion, you save money and come out ahead in the end.

I went to my trusted online source for vitamins: {www.puritan.com} RIGHT NOW THEY'RE HAVING A SALE, BUY 1 BOTTLE GET 2 BOTTLES FREE! Amazing deal! I'm all about saving, Hunty's let me tell you! Lol So yeah, I love the fact that I'll still have vitamins left over afterwards. The same thing can't be said with MMH or Vitacost, once you're done with those, you're finished! So I looked that the vitamins that the pre and post op formulas contain, and I just bought the ones that I felt will really help me.

I isolated the most important, key vitamins and minerals I would need into 3 sub categories: Daily Vitamins (surgery or not, these are things I usually take on a day to day basis), Pre-Op Vitamins, and Post Op Vitamins. Here's the breakdown of those categories and what I take. ***AGAIN, THIS IS JUST WHAT I TAKE. i AM NOT A DOCTOR. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO STARTING ANY VITAMIN REGIMEN***

DAILY REGIMEN: (taken daily)
-Woman's Multi (with Iron)
-Vitamin D3 (2000iu)
-Probiotic Acidophilus
-Vitamin C (1000mg) {2x per day, 2000mg total}
-Folic Acid (800mg)
-Calcium (400mg)
PRE-OP REGIMEN: (Begin taking 3-4 weeks before surgery)
-Women's Multi
-Vitamin D3 (2000iu)
-Probiotic Acidophilus
-Folic Acid (800mg)
-Iron: Ferrous Sulfate (65mg 2x per day)
-Vitamin C (1000mg) {3x per day, 3000mg total}
-B-Complex & B-12
-Chelated Zinc (50mg)

***Begin Quercetin w/Bromelain (500mg Q/ 375mg B) ONE WEEK BEFORE SX***
POST-OP REGIMEN (Begin when you Dr. gives you the ok after surgery)
-Women's Multi
-Probiotic Acidophilus
-Folic Acid (800mg)
-Iron: Ferrous Sulfate (65mg 3x per day)
-Vitamin C (1000mg) {3x per day, 3000mg total}
-L-Arginine (500mg)
-L-Glutamin (500mg)
-Quercetin w/Bromelain (500mg Q/ 375mg B) {3x daily with food}
-Arnica Montana Tablets (30x) {Taken throughout the day, it's ok it's homeopathic}

To help you guys boost your iron levels, I've included a list of Iron rich foods:
*Remember, the BEST WAY for your IRON to be absorbed into your body and assimilate itself is to consume your Vitamin C with it you're consuming your iron foods.

-MEAT!!! (Beef, poultry, fish, seafood)
-Dark Leafy Greens (Spinach, Kale) {I juice with these daily}
-Eggs (whole)
-Fruits: Apricots, prunes, almonds, raisins

As always, I'll share more with you Gals as I come upon it. Be well, and stay positive. As I've been reminded today, there are multiple ways the negative can seep into your life and affect your thoughts and actions. Keep your head up and KNOW that you're above it and you'll be fine! Tah, Lovlies! xoxo

Fitness/Workouts Designed for BBL

Hey Dawls!!
Great morning! I was just about to head to the gym, and I decided to do a quick post about working out prior to a BBL. Although I am not licensed, (my passion is in hair and makeup!) I did take and pass the Florida State exam for personal training. I know about anatomy and physiology, and how to maximize your workout for The time you have available.
I'm BIG into fitness, some say its because of my sign (I'm a Sag-they say our second home is either In the gym, which I'm guilty of, or doing some other type of rigorous physical activity from time to time) but I know it's because I'm the type of person that loves putting her best pedicured foot forward and wellness, fitness and beauty are all things that are important to me and Help make my life more fulfilling.

With that being said, I used to be a true blue gym bunny before I started getting ready for my BBL. I went AT LEAST 5x a week, with workouts that were a minimum of 2 hours, maximum 4 depending on what I wanted to focus on or if I had a special event/goal date I wanted to get extra hot for. I go HARD, Girls. Hard in that paint. I always earn my showers. After my first two kids, I dropped A LOT of my weight by doing cardio. But not just any cardio worked for me! I hate treadmills, they hurt my knees. Elliptical's are cool, but after a while, you get bored. I love the Stairclimber too, especially for the leg and butt benefits, but I didn't feel it was coming off fast enough.

So what worked for me?! In my opinion, THE ABSOLUTE BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE form of CARDIO is SPINNING!!! Ladies, I couldn't stress this enough, IT'S AWESOME! THE WEIGHT LITERALLY FELL OFF ME!!! Not only that, I stuck with it because I love the fast pace, loud music and how gentle it was on my achy knees. The intensity and resistance worked in my favor and my legs, stomach, arms just looked like a different person's from wheni first began. I first started by going to the classes my gym offered. It helped me build comradorie as I met, incredible strong women (& men) who had similar challenges regarding their weight and fitness goals. We all had one thing in common: we finally found something that worked!! It's so addicting!!!

A single 30 minute session If spinning burns as much as 500 calories! That's sick when you compare it to other types of cardio exercises. If you work or harder (more resistance) or for a longer period of time (45min-1 hour) that can easily jump from 500 to 1000! After I got used to the bike and working out in classes, I decided it'd be best if I did it on my own. I only went into the spinning studio when there was no class being held. I used my iPod as fuel for my ride and I love that I can control what type of music I played. It really pumped me up and got me going so I went harder and longer faster and stronger. so that's how I didn't ladies!

I'm not currently spinning so as not to burn the beautiful fat my Dr will need for my curvy new figure. It saddens me a bit that I won't be able to do it as much when I return to the gym after my BBL. I'll only be able to do it once or twice a week but I will retain it as my primary form of cardio! I'm never giving up my spinning! Plus, it's a great exercise to keep your lower body toned and fit. I'm definitely not going to undo Yily's sculpting, I'm going too enhance it!
Inbox me if you want links about spinning! Gotta run! Have a fab day, Lovelies! Xo

Workouts Designed for BBL Preparation (Cont'd) | Current Emotions

Hey Ladies!
I'm sorry for the delay, had to end my previous post early to run my errands, never had a chance to hop back online until just now.

Before I continue with my links to the best butt and leg enhancing exercises/links, I'm gonna give you guys a quick update on what I've been going through emotionally.

The best way to describe it all in one word is: WHEW! It's been a total emotional roller-coaster ALREADY. It starts early, Gals so be prepared! You may think your surgery date is so super far away, but you may be confused as to why you're already feeling so many emotions: IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL! Even if your surgery is a year from now! THIS IS A HUGE DEAL! There are a lot of things to think about and consider, mostly about YOU and YOUR JOURNEY.

My biggest issue personally has been IMAGINING myself with my new figure. Girls, I kid you not, I absolutely CAN'T do it! I can't picture myself, I try- I put on my butt pads (that I used to wear before I went out with my girlfriends in the past) and I STILL can't see it. I tried the plastic surgery app, and I STILL can't picture it. It's frustrating to me because I'm so close (31 days until I leave) but I feel so far away. i'm so used to seeing my body this way, I can't imagine being any other way. It's like I'm going through all my preparations and planning, but it's as if I'm in a weird dream-like state as I do it! I book my flights, and it's like "Did I really just hit confirm?! Did I really just send in my passport application? Did I really just get that garment? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!" I have moments when I'm driving, or sitting down writing and it hits me out of the blue and I just want to jump up and scream! It doesn't help that I don't have a lot of people I can talk to about this amazing gift that I'm getting. I'm SO EXCITED but I just wish I could make my mind understand that I can relax-- YES THIS IS HAPPENING to me, and not only have I earned it, not only do I deserve it, but it's going to be an incredible REBIRTH after Yily is done with me. I like to equate this journey to that of a re-birth. It may sound dramatic and over-the-top to some, but it's the perfect analogy for me. If yall knew just how loooooooooooooong and how baaaaaaaaaaaadly I've craved, desired, dreamed about this... the fact that it's actually coming to fruition is beyond anything I can think of. I'm realistic to know that my life will still be hear waiting for me upon my return, I'll just have the privilege of being excited about going places and doing things because of my new body. If you guys only knew how straight up GIDDY I get when I wake up in the mornings lately... it's ridiculous! I spring out of bed with the energy and joy of God, and I just LOOK FORWARD to the day! I've missed that feeling so much, haven't had it since I was pregnant with my last.

So yeah, I wanted to share this with you Babes, because in a lot of blogs you read how a lot of girls go through the emotional craziness AFTER surgery and I want you to know right now that the emotional craziness commences right when you send your doctor your deposit! TRUST ME! Lol. So don't feel bad, different, or weird because of your feelings. You're validated in feeling them. The best advice I can give you is not to leave anything inside-- FEEL your feelings, don't let it fester or gather up inside of you. Your mind & heart needs to be just as "clean" as your body does prior to surgery. That's the best way to get through it, IMO.

Anywho, I've been securing the last of my vitamins, arranging childcare for when I'll be away (I do all that as early as possible so not to inconvenience family and close friends) and I've been shopping and organizing all my items and pre-packing. I tend to over-pack so I have to do it a few times and go through my stuff and make sure I'm not going crazy! Since I do most of my shopping online, It seems lately that I get a package every other day! Lol It's nuts, but it feels wonderful- like this is all happening for ME! I got my pink PStyle (tried it out and it worked like a dream!), my travel insurance, my fajate garment, and a few maxi dresses today that I can't wait to see on my new coke-bottle body!

Okay, moving on- here are the links to the lower body enhancement workouts and exercises you can do before and DEFINITELY after your BBL to help maintain your hottie figure. You MUST STRETCH before any workout to avoid injury and to keep you limber. Add a quick warm up on a cardio machine if you can prior to these. Remember to keep your form and position, that's more important than going quickly. Take your time and really work through the movements and exercises while you breathe in through your nose and direct the air out of your mouth. Of course, stay hydrated with lots of water and if necessary, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO BEGINNING A NEW WORKOUT. I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR PERSONAL TRAINER, just a girl who's crazy into fitness and wellness. Hit me up, Dolls! Until next time, xoxo



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89hwfXd2on8 (LOVE THIS)













http://www.youtube.com/user/Bootynomics (BUFFIE THE BODY'S YT WORKOUT PAGE)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVZBZ6wpqmg (AMAZING)

HERE IS MY SECRET: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE YOUTUBE WORKOUT STAR IS HERE: http://www.youtube.com/user/charliejames1975?feature=watch

Here are some of my faves of hers that are aimed at the butt and legs:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35jV75TKoaY (INSANE, KILLER BUTT)

Hope this helped you guys! Stay positive, DON'T GIVE UP and keep pushing strong! Love, positivity and light! Xo

Update on WHERE YILY IS OPERATING | My Current Measurements

Hello Gals!
I just wanted to share with you some news I got about 4 minutes ago. I called Yily's office to confirm that they received another payment of 1K I made, and spoke to someone new: Samira. She speaks perfectly English and was totally professional and courteous. She assured me that she would check and get back to me because she wasn't in an area where she can pull up the emails at that moment. She told me she could call me back, email me back or both and I asked her to do both.

I then asked her about where Dra. Yily is doing surgery and she replied Santo Domingo Plastic Surgery Center. I asked her for an address and told her that the accommodations I made for myself and The Big Booty Brigade were only 3 minutes to CIPLA, walking distance. She told me SDPSC was ONLY TWO MINUTES away to CIPLA! They're both in the same, very very close vicinity.

I asked her if, by my surgery date, Yily will still be at SDPSC or somewhere completely new. She said she'll be more certain when my date nears, but if they do move it will be back to CIPLA. From the impression I was given, they're temporarily at that new spot and is waiting to see how things work themselves out with CIPLA. Just thought you Dolls would like to know! :-)

Okay, so I had to send back my Stage 1 Garment (a Fajate) today because I was afraid it would be too small for putting on right after surgery. It was a Small and I already have a garment in a Small (got it for free years ago). After reading that these garments tend to run TWO SIZES SMALLER, I opted to get a Medium, as I know a Large would be too big. I know eventually I'll be an XS, so I rather have a Small and a Medium in my repertoire until I know better what I'll need. I assume Yily will put me in a L or M immediately after surgery. I don't plan on buying another one, if I need an XS, I'll get my garments taken in.

So that prompted me to take my current measurements. Funny thing, I was taking them last night while watching the Heat game, and everytime I was about to measure myself or record the measurement, something crazy happened in the game so I was jumping all over the place!! Lololol, it took me half an hour to do something that takes 4 minutes! Anywho, without further delay here are Lola's Current Measurements:

Weight (as of 7/20): 168lbs
Height: 5 feet 7.5 inches
Arm (Right): 13"
Arm (Left): 13.5"
Bust/Chest: 38"
Waist: 36" (Around the belly button)
Hips: 40"
Thigh (Right): 26" (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thigh (Left): 25" (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thighs Together 40"

**TIP** When I take my measurements, I DO EACH EXTREMITY INDIVIDUALLY, as you can see from the numbers above, they tend to vary. Don't assume it'll be the same measurement for your other arm or your other thigh. Most people have a dominant side, which will carry more mass than the less dominant side.

Okay Hunny Bunnies! I hope all the fresh booty girls are recovering well, and the new girls going in are blessed and well. Take care! xoxo

Smoothie Recipe | Ferrous Sulfate Interractions

Hello Sugar Bottoms!!
First off, I want to offer you a useful link to a website where you can see what drugs or supplements can interfere and negatively affect the true dosage of the Iron (ferrous sulfate) your taking pre-surgically. You could be waste your time, energy and money! Check it out here: {http://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions/ferrous-sulfate-index.html?filter=1&generic_only=}

*NOTE: Upon doing my research, I found conflict between Calcium 600 D and Ferrous Sulfate:
"Using calcium carbonate together with ferrous sulfate may decrease the effects of ferrous sulfate. SEPARATE the administration of ferrous sulfate AT LEAST TWO HOURS APART from calcium carbonate. If your doctor does prescribe these medications together, you may need a dose adjustment or special test to safely use both medications. It is important to tell your doctor about all other medications you use, including vitamins and herbs. Do not stop using any medications without first talking to your doctor."
(So if you're taking them together, make sure you give yourself enough separation time in between so they don't cancel each other out or lower the dosage of the Iron) :)
Another notation I want to give you, is that I plan on beginning my Arnica Tablets & Quercetin/Bromelain 1 WEEK PRIOR to surgery to better ensure my body has it in my system, thus ensuring better results. (YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS, I have more than enough of them that I can do that- if you don't have a lot I wouldn't recommend this as you'll need them more closer to your surgery date and definitely post op)

HERE IS MY POWER MIX RECIPE (as requested by some Babes):

Liquid Base:
Vanilla Soy or Vanilla Almond Milk (Must be Vanilla flavored, its the yummiest!) :-P

1 Cup Kale, 1 Cup Spinach, a handful of rinsed Baby Carrots, half a Cucumber, 1 Apple, 2 slices of Pineapple, a handful of Blueberries, 1 small or a half of a big Banana, a few slivers of fresh Ginger root

Add-On Boosts: Brazilian Nut paste (I made by mixing Brazil nut with a little bit of Almond Milk- store in fridge, add to taste when needed), 1 tablespoon milled Almonds, 1 tablespoon milled Flax Seed, a dash of cinnamon to taste!

*Optional Adjustments:
- If you want to GAIN WEIGHT, try adding a scoop of vanilla (or favorite) ice cream to this mix! You an also do froyo or sorbet though more calories are retained in full-fat ice cream. You may also want to use full fat regular milk as it has more calories than soy or almond milk.

-If you're looking to LOSE WEIGHT, instead of the milk base, go with a lighter, looser base like coconut water and swap the Brazil nut and Almonds for Chia Seed in the add- on portion.


Pics I'm uploading today include:
~My current Morning Vitamin Regimen (5 Weeks Pre-Op)
[Everything I listed in my previous post with the exception of the B-Complex & Zinc that has yet to arrive. There is some B-Complex and B-12 that's included in the "Iron All" formulation so that'll do until my last vitamin shipment comes in. Note that I stopped taking the Calcium in the morning (that's why it's not in the pic) as I don't want it to lower the strength of my Iron. I still take it, but in the late afternoon by itself. My daily Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) intake currently is 195mg (3 pills 65mg ea) which I plan to increase next Sunday.

~My Fajate Garment (Front, Back & Package) which I'm using as my Stage 1 to alternate with the one Yily is giving me. SIZE M

So that's it, I truly hope you all are well. Sending you all prayers of positivity, light and love. Please do the same for me! Thank you!

Garments Pre-Washed... Getting P.R.E.P.A.R.E.D!!!

Hola Beautiful Ladies!
How's errbody doing? I hope great! Just wanted to throw in a quick update.

I'm continuing with my vitamins /mineral regimen; everything is going well. Been substituting my Kale with Spinach and I set my PCP Labwork Appt. for July 8th, about two weeks before my surgery.

I was curious about what my Hemoglobin was when I donated blood a couple months ago so I called the blood donation center & am DELIGHTED to hear from the nurse that as of May 22nd, my Hemo was at 14!! SUPER STOKED because I've been juicing and supplementing with Iron since then, so I know I got that part in the bank. Praise, Jesus! Just anxious to get it all out of the way. My PCP will be doing a full blood panel, EKG, and administering any necessary travel vaccines. I already got a Tetanus shot the day before Valentine's Day this year, so I know I'm good with that. Yaay!

Coordinated my airport transpo in my home state, set up a few chiropractor adjustments before I leave for D.R. (gotta have the body in alignment!) Currently in the process of booking our group's Nurse and Masseuse in Santo Domingo. If anyone has any blazing, glowing, downright amazing reviews and recommendations, please holla at cha Girl and put it down below. Thank you in advance!

I registered (and suggest you do the same) for The U.S. Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)- It was super easy and doesn't take much time to fill out, it's all electronic and such a peace of mind. Basics about it:

~The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country.
STEP allows you to enter information about your upcoming trip abroad so that the Department of State can better assist you in an emergency. STEP also allows Americans residing abroad to get routine information from the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.
Go here: {https://step.state.gov/step/}

I have a few chucks (wee wee pads) from a previous surgery that I plan to bring with me, but I've also decided to (and recommend you) purchase large plastic painter's drop cloth sheets from Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes: {http://www.lowes.com/pd_20218-18632-DCLW-07-2_4294729406__?productId=3721772&Ns=p_product_price|0} for covering my bed in D.R. They're SUPER CHEAP and I figured if I'm gonna be gross and oozing, I might as well do it up Dexter style. :-P It should make cleaning up and maintenance a lot easier for my caretaker and nurse.

All my garments have been pre-washed (I recommend you do so prior to putting it on, you never know what kinds of bugs or bacteria exist in the fabric or packaging prior to getting to you- all part of my mild OCD warning me about ways I can get an infection!) Lmfaoo! Now I'm just trying to figure out what size new underwear I should get... I'm a Victoria's Secret M when I'm at my fittest, a L when I'm fuller and thicker. Does this mean I'll be a XL or XXL? Lolol whoa! I think I'm gonna grab a XL pack of Fruit of the Looms at Target and keep it movin'!

Kay, I think that's it for now. About to make my version of ForeverBooty's beach recovery chair. Staying away from the gym, but still keeping limber. Adding a pic of my spinach based smoothy today, I added a lot of ice cream! It was too dayum delish! Stay well and enjoy the rest of your week and weekend, Babes!! As always, sending out light, positivity and love. xoxo

Shopping Haul

Heeeeeey Dawls!
So, I got a few cute outfit options: dresses, skirts, and tops today. Mainly some breezy clothes I can put on and off easily. Got a lot of fun colors and patterns, that top is bohemian style, so it'll be able to camouflage my lipo'd arms well.

Also got a couple panties in XL, gonna wash them and see how they shrink. It was so weird buying that size, it was like "Really? Can Yily help me fill into this?!?!" Lolol! I seriously have NO IDEA what I'm going to look like or what size I'll be close to, so I only got a couple. Tomorrow I'm going to Target's maternity department for a couple pairs of compression panties, so my Kitty won't be excessively and uncomfortably swollen. I'll post those when I get em so you see what they look like.

I was able to grab a package of heavy duty painter's plastic drop cloth at Lowe's, funny enough it only cost me $2.98 + tax, while the medium (thinner plastic) one was a dollar more. Between this and my chuck pads, I'll be good to go!

Ok, well I'm off to introduce my kids to #WestSideStory!! TAAH, Lovelies!!! Xo

22 Days To Arrival!!! More Prep...

Hiya Dolls!
Just wanted to let you know, I got some more supplies in: my B-Complex with B-12, Chelated Zinc, & Arnica Cream Rub which got rave reviews from the site I get my vitamins from. Now I'm just waiting on my Vitamin A Beta Carotene and I'm all set! I begin my Pre-Op Vitamin Regimen tomorrow since that will be my 4-week mark. Bought my NSAID aspirin for use post-surgically in place of the Heparin Yily prescribes. I had a conversation with my US cosmetic surgeon and my PCP and they both strongly suggest I go without it.

Got a few more lipo-arm-friendly tops and packed them away. Also took a page from ForeverBooty and cut an opening into the seat. Tested it out and it works like a Dream! THANK YOU to users like ForeverBooty & all the other thoroughly expressive BBL Vets who helped pave the way for us through their words and photographs. I'm grateful and my only thanks is my ability to pay it forward the best way I can. Thank you to all the Lovelies who have complimented my blog. As always, feel free to hit me up and we can share advice, help, and information. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Muahz!! Xo

Juicing Recipe Madness & My Clothes Are Packed!

Hello My SugarPlum's! How's everybody doing?! Before I start this off, I just wanted to send mad energy and love to all the members who have showed me the same. THANK YOU for your interest in my blog, I'm pleased I can be of assistance any way I can! I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and our paths have crossed for a reason. If we can share, help and benefit from each other, well that's the whole point of this site and his Word! So I'm delighted when I read your comments and inboxed messages, I truly appreciate it! I'll keep it coming the best way I know how! Muchisimos besitos (very many kisses!)

Alright now, been getting a lot of requests for more juicing recipes for your NutraBullet/Vitamix lifestyle. I have a few that will sound outrageous, but if you stick to the above model I posted a week or so ago, you'll see that you can customize all these to taste and preference. Remember, you have 1) A Liquid Base 2) Fruits/Veggies and 3) Add-On's. You can always substitute elements that are in your comfort zone, it's your life, your juicer, do it how YOU want! Lol I picked these particular recipes to share with you because I feel they will aid in preparation for surgery and recovery from surgery. {If you guys have a special request regarding a particular health condition, I'll send you the recipe to that separately (via inbox) in an effort to keep this blog focused on the task at hand}
~The All Points Bulletin (Apples, Pears, Beats)
I've really been into this one lately, it aids in a variety of ailments including Anemia, Blood Clots (resolving and preventing), Cancer Prevention, Diabetes, Gallstones, Inflammation, Poor Circulation, Motion Sickness, Stress, Sore Throat, Thrombosis:
*2 Apples (remember- red apples are sweet and green ones more tart/sour)
*1 Pear (try to get it soft and ripe)
*3 Beets (fresh only, rinse very well, cut off bulb bottom, put leaves & beet in.
note: If you have a smaller juicer, cut beet into quarters.)
* ½ Lemon (Juice by hand, OR remove peel, pith, seeds & throw it in)
* ½ inch Slice of Gingerroot (fresh only, with ginger- a little goes a long way)
Add Ice to taste, I would recommend a loose liquid base like purified/filtered water or coconut water or not from concentrate orange juice. To add a bit of sweetness, throw in a dash of cinnamon or a bit of honey. BLEND WELL, SERVE AND ENJOY!
~Goddess Supreme
This blend aids in Candida, Candidiasis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Common Cold, Eye Problems, Heart Problems, Memory Loss, Poor Circulation, Quitting Smoking, Vaginitis, Yeast Infection:
*2 Oranges
*1 Grapefruit
*1 Lime (Juice by hand, OR remove peel, pith, seeds & throw it in)
* ½ Cup Cranberries (Add to boiling water for 10 min, DON'T DRAIN: blend after
allowing to seep for 10-20 min- plz use this water as all or part of your
liquid base as it contains a lot of nutrients from cranberries, its GOLD!)
*Tbsp Honey
Add Ice to taste, I would recommend a loose liquid base like purified/filtered water or coconut water or not from concentrate orange juice. BLEND WELL, SERVE AND ENJOY!
~Young, Wild, & Free
This is my go-to Super Immune Booster!! Incredible, I love it.
*1 Cup Acai Berries {You can pulp the berries, use the powder or just use concentrated acai berry
juice. Go here: http://www.ehow.com/how_4963395_make-acai-juice.html}
*1 Cup Blackberries
*1 Cup Blueberries
*1 Cup Raspberries
*1 Cup Strawberries
*1 Pomegranate {Go Here for Instructions, a bit lengthy but WORTH IT
http://theshiksa.com/2011/09/06/how-to-seed-a-pomegranate/ OR you can buy a
bottle of fresh 100% pomegranate juice (just make sure if you’re dieting that it’s
free of added sugars)
Add Ice to taste, I would recommend a loose liquid base like purified/filtered water or coconut water or not from concentrate orange juice. If you’re using a bottle of pomegranate juice, this could be your liquid base, but I would also add some filtered or purified water as this can get very heavy and too tart. Add some Honey to taste. BLEND WELL, SERVE AND ENJOY!
~Slim Down, Sexy!
This particular recipe is focused on helping the overweight in assisting in weight loss and weight management (USE RAW EVERYTHING! Don’t cook or boil as it will lose a lot of essential vitamins):
*1 Carrot
*2 Stalks Celery
*1 Apple (remember- red apples are sweet and green ones more tart/sour)
*1/2 Cup Cucumbers (½ a huge cucumber)
* ½ Zucchini
* ½ Bell Pepper (Red is best but yellow and green are ok. You can add strips of all)
Add Ice to taste, I would recommend a loose liquid base like purified/filtered water or coconut water or not from concentrate orange juice. BLEND WELL, SERVE AND ENJOY!
~Power 8 V8
This blend is also designed to aid in Weight Loss as well as Menopause and Stress. (USE RAW EVERYTHING! Don’t cook or boil as it will lose a lot of essential vitamins):
*1 Cup Kale (chopped)
*1 Cup Collard Greens (chopped)
*1 Handful Parsley (fresh, not dried)
*1 Stalk Celery
* 1 Tomato
* 1 Cup Broccoli Florets (fresh, not frozen)
* ½ Bell Pepper (Red is best but yellow and green are ok. You can add strips of all)
Add Ice to taste, I would recommend a loose liquid base like purified/filtered water or coconut water or not from concentrate orange juice. BLEND WELL, SERVE AND ENJOY!
~Citrus Cream Dream
This blend assists in a plethora of health conditions such as Allergies, Blood Clots (resolving and preventing), Carpal Tunnel, Eye Problems, Heart Problems, Hay Fever, Hemorrhoids, Motion Sickness, Overweight/Weight Loss, Poor Circulation, Pregnancy, Stress, Water Retention.
*1 Cup Strawberries
*1 Inch Slice of Gingerroot (a little goes long way, ginger is very strong when juiced)
*1 Orange
*1 Grapefruit
* ¼ Cup Yogurt (You can use normal, organic, or Greek. Flavored or plain. Vanilla, Honey, Peach,
Blueberry & Strawberry all work well with this flavor pallet- I recommend ACTIVIA
for the active live cultures to aid in digestion.
* 1 Tbsp Finely Ground/Milled Almonds
* 1 Tbsp Finely Ground/Milled Flax Seed
I would recommend a loose liquid base like purified/filtered water or coconut water or not from concentrate orange juice. ADD ICE TO TASTE, BLEND WELL. Process all your ingredients in your juicer EXCEPT the yogurt. Put your yogurt in a glass and pour blended mixture atop. ENJOY!
Okay, that’s it for the recipes I have, Dollfaces! I hope you guys enjoy and continue positively on your journey of excellent health and well-being! TO YOUR HEALTH, BABES!!!
So in terms of me, I’m alright. :-/ I say ‘alright’ because there are elements of my life that are annoyingly off balance right now and it’s frustrating to the point of emotion. It enrages me and then I’m consumed with feelings of hopelessness & sadness. I know that whenever something positive or amazing is about to take place in my life, I’m constantly faced with obstacles in various forms. I’m trying to remember what the hottie Pastor at church taught us this past Sunday: Remember, there is a difference between Reacting and Responding. Instead of Reacting to a situation, person or circumstance- it’s best , rather, to Respond. Responding involves a lot more; it requires you to pause and think. Evaluate the situation at hand, and make an educated decision to move forward with thought and class. Lord Jesus, help me to have Grace and continue to RESPOND to the world around me as opposed to Reacting to it. Thank you Father! Amen.
Sorry to offend anyone, I know that was random but I am Christian and sometimes the prayers just flow from within. Oh, please note that I do plan on posting a special Pre and Post surgery prayer that I find helpful, comforting and relaxing. If it doesn’t resonate with you, I understand- please just respect it and continue to scroll past it. Regardless, I wish all of you reading this the best, always.
Hmmmmm, let’s see- supplies wise, I’m in the homestretch. I received my last Pre-Op vitamin today (Vitamin A Beta-Carotene) as well as my special pillow order which came with my Flip Pillow and motorized massaging neck pillow that contorts into any shape. I plan on using the latter for my neck, lower back, and placed under my knees when sitting after surgery.
I strongly suggest guys look into vacuum seal bags for your traveling convenience. I was able to pack most of my clothes into one Large size bag and my Flip Pillow and the rest of my attire into an XL bag. Posting pics of this, it amazed me to see the size of all that reduce into those small packs! They’re a bit heavy and dense but it’s compact so that’s all I care about. Now I can add my snacks and beverages without worry of more luggage or damage (the vacuum bags are sealed air tight and waterproof). You can get a box set from Walmart, I only paid about $17 for 4 different sizes, I’ll post the package pic too, it came with a travel size bag which I thought was cute. I might put all my vitamins or beauty products into that one and seal it up. They do have other size options and prices, whichever one you decided on I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!
Only things left for me to get are my maxi pads, snacks, personal body wipes, sanitizers (hand and surface), Benadryl, and a huge floppy J.Lo-esq hat to shield from the hot Dominican summer sun!
I miss working out regularly! Since I’m trying to preserve my fat supply, my workouts are minimal and involve mostly stretching and yoga. If I do any cardio, it’s light hiking or 20 minutes on the elliptical to keep the heart and respiratory components alert.
Well, that’s it Lovelies. Thanks again for taking the time to read through all this. I CANNOT BELIEVE it’s only 19 Days to takeoff and 22 till I’m lying in the O.R.!! Crazy Bananas!!!! Off to yoga & meditation, hope you guys have a great rest of the week! Be well, Babes. xoxo

Trying Not to Dance! Travel Insurance & Other Necessities Purchased...

Hey Beautiful's!
Hope this Hump Day finds you well! Congrats to all the Babes (all doctors) who have recently crossed over to the Valley of the Curves! Can't wait to join you! In fact, I've been getting so amped lately, I have to remind myself to calm down and not overexert myself so as not to lose any important "golden fat" (as I refer to it)! It's my "golden ticket" to a killer ass, so I'm trying to preserve it! It's SUPER hard, I tend to normally do everything hella quickly- I'm a native New Yawkah (lol) so everything I do, I do it with speed & efficiency. It's taken me a while and I STILL have to constantly remind myself to chiiiillll! It's especially hard when I hear a song I love or I haven't heard in a while either in the car, at the gym, or at home. I used to be a hip hop dancer/choreographer in NYC when I was 18-23 & I love music SO MUCH-- naturally when I hear my "jam" (aren't they all?! Lol) it's torture not being able to just get it! :-P I have a tradition in my home- I do this random dance party thing with my kids in the evenings to get the sillies out before bedtime... It normally involves lots of jumping, wiggling, froggy hopping and other spastic movements of joy and excitement! Nowadays, I just let them go nuts while I sit on the chaise drinking orange juice! I feel a bit lazy and unproductive lately, but I know it's not in my character, just something that has to be done so I achieve the best possible outcome for my body-type.

With that in mind, I began pondering all the little or big things I've done ever since I decided to have surgery. This is all to preserve my fat. This is just MY list, and I don't recommend an unhealthy diet!! (GAL'S TRYING TO GAIN OR RETAIN THEIR FAT BEFORE BBL, CHECK THIS OUT) With the same token, GAL'S TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT/FAT, DO EVERYTHING THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THIS! {i.e. where I say drink cold water, consume hot instead}

~Limit your exercise/physical exertion (What I mentioned above, take it eaaaaaaasy!)
~If you live in an area where driving is absolutely necessary, try to park as close as possible to the door/entrance.
~Try to wear loose or comfy clothes. The more comfortable, the better.
~Eating Habits:
-Skip breakfast or try to eat it as late as you can stand it. Drink a full glass of
COLD water upon waking.
-When you do eat, go HARD! Try to pack it in, it will feel nauseating at first- but
keep water by you and just take breaks.
-Distract yourself while you're eating- watch television, be on the computer (Real
Self and YouTube works great!), anything so that your mind isn't paying attention to
what and/or how much is going in your belly.
-When possible, eat alone, you'll eat more.
-Eat your last meal of the day as late as you can, plan to go to sleep after about
30-45 minutes of consuming it. Follow said meal with a lot of COLD water.
-Get take out or go through a fast food drive-thru at least once a week. I wouldn't
recommend more than twice. (Avoid Chinese food as they tend to put a lot of
MSG and sodium in their food) I go to Mickey D's on Wednesday's for their burger
special and I make my own milkshakes at home (save $$!)
-Try not to eat off of white plates. The contrast makes you notice your portion, thus
you won't want to eat as much. Instead, try to eat off plates that match your food
(if you have it) For ex, if you're eating pasta with red sauce, eat it off a red plate.
Other popular colors to gain: gold, green. Anything that will make your food
pretty much blend into the pattern or color. IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT,
-Check out the size of your plate. If you're attempting to gain, eat off the biggest,
widest plates you can find. IF YOU WANT TO LOSE, EAT OFF OF SMALL, TINY
-Limit your intake of hot sauces or hot peppers. Spices and sauces that can
make you break out in a sweat can also jump start fat loss (remember the
lemonade and cayenne pepper drink diet?!)

Okay that's it Dolls! I know it's random and detailed but, hey- if you're truly dedicated like I am, than this is some good knowledge! No matter what you're trying to achieve, drink tons of water as your body needs this on a cellular level.

I purchased my travel insurance today off of {www.InsureMyTrip.com} and got a great policy! They're all completely customizable and I added a $100 deductible to mine. My policy includes coverage for Medical, Dental, 24-Hour ER, Terrorism (yikes!), Emergency Medical Evacuation, Accidental Death, Accidental Death in Flight, and Dismemberment. Sorry to make it sound so scary, but hey that's what insurance is for- the unknown. I'm just so satisfied with my policy and all it covers. They send you confirmation and all your paperwork via e-mail and you can get request to get it mailed to your home as well. I've already printed out a copy of my rider and benefit coverage and put it in my travel folder for back up.

If you guys don't have one already, MAKE YOURSELF A TRAVEL FOLDER! Keep copies of your important documents (US ID license, passport, SSCard, Birth Certificate) as well as your flight itinerary, insurance info, and room/board confirmation. Yes, we rely on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops when we travel, but you never know and I'll be damned if something "pops up" that I can't resolve right away. I also printed out ALL the correspondence I've had with Yily's office & included it into my travel folder along with copies of payment receipts (bank deposit slips and receipts). WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! Like Kanye, can't nobody tell me NUTHIN!! Baahahahaha!

Timed it right and purchased my feminine pads at Walgreens. They had BoGo half off, so I racked up! I bought overnight super's and regular super's. In total I have 144, so I think I'll be good. Also grabbed a bottle of ZZZ-Quil- I swear by that stuff, it knocks you out safely without any other medicine mixed into it- you wake up refreshed not groggy or cranky. Using my Benadryl strictly for when I have the itchies & the ZZZ-Quil only for sleep. Also got a bottle of generic Omeprazole Magnesium which concludes all the meds I need for my trip!!! WOOOOOOO!! Feels good to complete that list!

I've included a shot of the above mentioned items as well as an updated picture of my Pre-Op Vitamin Regimen. I got everything in, been taking them regularly, and I feel FANTASTIC! Balance is everything. Juicing helps me balance the not so great stuff I eat to gain calories and fat. Gonna go make something yummy right now, might even get rowdy and throw a fat scoop of ice cream in there! Praying you're all well- as always I wish you peace, positivity and light. Take Care, Sweethearts!! xoxo

Is This Really Happening?! Lol!

Hello My Sugarbottom's!!
How's everybody been?! I hope you all had an enjoyable Fourth of July weekend! I just thought about it and we should have a fourth of July weekend for the next 3 years since it was on a Thursday this year- that's awesome since I plan to celebrate EVERY damn holiday to the FULLEST with my new body!! Lmaoo

So, WOW! Today (Wednesday) is officially 2 WEEKS to Surgery Day! I depart for Santo Domingo in 11 days and I truly feel I'm prepared. I bought a few more things, including a phone card, straws with the bendable top, some tea (totally calms me down when I'm feeling blehhh) and lots of snacks I can eat in recovery mode. Uploading pics of those packaged, then packed up LJ style.

I recommend you guys go here to see what you can and cannot bring through customs: {http://www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/prohibited-items} Just scroll down and you'll see a box labeled "When I Fly Can I Bring My..." You can literally type in whatever item you want and see a more specific list and it'll tell you what their policies are in handling them. This is what they had to say about prescription medication (just so you know):
"TSA allows larger amounts of medically necessary liquids, gels, and aerosols in reasonable quantities for your trip, but you must declare them to security officers at the checkpoint for inspection.

You may carry non-medically necessary liquids, gels and aerosols in your carry-on bags only if they adhere to the 3-1-1 rule: containers must be 3.4 ounces or less; stored in a 1 quart/liter zip-top bag; 1 zip-top bag per person. Larger amounts of non-medicinal liquids, gels, and aerosols must be placed in checked baggage."

Also check with your airline what is acceptable as a carry-on. I would hate for anyone to have their things thrown out at the airport, so check it out Babes!

My PS's office in the States utilizes the use of a Bear Hugger and I wish CIPLA had them too (imagine a small machine with a tube connected to it that is placed under your blanket and deliciously warm air blows continuously!) it would keep their patient's teeth from chattering post op! Since I know they won't have it, I just thought I'd bring my favorite warm blanket (the fleece fabric of a snuggie) since I'm notorious for getting cold quickly. From everything I've read about CIPLA (and what I remember from recovery rooms in the US) I know they like to keep it cold. I want to have something better than a thin sheet ready upon my request. I get REALLY bitchy when I'm uncomfortable (hungry, freezing, in pain) and I'm just trying to think of everything I can do to be as comfy (and pleasant) as possible!

Emotions-wise, I'm pretty consistent in that I have random bursts of excitement and ecstatic joy! I also have moments where the gravity of it all hits me and my stomach flutters and my palms get sweaty! I notice that I've almost reverted to how I was when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy!! I'm super touchy and hyper-emotional! If someone comes at me a certain way I'm going IN! Lol I don't mean to, it's almost a defensive reaction!

I'll give you a perfect example story: I went to my usual Piercer at this tattoo shop about 20 minutes from me to have him remove my microdermals in my back dimples. When I got there, Dude was being really blase about the whole thing, almost a bit insulted that I was removing them! That already had me feeling a certain way because I feel if a person didn't share all the details with you, then you shouldn't judge them as to why they're doing what they're doing. As I filled out my paperwork, I explained that I was going to be having surgery and they're doing aggressive lipo in that area. I told him I planned on having him do a re-installation when I was healed. Wouldn't you know it-- THAT's when he started being warmer towards me! That pissed me off! Lol I don't know why, I just dislike it when people change their demeanor with you based on something they know or don't know. It's catty and certainly unprofessional in this situation. So when we got to his area, he POINTED to the cot/table for me to lay on. So I layed face down. Then he said (with what I thought was a smart-Alec tone) "Ummm, I'm going to need the microdermal side facing me." So I jumped up and loudly proclaimed, "Well, I'm going to need you to tell me how you want me to be, because I can't read your mind and you just pointed, you didn't tell me what to do, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?!" Lmfaoooo Ladies, I kid you not I went from 0-60 on him! Lol I later apologized and attributed my behavior to being nervous about the pain of removing my piercings. I think that had something to do with it, but not that much. I truly think it's all the pressure and stress of this looming procedure! I've noticed I've been a bit short with people and not as happy-go-lucky. I write all this because I know there are ladies out there feeling very similar and I want them to know, it's NOT YOU! It's the situation! Lol As long as we're aware, we can do better!

For the sake of my sanity, I decided to "go underground" which is my term when I want to stay in mostly and keep away from people, places, and/or things that have high potential to A) piss me off, B) make me upset/cry, C) make my blood pressure sky rocket, or D) depress me! AintNobodyGotTimeFaDat.com! I'm also decidedly spending less time online (RS, FB, Twitter) because we all know how much of a stress social networking can be! Instead I've been watching comedy's and RomCom's to keep my spirits light and lifted.

Well, that's it for now. I have to run and take my brother to work, might just stop at Aventura Mall which is nearby- I love that mall. Is anyone else buying something everyday?! Lol I'm done with my "list" but I somehow find something to purchase almost every single day! Smh crazy! Okay Dolls, you guys be well! I'll check in soon! Keep those gorgeous heads held high!! xoxo

Packed up and Ready Ta Go!

Just Wanted To Say... (mini rant)

I forgot a couple things. One, I wanted to tell you guys I was able to start taking my Quercetin/Bromelain pills & Arnica tablets today since I'm exactly two weeks to my surgery date. I didn't know if I'd have enough Q&B to sustain my trip, but I had my daughter count them for me and I have 120 so I started a week early. :-)

Secondly (and no shade here, the following is just my observations and opinion's, please don't get Butthurt) I noticed that A LOT of patients of AMERICAN surgeon's are UNSATISFIED with the results of their BBL. I mean, I've read 3-4 different people's posts on here and though the Doc's being mentioned vary, the commonality is this negative fact. Please tell me why all of those people have mentioned going to either Yily or the D.R. for round two's?! ROFLMAOOOOOO This is just HILARIOUS to me, given how often the Dominican Republic is BASHED! I can't tell you how many times I read girls "looking down" on medical tourism and countries like Mexico, Colombia, and D.R. They had so much to say! Things that ranged from only the U.S. having "good" equipment, and "sterile conditions". There were writers that splattered their disgust at women who would "stoop" (if you will) to the level of traveling out the country in an effort to "save a couple dollars" thus compromising their well-being and safety! LMAOOO! Well, it's funny how ish works out, isn't it?! Now, to be clear, I don't wish any negative on anyone (including poor or disappointing results). I just think ladies need to stop jumping on band wagons and being outright ignorant in their beliefs. Just like High School/College/LIFE there will be cliques! There will be teams and people banding together that stand under a common umbrella. That's normal! That's a human's natural instinct- to find like minded individuals and stick together. I do "go hard" for my doctor because I believe in her and her aesthetics. I also trust her. I plan on being completely honest and forthright with all of you about my experiences with her, her staff, and with my results. Just because I'm "TeamYily" doesn't mean I won't accurately report on what I see and hear.

YES, everyone has a comfort zone. Some people have the balls and the tenacity to go out and get what they want, whether it's in their country or not. I realize others are too scared. Nothing wrong with that! What I DO have a problem with is when people have the nerve to instill fear and negativity on something that THEIR afraid of. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it won't work for someone else. Which brings me to my main point: watch what you say because you may end up eating your words and visiting that same country you, your friend, or your group was just looking down upon and slandering. Smh...

I chose my Doctor not because of peer pressure, but because of RESULTS. Photographic evidence of the work she has done, what she's capable of. I urge any new members seeing this to do the same. Please don't believe and go by everything you read off here. This includes my blog! One person's experience isn't going to apply for everyone! You have to do your research and go by what you see and what you know. A little gut instinct and intuition is needed too!

I'll end it with this: no matter what doctor you decide to go to, it's your business and your decision, nobody else's! Stay true and be loyal. Don't worry so much about what everybody else is doing because you may end up with devastating results and a lot less money in your bank. I pray, no matter who your surgeon is or was, that you are well, safe, and happy. At the end of the day, we're all here with the SAME GOAL! Stay well and as always I wish you all love, light and positivity. One Love, Yall xoxo

P.S. Adding a couple pics I'm currently in love with.

A Week Left Before My Old Body Flies Away, Single Digit Countdown for Surgery- Emotions

Hello My Lovelies,
I come to you today with a bit of a heavy heart. Last night's current events hit me strongly, as a mother, and I just feel saddened for the world we live in. I'm embarrassed to be a resident of the "state" of Florida and I feel betrayed as an American citizen. I'm not going to say anything more on the subject, as I know this is a touchy, opinion-laden topic. I just felt a need to address it since it is a major historical moment and this is a part of my journey. I pray one day we can all KNOW justice and KNOW peace.

As you can imagine my emotions and nerves are awry. I've been successful in avoiding stressful people, places and situations but it's a lot easier said than done. I went into church this morning (late because I got distracted on FB) and made it just as the last praise & worship song was beginning. It was U2's "One". Let me tell you, Girls- when I heard the live rendition of this beautiful, poignant song... I just LOST IT!! It was like all the pain, all the fear, all the anger & all the trepidation of absolutely everything that has been burdening me in the past few months just erupted and BURST out of me! It probably looked super crazy too, because a wonderful female usher helped me to a seat, smack dab in the middle of the large room, but I barely made it down the aisle and sat before I heard the lyrics, "We got to CARRY EACH OTHER... CARRY EACH OTHER... ONE!" OMG Yall, I just FELL into her arms like she was my Nana and sobbed like a child. That stranger held me and comforted me. She helped me up and walked me to the overflow room. It was incredibly touching and I was so appreciative that it made me cry even more! (I'm one of those!) She got me tissues, water, and talked to me about what was bothering me. It's hard explaining it, but she seemed to understand and even finish my sentences for me! She asked if she could pray for me and I replied, 'please'. She then proceeded to LAY IT DOWN for me, Yall! This lady helped me give it all to Him in my moment of weakness when I just couldn't find the words. I was SOOOO light and appreciative at the end!

I was so glad that I had gotten up out of bed that morning and made it in, because I'm convinced if I hadn't I would still be in bed now feeling down and pure pity for myself. At the end of the day, I'm just so grateful to have my faith, my family, and my life. We all woke up today! We are all (hopefully) healthy and well, so for that I will be grateful and force all bits of darkness, negativity and fear out of my consciousness.

Doll's I'm here to tell you today, no matter WHAT you're going through- remember that just getting up out of bed and getting through your day is a huge accomplishment! So much is waiting to tear us down as people- as women! Give yourself credit for small successes. It's not silly, it's necessary! When you're feeling heavy and dragged down psychologically, emotionally, and/or physically- you have to find the strength inwardly or outwardly to get through it, or it will consume you. I can't wait to give back to others like that woman gave back to me this morning. That would make me feel incredibly worthy and helpful. That's what I believe I'm called to do!

Now that I got all that out, Babes, I believe I am TRULY prepared to face my future. Whether it be in regards to this surgery coming up or anything else in life that will be waiting upon my return. I'm just ELATED I'll be able to face it with a bangin' bod! Lololol! As trivial, shallow or conceited as it may seem, this BBL is MY happy and I won't allow anyone to define me by it.

Lastly, I want to GENUINELY thank ALL of you wonderful women who have sent your well wishes and prayers my way. It's... AMAZING! I truly believe what you put out in the universe will come your way, and wow! What incredible women you are! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH, you give me confidence and strength.

I want to put the spotlight on all YOU because it takes a certain kind of QUEEN to stop complaining and make a decision to DO something about a part of your life you're unsatisfied with. I honor and respect all of you, no matter who your surgeon was, is, or will be. You're like me- you want to be cast as the lead star actress in the dreamy life that God has ready for you.. well, it's finally becoming a reality SugarBottom's!!! Congratulations to ALL of us! Be proud of yourself and keep that head WAAAY up high! I love you, Sisters. xoXXox

Last Minute Addition for Pain Relief & Nesting like Crazy!!!

Hello My Sweets!
I hope the start of errbody's week is going swimmingly. I wanted to post a couple last-minute additions to my surgical recovery pain relief team: Dermoplast and a Hot/Cold Therapy pack.

First off, my ex-boyfriend told me about the Dermoplast (pic added) after he had a knee injury. He praised the fast acting pain relief spray and said it will even help when you get a case of the "itchies". You can purchase this online, or at a drugstore like Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS and Walmart. I found mine at Walmart it was the least expensive at $6.38. They had two options, a blue can which is their original formula or a new red can which is their original formula mixed with Antibacterial properties. I chose the red to further protect me against infection.

Secondly, I'm bringing my hot/cold pack with me to Santo Domingo. I love this because depending on what you want kind of therapy you want, you can customize it by either putting it in the freezer or in a bowl of hot water. Initially after surgery, cold therapy is recommended to help reduce swelling and to help manage pain. Then afterwards, heat therapy is great for discomfort and relaxing the surrounding muscles. I like things that serve dual purpose, it saves space and money in my opinion.

Let's see, what else?! I'm just basically counting down the days now- it's crazy! I've been nesting like a mua'fckah!!! This process seriously reminds me of preparing for a child, I've been cleaning every corner of my condo! Getting everything out of the way including laundry, paying bills in advance, basically taking care of everything so when I do get back home, I can relax and heal and in peace. I'm the kind of Gal that stresses out when there's mess and disorganization around me. I'm eradicating all that now so when I return, there's a beautiful, spotless, peaceful sanctuary awaiting me. I cleaned out the fridge, dropped off and picked up my dry cleaning, cleaned all my makeup brushes, organized my jewelry drawer and got rid of a lot of clothes that I know won't fit me. Donating to the church.

So.... I guess it's just a waiting game now! All the prep is behind me, it's time to just relax. It's so true that your immune system can weaken based off of stress and negativity surrounding you. I'm trying to stay calm and chill and take my time with anything I do. It's working out so far!

I plan on updating you guys all throughout my journey from the moment I land and step foot on Dominican soil. My caretaker is ready too and I got him a special gift as a thank you. I'm bringing my Nutri-Bullet to juice with when I'm abroad. I'm going to miss my Vitamix, but that thing is too much of a beast to travel with!

Okay HoneyDrizzle's, I'm off to the gym for some very light cardio on the elliptiical and a lot of major stretching. I'll hit you up again before I leave! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING ALREADY!! God bless you all, CONGRATS to the freshly converted and good luck to the ones going in the near future! LET'S GET IT YALL! xoXXox

U.S. Lab-work Results are In... Drumroll please!

So Dolls,
Just wanted to pop-in and let you know I got my my lab-work results. They did a full panel including urine analysis. Everything looks A-OK (thank God). I was nervous about my glucose since I had to start eating a lot of treats I normally wouldn't, in order to gain weight- things that have a high sugar content. According to my PCP, I don't have a long track-record/history of eating a lot of sweets, so that didn't affect me adversely. WOOOP!

Thankfully and gratefully, all is well with my hemoglobin. My level is currently at a 14.4! I'm SUPER STOKED! That medical reassurance prior to getting on the plane for D.R. is very welcome!

Okee dokee, that's it! Off to spend more time with my CakePops! Muahz! xoXXox

Wowzers... so I guess this is really going down!! Takeoff Tomorrow!! YEEESH!

Oh my Goodness, you guys! I gotta be honest, this is JUST NOW starting to sink in! My best friends, close family members, my manicurist, barber, heck even the UPS guy that I've come to know so well (thanks to my weekly deliveries of supplies for my BBL) have all pretty much said their bon voyage's! That coupled with reading your well wishes DEF make it real for me! Thank you again, Dollfaces- I genuinely appreciate the immense support that I've received!

So lately, I've been doing what I can do eat well, chillax and get plenty of sleep. The latter has been a challenge since I'm a known insomniac, but I've been keeping it in check by reverting to the natural hormone that is already in our bodies: Melatonin at bedtime. My OB/GYN first introduced it to me for my first child and I've kept a bottle in the house for restless, anxious nights such as these.

Yesterday I pre-counted all the vitamins, supplements and amino acids I'm going to need in D.R. I don't want to travel with unnecessary bottles and hundreds of pills, so I counted the amount of days I'd be there and only packed the amount I'd be using. Then I put them in big ziploc bags along with my Smooth Move tea (to ease things along #2-wise), an extra lip balm and a few lollipops to help with dry mouth. I have humongo lips and DESPISE having dry lips because of the anesthesia and medication. I took a few pictures for you guys of everything I plan on taking post-surgically to help restore my body. I've been juicing like a beast, with about 70% of my content being spinach to boost my iron levels as much as possible.

Let's see, what else? I'm all packed, and even took the suitcase I plan on checking into my local supermarket to weigh it on the huge scale. After a bit of tweaking and shifting things around, I was able to get right at 48.5lbs (limit being 50)!! I was so excited, I swear I did a little dance right then and there! Lol The little things that bring us BBL Princesses joy, huh?! Lol

Speaking of weight, I stepped on the scale myself and it read 174. That's up 6lbs from about a month ago! I'm happy about that, but the weird thing is that I LOOK as if I've lost a bit of weight! It's the strangest thing! Lol I'm trying no to let it affect me much, I KNOW I have enough fat for her, but sometimes my mind places tricks on me and I have a moment of panic that she won't! I've never been one to keep track of my weight via scale or even measuring, I just do the ole jean-test! I try on the same pair of jeans and I know instantly whether I've gained or lost weight! It's pretty simple, but it works for me!

*Note, I made a boo-boo when I posted on my measurements in mid-June, I wrote it was "As of 7/20" but I meant "As of 6/20". TODAY is 7/20! So here we go...
My current measurements as of today 7/20 are:
Weight: 174lbs {was 168}
Arm (Right): 13.5" {was 13"}
Arm (Left): 14" {was 13.5"}
Bust/Chest: 39" {was 38" Note: I measure around AND over my breasts}
Waist: 38" {was 36"} (Around the belly button)
Hips: 41" {was 40"}
Thigh (R): 26.5 {was 26"} (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thigh (L): 26" {was 25"} (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thighs Together: 41" {was 40"}

Everything has been confirmed twice and I'm so anxious for this to happen, Friends. At this point, my emotions are pretty consistent: I'm not scared. I'm not frightened or worried. I'm just ANXIOUS. I'm beyond ready for my blue pill and to get this GOING! I feel like I've been training for the Olympics and now it's time to fly out and go get that gold medal! Only it'll be a golden onion booty! Lmao. I miss champagne sooooo much! I wish I could have a few glasses tonight, but it's TeamDry until September. I plan on being very rigorous and strict with my post-op routine and hopefully everything I've done up until this point will help me have a smooth recovery.

I still can't picture what my new body is going to look like, which I'm taking as a blessing so I don't develop any expectations and ultimately disappointment. I'm just seriously feeling so blessed and grateful to God and everyone who has helped me get to this point. I trust Yily Rosario and know whatever she shapes me into will be a definite improvement to what I have now. I do have a feeling I'll develop booty greed and want to do a round two, but that's yet to be seen! Lol

I got a nice, relaxing paraffin wax pedicure this evening with an extra long foot massage. I was gonna go with my typical pedi color, Essie's Fiji or do a French, but this pretty pink caught my eye and after seeing the name, I knew it was for me! Essie's "I am strong!" I'm claiming it!!! RAWRRR!

Again, thank you SO much for all your prayers and well wishes! You guys are awesome and I'm blessed for having so much light and energy in my life. I pray for the ladies going into surgery soon and for the ones recovery, but I also pray for you Dolls that still have a bit of a ways to go. I know EXACTLY how you feel! Just hang in there, your day is coming soon. Just keep your head up, stay diligent in your weight loss/gain and keep prepping. You can never be too prepared, says the Broad with mild OCD! Lol Okay, I'm off to watch something silly and cute on the tube. Take care, Mi Luvs!! Next time I check in, I'll be at the airport! WOOOOOHOOOOOO IT'S GOING DIZOWN in 26 Hours!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!! XoxxoX

My Spa Day & Some Last Minute Tips!

Heeeeeeeey Boo's!
Firstly, THANK YOU for all the love! You guys rock, no lie! Today was all about relaxing and enjoying as much of my FamBam as possible.

I started the day off with some heavy prayer and meditation. I wanted to come from a place of tranquility as opposed to having a hectic, nutty day. When you set the tone of your day, you have a 80% chance it will go the way you intend it.

At 10am I had my wax appointment and told my Esthetician to go hard and do full body on me. In addition to my usual Brazilian, I had her do my legs, arms & underarms as well.
---Which brings me to my first "Before You Go" tip: DO NOT SHAVE! Shaving is a very easy way to invite a possible infection into your body! The new or used razor you're using could be laden with thousands of harmful bacteria. Then, if you nick yourself, you're opening yourself up for common skin pathogens to march right in. I highly recommend you get waxed, or if you have an aversion to waving I suggest using a depilatory like Nair or Veet in order to keep the surface of your body free & clear.

At noon I had my gel mani with a foot massage. I'm constantly on my feet and I wanted to have someone focus on just massaging it since I'm hella flat footed and I know I'll be doing a lot of walking. If you want to save some dough, go buy a couple tennis balls at Walmart and with bare feet, roll the ball underfoot focusing on your arches and heel. This will relieve so much pressure you didn't even know you had! I love doing it while watching TV!

Soon afterwards was my haircut, then my massage. My masseuses' specialty is body work and I LOVE that because she incorporates her arms/elbows to get deep into the tissue. She also stretches me out, which felt AWESOME, especially after all the crouching, bending, reaching I've been doing during my nesting/cleaning phase.
--This brings me to my second & third "Before You Go" tip: GET A PRE-SURGICAL MASSAGE! It'll obviously help relax and center you. It will boost your blood circulation and help you heal faster by keeping the swelling down and ridding your body of toxins and impurities. Don't forget to drink tons of water afterwards!

She gave me the most wonderful visualization breathing technique I'd like to share with you guys (tip three): When you inhale, I want you to literally picture yourself with your dream body. Your goal. Your wish... have it in mind and imagine yourself drawing the positive into your body, your soul. Think of how you're going to have a flawless surgery and an easy recovery. Picture your loved ones or the people who have supported you the most. Breathe in slowly and deeply. When you exhale, think of all the negative, harmful thoughts and picture them flowing out of your body, your soul. You don't need it. Release the fear, the nerves, the anxiety and anything else that isn't useful or productive. Take nice long deep breaths. NO LIE, LADIES THIS WORKS WONDERS!! If you're prone to having raised/high blood pressure during stressful times, try this technique before they call you in! I personally can't wait to do it again once I get marked up by Yily and swallow that blue pill!! Lol

After my GLORIOUS pampering by Miss. Sandy, I drove to Walgreens to purchase my TSA approved luggage locks. "Before You Go" tip four: BUY ONE OR TWO LOCKS IF YOU'RE CHECKING LUGGAGE or just have bags that are bursting to the seams with supplies. Not only will you ward off any nosey, sticky fingers who handle baggage (I've heard horror stories from friends- trust me it happens!) You'll also have the peace of mind that your luggage won't bust open at an inopportune time. Make sure the package says 'TSA approved' though. Those Dudes are picky!

Finally, I went home to repack my carry-on (ended up fitting more pads!!) and ate something before getting picked up for the airport. I do wish I hadn't waited so long to eat, but that's typical me- when there's a special event looming, I straight up forget to eat! I don't even get hungry, I just go, go, go until I'm all done with everything! Thank goodness I didn't get a hunger headache! Which leads me to my last "Before You Go" tip: EAT SOMETHING! STAY HYDRATED! By avoiding these key things, you could be setting yourself up for stress. You're more likely to forget things when you're hungry, you get dizzy and loopy when you're dehydrated which may lead too nausea when traveling, especially by air and water. Not to mention your inner Cranky Cat can come out real quick! Lolol

I have a few more tips for yall:
--If you're flying to get your dream booty, see if your airline carrier has an app. If they do, download it! JetBlue sends you automatic flight status, gate change and other pertinent updates that will make your travel that more seamless.
--GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME TO CHECK IN and go through the security checkpoint. This is especially true if you're flying internationally.
--Let the check point agents know you have medication you'd like to declare. I went through without a problem after they merely glanced at my ziplock packs, I just tell you this so they don't think you're trying to sneak by with them. They might see all that going by on their conveyor belt via their thermal screens and think you're trying to "get away" with something. Open and honest gets you on your way without glitches. IJS
--Wear shoes to the airport that are easy on, easy off. Sandals are best. If you can, avoid wearing a belt, and don't stuff a lot of stuff in your pockets- you'll just have to take them out when you go through security.
--Make a special playlist on your iPod or mp3 player of songs that chillax you or get you feeling empowered and confident. Refer to them when feeling anxious or restless. Music works wonders and help a lot!

Welp, that's it for now, Babes! Gonna take a catnap and hopefully when I open my eyes it'll be time to board! I'll get at you tomorrow morning for my first day in Santo Domingo!!! LOVE YOU ALL! Goodnight, and be well!! MUAHZ! XoxxoX

Enjoying Beautiful D.R. Got Labwork Done, IT'S GOING DOWN, BASEMENT!

Hello My Dears!!!! I'm sorry for the delay in updating you guys, I've been all over town with the Booty Brigade (my surgery buddies) having a blast!

To recap, I finally arrived around 4:15am (flight was hella delayed) and had to wait forever to get through immigration, then get my $10US visitors card (which is really just a receipt), exchange some currency, and go through customs. First off, let me just say, the Dominican people I encountered at the airport had absolutely NO patience for confused Americans! I want to use the word "rude", I was truly shocked at how they were unwilling to help answer questions or assist you. I relied on my minimal-moderate knowledge of Spanish to get by. You definitely have to be on your game and pay attention to what's going on around you. Nothing scary, just a lot to figure out all at once. Read the signs and follow the arrows as you work through the airport. I finally made it to the exit after claiming my checked luggage and found my driver who had a sign. We made the drive from the airport to Santo Domingo (about 25 minutes) and I finally made it into the condo at about 4:50am!!!

As exhausted as I was, my rookies and I were too jacked to go to bed! After bonding, unpacking and getting to know each other, we looked outside and the sun was coming up!! We just stayed up, showered and got ready to go to CIPLA to get our labs done.

I took pics, it's really nice in there. I met Samira, who is an absolute. SWEETIE, she greeted us all and promptly got us started with the process. One by one we went in to get blood drawn (she wore gloves, used alcohol, then burned the needle). Then it was X-Rays with an adorable young man who was funny and fast. Finally, we met the cardiologist who did a consult before taking our blood pressure and EKG. He asked questions about you & your family's medical background, any known drug allergies, any previous surgeries etc. We also met Dra. Ana who was super nice. Yily's office and waiting room is miniscule and I suppose it's a big reason why girls think Yily is doing too many people.

I addressed this with Samira and she broke it down: The reality of it is, Yily only does about 4-5 ppl per day, and that's usual because she might have a patient or two that was supposed to have surgery the day before, but couldn't for one reason or another. The waiting are is always crammed because it's a mix of girls waiting to have surgery, waiting to have a post-op appt, or waiting do their pre-op or see the cardiologist. Throw in their rides or caretakers lingering about and it's easy to see how ppl can misconstrue the quantity of patients actually HAVING surgery that day. Speaking of caretakers, we also met Angie who speaks flawless English, and is very knowledgeable about almost every pertaining to this process. When we were done, we went off and lunched by the beach. IT WAS STUNNING and the food was yummy.

We find out the results of our bloodwork tomorrow, when my 3 surgery sisters go in for their big day. All in all, everything is what I expected from reading others reviews : YES they drive Bananas down here! LOL.

Tomorrow I meet Yily and I'm excited for all of us as a whole. I'll keep you guys posted, as always. Until then, stay well and beautiful!!! XoxxoX

Omg you guys... TOMORROW'S THE DAY! ¡Finalmente!

So today was actually pretty eventful and I have a lot to update you guys on but I promise I'll elaborate more tomorrow morning when I'm waiting for surgery.

I just wanted to thank the Almighty Lord God for getting me this far. I'm grateful He's keeping my chicken nuggets safe with family and that everyone (including you Sweethearts's) is safe and well.

Off to bed for some much needed shut-eye. I'll update you guys as soon as I get in to Yily's office tomorrow morning. I love you all, and as always keep the light within your gorgeous self shining super bright!!

Great Morning Goddesses! It's My Day & Time to Shine! GLORY & HONOR LORD!

My Ladies! My God has given me the extreme privilege of waking me up this wondrous morning! I'm SO THANKFUL, Christ!

I got about 6 hours in last night and I know by witnessing my surgery buddies yesterday that I will have plenty of chances to nap at the surgery center today. Lol

I'm feeling awesome and ready! Just took all my vitamins, about to take some pre-surgical pictures then shower with my hibiclens and get ready to go.

I'll hit you up when I get to CIPLA!!!! XoxoX

Oh, Check out what the Word is for today: July 24, 2013!!!

I FINALLY have Donk & Hips!! Wooooooooooweeeeeee!

Hey LoveBugs!!!
God had my back (and so did you ) I'm pleased to announce that my surgery went flawlessly this morning !!

You know I'll update more tomorrow, but for now my drugged up, loopy (but fine) ass has me turned upside down. It's taking all the energy I have to write this now.

The jist of it is, YILY WERKED my ASS OUT!!! I have a small waist, and a big old jungle booty!! LOLOLOLOL I have hips for the first time in my life! I didn't wake up during surgery until the end and saw Yily saying everything went well in the. O.R. and she gave me exactly what I asked for.

I didn't see myself until after I got discharged and went to the condo! I'M ELATED. Have so much more to tell you but my eyes keep dropping! Her are some much anticipated pictures, enjoy! I'll post more when I can and write my review as well. Just give me some time. Peace, Love, Positively and as always, be well. XoxxoX

Day Two Post Op!!! Few Pics & My Surgery Experience Review

Alright Dollfaces,
I'm typing this from my tablet, laying on my belly. Going to try my damnest to get it all down in one shot. Let's start with the day before my surgery. Woke up early with my surgery sisters, it was their day- mine was the following day. While waiting for Yily, Dra. Ana came in and informed us that if our hemo was under 12, we wouldn't be having surgery. Also, we learned first hand from a girl who had surgery recently, that Yily stopped her operation in the early stages because as she was lipo'ing her flanks, her blood pressure went WAAAAY down. She only did some Lipo on her sides and that was it! No other areas, no fat grafting to the buttocks, NOTHING. Yily shut it down for the sake of her wellbeing. She got most of her money refunded and was told to follow up with a doctor in the future. This was disappointing, no doubt, but it shows just how careful Dra. Yily is when it comes to your health. Girls we're being turned away left and right by having low hemoglobin levels. A few opted for the blood transfusions, thus making them eligible for surgery the next day. This is how she ends up doing more than originally planned. When never goes over 5 per day. The girls who originally had their surgery booked take presidence over the transfusion girls. If she can fit everyone in, she will, but never over 5. You would get rescheduled for the next available day.

After seeing off my buddies, I went back to my condo, ate my 'last meal' (lol) then went for a tiny dip in the pool. Got about 6 hours of solid sleep after packing my overnight bag for CIPLA. In that bag, I packed a couple huge panties, 10 pads, a couple undershirts (wife beaters), wipes, some snacks (crackers, Cliff bar, Kashi bar) and my meds, lip balm and lollipops. I USED EVERYTHING! There's no need to bring your portable pee device, as they use a cathedor on you the whole time.

I went in at 8am since I had already done all my testing and paid in full. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS, you will be asked to produce them along with your quote. I thought I'd be waiting a while before I got called into a room, but that was not the case at all! They had me go downstairs to register and I met a super cool physician's assistant who spoke excellent English. He asked basic questions about my medical background and history as well as that of my immediate family. He then gave me a huge chest x-ray envelope that also held my labwork results from the hemotologist and cardiologist. I was told to go upstairs to the fourth floor to check in. Upon doing so, I was promptly put in a room where I got a gown and was told to get into it and wait for Yily. She came in about 20 minutes and after I got my hug and kiss, she started marking me up. As she did this, she asked Samira to ask me what I wanted. I showed her a pic and said my focus is projection first, then hips. She said there was a 20% fat reabsorption rate and that she thought I had ample fat to get done what I wanted. I didn't feel rushed though she marked quickly. I asked about the general anesthesia and she said after reviewing my labwork and medical history, she and the anesthesiologist did not deem it necessary. She said it would take a lot longer to recover and since I wasn't getting a TT Or anything else, just the liposuction and BBL, she felt it best I go with the epidural. I didn't mind or argue, I trusted her and also the Xanax I had earlier that morning had me calm as what! She made sure I didn't have any other questions and then reassured me not to worry, everything would be fine.

She dipped out and twice a nurse came in asking if I got my blue pill yet. I kept saying no. Finally these two hotties came to get me with a stretcher and after seeing how lucid I was, went and fetched me a blue pill. I had no worries as I popped it in my mouth and hopped on the stretcher. As I rolled down the hall, I closed my eyes and thought of my children. When I opened them up again, I was going down a corridor with green walls. I will say this: its all perspective. The walls were not dingy green to me at all. In fact, they were beautiful. I noticed the wheeled me into OR Room #4 which made me squeal in delight since it's my favorite number, thus making it a good omen for me. Everyone in the OR was super nice and kind. I remember leaning forward into a fine associated young guy and I remember feeling so high that I squeezed his abs and said "muy guapo" (very handsome) and they all laughed. My guy blushed and squeezed my hand as if to say everything was all good. I faded hard and fast after that. I did not wake up once during surgery.

The next thing I know, I'm waking up in a recovery room that has a partition. I recognize the girl I'm sharing the big room with, we registered together. Though I wasn't cold, my body and teeth were shivering and chattering. It was horrendous. A nurse came by to help me out but all of a sudden, I burped and grossness came out. I puked on my sheet but she just kept folding it and wiping my mouth with a clean part of the sheet. When I was done, she was able to get me a bedpan and a new blanket. There were mother's of other patients around checking on everybody which I thought was so sweet. One woman prayed over me as I got another vomiting spell and she kept rubbing my head and praying. IT WAS SO COMFORTING!! I swear God has angels everywhere and he sent her for me. I was so grateful and touched.

I felt way better after that, but then the pain & pressure of laying on my romp took over and was all I could think about. At first I couldn't even move my arms and legs much because of the lipo pain, but as time went by, I got more mobile. The absolute WORST though, was not being able to move to my sides or stomach. Every hour that went by made it feel like I was undoing all of Yily's work by putting so much weight and pressure on my butt. The nurses came by every 4 hours with a half syringe of mediocre medication and assured me that pressure-pain was very normal. Everyone was nice and helpful to me, I got no attitude, but then again, I gave none neither. My caretaker finally made it in at 3am and he helped me find my Vicodin and anti-nausea meds which I promptly took right away. I WAS IN HEAVEN, GIRLS!!! Felt no more butt pain -pressure and was able to eat my crackers. I felt so much better!!!

Around 6:30am, the same lady who initially took my blood for the labwork came by and took some blood to check what our hemoglobin was. If it would be too low, we'd be required to stay and have a transfusion. Thankfully we were at 7's so we were all set. At 7am, a few nurses came by and they double-teamed me and my roomie. Got our bandages off, wiped us down with our wipes and got us into our fajas quite efficiently!! I was amazed by how fast but gentle they were, I hardly felt any discomfort. They helped us back into our beds and we waited for Dra. Yily to come in, evaluate us and give us the ok to be discharged. She whizzed in, gave us kisses and asked how we were. She couldn't believe how much energy I had and how much I was smiling. Then she said, “See, I gave you a tiny waist!" I said thank you so much, we embraced and she told us to wait for Dra. Ana. We did and she came in with prescription scripts and an informational packet on what to do once we get home. She told us to eat well and often, drink lots of fluids and stay ontop of our meds. Once we saw her we were free to leave. I shuffled/Wobbled myself out of the room and was offered a wheelchair escort but I declined. Everyone complimented me on how well I was doing already.

So here we are, Post op day 2 and I feel great. You tend to get stiff if you lay for too long, but I've been avoiding that by shuffling around the condo!!! My appetite is awesome and I pee very often. No #2 yet, but my drainage has slowed significantly, which I was told is excellent so early on. Still wearing Yily's medium fajas and I plan to remove it and wear my own medium one while this one gets washed. My first massage will be on Sunday. I'm not worried or concerned, just looking forward to the relief. I'm not in a lot of pain at all, I took my last full Vic last night so I could sleep well, today I've just been taking my Bayer since I'm not doing heparin injections. I feel wonderful. Pain is worst in the middle of the night (5/10) and during the day, I'm coasting!! Pain level is around 2.5/10.

Okay. Off to eat then bedtime. Here's a few pics from today, I'll check in tomorrow. Love you all!!! Take care, MUAHZ!! XoxxoX

Day Three Post Op, Not many changes but NEW PICS IN THE BUFF!!

Hey Ladies!
Had a pretty uneventful day just resting and chilling, I was able to cook some breakfast and tried to go out in search of a new arm compression garment, but no luck yet. My old one for loose and uncomfortable so now I'm on the hunt in D.R.!!

Was about to do my second sponge bath this morning and tool the opportunity to rake some.shots for you guys.

3 Days Post Pics. Xo

Needless to say, I'm QUITE PLEASED!! More of a written update tomorrow, this warm vanilla almond milk and Zzzquil has me ready for my flight into Snoozeville!! Lmao. Ttyl Beautiful spirits! A thousand thanks for all your love, positivity, motivation and encouragement!! You guys are something else!! BESITOS to you ALL!! Muahz xoxxox

3 Days Post. (sorry, RS is having a stroke )

Massage Went Well, Was Able to Cook Dinner! SOME POST-OP TIPS

Hiya Dolls!
Today was awesome, got up bright and early, got ready for my masseuse to arrive (Brunilda 809-846-3466) who was incredible. She changes $30 USD plus I tipped her $5 more. She was sweet and gentle, though she didn't speak a lick of English!!! I took some pain meds and a Valium thinking I was going to screaming, but I was just fine!!! Only thing that hurt the most were my arms, inner thighs and sides of torso. I made sure to eat a light breakfast before she arrived so I wouldn't feel woosy when she took my garment off. I was straight! No dizziness or anything! She did some ultrasonic therapy first, then manipulated my body with her hands. Some parts were hella tender, but if you just breathe through it, instead of yelling or holding your breath, it'll go a lot smoother... Kinda like in childbirth! Use your energy, don't waste it or you'll get tired, angry,nd your body will react accordingly. Just focus, I was thinking of my favorite beach and imagining the waves. Visualization totally helps!! Brunilda is absolutely wonderful, I totally recommended her, just have your translator app ready when you call to make an appointment and when she's with you. She'll also need a pair of gloves for each session. She cleaned me up and changed my drain incision site and got me into my faja... Get this : THE THIRD ROW!!! I couldn't believe I was able to be on that level just 4 days after surgery!! I totally skipped the second row!!! LOL. I drained some more after my massage and we confirmed our future appointments. I'm seeing her every other day until I leave. Then I'll continue at home. I did notice that I got some itchies after her massage, but that's normal and to be expected since it gets your blood circulating. Starts off as tingles then graduates to the itchies. I used my antibacterial Dermoplast and I was fine within minutes!

Afterwards I relaxed a bit, got rehydrated (Lots of WATER) to flush out those toxins and unpacked the groceries my caretaker had bought for me. I was in such good spirits I decided to make thin spaghetti with meat sauce and bell peppers. I cleaned dishes and pots /pans I went, so I was energetic the whole time! My iPod got me through it, music DEF gives me life! LOL Did some light laundry and now I'm laying down. Try to stay active and mobile, but don't overdo it. You'll end up feeling exhausted and swollen, especially your feet!! Keep your compression socks on if your doing light chores, walking around the house or going out.

Yesterday I noticed I had a lot of stomach discomfort and I think it had to do with the speed in which I ate my breakfast. When wearing the fajas, you'll find it very difficult to be comfortable while eating. My advice is to take smaller portions and eat sloooooowwly, no matter how hungry you are! TRUST ME! The food will literally sit atop your chest and you'll feel like the Michelin Man!! No bueno! The Omeprozole came in hand here as well. I also found it helpful to undo the first four hooks of my fajas, I felt the food and beverage went down much easier. Give yourself 10-15 min after you eat, then snap them right back up!! Be a good Doll about this!!! LOL don't stay out of your garment for longer than 45min if you have to take it off at all!! DISCIPLINE, Loves.

Okay here's. A quick pic stitch of me, but you know I'll get you better ones as time goes by! Off to nap, Take care my Goddesses and THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for all your love, encouragement and support!! Your comments have made me laugh, tear up, and feel chock full of contentment, and for that I owe you so much! I'll pay it back by being as thorough and supportive as possible in all your journeys both pre and post op!! MUAHZ!!! XoxxoX

6 Days Post, Drain is OUT, I'm shuffling around D.R. With a 28" WAIST!!

Hello My Dollfaces!!!
I'm finally settled after getting back from CIPLA for my first post-op appointment with Dra. Ana. Before I get into how that went, let me tell you guys how my last two days have been.

Honestly, it's been a bit rough. I was expecting a lot of excruciating pain, but it's been more of an uncomfortable, constant annoyance. Everything annoys you- the fajas, peeing, going #2, people you're staying with, eating, definitely sleeping and even being on your feet too long. Swell Hell is REAL ladies, and it sucks big time! There's no way around it, you just have to stay hydrated with water and/or Gatorade and keep your faja on as much as humanly possible. Eat lots of pineapples and drink the juice as well.

I've been eating a lot of small meals often, so I avoid that super-bloated about to burst feeling. I noticed I wasn't draining as much in the past couple of days as I had initially. I was also able to stay up longer during the day. I have most of my energy in the morning after drinking my juices (lately its been beets, spinach, carrots and cucumber) and every morning since my 3rd day post-op I've been stretching (lightly) on the veranda.

I haven't used the Benadryl that much (yet), when I'm itchy I resort to the Dermoplast. I've broken a few of my Vic's in half and used them rarely, like after a long day of being on my feet, or after waking up with a splitting migraine. Laying on your stomach all the time tends to yield that result. Mostly, though, the Bayer is good enough for me. I had to get rid of the white long sleeve arm garment I had (in my pics) because I got so swollen, I ripped through one of the sides, and it was pissing me the hell off at night so I chucked it. I got a replacement today and feel a lot better even though it feels like it's squeezing the BeJesus out of me!

So today I went to my first post op and was seen after about 20 minutes of waiting. Dra. Ana took my garment and bandages off and her jaw fell when she saw my size. She said I'm going to have incredible results which made me cheese so hard! She felt around my abdomen and noticed a pocket of fluid on my left side. I pushed down on it and it literally bounced back like a water balloon! She grabbed a needle after cleaning the area with betadine and stuck it in the center of the pocket and removed fluid. She had to do it a couple more times to totally remove all the liquid, but afterwards that section was completely flat. She removed my drain (yaaaay!) and though it didn't hurt, it was certainly a weird, uncomfortable sensation. Like, you can feel the tubing sliding out of you! When she was done, she cleaned all my incision sites, applied my antibacterial ointment and covered with gauze and medical tape. My instructions were to clean the drain hole/area three times per day with alcohol and cover with clean gauze and tape. She then put me back into the same faja Yily put on me after surgery and I was bummed and curious as to why I couldn't put mine on. Then she explained that its best to start off with a medium compression garment first so my swelling could be accommodated and I wouldn't be overly squeezing the fluid in unnecessary places. She said we should be in stage one for 14 days, then graduate to a tighter, more rigid fabric faja as our swellings dissipates. She said I'm doing fantastic though, so if I keep it up, she might be able to put me in my stage two on the day I leave (Thur) which is when my final post op is. Though my original plan was to get massaged every other day starting on my 4th day post, she said it's best if I get one daily. I'm obliging and after she sent me on my way, I got to the condo in time to prepare for Brunilda. She was very punctual, in fact early, but I had everything ready for her (gloves, chuck pad since my drain was out, and some bandages, gauze and medical tape).

This was my second massage since surgery and she got a lot deeper than the first time. It hurt so good! The worst spots were the sides of my abdomen, my lower back, no back in general and my arms. Inner thighs sucked but was tolerable. Overall pain was a 5/10, I just remembered to breathe, not hold my breath in and I kept visualizing how killer I was going to look walking down a beach in a bikini!! That helped a lot!!

After that I drank a Gatorade, a glass of water and had a turkey and cheese sandwich. For some reason, after getting rubbed down, you get really lethargic, it drains your energy! After I ate it was so sleepy and took a catnap. If I wasn't napping, I was shuffling around the condo or watching Netflix on my GS4. I've never be bored throughout this week, just a bit homesick for my Ladybugs and my bed!!

While I had my faja and pads in, I was curious and measured just my waist. I was shocked to read it's at 28" and I'm still so super swollen!! My booty looks the same in terms of shape, size went down a smidgen due to the swelling going away, but Dra. Ana told me it shouldn't go down drastically at all. Something about the technique Yily utilizes. I'm anxious to see how it's going to look once I fluff!! I plan on taking full body measurements when I'm a month out, of course I'll post them for you guys.

Well, I'm off to test out the pillow fortress I made so I can finally sleep on my back tonight. Took a pic, I'll let you guys know how it worked! I'll take bare body shots after my massage tomorrow and post them then. I'll also respond to your questions, comments and concerns then too! I pray you're all well, healthy and happy!! Stay positive, no matter what stage you're at in this crazy BBL journey! Love you MUCHO!! Besitos, MUAHZ XOXXOX

Pillow Fortress

Back HOME Sweet Home, CAVEAT about Sx buddy Livin', & XS/XXS Faja's Ordered!!

Hiya Love Muffins!
Sorry I've been. MIA, firstly, the pillow fortress was so-so. While I was able to sleep for longer stretches of time, they would separate and it was tricky getting out to go pee. I'd give it a C-. I went to my final post op appointment Thursday morning and got the OK that I was healing well and dandy. Dra. Ana tried to put me in my own faja, but after seeing the shape of the buttocks part, she told me I'd be better off getting it cut and professionally sewn to match the shape of my Booty, otherwise I could be comprising its shape. I listened and put on the one Yily gave me from surgery WHICH I NOW REALIZE IS A SIZE SMALL NOT MEDIUM. Got a letter from Yily's office for my plane ride (just bring your passport and they'll whip you up one too, just double check they spelled your name correctly and got your dates right (happened to me, glad I caught it), and left about 1 hr 45 min before my flight. The wonderfully sweet, punctual, kind and sexy Juan Bambino took us to the airport. His number is 809-780-9635 and he's active on WhatsApp. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND HIM, tell him Lola said 'sup! ;-)

My flight home was pretty dang awesome and I had VIP status soon as I got to SDQ, there were wheelchairs waiting. YOU GUYS, USE THIS SERVICE!! I plopped my FlipPillow on the chair and off we went. My caretaker and I got through everything SO fast, we were expedited to the front of every line, sped through customs sand immigration, it was pimp! I tipped the young dude who pushed me around and was even sweet enough to help get my Chuck's on and off for security. He also passed me a survey to fill out and of course I gave him high marks for everything, GREAT service. I was only paused once so they can go through my carry-on, she didn't care about my letter one bit, just went through my ish making sure I wasn't sneaking fruits & veggies (I guess). It was fast, not bad at all though, I just wished she'd put my stuff back neater! Lmao. So once we got to the gate we chilled a bit, I used the ladies room and before you know it, we were being called to board. I paid extra for JetBlue's priority boarding and extra leg room. Again, I was rolled to the front and boarded amongst the first. I sat on my FlipPillow and asked for an extendor seatbelt. Also showed one of the flight attendants my letter and he promised he'd wake me up and let me know when the seat belt light goes off so I could walk and stretch. They followed through and I was so grateful. I wasn't uncomfortable at all, it was only a 2hr ride, Thank God. Got scooped up by the Bestie and off to my haven of a home I went. And, btw- ONE TIME for being HOME SWEET HOME and not having to be cooped up with random personalities and attitudes.

UGHHHHH LADIES LISTEN TO ME, Only bunk with Gal's you know at least somewhat because LET ME TELL YOU, their personal bullsh*t, insecurities, drama and jealousy will totally linger in the air and affect the whole household. NEVER AGAIN will I go through that foolishness, it wasn't worth the money I saved. I won't comment on the details, I'm a real lady, it was just a shame that 1 of the 3 females I had to habitate with was a complete rude, inconsiderate, moody, classless child who turned her "niceness" on and off at will. Fake Boughetto chick who acted like she was above others, uhhh unhh!! Never that, NO MA'AM! Regardless, I wish the other two all the best, and at the end of it all, we all accomplished the goal of the trip. It's just hilarious to me how haters will try time and time again to pee on your positivity. Good thing God gave me a protective umbrella! BOL! Smh some "women" (air quotes chosen specifically) will just never get it. Heed my advice, Ladies, life is too short to feel uncomfortable while you're focusing on recovery - this can help or hinder your healing process directly. Try, try, try to bring a friend you know or family member!

Anywho, all is well back home, it was ABSOLUTELY LOVELY seeing my family and loved ones. My bed felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good and I slept comfortably because I was able to shift around as much as I wanted. I'm having my 5th massage, first one back home tomorrow. Looking forward to the joyous agony! LOL Last I spoke to Yily's office, they wanted me in an XS faja for the next two weeks, then an XXS one after that!!! I can't see that happening anytime soon with my butt being the size it is, but the said I can always get the bigger size up to fit my ass, then get the midsection taken in by a seamstress. I think I'll go that route!

Here are a few pics I took before I left Santo Domingo, right before my shower. Enjoy Sweets, more to write tomorrow including things you can start doing to directly prepare for life after this procedure. I have a lot of comfort suggestions for Girls using only pads and no lipo foam. Okay, off to get that important rest, take care of YOU and be well, Lovelies!!! MUAHZ. XoxxoX

Vendors I Used & Mad Pics Taken Today!! 10 Days Post

Hello My Lovely Sugar Cheeks!!
Okay, here it is all in one place, the names and contacts of the people I used!

Went to Airbnb and found Terrazas Del Mar in Santo Domingo. Only 3-5 minutes to CIPLA by car, about 8-10 walking. It's absolutely gorgeous, high end, luxury living in the heart of the city. Super safe, secure building with an entrancing pool and gym area. I seriously felt like I was in a Miami boutique hotel or a cute spot off the Vegas Strip. TOTALLY how I roll, modernly furnished 2 bdrm 3.5 bath with sitting room/tv area, separate living and dining rooms. Balcony terrace with incredible panoramic views and a high tech kitchen. Seriously HOTNESS Gals!! Lola Jae endorsed!! About $100+ taxes and fees daily, I think hostess has a 7 or 8 day minimum. TOTALLY worth it, that place is a slice of heaven in a beautiful country.

MANYORIS GIL Mobile: 849-224-0077 Home: 809-372-0731
Email:. Manyorisgil@hotmail.com
She fills both these titles perfectly despite her lack of the English language. Grab your translator app and prepare what you want to say to her before calling or emailing. If you choose to do the latter, (which she replies to scary fast), just use Google Translate and write everything in the text box and it will convert it to Spanish. She's young, vibrant, willing and eager. She's well versed in post surgical medical care, and just needs you to supply some basics like gloves for each visit, hand sanitizer, alcohol pads or liquid, cotton balls or Q-tips, medical tape, band-aids and bandages. She will go above and beyond including but not limited to doing a load of laundry (washing your faja by hand for you), getting you fresh and clean, shampooing or styling your hair, getting snacks closer to you in bed. She's a Godsend. She charges $35 USD per hour. She won't look at the clock, she'll go hard for you.

BRUNILDA: 809-846-3466
Same communication concept goes with this Sweetheart, bust out the Google Translate or get an app. She is a freelance massage therapist and travels with a therapeutic ultrasound machine and utilizes that in addition to physical manipulation. *According to Wikipedia: "There are three primary benefits to ultrasound. The first is the speeding up of the healing process from the increase in blood flow in the treated area. The second is the decrease in pain from the reduction of swelling and edema. The third is the gentle massage of muscles tendons and/ or ligaments in the treated area because no strain is added and any scar tissue is softened. These three benefits are achieved by two main effects of therapeutic ultrasound.The two types of effects are: thermal and non thermal effects. Thermal effects are due to the absorption of the sound waves. Non thermal effects are from cavitation, microstreaming and acoustic streaming.[1]"
I felt incredible after every massage, she works you according to how far along you are posted op. I felt she only babied me on my first appointment, after that she really challenged my body and kept my swelling and discomfort SOOOOOOOOOOOOO low!! She requires a pair of gloves each time and also doesn't watch the clock, she gets done when she's done. She does also work at CIPLA and various other recovery homes, so be sure to book your slots with her in advance. She's $30 USD per session. SO WE'LL WORTH THE MONEY!!!! Wish I could bring her back with me Stateside!!!

JUAN BAMBINO TAXI CO: 809-780-9635 (Also avail on WhatsApp)
www.bambinotaxi.com. All rates on his website, this is my Brother right here, SO incredibly sweet and helpful, he speaks pretty good English and knows how to navigate the crazy streets about town. He's punctual and professional though his personality is laid-back and chill. He knows what banks to take you to, pharmacies, grocery stores, ANYTHING!! He's a resourceful Hottie who gets booked up fast as well, thank goodness he has staff that help out and fill in when he can't do the job (no rate difference). Go for it, Gals!

Uploading a buttload (no pun intended) of pictures I took today in my birthday suit, the same lace panties I took my 40 day before shots in, some cotton shorts and a tight dress. In the process of preparing my day-of-surgery before and 8 days post-op afters. These were taken with an actual point&shoot camera so you can really see details. I'm not afraid to show you, with the best lighting and angles I could muster. Gotta go eat, more about tips to prepare and my supply list in my next post. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT I'm enclosed by Queens and I'm so grateful!!! MUAHZ!! XOXXOX

Body Adjusting: Super Sleepy & OH SO DAMN ITCHY!! A Few Tips to Physically Prepare!

Hello, Dahling Honey Badgers!!
LOL just being silly with yall! How's everybody doing?! Ugh ladies, its def been interesting getting settled back in a routine.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself completely exhausted, tired or sleepy. Your body has been depleted of a lot of iron. After lipo your hemoglobin gets hella low which makes you and you have slow, sluggish days where you may do very little and still feel totally exhausted. That's what I've been going through. I've meant to update and answer questions but after I eat, I just fall out!! My bad, Loves. Doing my best.

Pain is being managed, it's not so bad, ITS THE DARN ITCHING that's going to drive you BONKERS!! Dermoplast helps to a certain degree, but I've found something else that has been a lot more effective in combating the itching issue. It's Benadryl's extra strength anti-itch Gel. Soooooooo much better! It's a never ending battle, but this is a weapon you want on your side. Dra. Ana told me itching sensation is really your skin reconnecting itself after the tissues and nerve endings from the lipo separate the layers. Its a process, a sucky one- but necessary nonetheless.

I've been juicing and eating meals with red meat and tons of bell peppers, mostly the red ones. OJ to help the absorption of the iron, etc. Basically, I've had to keep going with everything nutrition-wise just as I did prior to surgery.

YOU GUYS, this procedure is incredibly demanding physically and I would recommend getting in shape just to help you get through the healing process. I got lipo in my arms and inner thighs, which made it that much tougher to get around afterwards. The ladies who have had TT's as well with this BBL, I SALUTE YOU! I don't know how you do it because I rely so much (since P.O. day 1) on the strength of my abdominal muscles and they're healthy and well! I'm also grateful for my upper body strength too, even though I did arm lipo, I still had the force to push myself up using my elbows for the first week after. I didn't sleep on my butt once for seven days, and everytime I needed to get up, I pushed off in plank position and felt the burn in my shoulders and abs. SO WORK OUT YOUR SHOULDERS/ARMS AND ABS BEFOREHAND if you can!! You'll be so happy you did, even if you have assistance. I recommend simple free weight training (5lb dumbbells in each hand), push ups, kettle bell training, pull ups, planks or upper body machines at the gym) ANYTHING WILL HELP!! Abs are easy, simple crunches will do, even 60 per day is better than nothing. Do 30 in the a.m., 30 in the p.m. I know you may be trying to conserve your fat like I was, but trust me- this is just as important or you'll feel like crap after.

Stretch A LOT, everyday before your procedure, you'll feel a lot more capable and less zombie-like post operatively.

I'm posting my list of items I used tomorrow, so look out for that. That's it for now Babes, I haven't been in the mirror much staring at my butt, though I know it went down some like it was supposed to. I'm not sad or disappointed at all, I was waiting and expecting this, so I'm coasting through it. Living in my faja, once I fluff and heal some more, I'll have more fun with playing dress up!

Speaking of faja, I exchanged the ones I bought before surgery. After speaking with Dra. Yily & Ana, I now understand the type of garment I need. The one I got before (I posted a pic) isn't good because it had a pre-shaped mold for my butt, after trying it on after surgery, we realized it would just smush/smash my booty. My new shape was way bigger and higher than the one the faja came with. Once I receive the new one, I'll post pics of how it should look/be from the back so it doesn't compromise your surgeon's work.

Okay, off to stretch lightly, I feel stiff after my nap! Take care my Boo's, I'll be back tomorrow, promise. All my prayers to the new class of freshman about to go in or just crossed over, as well as my healing Dolls. Even if you have a ways to go before surgery, I pray for you. Light, love and positivity, Lovelies!!! Be well xoxxox

2 Weeks Post Op Yiliversary!! Pics, Pics, Pics!!!

Boo Bear's
I'm sooooooo sorry, been resting or busy lately!! Can't write much today, I am grateful I'm having an AWESOME ass day exactly 14 days after my big day. I've been CRAZY TIGHT, getting massages and foam rolling.

Enjoy these pics, I spent all day pic stitching!! Love ya!!! Xoxxox

Got New Faja's Stage II- What Dra. Yily Recommended

Hey Boo Thangs!
Today I received my two new faja's, the main one was specifically recommended by the awesome Yilsters (teehee). It doesn't have to be the brand I got, what I want you to pay attention to is the butt part. I took a few angles so you can have an idea what it should look like.

First one that I'm wearing now as my main/everyday garment (stage two, higher compression, thicker fabric) is made by Fajate Virtual Sensuality- Style/Ref #369, only comes in Mocha color. This brand is made in Columbia, and is the same brand of the original faja I bought prior to my procedure, just a different style. Dra. Yily and Dra. Ana wanted me to wear a garment that wouldn't restrict or constrict the shape of my lower torso. The first one I I bought was way too aimed at a narrower, smaller booty (look up the pic above). I got a size Medium since this ultra compression powernet fabric is A LOT tighter/firmer than the Stage I Yily puts her patient's in immediately after surgery. I plan to get the waist if this faja taken in once it gets too roomy. I just ordered Lipo Foam from ContourMD to also insert when this one gets roomy. All in stages.

The second faja I got is a super sexy Vedette #130 which I got in a size Small, black and plan to wear in a few more weeks after I train my body in the new fajate. I love the lace shorts, they won't smush the hips Yily shaped for me. I'll take pics in that abs show you guys when I'm there. I purchased everything online, and yes, guessing the sizing can be a female dog, but it becomes art after a while. Once you get to know your body you know exactly what size you need to order for yourself.

Made it Through the Night in This Stage II Faja (Proof God Exists)

OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODNESS Ladies! You guys, this new faja is NO JOKE! How did I get through the night?! By the Good Lord's Will, that's how! BOL! Seriously, though I had to chug some ZZZQuil and knock out early, I slept like a plank!!

Let me just say that I was being babied in that Stage I Yily put me in after surgery, that Marena. That's NOTHING compared to how this fajate SNATCHES YOUR BODY and keeps it TIGHT AND COMPACT! It was a mission first getting it on, I had my trusty Gay Bestie (who has now officially sworn off women, "thank you very much!") assisting me, often muttering, "NO MA'AM!!" in between caught breaths. Lmaooo, no it wasn't that bad getting it on, but it does literally TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!

Almost immediately after putting it on, I noticed I started feeling these "sensations" and feelings, almost like my nerve endings were tingling and alive. It definitely felt trippy, Mang- like my skin was regenerating itself within myself...WHOA! Lol No really, within minutes of having it on, I remembered I hadn't felt like this since early on in my Stage I. It's like, at any moment, you can feel a tickle here, a not so fun pinch there, or even a jolt of a mini-thunderbolt of electricity coarse through your torso. FA REAL! I don't know how else to explain it, it's not HORRIBLE but it's totally shocking and catches you off guard! Women who have had boob jobs might have felt a smaller version of this if they got the implant under the muscle and felt, as it was healing, like your skin was just trying to reattach itself to the muscle.

That got me thinking, and understanding WHY Yily's office says to do it that way. I FINALLY GET IT. You see, this is the CONTOURING PHASE. This is a point after which your fat has had some time to attach itself to your blood supply and you've been controlling your swelling without compromising your shape too much. Now, with this type of faja, it's time to ramp up the swell control, and GRAB AND MOLD your body accordingly.

It literally feels as if this garment has snatched me in every nook and crannie and is forcing my very pliable, putty-like skin to comply and take shape to the mold that was laid down for it. It forces you to have Princess-In-Training like posture, you have NO CHOICE! Lol. I now know how those women in our history books felt, the ones who were all corseted up and had that look on their face like they had a bowl of bad seafood for lunch and they're going to pay for it later... AAAGGGGGHHH!! Lmaoo! It's so tight!!! This is def a "Why, Lord, WHY" day. I'm not feeling upset or angry, this is actually a very comical "Why, Lord, WHY" day as in "Why do women feel as if we need to do all this?!?!?" Lmaooo But I know the answer is "It's what you wanted, Child! Now hush up and be grateful!"

Okay, you have to go back to eating smaller portions, sipping smaller amounts, you feel it in this thing. But for some strange reason, I feel safe while inside of it. It's reassuring and makes me feel like my surgery isn't going to waste. I don't feel as if my booty is being smushed or smashed, I guess that's why Yily wanted me to get this type of butt shape, because it's uniform and can match and mimic any curvy physique of ANYBODY. I would be more nervous if I was wearing a tight butt-out faja that'd be pushing my shelf into a low, awkward position, or one that pre-determines the shape of a rear with stitching and fabric changes. Translation: I feel like this is enhancing the shape Yily gave me. Just wish it was a bit more forgiving!

I plan to rock with this one for a couple more weeks and interchange between this and my Vedette 130. I'll more than likely add a different one to the repertoire, and it'll be one with more of a Spanx like fabric. I then plan to wear the Fajate more when I'm home and at night to sleep, and wear the Spanx-like one/Vedette during the day. I now only wear my arm compression sleeves at night for bed and snatch em off when I wake up. EUUUUHHHHHHH I feel like a Mummy in the Mornings! Lmao

Okay I had written this before and RS gobbled it up into cyberspace so, I'm super hungry and all this pressure and good posture has got me exhausted, so I have to get up out of this desk chair. Gonna prop up my legs, get something to munch on and pop a Molly (KIDDING!!!! LOL) a Vic. I have to, today, it's just too much. Tah, Dahlings. I'll update later. xoxxox

3 Week Yiliversary Today! Update on Moi & New Shapewear Purchased- PICS!!!

Hellllloooo My Sugar Panda's!
How's everyone doing this fine Hump Day?! Wednesday's will always have a special place in my heart because it's the day I made a massive LEAP towards my dream body. I feel like my body is my mansion and slowly over the years, I've been remodeling little by little! Well, I feel like three weeks ago today, I completed the "kitchen" of my gorgeous property (if you will!) and we all know how crucial, significant and close to the heart the kitchen is in a home! LOLOLOLOL just a fun analogy for you Beauts, so you can truly put in perspective just how big and important this procedure was to me and for me.

Lately, I've been underground- on the low. I'm not the type to be everywhere after having a surgery like this, I still mostly behave as if I'm recuperating in Santo Domingo. I'm blessed enough to be in a career field that allows me to be freelance and schedule my clients in according to my availability. For the most part, I've been taking it easy, keeping up with my vitamins, amino acids, supplements and compression aftercare.

It hasn't always been easy, I have days where I feel annoyed with how long it's taking to get through this phase of healing. I get frustrated and with still being 'semi-handicap' and relying on others for things. I'm a control freak Boss Lady in my home/family, so it's been trying giving up some control and allowing others to help me STILL. I'm proud of the progress I've made thus far, and I believe all my preparation and consistency is paying off. Where I may be fed up with the new routines I've had to adapt, I relish in the confidence and peace I possessregarding how my new booty is doing: it's progress in healing, its general appearance and shape, etc. Don't get me wrong, there are days where I notice it has reduced in size, but I notice is usually biggest in the middle of the day. Don't know how that connects with swelling/inflammation but I do see that. I think everyone is just different though, so I can't pinpoint it.

But the vets were accurate in documenting how you do have fuller days and it can disappoint or worry you if you aren't aware and stare at your butt minute to minute. DON'T DO THAT, BABES!! I allow myself to have three naked "mirror times" throughout the day. I have a new compression schedule now, so it works perfectly with that. I'll elaborate next, but first, "mirror time" is my personal, unashamed gawk time to just look, and touch and obsess about by new figure in the buff. It's usually the time when I'm disinfecting and applying antibiotic cream to my incision sites.
Mostly, I'm doing compression garment changes and it goes as follows:

To refresh your memory, I first started off with Yily's Marena Stage 1 garment which I wore from surgery day to 2 weeks post. Then from 2 weeks to 3 weeks, I've been solely (24 hrs) in my Virtual Sensuality Fajate #369 with high compression Powernet. THAT was a doozy! Yesterday, I practiced my new regimen since I feel my body had shifted and now the focus of high compression needs to be placed mainly at my waist. I have yet to use my Vedette 130, though I've worn it a couple times. I'm not satisfied with the level of compression it provides coverage-wise. If you remember, I had lipo to my bra line/armpit area, back, flanks, pretty much my whole upper torso. So that Vedette is more of Tummy control garment. I wanted to wear more of a vest because it covers more space on my overall upper body. So I opted to check out my local Target and purchase a few of their shapewear pieces. BEST DECISION LATELY!

I got three pieces from Maidenform, two tight commission tops and a pair of bike shorts. Specifically: Suddenly Skinny! With Self Expressions Women's Simply Better Torsette (this top is Wear Your Own Bra). Self Expressions By Maidenform Weightless Thigh Slimmer (awesome, comfy lightweight shorts that still make you feel held together. Pretty seamless under clothes) The last shirt is from the same line, except it's a lace racer back style that I just adore because I'm tired of being limited in my outfit choices because my faja peeks out too noticeably. They're all comfy but tight, I'm lucky I live by a Maidenform outlet store, so I plan to go to town this weekend! Their products are highly effective and wonderfully priced, I'll be able to customize my compression and get different styles of pieces to match my wardrobe/outfits.
My goal now is to focus on training my waist to be smaller, thus maintaining and improving my hourglass figure. So I'm focusing on tops that provide compression to most if my upper body (I still sleep with my arm garment) and plan on getting a couple waist cinchers (squeems) this weekend to layer over the shapewear tops. I want to maintain a lighter compression for my bottom, with shorts that still compress my inner thighs, but won't be too heavy on my hips and buttocks.

So my current routine is as follows: Once I wake up, I snap myself out of the Virtual Sensuality Fajate and get one of my three "mirror times" in. I clean and disinfect any wounds if necessary (usually not- only my incision sites on my thighs by my lady parts are the only ones still a bit raw as well as my ex-drain site in the middle of my crack.) At this point, I usually or on some loose, normal clothes and foam roll against the wall and stretch on my yoga mat. I plan on doing a video to show you guys what I do in these sessions. It helps to loosen me up and keep the blood circulating after being stiff for so long in such a tight garment. I then usually shower (trust me, you work up a sweat) and now instead of putting the fajate back on, put on my afternoon garment which is the Maidenform torsette and shorts. I have a pair of compression capri's from a previous surgery I like to slip over everything at this point, its tiding me over until I buy my squeems. In the middle of the afternoon (after lunch), I'll do a bathroom break where I use the facilities, get freshened up, disinfect & redress my incision sites, and have my coveted mirror time. Then I'll put the same Maidenform set on, but this time, I'll add my Lipo Foam, which is awesome and total makes anything you're wearing feel 50 times more comfortable. I love, love, love how my skin looks and feels after I remove the foam, its such a big difference, I took a pic for you guys to see. The last change I do is before bed, same routine with my potty time, disinfecting/redressing, "mirror time" and then I put in my Lipo Foam and get into my "Columbian Jammies" (Lol) aka my Virtual Sensuality Fajate. WHEEEW! That's it! Then I wake up and start the process all over again!! It's worth it to know I'm providing the right kind of compression for the look I'm trying to achieve and maintain. It gives me piece of mind, knowing I'm doing all that I can to keep up with my healing body.

I took many angles for you this afternoon at my breast surgeon's office (THEY HAD ME WAITING FOR 3 HOURS, so excuse puffiness.) I utilized their blue background. Enjoy Babes, don't hesitate to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer and keep up.
As always, I wish you all light, love & positivity. Be well, and treat yourself right! *wink xoxxox

If I could change a few things... plus pic of me Vedette 130

Morning Lovelies!
So in my critique of my body, I want to be completely honest and forthright. I ADORE my metamorphosis! I believe Yily worked the heck outta my body and used the little fat I provided her in the best way possible. I feel Dra. Yily provided me with the necessary foundation/base (finally looking like I was born with SOMETHING) and now I can build in it tweak it some. Of course, I'm still very early on, and I'm eager to see what I'll be looking like at 3 months. I have to consider fluffing and how amazing the overall look will be once I get back in the gym.

Regardless, though, I see a few things I'd want to improve on. I have a dimple or two I'd like to fill in (you can see it in my Vedette pic I'm uploading) and I want more hips now. I think if they protrude a little more, it'll give me the BAM-POW effect I'm so close to! The big question is, where will I get the fat for this?! Especially once I start working out again! The only feasible place left to harvest in my opinion is the tops and back of my thighs. I think it'll be just enough to do the little revision I'm considering. Doesn't take a lot AT ALL to fill in dents, that's just a tiny bit of fat, it's hips I'd be concerned about. It would be such a smaller surgery than the first, I wonder how they'd differ in price, surgical time, etc.

Again, its early still and I'll cross the bridge when I get there. Just might be crossing it around Spring Break 2014!! Team Yily LEHGO!!! LOL #ThoughtsOfARoundTwo #HipGreed HAVE A FAB DAY, Dudette's!! XoxxoX

I'm A MONTH POST-OP!!! 4 Week Yiliversary Update, Pics & Observations

Hiya Rosebud's!!!!
How have you Sweethearts's been!? It's good to be updating you at my One Month YILIVERSARY on the precise day! I wouldn't have it any other way!! So let's get into it, shall we!?

Okay... So from about Day 13 to Day 25 my energy and comfort levels felt like I was in my third trimester of pregnancy. If you've never been pregnant, or have been blessed enough to miss the symptoms of this stage of pregnancy, let me list the ways it can affect your awesomeness:

Firstly, YOU'RE SO FRIGGING TIRED! I got labwork done and checked out about 4 days after I got back home (13 days post op) and suggest you do the same if you can. Even if you don't have a PCP, you can go to the E.R. and explain to the triage nurse (the first one that see's you and listens to your symptoms and determines how serious your situation is and puts everyone in priority order) that you JUST got back from a FOREIGN COUNTRY where you had invasive body plastic surgery and you would like to get checked out... You have a few concerns. Depending on how you TRULY feel, your concerns may range from making sure you didn't catch any kind of infection either directly or indirectly, or wanting to check your hemoglobin level because you had aggressive liposuction and it was quite low when you left the country, even being worried about how your still open incisions are healing to wanting your overall swelling checked. This is especially true if you had to be manually drained anywhere on your body.

My appointment went like this: I was more concerned about my swelling on my belly, I could see the same area (where Dra. Ana had syringes and removed fluid) puffing up again, and thought they should do what she did and get rid of it. Well, of course they won't just check only what you mention, they'll probably do some blood work and check your breathing, extremity inflammation etc. That's what they did to members which I expected and was grateful for. It always feels good to be SURE, you're all good (even if you're feeling fine). So everything was A-OK but the only concern the Doc had was regarding my hemoglobin level. I think at that point (13 days p.o.) it was at an 7.9 which they said in American standards, they could totally order and/or recommend a blood transfusion. I was shocked to hear that because they do things so differently down in D.R.! CIPLA discharged me with a 7!!! LOL. I tell you all this not only to encourage you to see a doctor sometime after you get back home (not to scare you but especially if you have little ones at home, you just traveled internationally - you don't want to bring anything contagious home) mainly to make sure all is well and a professional set of eyes have examined you upon your return but I also tell you this to explain WHY OH WHY you're so darn EXHAUSTED All the time. I found this interesting because I had SO MUCH energy initial after surgery in Santo Domingo, I was cooking and doing laundry and light chores and even morning yoga at, like, 4 days post op!!! But I get back home and feel SO TIRED! Of course our hemoglobin levels have a lot to do with this (if you're prone or ever had anemia, you know the constant lethargic feeling) but I have reason to believe it's just as mental and psychological as it is physical. I believe when we get back home, something in our psyche tells the rest of our body "You're finally home now! You're done with surgery! You did it! Mission Complete!" and that message then translates itself to your body and your brain ALLOWS You to truly let go and feel as you should. I don't know about you, but when I have a big event looming mixed with all the stresses that come with traveling to a new, foreign country far from my loved ones blended with having anxiety about a medical surgery... That gets and keeps me on edge!! Even if my surface is calm and together, my psyche is being bombarded with tons of emotions, irrational scary scenarios/thoughts and is overall tense!! So imagine how much of a breath of RELIEF (on all levels) it is when you get back home safely and reunite with people who have pieces of your heart and lay in your bed and walk in your own hallways again!!! That's why I think we get so tired, we can require naps in the middle of the day following this surgery. I know it helped me!
Secondly, you're gonna feel like a zombie at times throughout the day; mainly after you awake and after a vigorous outing/activity. You're going to feel stiff and locked up, you're going to have to move around and warm up your muscles. You're not going to feel like being touched, even when you know it might make you feel better afterwards. At times, you may feel a bit breathless, maybe after climbing some stairs with a few grocery bags, or you may do very little and still feel winded (pregnancy-like) Sometimes, you might need help getting up from a deep chair (very pregnancy-like)
Thirdly, you will FOR SURE have roller coaster days, that's a fact. Your body changes and adjusts often during this process and it can also translate mood-wise. You may be impatient, temperamental, and emotional and that can change throughout the day. Nothing is as it was, but it can resemble "business as usual". Meaning, everything is back to normal, and you may be back in your usual routine, but you may not FEEL like you've caught up.

Thankfully most of my itchiness is gone THANK GOODNESS, with flickers here and there around my incision sites. My appetite has been awesome, though I don't eat as often as I once did. I'm beyond eager to get back to the gym, not just for the physical benefits, but because it's like a second home to me, and I miss the pumped up atmosphere, the fun. I'm considering going in early, not necessarily to work out, but to have a change in scenery for my stretch/Yoga sessions. Not to mention usage of the dry sauna and steam room which would definitely bring relief to the sore muscles and achy body.

My energy is slowly growing, but the constant skin discomfort in all my lipo'ed areas is ever-present and that part is the pitts. It's normal to feel weird, or funny, like you have to really get used to your new body. Physically, I really feel the most tightness in my lower back and the most hardness in my arms and stomach. My butt doesn't feel hard or soft, kind of in the middle. It does jiggle and shake, but still has limited mobility.

{GIRL TALK!! Remember that game?! Teehee} This is a bit off topic and random, but I think I should mention that it's true what a lot of the vets say: This surgery will totally enhance your love life! I don't usually comment on things such as this, but LAAAAAYYYYDDDDIIIIIEEEESSSS! Lmao!! It's a truth, not a myth! LOL. Your guy or potential guy will be TOTALLY and COMPLETELY hooked and smitten! *wink

My current measurements as of today 8/21 are:
Weight: 170bs {was 174}
Arm (Right): 12" {was 13.5"}
Arm (Left): 12.5" {was 14}
Bust/Chest: 36" {was 38" Note: I measure around AND over my breasts}
Waist: 29" {was 38"} (Around the belly button)
Hips: 44" {was 41"}
Thigh (R): 24.5 {was 26.5"} (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thigh (L): 24.5" {was 26"} (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thighs Together: 38.5" {was 41"}

I found and purchased a waist nipper/squeem at the Maidenform store at an outlet mall. It's awesome, really strong and was on sale, so I ended up paying about $29 w/tax. I've included pics of it in action, as well as my 4 week shots in the bikini I wore before surgery. Enjoy the pics, I'll update you guys next at 6 weeks, unless something comes up sooner. As always, wishing you love, light and positivity! Keep those gorgeous heads held high, and float above the unnecessary!! MUAHHHZZ! XoxxoX

New Faja Ordered & Some Garment Tips for Newbies (What I wish I would've known)

Hello Queens! Happy Friday! Hope everyone has interesting plans for the weekend! I'm excited because I've ordered a new bodysuit faja that is going to be my garment for hanging around the house and sleeping. The shapewear throughout the day and for outings have been great, but I want to ensure I'm getting the proper compression where I need it most: my belly.

It's tricky finding the right faja that will give you compression exactly where you need it without putting too much pressure where you don't. If you're in the post-op garment purchasing phase like I am, its easy to understand this fact! It's a trial-and error game that can get pretty pricey if you don't have the funds to buy a faja at your body's every change/whim.

If you have no clue about garments and you have yet to have your BBL, here are my tips:
>>I would recommend all you Babe's getting this surgery to WAIT until you buy all your post-op garments. There's no way of knowing what will be right for you until after you see your new shape/body (in my opinion).

>>For your Stage I or II: If you're getting your arms done as well, I would recommend getting an all-in-one faja (the ones with sleeves built in) as I wish I would have done this for the ultimate in comfort (you just slip it on and done). Even if it comes with the bra part built-in and you're not having your breasts done, consider it. It's a nice, comfy alternative, trust me when you're in this stage you won't want to worry and even think about it.

>>It's more important to make sure your faja has the right all-around compression and that the butt-shape of the back of your garment is a free-form style that will allow your booty to really thrive in the shape the Doctor sculpted. As I've said before, I had to return the first faja I bought after showing it to Dra. Yily. She was like, "What is this?" Lol We laughed and it wasn't until after she said that that I realized that she was right- I had no business buying a faja that had a butt shape that was pre-cut, sewn and predetermined for me.

>>Depending on if you're getting thigh lipo or not, pay attention to the leg section of your garment- the shorter boy-short ones are NOT suitable for post-thigh lipo. Go for a longer thigh cut or even a capri style (which I wish I would've gotten) so that even your knees have compression. Days after my surgery, I had SO MUCH swelling by my knees because the faja I had pushed all the swelling down to the middle of my thigh and all that extra swelling lived around my kneecaps, it was horrific. I looked like the elephant lady at the circus fair! Lol! So yea, if I could rewind, I would find a garment that went past the knee into a capri style. I had no clue that you would get that swollen all the way down in that area.

>>When you're about a month out like I am, you'll be more concerned about stomach/belly compression than anything else. By now your thigh lipo has softened some and your swelling there is gone if not mostly diminished. That's why I'm now looking at bodysuit type faja's and shapewear/squeems that focus on max tummy control. It's looking like the place where you're going to be swollen the longest is your stomach. It's a pain trying to find the right garment, but again- focus on ones that have thicker and tougher fabrics ONLY at the belly not so much your hips and butt.

The one I ordered this morning is by Vedette (I love their compression fabric) and it's the Evonne Underbust Bodysuit. This is a bikini style bodysuit that allows you to wear your own bra or go without. Though it supplies good, tight compression for your upper torso and especially your belly, the fabric changes at the bikini part- it's a lot lighter, softer, silkier. I believe I'll be able to benefit from the subtle lift the bikini shape will provide my bottom, while ensuring my cheeks and hips won't be smushed or compressed. I ordered mine in a black Medium. I was really torn about the sizing, but Vedette runs small and I have learned a few things when it comes to size ordering and faja's: Don't go according to what you want your waist size to be! I know I want my waist to get small and stay small, but as a woman who is 5'7", I have to take my height into consideration. This is why I feel a lot of us feel the pressure and pain around our crotch, like the garment is splitting us in two! It's better to get the smallest size within your height range, then supplement the waist control by adding in foam and/or utilizing a squeem or waist cincher/nipper. It makes a lot more sense! Not only will you feel a lot more COMFORTABLE in your garment and you'll be able to stand up straight and tall, but you can control and customize the swelling at your stomach region by using your Lipo Foam or squeem.

I've included a pic of the V107, but of course I'll take some shots in it and post once I get it in and wash it! Okay, I'm off to do some upper-body light weight conditioning and foam roll! I gotta keep this body toned and moving! Take care my Loves, have a beautiful and safe weekend! MUAHZ!! xoxxox

My First At-Home Workout! My Initial Workout Plan...

Hi Boo's! Just a mini-post to let you know that my first home training sesh went really well yesterday. I'm not as sore as I thought I'd be today, in fact I sprung out of bed and had A LOT more energy. This will definitely part of my daily routine now- I'm confident all my stretching since P.O. Day 4 has gotten my body to the point where I can now gently challenge it with toning. It's almost like rehabbing your body from a crazy car accident, you have to first start off slowly with only stretching to get your muscles, tissues, and even skin familiar with movements and positioning other than laying on the bed/couch. So I recommend first starting off with stretching everyday until you feel your body is stronger and can move better.

Yesterday I incorporated toning after I stretched and foam-rolled (vid still coming, I didn't forget you). I used my 5lb free weight dumbells and that's all I needed. I mainly did upper body but when I wanted more of a challenge, I would squat. This would ordinarily be a baby-workout for me back in my old body, but since this BBL, squatting and keeping proper position is a mission. So I would squat and do arm lifts or bicep curls then bring it back up and do a different arm exercise while my legs recovered.

Please NOTE: Things aren't as easy when you're getting back into working out after this procedure. You gotta be patient with yourself and do only what your body will allow. Don't get frustrated, take it easy and always stay hydrated. Just keep a bottle of water or Gatorade by you so you see it, and when you take breaks you can sip. If you feel dizzy or loopy, stop and sit down under a fan. Don't go beast-mode yet, it's not time! Lol! I had to keep reminding myself that, because when I heard the music pumping, and I saw my body in the mirror I wanted to go crazy like I used to! But then I remembered, "You're easing yourself into this, Jae- be easy." It's a lot easier to get a sports injury or pull something when you aren't ready. So always begin with stretching and a nice warm up to get your muscles warm and flexible.

Today I'm going to add static lunges to the repertoire. Yesterday was total body with focus on arms, today will be back and legs. I'm going to wait until next week or even next weekend to go into the actual gym and get on a cardio machine as my warm-up. That's exactly what Yily's office suggested I do; more specifically the treadmill at a low speed with a medium incline. I have no problem with that, it's basically like walking up a small hill at a normal speed. I just can't do that machine with no incline at a fast speed, it kills my knees. Once I get used to the treadmill, I'll graduate to the elliptical which has a lot more of a fluid motion and is gentler on my knees for when I want to go faster. I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing physically to get my body in tip top shape. As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, hit me up!

Take care my Lovelies, enjoy your Saturday. Praying light, love and happiness as well as good health for all of you. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE NEWLY CROSSED OVER BBL PRINCESSES! Be well, Yall. xoXXox

Newly Discovered Pics from my D.R. Album (The Lost Files!) Plus a few Comparison PicStitches

Hey Babes!
Real quick, I was cleaning up my phone this morning and found some lost case file pictures from before my surgery in D.R.!! Lol Naturally I'm sharing: some were of the condo where I stayed, some I hurried and took right after Yily marked me up but before they came to get me for sx, even a few I took while in my CIPLA recovery bed! I don't even remember taking them!

I feel super great today, and also took a few shots in some green panties that used to swim on me but are now (like most of my old intimates) too small as well as a black G-string.

Made a few comparison collages from before my BBL. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY! Off to the movies, Loves- Tah!! Muahz xoxxox

Vedette 107 Pics & I'm Officially Back in The Gym! (woo-hoo!)

Hello My Sweettarts!
How are you Lovelies doing?! First I'd like to commence with congratulating a long-time RealSelf Sis and fitness enthusiast Zulu Princess for crossing over to the Land of the Bootiful recently! I'm so proud of you and all you've accomplished, can't wait to see your results! For those of you looking for weight loss help, she's an incredible resource and living proof you can get 'er done before your BBL! Congrats also (of course) to all the other newly crossed over Babes!! Hope you're all recovering well and strong!

So I got my Vedette in on Monday, but I've been busy since then, so this is the soonest I could post about it. First off, I love how they put it together. Tough, strong compression fabric in the torso and the bikini bottom part is just as I thought from the picture: it's silky and light. Felt like normal panties, had no pressure whatsoever in that area. It lost points when I realized I had to enlist another person to help me get this thing on!! It looks so easy at first but then you realize it's rough getting it up over your thighs and over the mound that is your new butt! It was really tough at first, we were sweating and I remember thinking, once I get this thing on, I won't want it off for a few days!! (Yeah right, there's no such thing living in South Florida, the humidity alone makes it necessary to shower multiple times a day, so I HAD to take it off because it got so sweaty and clammy in there that my skin started turning GRAY!!!) We had to practice a few times and we finally nailed a good technique a couple days later! I literally had to have my friend hold and pull up the back while I did the same to the front. You have to GRAB this thing and work it with all your strength and might and it finally slipped up! Lol But that speaks VOLUMES about the caliber of the fabric and compression material. I was VERY impressed about this. Vedette makes quality products, I do agree, but WOOOOO this style was tricky to get into! Overall, it did everything it promised and then some. I was never worried about my fat cells because the bottom bikini part is so light and. I got a Medium and it was great in terms of the bikini portion, but it did leave me with some extra space along my torso (you can see the bends and lines in my pics). My answer to that was to insert a piece of Lipo Foam in the back and ensure the garment was always pulled up and taut. Worked like a dream. The only drawback and criticism I have of this garment is that it retains and holds moisture too well. If you sweat, it captures it and keeps it right at skin level, the fabric doesn't wick it away. So I can really only wear it when I know I'll be indoors in the AC for a while.

I started working out again at the gym yesterday and am so STOKED about that! It felt like a nice homecoming, I was so excited to be back in another environment and one that I'm used to. I stretched, hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes, then did another 25 on the elliptical with a medium-high incline and some resistance. After that I got started with toning and jumped right into a machine training session. I focused on my lower body: glutes, quads, hams, and adductors. Safe to say I'm super sore today! I made sure I didn't over-work myself, but I also went pretty hard in the paint. I'm going away in 6 days and plan to have a great time partying and relaxing with my friends, so I'm focused on that get right!

I plan on going back today and focusing on upper body (shoulders, delts, lats, back- basically my upper body). I'll keep you guys abreast of my fitness progress, I can't wait for the physical changes to start showing. I'm still juicing which is keeping me regular and I'm grateful for that. I've cut down the sugar and carbs in my diet because I know if I cut it out completely I'll be a cranky, nutty chick running around looking for something to substitute my cravings! I've increased my water intake, and my incisions/skin is starting to heal better as a result.

Well, I'm off to take care of some errands, Sweethearts. I'll check in soon, be well and take care! xoxoxo

Fit, Fab & Vegas Bound!!!

Hello My Darlings!!
How is everyone doing!? Good I hope! Wow, Sept is here already! It's officially been 6 weeks since my BBL, I can't even believe it!

Update-wise, all is well - not too much to report. I have noticed that some of my curves have gone into the pre-fluff hibernation phase! It's still rotund and shapely, but not as super juicy as it once was. My friends and family who knows disagree, but I know my ass better than any of them! LOL! I'm neither worried or concerned. This is to be expected and I'm not pay it much attention until I'm closer to 14 weeks which is 3 months post op. 8 more weeks till then!!

It could also be that I've been watching what I eat and merkin' it hard at the gym, mayhaps I've lost some weight. I don't weigh myself unless I have to, so I'll get back to you guys with my weight and measurements. I certainly see a lot less fat visually in my thighs (in the places Yily didn't lipo) so I know for sure its in the process of being converted to muscle. I mainly weight train, with a high resistance cardio warmup. This past week I switched from the elliptical to the spinning bikes. I never sit on the bike seat, always standing in second or third position with medium to high resistance. I LOVE IT!! Yes, I do work abs (crunch machine with light weights) and glutes (kick backs, hydrants, squats, lunges, etc) pretty much what I used to do to get my Booty looking nice before I had my BBL. Feeling so much stronger and more capable physically. Don't know what I'd do if I couldn't work out! It's invaluable, Dolls... Fa real!!

Healing is still ongoing, of course. Still feeling the signature tightness and under-skin burning sensation when I switch positions while watching a movie or move around in bed. I'm sleeping better since that lipo discomfort is sloooooowwly diminishing. I'm still foam rolling and stretching, especially since I'm working out again. It helps a lot when I'm sore. Itchies here and there, but nothing unbearable - mostly in the middle of my back and around my waist.

So I'm off to Vegas in a few hours, I'm SO STOKED, I love love LOVE that town. It's just what I need at this point: a nice little getaway/mini vaycay with my best friends. I need to just chillax, have drinks poolside & hit the dance floor! :-) I don't plan on showcasing my Beloved Booty and going Kray as I'm still in healing mode--I even packed my faja! I DO plan on rocking out every outfit and dress to the best of my ability!! Hahahaha!

Coming soon will be my six week pics, to keep my visual library accurate and up to date. I wanted to take them in L.V. for a nice change in scenery. Promise I'll have them for you once I get settled into my suite. As always, I'll keep you guys posted and abreast of all that's happening with me! See you on the Strip! XoxxoX

Finally Got Those Pics For Ya, Babes!

Sooooooo sorry for the delay, Loves! Vegas was good to me! ;-) Just got back late last night, forgive me.

Okay, I know I said I think my Beloved went on hibernation mode, but to be quite honest, She was looking QUITE thick!! :-) It is true what they say, YOU WILL CHANGE AND MORPH ON A WEEK TO WEEK BASIS!

Pics up! Talk to you soon, Queens! (Queen my dishes please! BOL j/k I get silly when I'm deliriously jetlagged!) MUAAAAHHHZZZ xoxo

8 Week Pics

Hey Guys,
I lost my maternal Grandfather earlier this past week, everything has been insane since then. I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to log on and update. Please be patient with me, most of the arrangements have been made, I just have to continue providing the emotional support to my mother and close family members for a few more days, then I'll be back home and back to my routine. It's been a looooong week, I'm exhausted but I just want to remind you ladies to cherish the ones that mean the most to you. Nothing else matters. I'm sad but this is just life. God's will. :-(

Here are the pics I was going to post. I'll take more and post with my written update on Monday. One of them is my beetroot and lemon juice cleanser that's great for getting your blood flowing and cleaning your digestive system to name a few benefits. Let me know if you want the full recipe, and I'll post next time. Love you all, I hope everyone is well and healthy. Stay blessed. XoxxoX


My Darling Online Angels,
You Guys Rock. I mean it. I seriously started crying reading all your thoughtful condolences and kind, comforting words. Your support mean the absolute most to me in this time. I'm the kind of person who internalizes a lot and gets in super-focused action mode when crisis or panic descends. I like to stay as chill as possible and rationalize things and come up with logical solutions. I'm so busy (intentionally?!) with tasks and details, I don't allow myself much time to grieve. I hadn't let it sink in and completely consume me until I logged into RS yesterday to update you; that's when I discovered all your beautiful, sweet gestures of care and sisterhood. I lost it!!!! LOL! Don't know if there are other people out there like this, but when I witness people being compassionate towards me (especially strangers, oh Lord yes!) I get even more emotional. So I finally let go. And it was right on time! Thanks to you Goddess I was able to find the strength within to really FEEL my feelings and work through this process which is losing someone. So I'm trying to say (while fighting off these tears, is THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I'm so loved in my own bubble, but when you see mere online acquaintances being so understanding, it truly resonates deep within you. Thank you, Darlings. I love you Guys. Real talk. Lol xoxoxoxoxo

Woooooooo! Moving on... So I pray all of you have been well! I have so much catching up to do on errbody, it's gonna be like a straight Netflix marathon but instead of a TV series, I'll be glued to RS Blogs!!! On the real, though, I hope everyone is doing great- being successful in their BBL endeavors whether it be: weight loss/gain, waiting to fluff and see the final outcome of your new body, saving funds for surgery, contemplating a round two, gaining approval from loved ones, obtaining all your pre/post necessities, deciding on a Doctor, deciding if this is even something you want to go through, healing immediately following sx, going through the Faja Struggle, uh, I mean "shuffle" (:-P) or just calmly-but-not-all-that-calmly waiting for your Big Day to arrive! As you can see there are SO many facets of this BBL journey, it's bananas. Nonetheless, I pray for all of you to have blessings in the form of determination, perseverance, organization, patience, good pain tolerance (#Truth, sorry Newbies) and excellent health. Of course I've find that the outcome has a lot more to do with you than just the work your surgeon did. Aftercare is vital and so is eating in a way that supports the final look you want in the end. Notice I didn't say to eat this way or that way: that's up to the individual. Some Gals want to maintain a slimmer, more slender shape with some natural looking curves but thin thighs. To them I'd say eat as clean as possible and keep their cardio regular and intense. Some Dolls want a more womanly coke-bottle physique and realistic shape with a tiny waist and substantial curves. To them, I'd suggest a balanced diet, hardcover and constant and/core workouts and keep the cardio light with moderate resistance. Some Babes want to get thicker and keep growing in their curves beyond surgery. I'd say, do you as long as you maintain a well balanced diet and regular exercise, infrequent cardio but still incorporating it into your routine somehow. You can't tell the two the same thing, they all have different goals. Different strokes, and I respect all of them. Lol

Personally, I've been maintaining my goal of balancing absolutely everything. I'm not in any rush to get my extra post surgical weight off, that was accumulated so Yily would have fat to work with. I'm working on slimming down while also building some muscle tone and definition for a tighter, slicker physique. I desire to be a healthy blend of strength via intermediate weight training and full softness via my sexy curves!! My motto is "Thick But Fit!" When I'm in shape I love wearing bandage dresses and pencil skirts, those accentuate my fave parts of my body. So I've been working diligently to get myself in that sweetspot. I have a ways to go, especially with a bit of weight gain from the stress of last week. I gained about 6lbs but I'm never going to back pedal or ever consider giving up. I have to give myself credit since I haven't been in the gym for a week. I'm back now, though. I like looking to other fit people for support and inspiration. If you need some motivation, go to tumblr or IG and search 'fitspo' awesome stuff comes up.

Recovery-wise, I'm blessed and doing very well. I feel about 80% back to normal and starting to feel like the old me with the exception of this Extra weight baggage I got prior to surgery. It totally didn't bother me before because there was such a need for it! I have a lot less patience for it on my body now that surgery is over!! LOL. I occasionally still feel the inner skin burning sensation but it's not as intense as before. I mainly feel it when I get up from sitting or laying after a long while. A lot of the discomfort I feel lately is soreness and pain from working out. I like that type of discomfort. Lol. I think a lot of my post workout soreness masks any residual unpleasantness from my BBL. I feel pretty wonderful, Praise Him. I'm still juicing, trying out new recipes, I'll post some new ones next time. I find I have the most energy the days I juice but GOODNESS does it clean you out!!!! Especially if you're also taking training supplements like Workout Pre's, creatine, amino acids, whey protein, etc. I'm still taking my vitamins, though the quantity and variety of what I take has gone down and back to normal. I take my women's active multi, B Complex, Iron, Biotin, Fish Oils, Probiotics and Vit A and C. It's a lifestyle!! :-) I've been sleeping well since I started working out with only occasional bouts of insomnia... I think it's just built in me to stay up late some days lol. But sleep is SUPER important in recovery, Luvey's. I can now sleep in all positions with just a pillow for my head. Things are getting pretty close to normalcy.

I've been using Kelocote as scar therapy since I know I have a history of keloiding after sx. It's helped by keeping my scars flat and helping to accelerate the healing process but I have to start being more consistent with it. I do also want to also supplement that with the use of Bio Oil which I had a tiny bit of and now need to reorder. I'll most likely get it online, like the Kelocote which I highly recommend for people of color or of more ethnic based backgrounds. We tend to keloid more. Uploading my latest shots of my Beloved taken today, she's been on chill mode lately but still looking great. Enjoy, and please accept my sincere apologies in the delay of this update. THANK you for your understanding! I appreciate you all so much, you have no idea. As I always, I wish you Love, Light and Positivity. God Bless you. Xoxoxoxoxo

It's Crazy How Far I've Come!!!! Fresh Comparison Pics & Update

My Lovelieeeeeeeeeeeees!
How have you Schnookums been?! I miss you guys! So glad to be back at it, I have a treat for you ladies today. I remember before I had my BBL all I used to look forward to doing is logging into RS and checking on the Vet's pics. It would be hard though, a lot of them didn't have a lot of before's and even fewer had side by side comparison shots. Well, I've spent literally ALL DAY searching for old pics, doing my best to mimic the shot (same outfit/panties/bikini bottoms) and picstitching it all together for your viewing pleasure! It should help give a visual as to what kind of results you can (sorta) expect once you have this procedure done. Of course my disclaimer: EveryBODY is different, you just have to look for the Vet/Model/Video Vixen or other body role model that resembles your shape. That's the toughest thing: realizing that though we may wish our God given bodies to look like Yaris', Vida's, Beyonce's, Tahiry's, etc; it can NEVER be! You have to have REALISTIC expectations of what your body can do. The quicker you realize that and accept it, the easier this whole process will be for you- especially mentally and emotionally.

This is also a great visual for Yily Fan's, SHE DID WERK on my body, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! I also have to pat myself on the back for beastin' it at the gym lately, and eating less dirty. I've been consistent with my supplements and exercise and it's def starting to pay off! I'm getting more toned and I couldn't be happier because the only place I have fat where I don't want it is my thighs and once that gets better, I'll be so close to my goal body! Now I totally understand why surgeon's urge their patients not to gain too much weight unless they're SkinnyMini's. It's because it will take a lot for you to lose all the weight you gained FOR surgery and even though the Doc will take what you give him/her and use it the best they can, there will always be residual fat in places that are undesirable to you. You'll want to get rid of it. In order to get rid of it, what do you have to do? Diet/exercise! Which will what, in turn? Make you lose weight! As a result of that, what may and usually does happen? You lose some or lots of that golden fat in your bum/hips! That defeats the whole purpose of this procedure, yall feel me?! The trick (and it's tricky as hell) is to come as close as possible and find the right balance of having enough fat for the figure you want, but not overdoing it and having too much left over. And Heaven forbid you don't have enough fat prior to surgery. While I was in D.R. I saw Team Yily turn a young lady down for not having enough fat. I felt so bad for her; she came all the way from NYC! At the end of the day, I'm just so delighted I don't have to do THAT much to get to my end goal.

Ideally, I'd love to have the fat in my thighs lipoed further (**I only paid Yily to do my inner thighs, but SHE ONLY DOES ABOUT 7.5-8 INCHES of inner thigh!!! I measured it on me! I wish I knew that!! I would ask her, how much more to go a few inches lower and reach by my inner knee!**) Idealistically, I would use this fat for a tad bit more projecting and shaping in my Bottom Cheekage area and also a bit more hips. I didn't know I'd love the hip effect so much, but I have more hip greed than booty greed! Lol! Oy vey, it doesn't end for us Babe's trying to achieve personal body perfection. It will always elude us, but it's fun trying isn't it?! Lol. I need to stop though. I just thank the Good Lord for where I am now. I've hated my lower back half for SO LONG and now it's totally looking proper and "normal" in my mind. I'm SO HAPPY with it! It only takes a quick look back Memory Lane at a few old pics to really see the difference and be even more grateful and thankful.

Physically, I'm excellent! No more annoying itchiness! The tight burning sensation is still there, but ever-fading. Little by little, day by day. The lipo hardness in my arms and abs are softening up and doing better, but the best has been my inner thighs. It's looking like my arms and abs will take a while longer, but in the meantime, I've been working on strengthening the muscles within.

Okay Love Bugs, I'm out. Please let me know how you're doing in your journey and what questions I can answer for you! I hope you're all doing FABULOUSLY well and God is keeping you in His light and glory. Be well, Queens! xoxxox

Beet & Lemon Cleanse Detox Energy Juice Recipe + Nutritional information/benefits- Put on your sexy nerd glasses, Dolls!

Great Morning Lollipops!!! How ya Babe's hangin'?! Coming at cha with some juicing recipes, as previously discussed. Sorry for the delay, I'm back to work and my clients have missed me!! :-D

Okay, first off the ever popular Beetroot and Lemon juice. I uploaded a pic a few weeks back, Dolls this is a REALLY yummy and refreshing recipe that I truly love. It's a major liver cleanser that you can tweak and add more ingredients for more benefits. This is not only a detox (to be done occasionally, not frequently) but it's a cancer preventative.

Let's first start off with some educational background. What are the benefits? Why beets? Why lemons?! First a brief overview of the liver and it's responsibilities. Did you know your liver is the second largest organ of your body?!
THE LIVER-----» The reason it's so vital is that it serves as your body's border inspection station. Virtually every nutrient we consume, whether it has a valid passport or not, must pass through the liver so it can be transformed into a different biochemical form. Your liver does three main things: helps digest stuff, make proteins and gets rid of bad stuff. All the blood that has visited your small intestines flows through your portal vein into your liver, so almost all of the nutrients you eat have to pass through the gauntlet of the liver before passing to the heart for generalized distribution. Why almost? There's a little absorption in your mouth and under your tongue, but almost means 99 percent for the typical person. Your liver decides what gets kept out, what gets patted down and inspected and what's allowed in to be distributed throughout your body.

The liver in conjunction with the skin, lungs and kidneys effectively detoxifies your body of biological wastes such as ammonia, every second of the day. Some believe that is important to help your body in this detoxifying process by changing your diet (eating cleaner) and above all avoiding all avoid toxic habits.

Known for decades as a liver-protective food, beets are a Superfood. Many patients have mentioned that juicing beets will give them more energy for their day. Research is showing that this may be due to the ability of components in the juice to improve blood flow. Beetroot juice has been shown to help the body respond better to exercise, by balancing oxygen use and increasing stamina. Beetroot juice is one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants and naturally occurring nitrates. Nitrates are compounds which improve blood flow throughout the body – including the brain, heart, and muscles. These natural nitrates increase a molecule in the blood vessels called nitric oxide, which helps open up the vessels and allows more oxygen flow as well as lower blood pressure.  Beetroot juice may also be an important ally to lower blood pressure. Whether the yellow or red kind of beets, the juice provides excellent blood pressure-lowering ability.

LEMONS/LEMON JUICE-----» Lemons do A LOT and have been used for years for its health benefits and properties. They restore your Ph balance which
is important to maintain a slightly positive alkaline state in order to fight off cancer and other illnesses. Although acidic to taste, lemons are one of the most alkaline of foods and help to push our bodies to the required pH alkaline state of around 7.4. DETOXification-wise, fresh lemon juice added to a large glass of water in the morning is a great liver detoxifier and cleanses the kidneys and the digestive system. It helps the body in the removal of toxins and provides you with a great overall detox. DIGESTION/CONSTIPATION: Lemon has been proven to aid in digestion as it keeps bad bacteria at bay. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice on your food, and it will aid in digestion. Or drink the juice of 1 freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water after each meal. The lemon acid stimulates the production of stomach acid. Lemons also help with regularity. Add the juice of one lemon to warm water and drink first thing in the morning. WEIGHT LOSS: Adding lemons to your water can make you feel fuller as well as reduce the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Lemons contain pectin, a soluble fiber that has been shown to help with weight loss. Also, lemons can literally slow down the absorption of sugar into the body. Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar will also help to slough off parasites that live in the intestines. FIGHTS FATIGUE: Forget Red Bull, try lemon. Studies have shown that the scent of lemon oil can actually create a greater sense of concentration, while increasing alertness. Lemon also seems to be able to stimulate brain activity so whenever you feel tired for no reason or are finding it hard to focus or concentrate, drink a glass of lemon water every few hours.

Okay, now that I've bored you, you're almost ready to juice!! BEFORE YOU BEGIN, a few KEY TIPS/Warning. Try to buy organic beets and lemons to avoid pesticides like nitrates, which are readily absorbed by fruits and vegetables. Also, pay attention to what your juicing with. If you don't have a juicer that's strong enough to breakdown a raw beet and a whole lemon, you'll have to adjust a bit. You'll have to boil the beets to soften them slightly, and you'll have to squeeze the juice out of the lemons. If you have a strong blade blender or professional grade juicer like me, you can totally just go for it and throw everything in. This is the BEST Way, in my opinion as there are many more positives when you leave the peels/skins of your fruits and veggies in your juices. The fiber of lemons, for example, are usually found in the peels. ***BE CAREFUL not overuse beet juice, as you can acquire a condition called methemoglobinemia which causes the blood cells to lose oxygen-carrying capacity. You don't need to juice beets often in order to reap its benefits.

Personally (and I ran this by my PCP, I suggest you do the same) I do this juice once every three months, four times per year. Also, don't be afraid to use the beet leaves in your juices too, they're very nutritious! Just make sure you rinse them very well, the beets too... They were underground after all.

Beetroot juice is very potent, and it's recommended that when you drink the raw juice dilute it with other milder juices such as carrot, cucumber, or celery. Plus it tastes better this way too!

(Per Serving)
1 Whole Small or 1/2 of a Medium Beet
1 Medium Lemon (whole)
1 1/2 Cup of Leafy Greens (Kale, Spinach, Turnip or Collard Greens)
1-2 Small Carrots or 1 Large Carrot
1/2 Medium or Large Cucumber
2 Cups of your liquid of choice: OJ, Coconut Water, Almond, Soy, or Whole Milk
Ice to Taste

Feel free to add a celery stalk, or switch out the carrots and cucumbers for apples or pineapples. Make it your own!! Remember, if you love how it tastes, you'll want to continue juicing!!

Okay Hunty's, enjoy! Ask questions, send comments and I'll do my best to respond accurately and efficiently. I gotta run to my second home aka Tha Gym!!! As I always, I wish you Love, Light and Positivity. God Bless you and BE WELL!!! XoxxoX

My Sources: -http://www.livestrong.com/article/309886-beet-lemon-juice-liver-detoxifying-diet/#ixzz2gfosXqCK
-http://www.oprah.com/health/What-: http://www.oprah.com/health/What-Does-the-Liver-Do#ixzz2gfm6F83q

Reflections of a Yily Doll- 3 Months Later! New, Fresh Pics from 12 & 13 Weeks P.O.

Helllllloooooo My Boopsie Pie’s!!!!!
How are my beautiful Lady Bug’s doing lately?! I’ve been swamped lately- I’m back to working full-time and it’s been a whirlwind getting back into that routine. I’m so happy with how everything has been developing: I have my energy back and then some, I’m working out religiously, eating better (still cheat so that I can keep my thickness lol) and juicing every other day. Before I go into the details of this update, I just want to point out that this BBL surgery is, HANDS DOWN- WITHOUT A DOUBT- ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I’VE DONE FOR MYSELF!!!! I’m absolutely, completely infatuated with my body now and I never thought I’d look and feel like such a goddess.

Every experience is different, and I believe in being as prepared as possible beforehand. If you have the guts, patience, tenacity and emotional/mental strength to get through this journey, I totally recommend this procedure! It will CHANGE YOUR WORLD!

Never in my life have I felt so svelte! I’ve never felt so, empowered! I’m the type of Gal that never had low self-esteem, but was always VERY aware of my insecurities and things that I could improve. This is the first time in my life I that I honestly and truly feel absolutely gorgeous completely naked! I have NO problems keeping the lights on now and trust me, my guy looks forward to it! *wink

I’m not one for screaming out for attention, I can’t stand getting bothered and I usually roll my eyes at the puny attempts made to “holler” at me! But the public attention I’ve gotten since getting my BBL has been soooooooo entertaining!!! It has ranged from mild and very sweet and thoughtful to ridiculously nasty and wildly inappropriate! Lmao, you guys, I kid you not- the things these Dudes will say or do is HILARITY! The thirst is uber real, even when I’m wearing baggy boy clothes! That booty POKES! So get ready for it!! Lol, you can downplay it but that doesn’t always work! At the supermarket, (I was wearing my Guy's Bball shorts, a tank and some J’s) one guy said to me, “Damn Baby!! Can I stick my hot pocket into THAT oven?” :-O I was like “WHAAAAAT?!” Lololololol I was dying! Who says that????

This one time I was with my Girl’s on the way to the beach and stopped to fill up on gas. I was in my acid washed denim booty shorts, and OH LAWD!! I was honked at, yelled at, hissed at, whistled at, Dudes pulled into the Chevron with absolutely no intention to get gas but needed to look like they were doing something besides gawking at my ass, it was crazy! I was approached and this fine ass Brotha who I thought was gonna come correct, came up and whispered in my ear if he could "Smell It"!!!! I gasped so loud and seriously wanted to slap him!! The only thing out of my mouth was "Eeeewwww!!!" Lmaoooo When I went inside, the cashier refused to let me pay for my snacks and drinks! He was like, “You come back anytime, get anything you want Ok?” Lmao!
I went out for the first time last weekend nothing serious- just wanted to dip my toe back into the nightlife world… it’s been so long since I’ve been clubbing. This place wasn’t somewhere I’d usually go, but it is pretty popular. I threw together an outfit- cream leggings with black Egyptian hieroglyphic designs and a tank that kinda showed my belly. I wore the waist of my leggings up pretty high which accentuated my hips and small waist. OOOOOHHHH MY GOOOOOSHHH Ladies!!! When I tell you I got NO PEACE?! Lol! I couldn’t walk through that place without getting pulled, pinched, yanked—these Dudes had no concept of personal space. Everywhere we went, they followed. They waited outside the ladies room, I was offered endless drinks, I was asked “Where you goin’ with all that wagon?” WAGON!!!??? Someone called my butt a wagon!!! Roflmao, it was insane! I’ve never gotten attention like this before, even when I used to wear the butt pads. I definitely think it has to do with your level of confidence: mine was at an all-time high and other people can sense that. I knew that what I had was all mine and I worked it- I owned it! Ugh, I just want to give Yily a million kisses!!!

Now I have friends considering the procedure, or in the least lipo with Yily! I might be going back to D.R. around March ’14 to accompany a few. I’m not sure yet. It’s just really funny to me that the same people who said I didn’t need to get any work done and I was silly for considering or doing this are the ones that are asking me a million questions and trying to get their bread up!! Lmao It’s all good though, sometimes it takes one brave solider for the rest to follow and I don’t mind being a Leader.
Okay, so here are a few updated pics- I’m loving how I’ve fluffed out and can’t wait to see more muscle definition in my thighs to complete that strong but thick look. I call it Thick N Fit! Lol. I have current measurements for you Queens, but I don’t know what I weigh right now. Don’t own a scale, I usually go by how my clothes fit...I’ll put it up next time I’m posting (I’ll check it on my local supermarket's scale lol)
Arm (Right): 12"
Arm (Left): 13"
Bust/Chest: 38"
Waist: 36" (Around the belly button)
Hips: 40"
Thigh (Right): 24.5" (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thigh (Left): 24" (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thighs Together: 38"

Lately I’ve been having fun trying out new fruit combinations in my juices. I urge you to do the same so you don’t get bored and so your body can benefit from all the fiber and vitamins each fruit and vegetable provides. I’ve also begun experimenting with a few nectars to add different flavor dimension to the drinks. Goya makes great ones, just make sure you check the caloric content if you’re watching your weight. If you’re trying to maintain or get thick, they’re great to add to your smoothies. My favorite one is Pineapple Coconut it’s delicious, creamy and goes well with a lot of recipes. There’s pic of it I’m uploading today, def check them out they’re awesome and come in so many different flavors like Papaya, Mango, Pear, Passion Fruit, Apricot, Peach, Tamarind and even Sugar Cane. Just puttin’ it out there for my #JuiceGang Girls! I’m posting more recipes soon, it’s going to be the content of my next post so check back in a few!

I pray you are all well and healthy, not just with your body but mentally and emotionally too. I pray all your families are well and that you are blessed in all your endeavors! Keep on keeping on Babes, and never give up on your dream to have your own personal Booty Wagon! Lmaoooooo! Love, Light, and Positivity! xoXXox

4 Month Yiliversary! Update and Maaaaaad Pics, Son! :-P

DOOOOLLLLLLLSSS! Lol Hi My Loves! How are you guys?! Ahhh I've missed you so much! *Runs up and gives out a hundred hugs and cheek kisses* ;-) It's my 4 month mark, I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly!!! I have so much to catch you up on, and I'll be making the rounds on yall's blogs so I can see how everything has been! I know there have been a lot of Dolls going in, I'd like to see how your experience was and how you're healing and wish you CONGRATULATIONS! My Vet's-- how's everything with you and your new body?! Ughhh so much to discuss, let's get right into it! *Pics up Hello Kitty mug, takes a sip and puts it back down* ;-)

Okaaay, so let's see, the last time I posted I felt guilty that I hadn't given you guys an actual decent update on what my body has been going through and how I've been feeling. So let's make sure that's covered FIRST! Lol. Everything at this point (and the last time I posted) feels INCREDIBLY natural. I have almost no hard spots of the lipo any more- just this one stubborn spot on the left side of my abs. Consequently, that was the same exact area I had so much fluid build up, Dr. Ana had to remove with a syringe. I'm sure it's related somehow. I still try to massage daily with my hands- it feels annoying because the rest of my stomach has softened up and you can start seeing my ab definition poking through. It's weird too because a lot of people can't see the hard spot, but I can FEEL it-- I always think it's noticeable like how that rock-turd guy from Fantastic 4 looks Lol. Regardless, I manipulate it with my hands while I'm taking a hot shower or bath, to relax it. It's getting better, but steadily.

Out of everything, I've been most disappointed about my arms- I guess I thought the lipo there would be a huge, noticeable difference and it hasn't been that obvious right off the bat. Now that I'm losing some weight and lifting weights, you can finally tell the difference but I don't think it's that big. I guess I was expecting to come out of surgery with arms like Angela Bassett in What's Love Got To Do With It!! Intead of these bass fish looking arms that I had! Lol! Don't get me wrong, I'm totally glad I included my arms, but in my mind, I thought it was going to be a DRASTIC change. I'm telling you this, so you guys don't get shocked and/or disappointed if you come out of surgery and wait and wait and wait for skinny arms and you don't get it! Lol

The lipo is certainly NOT a quick fix-- I gained some weight slightly after surgery dealing with some personal matters and just not being able to be as physically active because I was in the healing and recovery phase of my journey. What I noticed was, although those areas didn't necessarily get fat again, they did make the areas surrounding it look OVERLY plump. For example: my inner thighs. At one point you could easily see the area where Yily lipo'd- where she started and where she stopped. Say you're looking at my thigh, right? If you take a tape measure and go from inner crotch down to my knee, that length is about 12.5-13 inches. The visible area she lipo'd was about 6.5 inches down from my inner crotch down towards my knee. Which means there's about 6 inches left from the spot where she stopped lipo'ing to where my knee is that is unlipo'd and in it's "natural" state. Well, in THOSE areas, especially in the middle point where the lipo stops, you could've seen a visible change in weight! Like you could actually see the fat project out from the spot and continue downwards. That part, I HATED! It was like I looked normal from a certain part up, but from a certain point down, I liked A LOT bigger! Like two bodies in one!! Weird Central. So what fixed this problem?! Losing weight!!! Lol By working out consistently and eating less dirty, I was able to bring my fat down and muscle up. Now, you barely notice a change from where I had lipo to where I didn't, and it's only getting better from there (Thank ya, Jesus!).

So that's a tip- if after surgery you gain weight, don't be surprised and devastated at the sight of unevenness (is that even a word, Lola?! lol) with your body's surface/texture. Just eat better and get moving, then your body will sync up and your new, lip'd area's will match up with the rest of your "old" body. Does that make sense? I tried to make it understandable, I hope I didn't make it more confusing lol. THIS IS WHY YILY DOESN'T WANT YOU GUYS GAINING A LOT OF WEIGHT! If you're at a decent weight pre-op (decent meaning some excess fat but not a lot), you DON'T have keep eating before surgery out of fear of lack of fat!! What you're then doing is creating a lot more work for YOU to do once your surgeon is done doing his or her part. The body you're left with is up to you to maintain and control-- even after having revisions and second, third rounds!! Had I known better, I wouldn't be so concerned with eating nasty beforehand in order to "ensure" I had enough fat. *SPECIAL NOTE:* This doesn't apply to you if you're Olive Oil skinny!!! You, my slim friend, have some weight to gain! On the flip side of things, if your surgeon has nothing to work with, he/she has nothing to give you! The less they have, the less they can do. It's a really fine line of balance-- It's like you should be just SLIGHTLY over your goal weight. For example if you're normally at 140, I would gain about 8 pounds and get to 148, 150 MAX for surgery. Then figure at least 6 will be moved around to your hips and buttocks and the rest will be redistributed naturally after surgery. Does that make sense?! Lol

Okay, moving on-- like I said, I'm working out consistently and I'm at the gym about 6 days out of the week. I'm on beast mode with that, mainly because I have an upcoming holiday getaway with the Boo planned for the second week of December! I'm going to NYC and that gives me more motivation and push to get into better shape by then. Special events and vacations are EXCELLENT motivators! Lol Nobody wants to go on vaycay looking crooked, ESPECIALLY after getting a bangin' ass and working so hard for it!!! I've lost a lot of fat, but also gained some muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat, I don't really go according to scales. I did weigh myself at the gym out of curiosity and the digital reply I got was 170lbs. Again, I don't go by that, I go by how clothes fit on me. But I'm incredibly happy with the results I'm getting thus far from doing MODERATE cardio and a lot of weight/circuit training. I'm juicing about 4 days out of the week and I've changed my food intake to align with weight loss. I cut out anything white, decreased my sugar/glucose intake (less juice and desserts) and increased my protein from lean chicken and fish/seafood. I don't eat any red meat at all. In fact, I'm considering removing chicken from my diet too, I haven't been fiending for it or missing it much. I've been eating a lot more beans and lentils, I make soups out of them and eat them after my workout for the added protein. This may be TMI but I'm so cleaned out, Gals- it's insane. I go #2 about 3-4 times a day!!! The juices do it as well as the fiber from all the fruits and veggies. I don't eat out at ANY fast food place, and I TRY to eat breakfast (that's always been a struggle for me). I DO notice that my skin has broken out a bit (which is never does) since I started adding new elements to my juices. They're small mini-bumps not huge nasty pimples but still, I'm not used to anything at all! But I read that it's normal, it's your body reacting to new and different elements and how you see your body absorbing it may be in the form of a break-out. So you Juicing Diva's, don't be shocked or surprised if this happens! Unless it's a crazy rash, don't worry- it's a good sign that your body is absorbing and adjusting to all the vitamins and minerals. It doesn't stay broken out forever, it'll go away once your body evens out. If you develop a crazy itchy or red rash in any part of your body once you start juicing though, I would stop and evaluate what you put in there: you might be allergic to something. Talk to a family physician or allergist if that is the case.

A lot of people ask me about what I do when I workout in order to keep my booty fat and the rest of my body tight. I've said it before and will say it again: BALANCE, BALANCE, BALANCE! It's key. Cardio brings the fat down and gets your heart rate up. You'll need that regardless, even if you don't want to lose a single pound: cardio is important to keep your body running efficiently and to keep you fit and ready for anything. And besides, what if you're out of shape and suddenly there's a zombie apocalypse during a hurricane that has tornado's? How would you outrun that?! Lmaoooooo! CARDIO!!! Lol Just do it, I know it sucks but you can just do 20 minutes on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, stair climber, anything to get that heart rate up and get you sweatin' some. Now the flip side of that is the strength training. That's what I do to get and stay toned. You don't need weights and machines in order to do this- basic body weight exercises and calisthenics will help you achieve tone and definition. Things like push ups, burpee's, lunges, crunches/sit-ups, plank holds, squats, scissor kicks, donkey kick backs, all these you don't need a single piece of equipment!!! Just your lovely self. Stretching is super important before but after is great too. Make sure you warm up some before doing anything, and try to switch up your routine so your body doesn't get bored mentally and physically. Muscle confusion is great for getting results and definition. Don't do everything the exact same way all the time. Switch it up, Loves! Hope that helped someone out there.

Let's see, what else? My Beloved is ROCKING IT OUT! Lol What Samira told me has been true: When I gain weight, my Beloved get's fatter. When I lose, she goes down with me. I NEVER LOSE MY ASS COMPLETELY! I've been doing crazy cardio now (instead of just the elliptical I now do the boxer's jump rope in intervals between lunges) because I'm no longer fearful I would "lose" my butt. It stays relative to your body size and proportion. Well... if your Doctor did it right, that's what should be. I've gotten SO MANY compliments and remarks about my shape. It's always about how small my waist is in comparison to my Beloved. But out of everything, my favorite part is her shelf. It's gradual and natural, it doesn't jut out and look awkward like an actual flat shelf! Lol it's wonderific and I'm grateful Yily LISTENED to my request/biggest concern and focused on making that exactly how I wanted.

So you might kill me and ask "Why, why, why you crazy B****!??!" but I'm going going, back, back to Yily, Yily Yily!!! For a revision!! I say "revision" and not "round two" because I don't intend on getting more fat added on top of where I have it abundantly on my Beloved now. I want fat added to my hips for more of an exaggerated hourglass figure. So you may be asking, "Didn't she do that the first time" The answer is yes, but to a degree. You see, in my personal opinion based on MY experience, YILY LISTENS TO YOU AND GIVES YOU WHAT YOU WANT BASED ON WHAT SHE CAN PHYSICALLY ACHIEVE NATURALLY. She asked me what I wanted four months ago and I told her to focus primarily on my backside: focus on getting me that natural ledge, and I want volume and projection back there on my cheeks. BAM- She did that!! Lol But NOW I want to have her take the remainder of the fat from ALL of my thighs (not just inner) to use for more hips and side projection. I am so far from what I used to look like and I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY RESULTS and appreciate all the effort she took to get me where I am now. But now when I look at pics or look at myself in the mirror, I just see one thing and that's the flatness on the sides of my hips. It's by no means as horrible as it used to be: if you look back at my pre-op pics, I had such a void on the sides of my butt/hips, it actually dipped in. By Yily doing what she did the first time and filling up my cheeks, it naturally took away some of that void, but it's still there. So I contacted Yily's office via Whatsapp recently and communicated my thoughts and desires to both Yily and Samira, submitting current pics and explaining in a translated message what I now want. Yily thinks I look great now (which I do) and feels I should just wait a bit longer to see the rest of my results as the heal because I might be happy with just that. But, unhh uhhh-- I know myself! Lol! I'm not addicted to plastic surgery, but I am a perfectionist and unfortunately this could be a bad combination! I'm careful with who I tell now about the revision, because I know they're going to say I'm crazy and don't need it and I'm addicted to this! But I'm not! It's like when you're writing an essay for a school report and you start writing and it's going well- but when you get to that last paragraph on the bottom of the page, you start writing all messy and the pen ink leaks and you get some chicken grease on the bottom corner---lol-- if you look at the page overall, the only thing your eye will see and go to, is the bottom of the page where all that craziness is happening! That's how I equate this: So much of me is already right!!! I'm so close to my personal "dream" body about 90%, so why wouldn't I want to go in and get that last 10% taken are of? Why wouldn't I want to do all I can to help this investment I've already made- financially, mentally and physically?! Lol When I look at myself, I see the whole page and love the parts that are awesome and beautiful, but that last paragraph... boooooooy that last paragraph will urk the F--- outta you if you're a perfectionist!!! Does anyone feel me on this?!?!? Lol! I tried to use an analogy but I'm different so I know many may not get it. But I have a strong inclination you Dolls feel me, because we all want to look our best if we're spending our hard earned money and time. So yea, I was given a quote of $2,500 for that and I'm thinking of getting it done around Spring Break '14. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go through with it, I know I want it to be Yily, I won't let anyone else go back in there and change the silhouette she's set up for me. Now that I have this foundation, I'm building from it and she's my earthly architect! Lol 'll keep you guys posted on that new part of my journey, I'll probably just start a new blog when I'm ready to do that and you can follow me on that once it gets popping. I'll link the two blogs, that way newbies and vets won't miss out on all the information I've shared thus far. I plan on being more specific with my purchases the second time around so you guys see what I brought with me list-wise.

I've taken lots of pics and have upoladed them for you Beauties. I have been out since that first clubbing experience and nothing has changed! These boys still falling all over themselves to get a look and their girls still giving me dirty looks! Lol!! I've been offered to have my rent paid for the month, someone asked me to carry their child, and I was excused out of a parking ticket because of my Beloved!!!! Lmaooo! Oh the things she gets me into and out of! Hahahahaha!! Okay, I'm late for work you guys. I'm gonna check back later to respond to all your comments below and answer any and all questions to the best of my ability. Oh, before I go: FAJA WISE, I'm wearing the shapewear I got from Target, was it? Anyway- I wear that while I'm working out (less compression but still keeps me tight) and I wear my corsette from Maidenform occasionally when I'm home. I don't wear anything to bed. I plan on purchasing something that I could wear comfortably and still keep the stomach and waist slim... it's always on ongoing thing. I'll let you guys know next time what I buy, but I'm considering a rubber vest to keep it all snatched. Oh, isn't it funny how "waist training" is all the rage now-a-days?! Lol! You see all these pics of girls going crazy about faja's, cinchers and squeems along with their creams on Insta or FB now it's hilarious! I'm like, "Yall don't kno bout that faja life like me and my RealSelf goonette's do!" Lol! It's hilarious.

Okay, I'm out! Talk to you guys soon! Love each other like you love yourself and we'll be alright! God bless and stay safe. xoXXox

6 Month Yiliversary Update!!!! Living the Life I was Meant to Live... MAAAAD PICS!!!

Greetings and Salutations My Snickerdoodles!!! Happy 2014! Wooooooo!!!

I can't believe yet another year is upon us, I truly hope you all had a safe, relaxing, and blissful holiday season! May this new year bring you what I pray for: To be focused and diligent in executing everything I've been called upon to do, whether it's for my career, personal, or spiritual life. I pray for great health and wellness, prosperity on all levels, and pure unconditional love. All this and more to you and your family. ^_^ xo

So it's been 6 MONTHS since the beautiful Yily (whose Son is a dreamboat, btw) touched my body. If I haven't said this already, this surgery was one of the BEST things I could have ever done for myself. It has totally transformed a lot of my life and I finally feel like I'm living the life I was meant to live. May sound dramatic to some, but I know a lot of yall feel me. Especially after wanting this for so long.

Let me catch you guys up: I've been traveling A LOT (Boyfriend visit in Cali, then New York for a photoshoot right before Christmas) and when I got back home I caught the flu BAD. Couple that with exhaustion and jet-lag and OH MY STARS was I in bad shape!! I ended up going to the ER, it got horrible. They pumped me with fluids and gave me anti-nausea meds to stop the puking. I was in crazy pain since this also affected the herniated discs I have in my lower back and neck, the whole thing was terrible, I praised God when I started feeling like myself again. As a result of all this, I ended up losing a lot of weight; I didn’t eat for a week! I weighed myself prior to leaving and I was about 164, after I got out the hospital I was 150!!! Even after all that weight loss and my body being weak and out of shape, MY BELOVED WAS STILL WITH ME!!! Lol! It might have reduced in volume, but it was still always bigger than me proportion-wise! It was astounding, I was in awe! (I Uploaded pics of this phase, I lost a lot of fat in my arms and thighs)

Well if you know anything about me, you know I love my curves and thickness. Thick but fit, that’s my motto! Even though my family and friends assured me I liked fine, I was not happy being so skinny. I started eating and working out and I’ve been great with eating more often. I weighed myself yesterday just out of curiosity (I usually care more about how my clothes are fitting than the scale) and I’m at 160. That’s fine with me, I just want to gain more lean muscle mass in my lower body and keep working at my physique overall. My Beloved is growing with me, but I’m still keeping my body trim and toned at the gym. So far so good! 2014 is mine, I can FEEL it! I still plan on getting more hips from Yily and this is the year I’ll do it. Of course you’ll all come along for the ride, just stay tuned for Lola Jae version 2.0!! Lololol

Body-wise, all is well! I don’t feel any pain or discomfort at this point, I recently got my belly button pierced in Manhattan (3rd time doing it in my life) and for some reason I developed a rash on my abs as it was healing! The piercing was fine, but my skin around it was extra sensitive and itchy, all I could do to keep from jumping off a cliff was to scratch it like crazy, and so I did which left a rash. -_- I mention this, because I never had this reaction the other times I had this done… only after my BBL. I was like “Hmmmm..” Lol. Just a weird observation. It stopped after 5-6 days but it was torture. My Beloved feels SOOOOOO natural, soft and jiggly. All the hardness is gone and everything feels like I was born with it in those spots! I LOVE IT!!!

My current measurements as of today 8/21 are:
Weight: 160
Arm (Right): 11"
Arm (Left): 11"
Bust/Chest: 35.5" Note: I measure around AND over my breasts}
Waist: 27" (2 Fingers above the belly button)
Hips: 41"
Thigh (R): 23" (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thigh (L): 23"} (Around the thickest part- inner thigh)
Thighs Together: 37"

Okay Hunnie Pie’s it's time for me to eat, I’m def back so I’ll update more often now. I hope you guys are off to a great start, keep your goals visible and never give up on your dreams. I love you guys, gonna check in on my Girls’ blogs and you newbies too, I see yall! Stay classy and fine! Xoxoxox

My Bad...

Sorry, the date of my measurements was today: January 9, 2014 :-D
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Her ability to sculpt and shape, I love the feminine eye she has for this line of work. Dra. Yily knows how to CREATE WOMANLY coke-bottle figures and sculpts to the heavens. Her bodies are natural, smokingly seductive and sexy in a real type of way. I didn't go to her for her prices, I didn't go to her seeking a complete 180 miracle, and I certainly wasn't searching for a Doc which would baby me through this process. Yily doesn't beat around the bush, she's a realist who happens to also be a sweet, kind but busy woman. If you're good with that, she's GREAT for you. No, I don't work for her, and I don't receive any monetary discounts or benefits/bonuses from her or her office. I'm just a real Broad who writes what's real to me. Good luck!! ALSO REFER TO: Njprbeauty and BootyliciousD-- No matter who your surgeon is, May the Good Lord watch over your journey and bless you with the body of your dreams!!! XoxxoX

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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