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Wassup everyone. Im new to this site obviously but...

Wassup everyone. Im new to this site obviously but this is pretty much where my journey begins. I've chosen Dr. Duran to bless me with a new body because she has the best work hands down, and I've seen nothing but good reviews. I haven't started the process of trying to reach her but I've stalked pretty much all of the post op dolls pages and comments(which are very helpful) and I've written down all the information I found about her, so i'm not worried at all. I'm about 5'8 and I weight 185lbs . I have stomach, love handles, back rolls, fat ass arms, and a flat ass, ass. I want a bbl with lipo to my stomach, flanks, arms, and back. I'm keeping my thighs so it can match the ass I plan on getting, I don't want anything to big, but just right for me. I pray to god I wont have to get a tt, it looks painful and I hate scars. My profile pic is my ultimate wish pic, but i'll post some pre op pics when I book my information. My sister and I will be taking this journey together, if she bails on me I'm still going but so far we're planning for mid April, 2015, i'm a plan ahead type of person so any speed bumps that occur won't effect anything drastically and plus, if Duran says I need a tt once I send these pre op pics, i'm working the hell out! I REFUSE!!! Anyway dolls, if any of you plan on getting dolled up around that time hit me up, support is the key in this situation. Also, i'll be leaving from FL. keep in touch.

Quote From Duran

Ok, so its so funny to me how everyone is saying they can't get in contact with Duran, I emailed her last night (Friday) and she emailed me back today (Saturday) I was shocked because I just knew that I would have to wait forever. So believe me dolls, Duran does respond so don't let anyone discourage you. Anywho, she quoted me $4,800 for lipo, bbl, and tt with a choice of lipo to my arms or thighs. By the way my measurements are 33 1/2", 33", 40" i'm 5'8 I weigh 185lbs. My deposit is $250 which I will have to wire to her. Does anyone know how I can wire funds internationally besides western union????????

She also sent me the pre op and post op needs, I will post them if you all would like, just let me know.

Here's some pre op photos of my self if some of you are close to my size its about $4800. I'll be in touch:)

obsessed with her shape and booty

bubble butt

I carry my 185lbs well :)

pre op photo, Im going to look like a real live doll when Duran is done with me

Bilingual Buddy

Are there any bilingual ladies looking for a travel buddy to the DR? If so, hmu I think you would be a big help with the language barrier i'll be going through lol

Finally got a date! Official 2015 Duran Doll !!!!!

Ok so I was finally able to schedule a date for surgery and I chose March 17th, I have one girl ahead of me and that's my travel buddy. I'm soooo excited like this is really real. My countdown has officially started! Next on my to-do list is my passport. Btw I sent my deposit through my bank Wells Fargo, you can also use Bank of America or any other bank that does international transfers.

Confirming Sx Dates

Ladies, it is VERY important to confirm your sx dates prior to booking flights, or reserving rh's . Yu don't want to get to the DR and get turned around because yu aren't scheduled for the sx date yu planned for, especially in March and April the busiest times of the year. They next few days may not even be available . Any who, I'm 3 months pre op and it's about that time to begin my supplements, I will be getting them this Friday and I'll be sure to post them. I've stopped smoking weed (which has not been easy) and quit the little bit of drinking i was doing. Health is very important before getting sx. Yes, the surgeons are supposed to make sure we're healthy, but it's our job to make sure that we lived a healthy life atleast 3 months prior.

Pre Op Supplements

Ok ladies, here are the vitamins that I'm taking prior to sx. Folic Acid, iron, b12, and vitamin C. I started taking them today, 93 days left !!!! Im updating on my phone and it wont let me upload the picture but those are the supplements Duran recommend.

Pre Op Supplements continued

40 Days left

Only 40 days left and its CRUNCH TIME!!!!!!! I still have a lot to do but i'm so ready, nervous, and anxious all at once. I've even had dreams of surgery lol. And I decided against a TT. I really don't think I need it. Don't get me wrong my stomach is big af but I don't have any excess skin or a lot of stretch marks so I believe lipo will do the job. If i'm not satisfied i'll just do a 2nd round. I've still been taking my supplements and I've booked my stay for Yasmin's recovery house. I'm still waiting on my passport(don't wait til the last minute) but im ready to go!!!!!! I've been chilling on the wish pics because i'm ready to obsess over my own ass im sick of looking at these fine ass girls lol. Anywho, this was just a small update to let yu dolls know that ball is DEFINITELY still rolling :)

Pre Op Pictures

My stomach is big but i have no extra skin. Enough rolls to transfer and make this ass nice and fat ;)

At the airport

Currently at the airport waiting to board my flight to DR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sx is scheduled for march 17th. I haven't updated so here we go.
1. In my suitcase I have 3 Tank tops, 2 shirts, 3 sundresses, 2 pairs of tights, 2 sleeping gowns, compression socks, poise pads, bed protective pads, scar away strips, Benadryl cream, female urinal, vitamins, prescription pills(amoxicillin, promethazine, and some other stuff for nausea), soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, snacks(nutrigain bars), slippers, portable lock box, 2 Clorox disinfectant wipes, 3 boxes of baby wipes, ear plugs, gauze pads, tampons, boppy pillow And I believe that's all. Will I need all of this stuff? I hope so I've spent my money lol. But i'll let you all know.

2. Buy your plane tickets and passports early!!!!! I paid $800 for my plane tickets and $250 for my passport because I had to expedite it.

3. I'll be staying at Yasmins rh for a total of 7 days post op. But 10 days all together, ill update my review on them once i'm on my way home but so far they have been great with communication and pricing!!!!

4. I said fck it, im not getting a TT. I'm only 22 and I've seen some great results with only Lipo and bbl from girls with a belly like mine so I have faith in Duran. My hemo was a 13.8 when I got it checked about 3 weeks ago so I pray it has went up. I've only been taking my vitamins (folic acid, b12, iron, and vitamin C) once a day. But I've doubled up on my iron since I want my hemo to be a little higher. I'm glad I did because my cycle has started :( and they say it effects your hemo so we'll see....

I don't think i'm missing anything. not much has been going on since the last update. I'm going to miss my baby i know that much but at least i'll have a piece of home with me while in DR. (i'll tell you dolls about that after sx lol)

Until then, send some positive prayers up for me dolls....I'll see you on the flat side ;)

I've been cleared!!

I've been cleared for sx tmrw at 6:45 yayyyyyyyyyy

2 days post op

Okay ladies let me tell yu, the first night out of sx I stayed at CIPLA and it was terrible!!!!!!!!! I had to lay on my back all night and couldn't turn over or anything, it felt like I was smushing my new booty I was so uncomfortable :(..make sure yu higher a nurse to stay with yu the first night yu will definitely need one!!!. I had to get a blood transfusion which was $220 smh. before I got the transfusion I felt like shit, I was dizzy and could barely move. Like I stated before im staying at Yasmin's rh and they are awesome! the food is great and they're taking great care of me I feel like im at home! My sister had sx the same day as me and we're at the same rh, idk what I would've did without her here. Dra Duran is so sweet and beautiful but her assistants are so unprofessional, they had 7 other girls scheduled for sx the same day as me(including my sister) but I believe she only did 4 that day...Im very happy with my results tho, keep in mind im only 2 days post op so the little fluid on my belly will be gone soon. I also had my first massage today and it didn't hurt as bad as everyone makes it seem. I do well with pain too so it might be different for yu. I feel like im setting an example for the girls who are stuck between lipo and a tt. I only got lipo and bbl and I look fab already!!!!!


Can't wait to fluff, this pic does me no justice trust me

Almost 5 months post

Let's just say Duran created a beast!!!! I'm pretty much back to my normal self. A little swelling in my stomach every now and then but other than I feel great! I have no regrets
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