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When I first started communicating with Duran she...

When I first started communicating with Duran she responded right away now not so much. I sent her my deposit and she said she never got it :/ I really like her and her work but Id be lying if I said I wasn't a little concerned. Only because I just read her first bad review before that she never had any. But I am trying to stay positive because sad as it may be I am willing to take the risk to improve my body. I have PCOS those of you who don't know what that is it is basically an over production of male hormones. I gain all my weight in my upper body I have NO ass and NO hips and I am hairy. Freaking sucks so yes I am desperate and I just pray to GOD that everything goes right! I might have my grandma do some Mexican juju for good measure lol XD! I'm 5'1 150 lbs. Im thinking I will get to 140 before my surgery. Im taking vitamins and Im going to be juicing as well to get lots of micronutrients to help pump by body of good antibodies prior to surgery. Duran is a BEAST and only has one bad review Im sure all surgeons have at least one bad review even the best. This is why it's so important to do everything in my power to prepare and be healthy to avoid complications. Thank God my fiancée will be there. He's actually paying for it bless his heart he hates that my self esteem is so low. He loves me the way I am but wants me to do this because he knows I want it so bad. I get upset when I see my reflection sometimes because I just want to look like a woman more then I care about being perfect. Anyway I believe in the law of attraction so I'm going to focus on all the women who had wonderful experiences with Duran and I am going to stay positive and give lots of positive energy so I will receive it back! I will post some pre-op pics and of coarse after once I've had my surgery. OK I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP LADIES WITH THIS... Since I am getting the TT and BBL combo procedure how do I sleep?! I've heard people saying she has her patients laying down right away but uh I am hard headed and I will be laying on some type cigar pillow or something to take pressure of my ass! I don't want to lay on my sides either because I don't want to mess up my hips! What do think is the best option??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Ok ladies I will post before and afters but only AFTER I get my procedure done. The reason is my butt is seriously that bad lol. Like the worse out of any Duran patient I've seen it's really embarrassing so id rather hold off on posting pictures of myself until I have a new and improved me because at that point the before will no longer be so humiliating! I am going to post some wish pics however!! My fiancée has already purchased the plane tickets we where originally going to just stay at a hotel but since I'm getting the combo procedure he wants to stay at a recovery house. Do any of you dolls recommend anyone? We definitely want a nurse there 24/7!

Me being silly and RANDOM

Ok so I'm starting to get REALLY excited lol! Me and my man where joking about making a playlist to jam too on our way home!!

Miss new booty

Who booty is that

Baby got back

Thong song

In those jeans

XD BAHAHAHAHAHA I can't help but get super turnt up when I hear songs about booties! >>dork

People's opinion on traveling for Surgery

Ok this is my last update today I've been on this site all night lol to address those who try and throw shade on Latin plastic surgeons I will say this. The BBL was a procedure that ORIGINATED in Latin American Countries! I have chosen to have my surgery done by a Dominican surgeon because I'm getting more bang for my buck! I feel like Amercian surgeons are way too conservative with their grafting. They want to charge 10k+ for a few hundred ccs why would I do that when I can get my ENTIRE body sculpted lipoed contured AND tucked and get STACKED with 1400ccs in each cheek and come back looking like ANYTHING FOR SELENA'S?!?! It's more about the RESULT then it is about money! Ethnic beauty standards are very different then what most American surgeons consider "optimal results" as a latina myself I want to go to a PS who UNDERSTANDS my need to be CURVY not "American skinny" it's Kim K vs. Kate moss and I'm all about the Kim k curves! On that note gdnite BBL sisters and Good luck on your journeys! I have 38 days till my surgery! It's coming up soon so ill be updating frequently now that I have to start getting supplies and preparing for the trip!


Ok my fiancé and I just got confirmation for our reservation at plaza del sol hotel. Do any of you dolls know how to go about hiring a nurse??? Also are we allowed to take food on the plane? I was just gonna pack caned soups,ensure Ect. Also my man is gonna have to eat so is there local food places he can eat? Or should we pack some ramen lol?? I don't want him getting sick boss hogging the bathroom cause he done got the runs eating D.R food lol!!!!

Communication and lack of Information :(

So I am very excited about my surgery it is getting closer and closer BUT I am disappointed in the lack of communication. I have not spoke to Duran since I first scheduled my date which was weeks ago. I still have yet to receive conformation of my deposit and with flight and hotel booked I still have NO idea what I'm supposed to do apon arrival. I'm scheduled for surgery on the 28th but Ill be arriving about noon the day before. Do I need to go to CIPLA the day I touch down to have blood work done? Do I have my consultation the day before as well? It do I have these things done the day of my sx? Can I get all the paper work I will need to sign emailed to me before surgery? I have ALOT of unanswered questions and its frustrating. I want to stay at a recovery house but I also need to stay with in my budget however I might go ahead and try to book with an RH so I don't have to deal with stressing about getting my meds and having access to a nurse Ect since the RH does all that for you. I know Duran is a am amazing surgeon but I'm not going into this blindly I still want to cover my butt too. I messaged her assistant Elizabeth today on Facebook so hopefully she will respond to my message. I've tried calling Duran and have had no luck.

YAY!! Finally communication!!!

Ok so I spoke to Durans Asst. Elizebeth and everything is confirmed!!! I also confirmed everything with REAL RECOVERY ARMONIA! So happy because this particular RH seems to cover ALL the bases and for less then what some other RH's are charging and you still get more! So I am bookoo happy right now. We will be touching town in DR on Oct. 27 and the RH will have someone pick up me and my fiancée. The next day is the big day! And I have to be at CIPLA @ 6:30am promptly for testing :)) ok so I noticed some ladies packed quite a bit but I don't find it necessary and I think it just makes the experience more stressful. Ill be packing essentials so here's my list so far

Cotton balls
Wet ones
Dial antibacterial body wash
Coconut oil organic virgin (for my va jay prevents yeast infections and treat them ladies!)
Pill organizer
Lipo foam
Compression socks
Arm compression sleeves
Chin strap
Maxi dresses
Granny panties & cheap wife beaters
Chanclas (flip flops)
Inner tube (for sleeping and keeping pressure off my butt but still allowing me to be at an incline for my tummy tuck recovery)
Neck pillow
Pineapple Juice

Also I'm going to get a full body wax 3 days before surgery because I have very sensitive skin and I don't want my hairs itching me pressing against the garment since I won't be able to shave :/


So for a while there I was starting to get worried if everything would work out or not because my fiancee still needed to get his passport. Due to the Gov. Shutdown I was worried there would be some sort of delay during this process but thankfully he was able to get his passport and have it expedited shipped over night both ways :)) SO HAPPY!!!! Flight & recovery is booked now all I have to do is pack. I'm packing light and only taking the supplies I listed above. We have a 500 dollar miscellaneous budget for DR so anything extra needed like a second faja for instance we will just get there. I have been stressing myself the past year over this and now that it is just 2 1/2 weeks away I'm going to relax and leave it in God's hands. I know in my heart that everything will be fine and I just want to enjoy this moment! This is going to be the turning page in my life. I got pregnant with my only son who is now 4 and the absolute joy of my life. Before that I was offered a car modeling contract believe it or not. I had NOASSATALL but was relatively thin with big boobs and I looked much more portioned. My fiancee tells me every day that I am just as beautiful now as I was then but with my increase in PCOS symptoms it doesn't always feel like it. This is going to jumpstart the reclaiming of my fullest potential. Once I am done healing by January my new insurance will have kicked in and I will be able to treat my PCOS once and for all. And ladies it's been hell. My hair is falling out my skin is always dry itchy and inflammed my nails are always weak and I've put on 25 lbs. My period is so all over the place last time I skipped 3 months and I still haven't had a period this time around I have a feeling it will start right after my procedure. I read on here that surgery induces alot of girls period due to the body's response to high stress and trauma. I am slowly piece by piece pulling myself back together again. This is more then just an ass for me. This means possibly taking back my career. And I could give two shits about a TT scar that's what a tattoos for :)) and I can't wait to see what this does for our sex life. We already got it going ON so it's just going to get that much better!!! I am not one to be worried about people talking shit. Fact is they already do and will continue to do so. I don't care because I am happy my family is happy and if anyone asks I have no shame. My response will be "IT IS WHAT IT LOOK LIKE BISH AND WHAT!!!!!" I wish somebody would tell me something about I choose to do with MY OWN body! I can improve my body however I choose but these hoes with dog ass faces can't do shit to fix that! Sorry for the rant ladies but I know my realself sisters understand how I'm feeling. But no matter the difference we are all beautiful before the sx. But it is OUR life and we have the right to make choices that will bring our life IMPROVEMENT :)) Don't let anyone tell you different. Well that is all for now chicas I will keep you updated my sx is just around the corner!


Ok ladies I have had ALOT going on which is why I have been not updated in a little while. Now let me just say before I share the following please don't judge me lol. I do believe in and love Christ very much but I'm not into fundamentalism and I keep an open mind and am also very realistic. But those of you who do have spiritual relationships let me tell you! The enemy is trying to fuck with me. LITERALLY. He's terrorizing my dreams and even my poor fiancée who's practically agnostic so for him to be spooked something is not too happy about the positive direction my life is headed. I believe in the power of prayer and I need all of my sisters to PRAY FOR ME AND MY FIANCÉ and if you don't pray send me LOTS OF POSITIVE VIBES AND ENERGY. I know God is with me and I will be persistent with my plan! I KNOW God will heal and rid any and all weapons and afflictions made against me. I don't mean to sound so religious but ladies this shit is real. The enemy trying to afflict my health my stomach is swelled up been so for two weeks strait and I go to the bathroom never had this happen so swelled I have a lump under my rib now. But I know he's doing this so I know GOD will fix it. And the only reason I know the enemy is Responsible is because he showing himself...literally. But F him cause she aint shit with The Lord backing me up and with me power of prayer this whatever it is will be nothing serious when I get my labs back tomorrow. And once everything comes back clear I'm GOING to DR I will recover to the best of my health AND I will be happy and marry my fiancé and continue to build our lives. Thank you for any support you girls have given me I truly appreciate if!!! On a lighter note, I am prepared. I have supplies and I'm going to rush order a message kneeling chair for recovery PERFECT for the combo procedure! Can't wait to meet duran I just know in my heart that regardless of the attempts to put fear in me I know that everything will be ok. I am lucky to have such a supportive fiancé who will do anything to see me happy. I just want to be my best so I can give my best to him and my son. Pray ladies pray for me!!!

God is good!!!

So everything is all set and I'm cleared for surgery God is good and I'm just leaving it in his hands!! I'm so excited and just trying to mentally prepare myself. I'm getting a full body wax on Friday and then flying out Sunday SX on Monday. My hemoglobin 12.9 which isn't great but as long as it doesn't drop until sx there should be no delays. I ordered a professional message kneeling chair google it you will see why it's perfect for bbl TT combo procedure recovery. Comes in a bad it's portable but my man will be there to assemble it. Cost me 60 bucks on amazon. Hopefully it will be here by Saturday at the latest. Also ordered my inflatable tube for sleeping lol. I'm so excited so is my boo. Things have been much more calm around here so I think the dust settled with the bad energy. Those of you who prayed for me thank you! Sunday can't come any faster!!! :))

Random Vent

Just to vent.. Noticed quite a bit of negativity on RS... Ladies ignore the negativity we are all ADULTS and can make our own choices! Im grown and have done extensive research with MY doctor to know I'm in good hands! So that's it and what happened with another doctor isn't my concern because my only concern is my doctors credibility and I do not doubt hers at all at this point! We all have different reasons for doing this and for someone who is wanting to get a BBL who does that same someone bring themselves to judge other women on here for getting BBLS? Its not just about a fatass and if thats all it is to you maybe your the one with the problem not us. To think we are taking a huge risk for the sake if shallowness alone you are sadley mistaken. A womans essence is essentially about feeling good and radiating love. It's hard to do that if you look in the mirror and feel dissatisfied if you look in the mirror and don't feel beautiful EVERY woman wants to feel beautiful this is NOT a crime and anyone who tells you different is full of it. The same kind of person who says " don't complain about how you look if you don't like it do something about it" is the same person who will then turn around and insult those who ARE doing something about it. This is not SELFISH! If I am not my best if I am not feeling my best I CANNOT be my best I cannot live up to my best and I cannot GIVE my best to my family if I am not satisfied with my self internally and externally. Ladies I'm gonna try and avoid reading anymore blogs on here for now because I am annoyed with the immaturity and uneccsary ugliness. If anyone needs ENCOURAGMENT or support I'm all ears!!! Not here to put any RS sister down! This is hard enough as it is! This is YOUR life and YOUR change! Don't let anyone make you apologize for it!!! Love yourself WITHOUT APOLOGIZING!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm getting more and more excited ill give rating after my sx

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