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I'm currently 214lbs. When I started college...

I'm currently 214lbs. When I started college almost 3 years ago I was 149lbs. Between stress, classes and life I all the weight(70lbs) I lost my junior and senior year of high school. Now I am in the process of losing it all over again and this time I want to keep it off and do a little extra to give me more confidence after all the weight is gone.

I want to thank everyone for the support and...

I want to thank everyone for the support and comments. I've decided to do more research on a different doctor, just to compare their work and post op results. I feel like I'm leaning toward Dr. Duran because I was able to contact her assistant on the phone and I love her results. I was able to add her on facebook and even add some of her past patients. I'm waiting for a quote because I had to send an email with pictures of me and also the look I'm trying to get.

Although I'm excited about this procedure and the results I'm hoping to achieve, my personal life seems to be going down the drain. My boyfriend of almost three years doesn't agree with the surgery. He says he loves me the way I am and he doesn't understand why I want to change, other than me trying to lose weight. It causes a bit of tension between us when we talk about surgery. He said why don't I do it the natural way but I am. I'm losing weight but I know how my body will look when I get to my goal size. I asked him would things change if I got the surgery done and would we still be together. He said he didn't know. I love him but this has nothing to do with him and whatever personal issues he has with it. Honestly if I had to choose between the surgery and him.... I'd probably choose the surgery because I wouldn't be happy with the shape of my body and I feel like my happiness is the most important thing to me.

I'm not doing this for anyone else but myself. I don't know what to tell him if he doesn't understand that. Although I have that drama I'm trying to focused on finishing this semester, losing this weight and getting my funds together to pay for my surgery.

Might be switching to Duran... Having a hard time getting a quote...

I've already decided I'm switching doctors. Why? Because I've seen reviews on Yily saying that she doesn't always do her own surgeries. I don't know if it's true but I rather not find out half way through surgery. Don't get me wrong, I love her work and she emailed me two days ago to check and see if I still wanted surgery but I can't take that risk. So... I decided to check out Duran and I'm more than frustrated. I've been trying to get a quote since April 2013. I've called and spoke to Elizabeth 4 times. I've sent 5 emails and also sent the same thing to Elizabeth on FB while we were on the phone. I know they are busy but this is ridiculous. I'm starting to think this is a sign telling me she isn't the doctor for me.

I love her results and I will try one more time. But if this fails I will go to another doctor. I'm very patient but I feel like I've been put on the back burner.

Anywho me and my bf of three years broke up so now I'm not stressing about not having that support. My sister and my older cousin will be coming with me and we will be staying for 2 weeks. The first two days will be for vacation time and the third day is for surgery. I want to have at least 10 days to recover and have one flex day. My cousin is a flight attendant so I'm not worried about the flight.

My sister and cousin don't think I need surgery. They think if lose the weight I'll be fine (I lost weight once before). They both don't like the idea of me going out of the country to get this done that's why they are going with me. My sister even offered to match what I save if I stay in the states but the results here aren't as good.

Anywho hopefully I get a quote because I want to start gathering my pre op and post op items.

If I haven't posted my stats:
Height: 5'8-5'9
Weight: 210 (Goal: 175 or 180)
Age: 21
I will upload measurements soon

Duran emailed me back! Yay!!!

So Duran finally emails me back. This time it was quick. Even though I got a response I still wasn't given a quote. I guess I should be thankful I at least got a response. Lol

Anywho I was going through my phone and found some old pics when I was 18(freshman). That was only three years ago. Between being in a toxic relationship(3years) and college I gained more than 60lbs in those three years. Smh. But I can't dwell on my mistakes. I've gotten back into kickboxing and after I get fit enough, I plan to get back doing it competitively.

I'm no longer going with Yily

My sister is freaking about me getting surgery out of the country. Soooo I've been researching doctors in the US. I was thinking Dr.jimmerson because I live in Atl but his results don't match what I'm looking for. I've come across Dr. Cortes and I think I'm ready to put down a deposit.

Put down Deposit... Ready to dish out $7500

Hey ladies I've been working hard but gaining weight. :( I need to be 195 for my surgery in Dec. I'm 225. I've lost weight before but it seems so much harder lately. I have to get focused. Anywho my sister is excited and my mom is nervous but she'll be fine. I've received all my documents from Dr. Cortes office and I need to sign them and send them back.

I'm so sad!!!

I changed back to Duran... I can't fool myself anymore. Duran is the doctor to give me the results I want with the shape I have. Dr. Cortes wasn't my first choice but my family didn't want me to leave the country but I realized in the end it's my decision. My surgery is still Dec. 9th. I've taken care of my flight and where I will be staying. My sister will be traveling with me. I'm super excited.

Duran messaged me back

So... Duran messaged me back but it was only in response to question about money. Lol, I had to pay Bella Vita to get my quote after months of calling the DR and running up my phone bill. I also sent hella messages on Facebook and email. I asked her did she prefer US Dollars or Dominican Pesos. She responded in a day or so. I understand shes busy and she has people constantly messaging her on all outlets. But the only time she actually paid attention to me is when I went through hell and back to get a date and quote. I guess she don't play about people who not serious but damn it's like that. Lol, all I care about is when I get there I'm satisfied with my results and Dra. Duran's aftercare is exceptional. Anywho I'm super excited!!!

Super excited and procrastinating like crazy. How did you get your PCP to prescribe you post-op meds?

Sooo... I have almost everything... In a cart on amazon and Walmart. I have my passport, my flight and stay booked. But everything else I need to get I haven't gotten. Lol. It's just a matter of time. I'm not sure how to get the antibiotics and pain meds. I'm really not sure if my PCP would be willing to prescribe narcotics. She knows I'm getting the surgery but not outside the country. How did you get your PCP to prescribe you post-op meds?

Bella Vita Inquiry

Here is the email they sent me with the price:

Thank you for inquiring about our services at Bella Vita!

We look forward to helping you in any way that we can throughout your journey.

We can help you with an array of different services which include acting as a liaison between you and the surgeon, providing consultation during the process, obtaining your quote, confirming and securing your date as well as coordination services which include: reserving your hotel and/or other stay accommodations, arranging for your car service, nurse service, cook (if needed), massages (if needed) and anything else you may want or need during your stay in the Dominican Republic - including tourist activities, if you would love to see the beaches or experience the town. Our services are universal to all surgeons in the Dominican Republic.

Please refer to the client agreement for any information needed regarding our services and how they may benefit you during this process.

In addition to our established medical tourism in the Dominican Republic, we are excited to announce that we have now expanded into Colombia and are offering ALL INCLUSIVE packages! These all inclusive packages include all costs pertaining to your surgery, post-operative massages, transportation, recovery house and airfare!

To best accommodate you we accept all methods of payment and offer our clients financing through our lender network, these services are exclusive to Bella Vita clients only.

If you are interested in moving forward, please complete and return the questionnaire and client registration and agreement forms along with providing photos of yourself if you are in need of a quote as well. Please make sure to read all of the details on the forms provided.

Once we receive the completed forms, we will forward you an invoice via Paypal.

After the initial steps have been completed, we will begin building your client profile and working on your case.

We offer two options to potential clients, which is to become a Standard Client or a Premier Client. Premier clients have immediate access to earlier dates that become available where standard clients are waitlisted and will be accommodated based on their place in line. As a Premier client we have to accommodate you before others typically because of the imminent need for an earlier date, which requires us to work harder due to short notice which interrupts our standard process of how each phase is pushed through the pipeline. The Premier client fee is $350 whereas the Standard client fee is $200.

Please make sure you indicate which option you would be interested in so I know how to accommodate you.

I can't believe this crap!!!!

I'm sick. I have an acute sinus infection with bronchitis caused by asthma. Really!!!! I'm almost two weeks from my surgery date!!! I'm afraid they won't want to operate on me. I care about my health but I can't believe this happened so close. They put me on antibiotics for ten days and I can't take my vitamins and blood builders because it might affect the antibiotics. I'm so sad. I hope it clears up fast and I can on that plane feeling great. Help me please!!! Anyone have any advice?!?!

Still feeling aweful

So... While I'm at home miserable I came to the conclusion I will be getting arm lipo as well. Why not go for it, it's only $250 each plus the garment. I originally didn't want to because I don't want to have a blood transfusion and I hear it's almost guaranteed if you get arm lipo. I figured I'd get it done now since I was gonna wait and come back and get it done. I'm still getting my supplies together. I'm still trying to figure out how to get some pain meds. My cousin will be having her twins anytime soon so I'm trying to bribe her to give me a few. She doesn't want to because she doesn't want me to get the surgery. I'm excited I'm just hoping I'm completely better by then.

Feeling better!

I'm feeling better but not completely 100%. I still need to buy a larger suitcase and the majority of my supplies. I'm soooo ready. Does anyone think the arm lipo is worth it? I don't want to go through that type of pain if it's not worth it. I heard the arm were the worst.

Tomorrow is my flight!!!

I'm super excited and so is my sister. We leave for the Dominican Republic tomorrow at 10:00am. Jose Brito will be our driver. I honestly feel like I should have found a better avenue to contact Duran. I feel like if I would have bought a few calling cards and stayed calling I would have gotten a quote. The only reason I went through Bella Vita was for a quote but since I paid so much I figured I'd take advantage of the other services that are included. I've been in contact with them but they take to long to respond. I asked for my driver and masseuse contact info but I haven't gotten it. I got my drivers contact info off a realself member page. I'm hoping she emails me the masseuse contact info or I'm going to have to do some research. I saw on LeslieMosko blog that there are people offering to get you a quote for free. I wish I would have saw that before I paid because I'm basically doing the rest on my own. I also didn't like in the beginning how I was being pressured to stay at a recovery house. I have someone with training that's traveling with me that will be waiting on me hand and foot so I don't see the purpose.

I'm ok

I've had my surgery with Dra. Duran and I'm ok. I'm feeling a lot better than before. My sister has been taking care of my in our apartment that we rented. It's not for everybody, me and my sister are close but when she saw come out of surgery with no color with barely any blood she almost lost it. I had to have two units of blood. The shivering after surgery was real. I wasn't cold but the lack of blood had me shaking like crazy. My sister has been awesome but I would recommend having someone that does this. Also Jose Brito is our driver and he has been a Godsend. He does above and beyond what he's suppose to do. I'll write a more extensive review and add pics when I'm feeling better.

Merry Christmas!

Hopefully I will be able to do a in depth review soon. My recovery has been just that, a recovery. My emotions have been up and down. I've cried myself to sleep and been depressed. But I've also been excited about my new body. I will upload new pictures soon. I haven't really taken many pictures without my garment because I'm not out of it for long. I get tired fast but my energy level is a lot higher than right after surgery. I can't wait until I'm at least 90%. I went to my PCP and she said everything looks wonderful. She said there no sign of infection. She also said my results look really good.

It's been a while

Hey guys, I know it's been a while but between school and life is been hard to sit down and type a review. I was going to this massage lady and I think she softened my stomach and back up a bit but I'm not to pleased wit my stomach. Dr. Duran did a great job with removing the fat but it's uneven. I'm pretty sure that's me tho. I will upload pics. I don't really know what to put as a break down of what happened. But I'll try.

We arrived in the DR Sunday, December 7, 2014. We as in me and my sister. BTW I recommend you bring a relative, My sister was a godsend. We went grocery shopping and watched Netflix the rest of the day.

Monday I did all my labs and I had to get an extra test done because I have asthma. Also I was finishing up my period and my Hemo was 12.7 which meant I could only get lipo and bbl.

Tuesday I was supposed to go first by she had a girl from the previous day. I get the blue pill and I'm a little nervous because I'm scared I will wake up. I end up not waking up at all. The next thing I remember is my sister slapping me and standing over me trying to make sure I'm OK. I had to have two blood transfusions. She said I had turned white and she called our mom because she was scared. Ladies the shaking is real when you get out of surgery. It took me hours to calm down. I remember Dr. Duran coming in to check on me. Also I'm going to be honest, I don't know who did my surgery. It could have been Duran or it could have been someone else. I was out like light before I met anybody other than the anesthesiologist. That night was hell sleeping on my ass. I wasn't as hungry as everyone says but I was cranky. My sister said I was trying to get out of bed.

Wednesday I was so ready to go. I was up most of the night miserable. My driver Jose came and saw me which was a delight. Those nurses that get you ready for discharge are no joke. They come in and get you in that garnet so fast all I could do is groan out in pain. When I got discharged we went to the pharmacy. BTW if you get all the medicine she prescribes it's $300 down there. Smh. We got to the apartment and I slept most of the day.

BTW me and my sister rented an apartment which worked out good for me since I trust her more than anybody to take care of me and know when something is wrong. I started my massage at 3 or 4 days postop against doctors orders. She wanted to wait until I was 6 but I b couldn't take the fluid and she was glad that I did start massages. My masseuse was Jenny. BTW I spent about an hour in total with Duran the entire time I was down there.

On to my results. I'm satisfied because I have a place to start now. My butt isn't as big as I wanted it to be but my skin is tight on my butt. I'm not going for a round 2 though. I'll just work out abs work with what I have. The doctor did a good job. My problem areas are my stomach and back. My stomach as you can see in the pics is a little weird and my back still had rolls but I'm not sure if that's swelling. But overall I'm satisfied.

Ladies on your last postop appointment they will but you in this garment that you can barely breathe in. KEEP THIS GARMENT ON. The flight was fine because I changed into my stage 1 garment. But when I got home and had to put that stage 2 back on it took me, my sister and my mom. I cried because I was in so much pain.

I'm so ready to hit the gym hard

But I'm out of shape and some of my movements are restricted and uncomfortable. I have some weight to lose. I'm upper body is still big so I hope I don't lose my butt too.

I'm ready

My PCP said I can hit the gym. I'm 27 lbs away from having a normal bmi. Yayy. Also the booty greed is real. The top of my butt is starting to fluff but the bottom half hasn't. I'm a little worried that the bottom won't fluff and I'll have a high booty. Lol. My waist is small and I love it. The wrinkle on my stomach are slowly going away. I use raw Shea Butter everytime I get out the shower, I think it's really making a difference. I'm starting my diet and exercise regimen. I have 27 lbs to lose in two months. Cancun in May. I said I wouldn't do this again but I probably wouldn't do the lipo again. Like they say though, never say never. Lmao

I'm back!

So I've graduated from college and now I've started my career. I've thought about going for round two. The top of my butt is nice and fat but the bottom didn't retain the fat so it looks a little weird sometimes. Like when I sit a certain way or squeeze my muscles. Other than that I'm fine with my butt. My slack fit ok. I have to get a larger size for my butt and thighs but you have to adjust. I don't think I'll go for a round two but I will have surgery again. I'll be getting a arm lift and lipo to my stomach again. I've gained weight and want to lose my stomach. But I don't want to lose my butt so I figure I could get lipo in my stomach. I would keep my butt, my arms and stomach would be smaller, and I would still be proportional. I'm looking for doctors in the states. I would go back to the DR but I just don't feel like it. I know they will do a good job but I'm not up for everything I had to do last time. Plus I don't have that much stomach fat and the arm lift is pretty simple. I see some reasonable prices in Florida. I want to have surgery by the end of January. I have the money I just need to find the time.

Me now after weight gain

I think I want to lose 15 or 20 lbs before surgery. But now I know I'm getting an arm lift, lipo of the stomach and back, and a bbl. I know I know. I said I wasn't going for round 2 but I want an upside down heart shape.

I forgot my wish pics

My actual pics are side by side with the plastic surgery app wish pics.

Round 2 BBL and Arm Lift

I'm in the process of finding a doctor that can do my arm lift, lipo to stomach and back, and a BBL. I contacted one and they said they need to separate the procedures. I would go back to the DR but I don't want to go through the hassle. I'm thinking of going to Florida. There seems to be reasonable pricing and decent results. Hopefully I can book something about a month ahead. I will be transitioning jobs soon and I want to time my surgery between the time I end my current job to the time I start my new one but I don't have the start date for the new one. It's hard getting quotes when you don't know the day.

Thinking of Spectrum Aesthetics

Thinking of Dr. Ortega. He's board certified. I'm going to get lipo of the arms instead of an arm lift. I spoke to a coordinator and she said if I get a arm lift I can only get 1 liter of fat removed. So I've made the decision to just get lipo and deal with the sagging skin until I get a arm lift on my own. Hopefully I can get a date in late January or early February. The coordinator told me I can get the surgery now but losing some weight will produce better results. I'm thinking maybe 15 lbs. Ugh!

Having a hard time

I'm having a hard time paying my deposit for Dr. Ortega. My main issue is getting in touch with someone so I can pay the deposit. I was sent an email with the quote but no instructions on how to pay the deposit. I'm getting nervous that this may be an indication of how things will be once I pay my money. Hopefully I can get it paid soon and get my date secured.

Not going to Ortega... at least not right now.

So I don't really want to go to Dr. Ortega anymore. I paid $500 deposit and I want it back but I can't get it back. They said the deposit was already used but I never got in touch with them in time to confirm the date. It says in the contract that if you set a date you cant get it back but I never set one. I also noticed that my arms weren't added to the contract. The main reason I was getting the bbl and lipo is because I figured if I was already under I might as well get a flatter stomach and a touch up to my butt. So I've been doing research and I think I'm going to get my arm lift first and if I want my stomach and butt done I may choose another doctor. To be honest I'm not very confident in his skills. I need to see more postop pics from other chicks. Anywho... I'll write another review on my arm lift.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My doctor for my BBL was Dr. Duran. I still love my results. It was a good decision. But there are people who didn't have the same experience as me. IF you want someone to continously check on you and follow up after you leave the country she is not the doctor for you. I was fine with it because I had my PCP and a specialist back home waiting check me out back home.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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