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Hi all I am new to this. I have been doing my...

Hi all I am new to this. I have been doing my research for some time now and I've read so many different reviews on Dr.Duran and Dr. Yily also Dr. Cortes. I'm so undecided. I need the insights on who perform the best work. I don't want to travel for 5-7 hours and pay my hard earned money and don't get the curves I've been dreaming of.

I'm goin with contreras

I will be goin with contreras. My only prob is seeing more if his pics.


Hi everyone I'm so excited to finally come up with my decision about the doc I full comfortable with. Which is DR. Almonte her assistant Leslie is amazing. She is sweet and generous answers all your questions. You can call her when ever you have a question in mind she's all ears and ready to answer. I review the Dr work on previous girls and they look great. I'm looking to go to her late Feb for TT, BBL, and lipo (quoted a great price) if anyone who is goin around that time that needs a buddy please inbox me. I was suppose to go in Jan with a friend. But change of plans I had to push it back :-((... I'm not sure of the recovery houses there but Leslie said she had some to offer as while.

Almonte Doll

She sure did.. Her dolls are beauties

I can't wait

I love her shape

Healing Haven

I would like to know do anyone know of anything about Healing Haven. I need all details. Oh and also sorayas (rate, care, etc)

Recovery House

Hello Dolls in finally ready to do this. But I need one more thing a recovery house. It's either Soraya, healing haven or Angela if any one have info on them please share and also info on any other you may think is deceit. Thanks in advance.

Daisy Recovery House

Hello ladies.. Hope all Is well.. I would like to know if anyone on here would b staying at daisy recovery house around jan 17-25... Also to those that has been there how is the surrounding area. I'm not trying to go out much because I here it's kind of dangerous over there.. But I really don't want to stay inside for all those days neither.


Omg I can't believe this day is finally here.. I am on the plane and ready To go. Ladies I will keep u updated.. Keep me in your prayers and good luck to all those that are having sx today.

Need a doc in the US

My friend and I need to leave 5 days post ops which isn't enough time for the doc to remove the stitches or the drain. We would like to know is there any doc in NY that will remove it for us and also the price.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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