Cabral Barbie in the making - Im a Shorty 5'1 130lbs - Dominican Republic, DO

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Let me start by saying I stalked and lurked at soo...

Let me start by saying I stalked and lurked at soo many different reviews for different drs.. Started by Dr.Robles, Dr. Olempu from Miami, Dr.Duran (whichnever got a quote from) Now Ive made up my mind and Yily de los santos it is. I am short lol really short 5'1 about 130 which I need to gain atleast 15lbs to get the results I desire... My date with Yily is on the end of Feb... Sooo excited!!

Ok Ladies switching to Dr. Hector Cabral

Yes yes Ive done my research on him aswell as all this other drs. I am switching over to him bc the only complaint that he is getting lately is that he is putting too much booty on this dolls lol and yes dolls that's the only complaint I want to have after sx. Starting to prepare myself and getting ready. He quote me at 3500.00 Lipo & BBL. I reached him Through his whatsapp. He replied to me within 3 days. I little update on my weight Ive gained about 10lbs im here stuffing my face im currently at 140lbs still short lol but Cabral said that I didn't need to gain weight like Yily asked me to soooo idk where is he planning to get all this fat from but I am ready to get that Booty !! ill post pic soon

Changed to Cabral !

Ok Ladies soo I got a quote from the King of Booties $3500.00 Lipo and BBL and I am switching over to him just because I know he is going to give me what I want and need. MY date 02/15/16 soo any body that wants to buddy up lmk AND Yes ive done my research on him and I believe that no matter what doctor or country there is always going to be a risk soo with that said Cabral it is !! Looking for RH now... looking at Serenity RH lets see ladies EXITEDDDDDD! On my way to my bigO'l Butt lol

Pre-Op Pic

Here is my Pre op pic including the 10-15lbs ive gained I am about 145lbs now have ate everrrrthang lol chocolate, funkfood :( I cant stand this over weight situation, cant even take selfies nomore haha too fluffy.. Even after Cabral said I did not have to gain any weight I am trying to get a lil more fat in case.. Im just scared of not getting what I want soo more fat for the fatty. I will be staying at Yasmin RH I contacted them via Email. Im Sooo anxious!!!!


Watch out cuz Ms New Booty is coming soon !! Cabral Got this!! just by looking at them makes me want to fly out now lol but summer 2016 is not going to be a good ONE :)


More wish pics and also thinking on inner thighs lipo. Looks really good !! Cant wait anxious cant time go any slower ? about to be #MADEinDR

Must Update!!

Ok ladies I missed a Great piece of info. On 2012 I had a tummy tuck done in Miami with Idk even know the doctors name some individual that gave me a "great deal" I didn't know better :( but now I know that I risked my life with someone who wasn't even capable of doing this procedure !! ahhhhhh!! PLEASE LADIES RESEARCH RESEARCH YOUR DOCTORS! My belly button is horrible WENT back and ofcourse that doctor was no longer there. That's when I realized I had gotten scammed and lied to!! Horrible experience! Please get informed. NOW I thank God for RealSelf ! but at the same time by seeing all this tummy tucks I can see mine is just real bad. :(((( It was very hard and painful. That's why this time around I am making sure I know who I am going to and I am not willing to ever ever get a tummy tuck again its was just a very bad experience. Just wanted for you ladies to know a little of my tummy tuck experience and the reason why I would never recommend someone getting more than one procedure done I thought I was going to die just with tummy tuck can't imagine getting lipo + tummytuck+Breast augmentation or lift+BBL.Nooo. It was too much. Btw that doctor only did the tummy tuck NO LIPO he sucks!! lol I looked worst than even before I got that procedure done :(( Oh well its done now. Good luck ladies! Ill upload some pics later. Oh and I am going to ask Cabral if he can do anything to fix my belly button. I hate it! ok go on ladies haha


Hello Ladies as our date gets closer and closer I get crazy and crazier about Cabral's Dolls results there is not one that I have not loved !! Ok. for the ladies having tummy tuck Here is a beautiful before and after. As for me I am only getting Lipo, BBL and he definitely does a wonderful Bbl, Lipo! Can't wait for FEB... Taking My vitamins and still eating everything I want. Still 145 lbs.. Happy healing to all

Cabral Barbie 4/25/16

Took me a while to take the decision changed my date a couple of times and now Im here finally Cabral Doll..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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