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Okay, I've stalked this site for way too long...

Okay, I've stalked this site for way too long now. I have finally decided to GO FOR IT!!!!!! I love the results that I have seen. I'm reading all the reviews and becoming more and more excited as my day get closer. I have made my deposit plus a few payments towards my balance, scheduled my date with Lesley, checked the air fair and booking my flight this weekend, gathering supplies and more. I'm going to be a Almonte Doll on June 27, 2016 and I can't wait. The women she has created, I'm sure she has completely changed their life for the better. Her work is amazing, I have NOT read one bad review and I'm been stalking her for a year now. I can't wait for the day I can put on that sexy ass form fitted dress, and look in the mirror at a plumped ass instead of a flat back. Now, I have to do my part and lose weight so that she can do her part and create perfection. This is where the struggle begin, however, if I want the results that I know she can achieve, I have to be diligent and do my part... I'll continue to keep you all posted on my journey. I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED!

This site is sooooo encouraging!

I finally had a day off work and all I have done was read reviews and updates and I'm getting more and more excited. I hate that I didn't start this process last year when my co-worker told me about Dr. Almonte. She had a TT, and liposcuplture. Her body is banging, butt was already big, so she didn't need any addition to it. I low-key stalked her from across the room, lol. For a minute, I thought she had her ribs broke because her waist line is definitely a well defined Jessica Rabbit or better, so I asked and this is the moment that changed my life... She was a new nurse going through orientation when I met her. Her not knowing me, nor me her, I was very hesitant to ask, however, she was conversing about the surgery she had to another co-worker, so I said the hell with it, "Where did you go?" This is when she gave me the doctors name, RealSelf website, Lesley (Dr. Almonte assistant) name and number. I started looking at reviews, looking at pictures of her work and it went from there. I searched the websites for months before I joined. I stalked (literally) the Doll's she has created. I became obsessing crazy and my bestfriend told me I was a 'Nut'. I looked at other PS's work, however, I was always led back to Almonte. I finally decided to take the leap and sent my deposit in few weeks ago, and made 2 additional payments towards my procedure. I booked my flight today instead of waiting until this weekend. I got too excited reading the reviews, I jumped on right quick and booked it and then back to RS. Passport already in effect from previous travels out the country, so that's one less concern of mine. I've always struggled with anemia, therefore I've taken Folic Acid since childhood, and a daily multivitamin for about 10 years now. So when I received my first quote from Lesley, last year (YESSSS last year), I started taking Vitamin C. As of recently I've added more supplements to my collection. I added Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, Iron tabs, and a few others. Since then I reached out to Lesley again and received an updated quote which was pretty much the same thing and made my $350.00 deposit. My next step is to start collecting my must haves...I'm definitely getting the majority of the items from work (my fringe benefits). I'm a Registered Nurse in an emergency department and I have access to so many things, therefore, that lightens the load off my pockets. I'm definitely enjoyed reading so many reviews, and moments of confusion and doubt. But remember, we are all in this together, we are our support when we feel we don't have it at home. Good luck to all old, new and future dolls and to those who haven't completely decided to become a doll. I'm always open to any words of wisdom, advice, concerns or whatever. For those who are on the fence and stalking reviews like I was doing, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I definitely will answer if I can. Take care!!!!!!!!

Flight Booked!

Forget to post this...I'm too geeked. I feel like a little girl about to get ready for her first date, super excited. I can't even say I'm nervous yet, I guess because the date is way at the end of June. Oh yeah, it's a good idea to get the TSA security check clearance, this allows you to move through the airport lines without being searched and having to remove shoes, jackets, belts, jewelry, etc. It's $85.00 and it takes about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks for approval. It's well worth it, especially coming back home, when you are exhausted and uncomfortable from your procedure. I believe the website is You should also get more information about it when you order your passports. The process takes less than 15 minutes. I completed my application online, scheduled an appointment to take in my documents (current passport or government issued ID and birth certificate) and the interview was literally less than 10 min. Keep that in mind. Just a thought.

Definitely the body I want.....Porsha

When I tell you this lady have the baddest body I've seen. I want her body soooooo freaking bad!!!! Obsessed with Porsha Williams body. I know for a fact Almonte is the one, all of her dolls are shaped like Porsha.

Wish like hell pic!

How can I forget this pic. My Super WISH...

Made some progress today!!!!!!

Okay, so I had a day off work today and I was able to get some things done. I had my physical today and had my baseline labs drawn to see where my hemoglobin is sitting. I struggle with keeping it up, but I've been diligent in taking my Folic acid, Iron tabs, Vitamin C, B, D. I also strategically scheduled my doctors appointment to have my blood drawn after I end my monthly cycle because my surgery is scheduled a week after my cycle ends. Thank goodness for period tracker. it's on point. My current weight is 236 uggggggg, but I'm working on getting 30-40 of it off by the time of my surgery. I'm 5'10" and Almonte will not touch you with a BMI of 35 or more. I know I have to do it to achieve the best results possible. I also ordered my BBL post surgery cushion which is on back order until mid! March. It's in high demand. I'm gonna take a quick nap and later run to western union to make another deposit. Take care Dolls... Until next time.

My time has come-June 27, 2016

Hey RS family,
Wowwwww, it's been some time since I last posted. Anyway, my time has come, it's my turn to get the body I have always dreamed of. In exactly 1 week and 2 days, I will be in Dominican Republic laying across the table and in the skillful hands of Dr. Fatima Almonte and I can not wait. I'm sooooooo excited and to this day, I'm not afraid. I'm traveling alone, but it's cool. I was hoping I could find someone traveling during this time to buddy up with who is staying at the same RH I'm staying at. I'm sure I'll meet more dolls when I'm there. Anyway, I've been focused on getting myself together to be at my healthiest I could be, however, all plans doesn't go as planned, lol. I have everything I need to travel with, but I did not shed the 30-40 pounds as intended, but did shed just a few. On my physical, everything checked out well. I was afraid my hemoglobin was going to be on the low side, but shockingly it was above 12. Other labs were all within normal limits as well. EKG was normal, supplies purchased, some packed. New dresses purchased for my new body. Can't wait to try them on to see the silhouette of the hour glassed shaped figure I'm so waiting to see. My journey begins in 1 week. I'll keep you posted...

My Home recovery house

Hey dolls,
Does anyone have any information and/or thoughts on My Home recovery house? This is where I'll be staying after my procedure.

The awful truth

Ok, I'm exactly 1 week to the day I will be in the DR being transformed. When I say I can't wait to hit the entrance of the plane next Sunday. I still have not felt any nervousness as of yet, but who knows I may get nervous & maybe not. What I do know is that I'm becoming anxious and ready to blow this popsicle stand (US). I really didn't want to post my pre pics because of being so embarrassed of my body, but who better to show than my RS family where there are so many of you going through the same thing as I'm going through & so many of you feeling the same emotions as I am. Anyway here's the awful truth...

These chicks right here

These chicks right here got bad ass bodies also. Theirs were created as well, that's the cool thing about it.

Her work is exceptional

I love looking at these before and after pics from Dra. Fatima Almonte, Her work is exceptional, I can't wait for her to create a new me. All are amazing before and after pics. These bodies look so natural

4 days pre-op

It's 4 days before my scheduled appointment. I have everything I believe I will need, I may even have too much shit to carry there with me. The problem is, I have not started to pack anything. I've thrown stuff in my suitcase but that's about it. I am missing one thing and that's my pee-ez, it's not going to be delivered until I return home. I wish I had known that this small thing was going to take so long to be shipped out. Any whoo, I'm going to Walmart and buy my a funnel, yup, that funnel we use to add oil to an engine, fluid to our transmissions and etc., lol. The pee-ez looks just like a cute little pink funnel. Heyyyyyyy, I know how to improvise. I'll have everything packed by Saturday afternoon. I hate that I'm such a procrastinator!!!!
Take care dolls, talk to you soon.

Counting the days

The day is almost here, I'm counting down the days. I'm so excited because all is going the way I want it to NOW. I must confess, I'm a big procrastinator. I started off good with making my bi-weekly payments but fell off. I waited to the very last minute to send my final deposit & boy did I get the run around because the payment was one large amount going out of the country. These companies are worried about scams and innocent people being robbed of their hard earned money. Anyway, I went to several western union locations as well as money gram. I swear it was the government doing all these back ground checks...sheeessshhhhhh. Finally, I ended up at Walmart to complete my transaction TODAY...A few days before my damn body renewal. I would have been devastated if I my reconstruction was delayed or postponed because of my foolishness. Anyway, balance sent & confirmed with Lesley Maria, soooooooooooo I'm on cloud nine right now. Now, how u doin?????

ohhhh yeah

I guess I need to pack my things, my flight is early Sunday morning.

One day and then snatched...

Dra. Almonte has snatched the life out of these waistlines and added the life to these asses. One day and counting! I absolutely love her work, it's so natural.

In the ATL waiting on my connecting flight, going to get this body right!

Okay I'm on my way to the DR. Flights from Detroit to ATL & then Santo Domingo. I'll be sure to keep you all updated.

People watching

I'm sitting here watching all the passengers wandering who else is on their way to get reinvented, lol. I see a few chicks that are suspect, lmao

I have arrived!

I have touched down & they are not playing. I got off the plane, got my bags, made my way to ground transportation. Walked out & didn't see my name...I screamed inside. My flight had so many damn delays, 1st they had more luggage that apparently was found sitting somewhere so they had to load it. So now we are on the runway preparing for takeoff, didn't that damn pilot say there's a problem with the plane. I'm thinking, get me on a damn plane that works, I have a ass waiting on me in the DR. Finally an hour later, we're up & in our way. So when I arrived in thought maybe my driver had left because I wasn't on time or no one had come period. All types of shit running through my mind. Soooooooooooo, I'm standing there fumbling with my phone to try & call some damn body, who I don't know, but somebody. Low & behold I look up & see my name. Neper (the infamous driver) was standing with a sign my name posted, I was like yeahhhh! We made eye contact at the same time. When he seen that kool-aid smile he knew it was me. He told me he didn't think it was me because I was standing there too calm. I told him I was screaming inside. Anyway, he picked me up, grabbed my bags & said, you're on your way to the clinic & you will be staying there overnight because your surgery is tomorrow. I wanted to do a damn cart wheel! So here I am at CECIP, lab work completed, cardiologist evaluation done, waiting on xrays, so far the cardiologist gave me 2 thumbs up. I'm so ready. I'll keep you updated, they just bought my dinner. I'm hungry, didn't eat anything all day hoping to loose at least 1 pound before sugery, lmao! Peace...


Just an idea of what CECIP looks like if you're coming here. It's nice & clean. It's located right across the street from the Presidents office so it's super secure here, armed forces all around.

The day has come.

Good morning RS sisters & family. The actual day is here. It's 6am & I'm waiting to get marked up by the doctor and go to the OR. Though I was disappointed yesterday from the news I received, I am good now and have excepted the things that I can not change. I was told my hemoglobin was 11.9 after all the stuff I did to maintain it. They had to send it out to be confirmed. All it is, I can't have everything done in want because of the aggressiveness of the procedure. But I'm good with it, I'll get my sides, abdomen & flanks done and have it transferred into my butt. I understand SAFETY is priority. But I just wanted to show my room where I will be one more night & then off to the RH. It's very clean, big and spacious with a couch for your guest if you are bringing someone. But they will bust right in on yo ass, lol. I locked the door once & they were banging like the police, I was like whooo is it, lmao. Anyway, This is where I am. Now, until the next step, I'm out...

Send prayers

Hi family,
I'm on my way in, please send your prayers. I know God has me and the medical staff covered. May He continue to keep us covered in His saving grace. Amen.

Just waking up

Hi everyone, I'm just waking up but not from surgery, I was woke up by a knock on the door by Dra Almonte who came to meet me and tell me my platelet count was too low also, therefore my blood was redrawn and sent to another lab for confirmation. I must admit, they are doing everything they can to ensure you are able to get what you came for with your safety 1st. So I'm just waiting on those results now. First yesterday Lesley delivered the low hemoglobin news, now today the low platelet count news. I'm not upset because if it's for me it will be. They are so freaking sweet & cute you just can't get upset. Always smiling with a hug & a kiss on the cheek.
Not sure what's going to happen next but I'll keep you updated.

What just happened

Results are in. The redraw is abnormal as well so no surgery for me. I'll need consultation with a Hematologist and we'll go from there. WTF just happened, last month my labs were excellent with the exception of vitamin D, that was replaced by prescribed medication. Not Not sure what's going on with this body of mine. I double up on Folic acid & iron iron added blood builder in the last few weeks & doubled up on it within the last week. I can't figure it out. Soooooooooooo, I'm patiently waiting to get the cost to be evaluated by the Hematologist.

Thanking God that they care...

Good morning Dolls,
I'm here at my recovery house and it's nice here. The staff is wonderful as well. They are very caring and attentive to all the girls needs. Although when I walked through the doors it was someone setting it off telling me I'm not safe here, she's not safe and so on & so on, but the kicker was...everyone else was very calm & collected. That told me she was the issue. She was demanding a full refund after day 8, lmao. Chick pleazzzzz get out of here. They called a cab for her & sent her on her way in her panties & drain. All the other dolls were relieved to see her go. Come to find out she was an alcoholic (by her own admission) & she was probably too far out of not having a drink. There's no telling what she had stashed in her suitcase & ran out. The others girls said she kept talking about getting to the airport to get drunk. But anyway, I'm thankful for my process that I'm following. I'm praying it's nothing major with my health but if it is, thank God I will find out early. I would have been at home ignoring what ever it may be. Thank God for Dra Almonte and the specialist that works with her. Their team is awesome, if one identify a problem everything shuts down. One dollar said she coughed & she had to see a pulmonologist, lol. They be on it. Another sniffed & she was almost shut down. They are not playing here in the DR. Thank God they care about their reputation as well. My appointment for the Hematologist is today. I'll keep you updated on what happens. Oh by the way... I started my treatment last night.

Game On!!!!!!!

Okay Dolls,
Game on, okay so I don't have a serious issue. I was taking all kinds of anti-inflammatory medication for my raggedy ass knees (arthritis on top of a knee injury). I took that shit around the clock for a lengthy amount of time therefore affecting my blood. I also started a strict diet which also had an affected on my blood. So I'm doing a five day treatment & back to the hospital on Sunday for a redraw. I was told to eat lots of red meat & beans to increase my blood counts, it's a done deal. Drink plenty citrus juice, orange, passion fruit, etc. I'm claiming Monday as my day of reinvention day, I'll keep you updated. Deuces Dolls....

My Home Recovery House - main floor

Well Dolls,
I've been trying to post pics of My Home recovery house just to give you an idea of what to expect if you're interested in coming here, but for some reason, RealSelf won't allow it. But it's okay so far. The people are nice, food okay, but they will order out for you if you like. I have even went to the nearby mall and ate there. My countdown continues, 2 more days til the infamous blood draw & results. One more day of medications. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. I definitely appreciate the support. I'll try again later to post pics. Take care sisters.

Going up stairs

Okay, let me try and add more pics. Didn't want to add too many at a time. It's been kicking me out for the last 2 days.

My room here at the RH.

This is where I have rested my pretty little head since being here. It's comfortable, but I'm bored out my mind watching everyone's recovery and curves, lol. I'm happy for these shapely heffa's (shade sent), lmao. But really they are sweet and their recoveries are going well.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Hey yall,
Here we go again. Tomorrow I go and get my lab work checked again to see where my HEMO & platelet count is sitting. Thinking about it, I have suffered because I've been wanting to snack on shit that may or may not affect my labs. HELLLLLLL, it better be sitting real pretty. Honestly, I did cheat. I went to the mall and had a double scoop of hagen daes ice cream and booty watched, lol. Yesssss, I said it. I watched every ass that walked pass me without any shame, lmao (I wish I coulda snapped some pics of those thangs). They probably thought I was batting for the same team, but noooooooooo, I was just sizing those asses up...
So Dolls, I was just doing a quick check in and ask for prayers, and some fingers & toes crossings. I'll keep you posted.
From your soon to be curvy doll!!!! ->I'm out


Irritated as hell right now. I'm just getting to the hospital to get my blood drawn. This damn fool just don't understand what I've been through. Anyway, needed to vent, but I'm here now. Wish me luck.

About last night!

Okay so the last 24 hours have been hell. I waited all damn day for one simple word, either yes or no.
So, I had my labs drawn early Sunday morning. Before the driver could get me back to the RH good & before I could get out the car, the nurse was standing outside informing him he would be coming back to get me later to take me back to the hospital to stay because my surgery was scheduled for the morning. Okay so I'm geeked and smiling inside. So she got word from someone apparently. All damn day, I'm sitting around this hot ass house waiting on this man to beep his horn for me, nothing. Every other car in DR came by & blew that damn horn except for the one I was waiting for. The girls decided to go to the mall so I went to my room to pack & make sure I had everything I needed for my overnight stay. Those girls came back, still no word. I'm ready to scream at this point. I started sending messages to the assistant. She's slow to respond shit tell me something that's all I want is a word. Anyway after storming down the stairs to speak with the nurses they called and asked. They were told that the driver will pick me up in the morning to take me to the hospital. Damnnnnnnnnnnn can I get a ass or what????? I'm going through it.

I can't!!!!!!!!

What the fuccccc! Okay so right after my last post, the nurse and doctor walked in and said. We just spoke to the Hematologist and she want us to hydrate you and draw your labs again, so maybe you will be the last surgery for the day. I can not catch a break...Maybe I don't need a ASS! I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what happened or didn't happen!

Okay RealSelf, it's been real. Good news & bad news. Which one you want 1st?
Bad news it is...
It didn't go down in the DR. No ASS for me. Hemoglobin was on point, but platelet count didn't come up enough. My platelet count started at 116,000, after the week long steroid therapy it came up to 126,000. The Hematologist nor the Anesthesiologist would not sign off on it being under 150,000. So I'm taking my flat ass back to the states and start over. Yup, I have not given up. I will have a ass one day.
Good news...
I got the support of you beautiful people on here which helped me through this. I also met some sweet & cute people here, we'll now curvy & sexy people who I will continue to bound with outside of the DR. The staff here is wonderful. I would not change this experience for anything in the world. Most importantly, I'm going back home living and not half dead or dead. I thank God for miracles. This could have ended different under the care of someone else. Dra. Almonte and her team is awesome. I love her bedside manners and feel very comfortable in saying, I'm coming back to her for my procedure. I received a full cash refund back before I walked out of the hospital and they had my driver there in no time to transport me back to the RH. I'm grateful for the experience, and the support of you all.
Until next time....


Are you sad?
Was this trip worth it?
Will you do it again?
Did you develop bounding and nurturing friendships?
Will these friendships extend beyond DR?
Are you coming back?
Are you going to be prepared?
Will you use the same surgeon?
Will you document the process next time around?
Do you feel like you will accomplish your goals on your next journey?
Are you ready to go home and start over?

One answer to all my questions!!!!!
Thank you RealSelf family


Okay RS,
It's my last day here in the DR. Can't wait to get to that airport, get on that plane & go home.
I went back to the hospital today and had a sit down with Dra. Almonte assistant Lesley and she said something that made me love them even more. We spoke about so much in such a short time. I continuously thanked them for having their standard of practice. She hugged me and said "We just don't want to be the people to call your family to tell them something has happened to you. We don't have the heart for that, so we would rather cancel everything until you're all better. It's not worth it to us." That was very touching. She hugged me so hard and I seen the sincerity in her face and heard it in her voice.
A note for others...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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