Finally Doing It!BBL. Dr. Yily 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have finally decided to do this surgery. I made...

I have finally decided to do this surgery. I made a promise to myself that this year will be the year I do whatever makes me happy. I've been wanting a big butt all my life! I was supposed to have been gotten my surgery done 5 years ago but something always comes up. And of course I wanted to see if I can avoid the cost with just diet and exercise. But you can't grow the butt you want while decreasing waist size. And not only that I gain hips! I find it to be extremely impossible. So I started saving and I've made up my mind to make my dream body a reality. I'm 26,no kids, 5'5.5",180 lbs. People think I'm pregnant when they meet me. It's embarrassing. But I've been in denial, telling myself it's ok because ppl offer me seats on the train and bus because they think I'm preggo.. but reality kicks in when you go shopping. I will wait til my surgery is done to post the BEFORE pics. I will post more of my journey as I go along just wanted to introduce myself to you guys. Till next time..

I got my quote in 1 day!

So I emailed Dra. Yily de Los Santos on Feb the 12th and literally got my quote a few hours layer! The email was super detailed so im gonna have to break it down in sections!


Your all-inclusive quote for surgery & accommodations: (AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED)

· Liposuction of the abdomen, armpit areas (bra fat areas), full back, flanks and waist

· Brazilian Butt Lift via fat transfer

· Recovery House accommodations: 8 days, 7 nights in a triple room

· Round Trip Airport Transportation from Las Americas - SDQ

· Round Trip Transportation for all doctor visits related to your surgery

Quote for everything listed above: $4,050.00 USD

(If you do not want the recovery house & transportation deduct $550 USD)
Additional Costs:

· Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present itself within the first 30 days after surgery if you’re still in Santo Domingo. Cost is $150 USD. You must purchase this insurance prior to surgery. It is mandatory.

· Blood Transfusion: A deposit of $250 USD must be paid prior to surgery. If you do not need a blood transfusion after surgery, this deposit will be refunded to you. Kindly note this deposit is mandatory.

· Compression Socks. These socks are required for all patients. This is mandatory. You have the option to obtain these on your own or purchase them at our office prior to surgery for $20 USD.

· Overnight Caregiver. You must have a companion spend the 1st night after surgery with you at the clinic or hire a caregiver. You can usually hire a caregiver through your recovery house for approx. $50 USD.

All I have to do now is secure my date. And choose a recovery house.

Wish pics

I want that nikki minaj body!
Dra. Yily de Los Santos

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