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Shout out to my newbies who have been staying up...

Shout out to my newbies who have been staying up late and getting up early just to see who made a new post on this site, preparing for when it will be our turn ^_^

So I'm new... been on this site since the beginning of the year, but only began writing... stopped because of something that happened to me and I thought I wouldn't be able to go through with it. Now that everything's okay HERE I AM...

So since I'm starting this new journey I'm gonna tell y'all a little about myself... 24 years young, have no kids yet, just about 5"3 weighing in at 178...(175 on a good day), wear a size 40G (so freakin' huge) but I've been carrying it well for the past few years. I wasn't always this big. Very tiny as a kid (use to stuff my bra lie its true.. BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR). Had mosquito bites for the longest until I went away on vacation one summer with my aunt and cousins, came back and I swear my boobs have grown a cup size every year since then. (I'm convinced the water was toxic). Pounds added on after I began working while in high school. Then even more when I went away to college, which btw I'm officially calling the freshman 25 now... lol (at least I got my degree, just need to find a better job with it or go back to school to get another one)

So after being on this website I have dwindled down to three doctors. One here in the U.S. (Dr. Perry in Miami) and two in DR. (Dr. Duran and Dr. Robles). Really hoping I can get Duran because of her work sculpting bodies (plus I'm on a budget). I have always had an ass (well everyone else says it) but want it a lil (emphasis on lil) more round and defined. I figure once I get my back and other parts lipo it will look much bigger so I wont need a fat transfer. Anywho... I haven't received any quotes yet but I was able to communicate with Perry and Robles. I guess Duran is so high in demand lately its nearly impossible to get in contact with her now. Had I done this early this year when I wanted to, I would be a Duran Doll already. Planning to do this end of April or beginning of May.. it really all depends on what going on with my life. If I go back to school it will be April... if not May of June.

For some of you who may be wondering why I didn't do this before it basically because I had issues with cyst on my ovaries which
made it hard to do pretty much anything because they caused excruciating pain (pain I would even wish on my worst enemy). I was put on birth control and no matter how healthy I ate or tried to exercise could not lose weight. (there were days I couldn't even move because I was in so much pain). It would literally take two hands and feet for me to count the amount of times I went to emergency room and different doctors explaining my problem and for them to tell me it was a functional cyst everyone has and would burst on its own... LIES. (Sistas there are times when you know when something is wrong with your body. After all you live with it everyday, all day). One nurse told me to just get pregnant and it will go away. my friend and I looked at her like wtf.. really??

Long story short I ended up in the emergency room sick like crazy only for them to tell me I have endometriosis (so tragic) and they needed to operate and remove my left ovary because the damage was too bad. (Had they done it before when I told them it would have never got that bad but that's how the system works. It was only after I got health insurance through my job were they willing to do something other than give me pain medicine)

Anywho.. I'm alright now. Haven't had any problems since then so I'm ready. I feel like I'm rambling so that's it for now. will post pictures later. hope Duran email me and I def need help and encouragement from you ladies to help get me on the right road.

Got a quote from Perry =)

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. I know I have so much to be thankful for and I pray God will continue to be with us and bless us all. Thanks for the comments ladies and please keep them coming.

So today I finally got a quote from Dr Perry in Miami. $7800 for the lipo on back, flanks, and abdomen (5 liters) and $300 to get rid of the scar under my belly button from my last surgery. I'm gonna try and post pictures later. That price doesn't seem too bad I guess since he is in the states and my mom would be happier if I did it here instead of going overseas. I'm also glad he said I wont have to do a tummy tuck since that is a fear I have (I just don't like those scars, besides the one I have is bad enough) and I know it would take longer to recover. The only thing I don't like is this 5 Liter rule they have in the states. To be honest he could probably get 5 liters from my back alone... to split it up among back, belly, and sides... just doesn't seem like enough for me and I want as much fat gone as possible... especially if I'm going to be paying all that money, don't you agree?

Still waiting on a quote from Dr Robles which should be any day now since her assistant Laura has been in constant contact with me. I received an email for Duran telling me she will get back with me when she can... not sure if its a automated message or not. I did decide to email Dr Yily just to see what her quote may be. I figured since I have a butt and since she specializes in making tiny waist she might be the right doctor for me. At first I ruled her out cause I've seen a lot of negative reviews about her lately, but I decided to give her a try. Every doctor has negative reviews and its not fair to judge them on that alone. I figure whichever doctor I choose they will be the right one and God will be with me through it all so I'll be okay. Haven't received anything at all from her though. I know shes on maternity leave so I figure its probably because of that. I guess we'll see what happens. I'll keep you ladies posted. ^_^

Pre op pics

Hey ladies of RS, so I was finally able to upload some pre-op photos of myself. Sorry for the lighting and fuzziness... it was a lot harder taking pictures of myself than I thought. I'm in need of your opinion, which doctor do you think can sculpt me the best and give me the type of body I want?

Yay Yily!!!

Thanks to the help of the the gorgeous njprbeauty I finally received a quote from Dr. Yily... yay... I'm so happy... NO TUMMY TUCK =)

Now all that left is to pick my date and i'm ready!!

Looking for RH and Travel buddies

Hola Ladies.... Happy Belated New Years!!!
I have my date with Dr Yily.. May 22nd... so excited (mostly scared but very excited...) and I need advice about recovery houses. also looking for a travel buddy. will be flying there the day before and thinking i might stay at a hotel that night. if my friend go she will stay at the hotel for a few days with me as well so idk,.. kinda lost and confused... HELP PLEASE. need serious advice please inbox me. tell me what RH you stayed in and experience there.
Thanks Lots

Almost ready!!

So I have my date confirmed, purchased my plane ticket and travel insurance (which I did through The reason I decided to get insurance is because I am traveling oversees and it seems I will be going alone if I can find a travel buddy by then. Worked out to be $41 which isn't so bad. I wanted to have cancel for any reason on my insurance, just in case God forbid, I cant go because of work or whatever, I can get my money back.. Look into it, may help if anything happens before or during the trip. It has medical, evacuation, accidental, baggage, the whole nine yards. The website I got my ticket off of (priceline) wanted me to add travel insurance with them for $34 but it doesn't have nearly as much benefits as the one I bought... Hopefully I won't have to use it but great buy just in case. Planning on staying at upscale recovery. Just have to pay my deposit but it seems great so far. Like the prices they have, (I'm a fan of the owner and her yily body) and love that it's new. Now I have to buy my faja (not sure where's the best place to get it from), and the rest of my stuff for my trip. I go to my doctor next week so I'm hoping he will be willing to prescribe my meds for me... I'll keep you guys posted. If you have any advice let me know


Decided to post some wish pics. I'll post the pre op pics of myself again either right before or after the surgery.

More pics!!!

im soooo ready!

Checked my iron level today...just because I could... And it was 15.9... Why couldnt this surgery be tomorrow????....grrrrr. im going to start looking at supply lists to see what I need to start buying and packing. I started a countdown calculator and I'm getting more excited. So ready for this!

Happy Healing Ladies!!!

Hey ladies,
I know I haven't updated in a while (there really isn't anything new happening and I don't have much to update on), but I know a lot of you either recently had, or will be having, your surgery real soon. So I'm dedicating this post to all of my RealSelf sisters and upcoming dolls to be... wheter your a Robles Doll, Duran Doll, Yily Doll, Baez Doll, Perry Doll.... it really don't I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy healing and a speedy recovery. I hope you all have successful results and stay blessed. I will be praying for you all =)

Ill be back...hopefully

Hey ladies,
I apologize but I will be taking a break from this website. There are too much negative comments and post about DR and I have made my decision to go through with this and would like to do it with a clear mind. We all make the decision for what ever reasons to partake in this journey. It works out for some and it doesn't for others. The fact is shit happens everywhere. My condolences to all that have lost someone, but being on here right now just isn't for me anymore. Please don't take this post personal.. if you do ..whateves, you just have some issues you need to work out on your own i guess. But for now I will be taking a break from ALL of realself.
Please try to encourage ladies. Happy healing for the ones who have made it to the flat side.
Luv Yall =)

Guess who's back!!!

Hey RS fam! The time has finally come and im so excited.... this feels so surreal!! A lot has been going on.... in the process of moving, crazy family situations, and a whole lot more. Just to let you guys know a few changes have been made. I am no longer going to dr yily, i love her work and shes a beast at sculpting, but i thought it over and i really REALLY wanted my breasts done. They cause the most problems and her breast work as far as reductions and lifts are not that great to me. Therefore i will be going to dr Manuel diaz. The man is so sweet and wonderful and responds to every little question i have....seriously hes great. Thanks to bfanci and jennberry. Sorry for the typos yall, im at the airport waiting to board and doing this on my phone. This trip didn't get real until i deposited that check in his account... Lol no turning back now =)
So i will still be having surgery tomorrow and ill try my best to update on a daily schedule. I know how it feels to be lurking in here waiting for someone who just got surgery to make a new post lol. To be honest im not nervous, just really excited i feel like ive been waiting for centuries. Good luck to my surgey buddies and all those dolls who just got done and will be going soon. Keep me in your prayers yall. Ttys

surgery day!!!!

Hey RS, the day has finally arrived....yay!!!!! surgery today. I pray that God is with me throughout this process and that his hands guide my surgeon and his staff to form me into the beautiful body I once had...and then some. I pray I make it in and out of this surgery with no complications what so ever and that my healing process is smooth and I have a quick recovery...Amen! PS this review will be a lil long so prepare yourself =)

So let's rewind back to yesterday.. ugh what a long, long day that was. Made it to the airport on time, all thanks to my booski, had no problems with security and my bags weren't overweight which was great. The flight wasnt to bad. . I was tired like hell and couldn't sleep for whatever reason. Made it to DR and I swear they all thought that I was Dominican Lmao. Everyone started taking to me in Spanish, I just smile and nodded, picked up on the lingo and went through customs very quick. Ladies tip #1 say "buenas" and you'll be fine lol.

Angel the driver from the rh was there to pick me up with my name in a sign. we stepped outside and instantly I felt like I was still in south fla... it was hot, (crazy cold at the airport and on the plane, but hot outside). To be honest DR is like a mixture of Jamaica and Miami to me. Beautiful place and a lot more developed and civilized than most people make it seem. I can post some pics later. Dropped my stuff off at the houses and checked in. (Side note: the staff and doctor at the rh are beautiful) I had paid off my balance for the rh before I came and I'm glad i did. when I got there Dr cedano was calculating the cost of my stay and said I owe 700. I pulled out my receipt email from PayPal and politely handed it to her which stated I already paid and had actually only owed 550... yezzz. So ladies it's nice to come prepared and bring additional copies of your paperwork just in case. Something told me to bring a copy of my receipt and I'm glad I did. Liz already sent an email confirming she received my payment but I guess they were not aware of it at the rh so... tip #2 bring all receipts and additional copies of documents.

Okay so we head over to cipla and I'm taking in the sites (they drive just like they do in Jamaica I swear) and DR is really beautiful. Did labs and xray but then had to leave and come back for the cardiologist....hmmm okay. Went back to the house. Met some girl's, had lunch which wasn't too bad, but they do give you a lot of food. Tried to take a nap and then was told I have to head back to cipla again... alright. Hopped in the car with two other ladies, arrived at cipla and that's when the waiting game began... Jesus help me. Went to Dr Diaz office to finish paperwork, (his assistant is the cutest little thing by the way) and then waited and waited and waited. When I finally saw the cardiologist he asks about my Medical and family history and did the ekg. Now let me tell You... I thought the result would be a little off cause when I say that thing my heart skipped a beat.. it literally looks like jumper cables. (By the way this was being done is yily office which was kinda awkward being that I was originally suppose to see her.) And the reviews you've seen about cabral office was no joke.. it's huge, I'll try and take a pic of that too.

So I waited for Dr Diaz to come in after surgery to do my in person consultation and when i tell you I fell in love... I really did... with his braces and all lol. He is soooo sweet and speaks fluent English which put me at ease cause I could tell him exactly what I want and he's so attentive. It was kinda awkward at first standing butt naked in front of this attractive man so he can take pictures and assess me. He kept staring and putting on his thinking face... made me think damn do I really look that bad. But anywho we agreed that I was in need of a reduction, being a size g and all. He said I could be a c cup which will be fine if it's a full c to d, as long as it fit my frame. My breast have been huge for so long any change would look awkward in my opinion. He said I would have loose skin and did need a tummy tuck but after he had me lay down he said Lipo alone should be just fine, my skin shouldn't hang too much but I would have to wear my garment a little longer than most, which is cool. I expected hanging skin. He wouldn't recommend the tt now anyway since I don't have any kids so... surgery will be tomorrow, or today I guess around 12 since that's the time he's done doing his rounds but for me to be at cipla by 8.

After I saw him I was waiting for the other two ladies I came with. An hour later found out we had to drive to cecip for them to see the cardiologist which took another 2 hours. Not complaining or anything but I was drained... fell asleep on the couch about three times...tragic. so got back to the house around 8 I think, took a shower, ate some food, conversed with my roommate and knocked the f out. So now I'm here at cipla waiting and praying. I finally got to talk to my mom which made me feel better cause I didn't get to see her before I left. I will update you guys later on what happens. Pray for me ^_^

A few more updates...

I'm in my recovery room now... yezz it's getting real... saw duran and she is tiny... I mean TINY. she looks like a barbie, so much makeup and heels.
And tip #3.... you should already know not to wear acrylic nails for your surgery, there is no point in trying to look cute. I didn't even comb my hair or wear my usual long weave to DR , but what they did not mention is don't have any polish on your toes either because they will take it off. Especially the big toe. I guess it's too make sure they can see if your oxygen is circulating. I remembered in nursing school they told us you can tell by the color of the toe nail. If it's blue or purple your lacking O2.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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