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So far so good. Communication is great. I already...

So far so good. Communication is great. I already put my deposit for my surgery date and I'm hoping I don't regret it. Hope it remains the same throughout. I have been undecided on a doctor for about 2yrs now so it feels good to finally have faith in someone to provide me with the results I'm looking for. I hear horror stories about waking up during surgery and also the pain after so I'm extremely nervous about traveling alone and still unsure about the RH Yily will assign me too. I want to be sure they will take the best care of me. I need someone there who is bilingual because I don't know Spanish. Anyone will be flying out for surgery on 3/6/17?

Recovery House options

Here's a picture of the email I received of possible RH's for my sx. They have already confirmed they received my deposit but not stated where I will be staying.

Pre-op photos

Just thought I'd give y'all a pic of my before... horrible shape! Lol

Recovery house

So far so good. Just got my confirmation and I will be staying at Serenity RH like I asked. They have me down from 3/5-3/12 but I'm thinking of changing it to 3/6-3/13 because I want to fly in the morning of my surgery instead and just go straight to CIPLA. Still haven't booked my flight. I really hope the prices don't sky rocket on me lol

Hemo Low :(

Just got my results from my Doc only to see my hemo is only a 11.5. I've always struggled with anemia but the last couple years I've remained borderline. I guess I was just expecting better results. I was given multivitamin with iron hopefully it helps. Tryna make it to that 12.9 at least just don't know if that is possible.

Wish pic!

Don't know if this is really achievable for me but hey it's worth a try lol

Flight booked! ????

So I finally booked my flight and I must say the anxiety is building up! Although March is about 3 months away I am nervous as hell. I am still looking for a surgery buddy. So if anyone is having surgery on or around March 6th and staying at serenity RH please let me know. I will be flying in on the 5th and leaving on the 13th. I will be recovering at home thereafter.

Date pushed back!

Just wanted to update you guys on the fact that I DID NOT have my surgery on March 6 as planned. I actually had to have my date pushed back to August 28th ????. Due to scheduling difficulties with my job. Anyway, I'm still looking forward to my time and it gives me more or a chance to get my body healthy & ready for this procedure. So I guess next summer will be my summer.

Excited and nervous!

The day is almost here and anxiety is getting the best of me!!! I am so nervous to be traveling alone but I trust God and I have faith that things will be just fine. I am kind of concerned about my things during surgery at CIPLA. Where are they placed? Does someone look after it? I would hate for someone to steal anything

Today is the day!!!

So nervous and excited at the same time. Just want to get through the surgery and recovery. May God bless me and Dr Yily's hands.

Made it to the flat side!

I must say this experience is something I would never consider AGAIN! Yily is a sweet women but it seems everyone is afraid of her. Anyway, I'm satisfied with my results. However, since the day after surgery I have been suffering from edema in both feet which prevents me from being able to walk and not to mention she BURNED me on the side of my belly button. I returned to the states on 9/2 and went straight to the ER and ended up being hospitalized for 4 days smh. I am home now still dealing with my swollen feet which are filled with fluid. This recovery has taken its toll on my and I'm praying that things ease up and get better. If anyone has had experience with edema in the feet or something please share your experiences!
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