Finally Booked for Mallol Doll! BBL Tummy Tuck & Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

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So hello lady troopers, I am 44 monther of 2 and i...

So hello lady troopers, I am 44 monther of 2 and i look 24 accept my stomache and i have been on here 2 years and prior was booked with doctor fisher at vanity. my hgb wouldn't go up to 12 cause i have thalassemia trait minor, a form anemia from one parent. I lack a certain gene , so the one i have works twice as hard for red blood cells. Anyways vanity experience was they are money hungry, don't care about you, and will hold your money and lie for months.
finally i found doctor Mallol, he answers his phone and all your questions. He made me comftable and i have followed his work, mostly good reviews and results. The package is great includes sx, transportation, medicine, and doctors visits. he offers insurance for $100.00 and it covers visits and medicine for any complications up to 30 days that are result of sx . He also offers pain cocktail $200 last first 3 days . In my case he offers blood transfusion if my hgb is up $100 bag, double tested by law. I am starting my supplies today and hope not to over do it like some, but get the neccessities.(to each there own) You go troopers! I have started iron , folic acid and vitamin c 1000 mg. I am drinking shakes and eating high protein and red meat. I will also pick up liquid iron. i am so excited and want to share my journey. I learned it is important mentally for us ladies to feel our best to help be your best. Do your research and don't be afraid to go for what you want as long as you feel safe. I will post later. Time to shop.


hello lady troopers, i started purchasing some supplies. i don't want to get to expensive but it is wise to spend an extra $10 or $20 more sometimes for quality . I talk to a few ladies from DR and one thing advised to buy good faja, my package comes with one but i am buying one next week that's quality material and comfortable. As it is very hot there and a good material may keep itching down and be more comfortable. I am going to DR alone, my husband was not in support of this but now he is paying for it so, i will take that support. here are a few recent purchases from amazon.

count down 45 days mallol doll

well is getting real, i will tell you ladies, the anxiety i been feeling since i put my deposit has been serious, i have a picture of some updated supplies i got. i did not purchase my faja, one is included in my package but i will purchase a good one made with good material.. very important from what i been reading its good to have 2 as they need to wash your faja, its also very hot there and the material may make a difference in your comfort. The other thing i would like to share is i realize some ladies have been getting seroma and infections. This can happen to any of us, what i learned is that draining the fluids is a big part of your recovery. so i am texting doctor mallol tonight and ask how soon should you start massages, some say one day after surgery, some people wait 3 days and some 5, i am not sure so i will post his answer later. i believe each doctor has different recommendations... if any ladies have done research on this issue please share. countdown begins, i cant wait to go from FAT to SNATCHED--45 Days

comfortable fajas

This was recommended to me all though there are many good ones out there. If one comes in package you may be fine, you can also have two to see which feels better. Them some long sore ass days ahead.

26 days and counting

hello ladies, its getting real real real now.. 26 days til my sx. I have ordered final supplies and a lock for my money, passport etc. i want to give my wishes on recovery to the ladies who have gone through this and are in recovery process. My best advice to all who are headed on this journey is to stay positive, take your iron and vitamins. stop drinking and smoking at least 30 days ahead to deal with healing of your body. after much reviews the hardest part seems to be recovery so prepare well and understand there will be swelling and bruising and feeling uncomfortable for awhile.(follow your dream to be a healthier you with pride) As i said earlier, i don't have much support from family as they are worried about me going out of state to do sx. i have done my research , have faith in God and will be brave in achieving my goal. A more confident, happy and healthy me. when i recover i plan to diet and excise. i will post more as count down proceeds. if there is any dolls going to stay at armonia house around july 27th to august 5th hit me up. could use a buddy.

17 days to surgery (blood clot shot question yelp!

hello lady troopers, i am getting close to my date. i am focused on staying positive and doing lots of research to have the most smooth transition as possible. i was wondering if anybody who went to DR. or is going knows about blood clot shots.. how much they are, i spoke to doctor mallol yesterday and he said he recommends them after surgery and the pharmacy does them, anybody have surgery with them or without them, please comment . thanks.

Calling mallol dolls and other dolls yelppp

A few ladies and I want information about blood clotting shots, do they help, how and where given, how much, do they hurt. Anyone with info please share.

6 Days to Mallol Doll

It's real now, surgery July 27th, fly out on 26th, ..I am 43 2 kids, 2 stepkids, and husband, just left a job I hated , was there 3 years. With all that came depression. I was always pretty but I gained 35 to 40 lbs in 3 years. Ithe made me lazy, tired and miserable when shopping. As you ladies know. When you look good you feel better. So I am going alone, none of my family wants me to go, but I'm doing something for me now. People treat you bad or less than, even by pass you sometime for jobs when you all extra heavy. Not saying it's right, but it happens. Sex life dropped also. Anyways I'm ready to get back to my motivated self before the extra pounds. Here is updated supplies and pictures of my before.

Picture and supplies

Zoom in to see supplies, bring blanket and pillow. I have tramadol for pain


Bring pillow and blanket, I'm bringing tramadol for pain, ibuprofen for swelling, nyquil for sleep. And Bobby pillow from walmart

More pics

I'm OK in but with panties, I have curve, but without, the tire need air, I suggest extra faja , bring if you can get right size or purchase, as I hear they get really nasty, you have to wash. I want to wash my own faja with peroxide and antibacterial soap, in boiled water, then hang to air dry. Make sure everyone whoring gloves, especially after surgery.

Made it to the flatside

Hello ladies, arrived on 26th to Dominica and surgery was on 27th, had to have blood transfusion as my hemoglobin was 10.9, just 1 bag brought it to 12. Surgery went smoothly, doctor mallol is so kind and talked with me an hour . I said I want a slim waist and fatty. He did give me both. I had second transfusion after surgery 1bag. It's not bad it's just an iv. I was not in pain for most part I bought the pain pump. However you will be sore from laying down and lipo. Small burning sensation here in there. Over all I'm glad I came. Here is one picture for now they are washing my faja. Armonia house is clean and staff very helpful, good food.

if you need a great private nurse

so today is 2nd day after surgery, i have been stiff and your butt feels heavy, tummy tuck just swollen, i get massage tomorrow. if you want a private nurse to clean you, wait on you hand in foot in every aspect with care contact (Frias Medina Private duty nursing care) 849-862-2324) mention angela for discount rate. Good Luck Dolls!

Night 2 post on pictures

Just a couple photos and do bring arnica cream or arnica jell for swelling and brusing.

8 days post op

At doctors final visit. Expect pain for this pleasure.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

doctor is caring and responsive and speaks english, Board Certified, Good results

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