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So I've been stalking this site for a few months...

So I've been stalking this site for a few months now. My friends say I'm obsessed but I'm say I'm just doing "thorough research :)" lol. I'm 25 years old from Toronto , Canada,220lbs( I do NOT look it) and losing. My dr of choice is Fatima Almonte in the DR for a couple of reasons:

1) her work is amazing. And seems like she specializes in "bigger girls"
2) she has worked on someone I personally know and she looks TUN UP (turnt up for my American friends lol)
3) her reviews were next to perfect. Worst one I saw is someone that did not like their results because they said that their ass wasn't big enough HOWEVER I do remember reading that they had told her that she wanted a medium sized butt and that's what i personally think she has.

She has quoted me $4350 USD (around 5650 CAD- our dollar is so shit right now) with RH which is amazing since I have got quoted $9127 CAD for the same procedure -____- . What annoys me more is that the asses in Canada aren't exactly what I want or my cup of tea and are sooooo over priced!
I want to put up my before pics but I'm extremely shy :(. I will soon though

My first question is to my Canadian dolls, how did you make your payments to her ? Did you just bring all the cash to her or is there away to transfer it to her from up here?

Wish pics

Here is a picture of a butt that I think will look good on me


Just so you guys know... I am 25 years old No kids 220lbs (trying to lose at LEAST 20 lbs) 170 cm( 5'6" 1/2 to 5'7") Bust:43 (D cup) *previous breast reduction surgery* Under bust: 36 1/2 Waist: 37 1/2 Hips: 44 1/2 (but I'm still square in my option lmao). I do want a smaller waist but I NEED it to be proportioned to the rest of my body. Not tryna look like a gorilla with a waist trainer on -________-

UNSUPPORTIVE *rolls eyes*

So I obviously told my family about this surgery and most of them pretty much turned their noses up at me and said "humph, it's your life" which they are right! It IS my life and I can do as I please HOWEVER, my mother in particular has gone as far as sending me pictures of people that have had bbls that have gone horribly WRONG in our family group chat. Everyone laughed but it wasn't funny to me. I think they we're women that did these procedures on the black market with the infamous "butt shots" using construction grade silicon and cement and etc. It was just annoying of her to do that. She continuously says she's not helping me one bit post op and cussed up a storm but I know she'll feel sorry me and help me anyway lol. I guess I just want to feel like she's on my side and supports my decision before I do it :(

My next dilemma is........

I'm not sure if I want to go to DR anymore. My friend that was supposed to do her surgery at the same time as me has backed out and I do NOT feel comfortable going by myself. I personally would not be able to manage without at least one person I know by my side so I guess my research continues for someone in Toronto that will give me the results that I want. Any dolls have any suggestions ???

Nay for Toronto

Alright so, After a long couple of weeks of researching, I have decided that bbl in Toronto is NOT for ME. All of the Drs I've seen so far do not give you the shape that I see myself having and the other Drs don't ha pictures at all :(. On top of all of that, it's wayyyyy too expensive. 9-10 grand +. I'd rather spend that money on a dr in the states or dr where I know they handing out the shape I want on silver platters. My sx buddy is back on board with DR so I guess Fatima Almonte it is. My REAL dilemma is time off of work. My job requires a combination of sitting, standing, walking and sometimes lifting and I don't think 10 days is enough healing time. For the dolls that have already had their bbls done, how long would you say it took you to heal ?

MY wish lol

I think that it's important to have realistic wish pictures so why not enhance yourself lol ? You guys think Almonte could make this happen ?


Hey y'all! My iPad had stopped working on me so I couldn't reply or update anythingggg !

So a couple of weeks ago, I went to Jugenburgs office with a friend and decided to flirt with the idea of getting a quote from him. First of all, he charges $9500 CAD for a bbl. no matter how big or small you are. ON TOP OF THAT, he was only gonna lipo two areas, my lower back and lower abdomin and every additional area was an additional 2 grand ! I instantly wanted to faint! How could this cost so much and only two areas of lipo ???. How ??. Anyway, that idea has left quicker than it came. Oh and he doesn't do packages so if you needed a tt and bbl, he's charging two separate fees so you'll end up paying almost $20000 when taxes are factored in !


Girl in the jeans is what I wanna look like 3 months post op since I know everyone looks amazing when they get out of surgery..

Buckling down

SO! I stayed up till about 3 am this morning really thinking HARD on what I want to do. I've finally figured out that the only way to be aggressive about my surgery is to actually set a realistic date for myself. I was gonna call to book an appointment with a doctor here in Toronto but speaking with my friends that have done their bbls up here and hearing them say "I don't think you should do it up here. I feel like they don't put enough fat in" made me have a complete change of mind. My plan now is to send my deposit to Fatima Almonte this Friday and secure a date for late June 2017 or early July 2017. I think this date is realistic in order for me to save up for everything I need, order products and get healthy. Any dolls thinking about going around then? I will also have to start looking for a recovery house that has a decent rate for fully private rooms and bathrooms.


Omg I'm paying my deposit this week guys! I told a couple of my friends and family members and Some of them even want to come with me and get procedures done too lol! I am going to Fatima Almonte. Her assistant Leslie responds so fast to emails and everything is so thorough I just feel so comfortable going with them. I'm hoping to get a date from anywhere to next May to August. Wish me luck !

Is it me orrrr

Is it me or getting to Santo Domingo is quite the challenge from Toronto ??? There's NO straight flight to that specific airport and I don't know if I'm being el-cheapo but the flights are kind of expensive... What's up with that o___0 ?

Cool sculpting

Hey y'all. So I've been thinking and I really wanted to get lipo on my chin and arms BUT not with all the down time and swelling. I was wondering if I were to get cool sculpting on the those areas if it would be worth it. I'm STILL getting a bbl from Fatima almonte. Just wanted to see what you dolls had to say about cool sculpting.

The waiting game

SO, it's been a while since my last update but I'll try to condense everything that's happened into this one post....

I have paid my deposit to Fatima Almonte. I know I told you guys I was gonna have it paid from a few months ago but there were some discrepancies regarding banking info I needed from them. *CANADIANDOLLS make sure you have the full address of the bank the money is being sent to and the full address of the name of the person who is on the bank account or they will give you issues at the bank!* because of this I had to email Lesley wait for her to respond and go back a couple times to get the money sent. I even tried to send it through western union for Lesley to tell me that they no longer receive money like that although that was an option they had sent me in the initial email from them -_-. With all the fees and conversions, the deposit came up to approximately $500 CAD. Anyway all is well with sending the money HOWEVER I am currently waiting for confirmation that they have received it and that my surgery date is available (June 21). I think waiting is the hardest thing for me to do. It makes me feel super anxious given the fact that I'm putting a lot of money towards this whole thing.

As for my family, I think they are coming around with the idea of the surgery especially now that I've told them that my deposit is paid. They have no choice but to accept for what it is now. I won't lie, I'm starting to get really nervous and anxious but I think I'll be fine. I just really wish I had a friend or family member to come with me :(.

Locked in!

Lesley messaged me back yesterday and confirmed my surgery date! It is June 28th, 2017. She also sent me a list of the things that have to bring as well as instructions on how to prepare for SX. I think the hardest part will be dropping the pounds to get my bmi as low as possible :(. I'm super nervous guys! Reality just hit me ...

4 months/18weeks away

LORT! SO .....

First of I want to apologize to my followers on not updating more often on what's been going on with me in regards to my surgery. I got in an accident a couple months ago and I've been focusing all my time an energy into feeling better,going to Physio and trying to keep up with my day to day life. Although my accident has left me banged up and with a recently discovered pinched nerve in my shoulder -___-, I will not let this slow me down! I have went ahead and booked a recovery house on my own, bodied recuperation spa....


So far, the communication has been good and the reviews I have read have been good as well, HOWEVER there have been a couple of really BAD reviews I have read as well. I would hope to think these incidents happened based on the newest of this recovery home and by the time I get down there, all the kinks will have been worked out. I still believe that this is the recovery home for me and from the pictures and videos I have seen, it is visually up to my standards of accommodations.

I am still having trouble finding a decently priced flight with a decent flight length to match. It's super frustrating that I have to connect to go to DR which takes the same amount of time as it is from here to Jamaica (which I go to often). If anyone has any tips on the flight, please let me know!

Other than that, my biggest challenge right now is losing weight and saving ! I definetly have to get more serious and buckle down. 4 months/ 18 weeks sounds like a lot but it really isn't :(

Wish pic attached :)

2 months /8 1/2 weeks

I DONT KNOW WHY THE REALSELF APP KEEPS ******* UP BUT ITS GETTING SUPERRRRR ANNOYING!!! THIS WILL BE MY THIRD TIME WRITING THIS REVIEW SO IT WILL BE IN BULLET POINTS! Bought my flight. Very expensive (1100 and change CAD) . Did my blood work today and ecg, waiting for my results. Lesley has also asked for a copy. Dr has agreed to write all my prescriptions so they can be covered under my insurance plan and he's going to write my medical clearance letter :) SUPER EXCITED! I have bought lipo foam from Amazon , boppy pillow from Walmart, arnicare gel and pills (Canadian dolls they sell it at rexall and metro NOT SHOPPERS DRUG MART and it's cheaper at metro) vitamins currently taking are multivitamin, folic acid and vitamin c. Have not started iron because I want to see what my hemoglobin is naturally at but I will be starting it as soon as I get my results. *** Mini update *** had a nurse friend read my test results and she said they're perfect! Hemo is 129 (12.9) . Still gonna take iron to maintain though :)

Post op

I had my surgery 3 days ago. I'm pretty exhausted so I'll try to keep as detailed as possible. I arrived in Santo Domingo after 1. Got my tourist card (no hassle) and was in my way. My driver was there with a sign with my name on it and brought me straight to Cecip. I met the team. All but dr Almonte. Lesley took my payment and had me sign a bunch of paperwork then Mable came and brought me to do my lab work, X-ray and ekgs. Everything was flawless. My driver stayed with me the entire time and he spoke English so that was great. Since my surgery was first thing in the morning, they had me stay the night there instead of going to my RH (Bodied recuperation spa). I called my overnight nurse and told her to be at the hospital for between 9 and 10 am. I took a shower with the cholorhixiden soap and was chillin for the night. At around 8 am the next morning, dr Almonte came in, asked what exactly I wanted ,marked me up and the nurse came in with the blue pill. Next thing I know I'm being wheeled off to the OR smiling from ear to ear. The last thing I remember was them looking for a vein to start my iv in and then waking up in the recovery part of the hospital FREEZING asking for a blanket. They wheeled me to my room and my nurse helped for the rest of the night. DOLLS IF YOU ARE GOING BY YOURSELF, you need a nurse !! I went to the recovery house on the 29th and was greeting by the staff and a nice bowl of soup. I then chose to have a sandwich for dinner which was a bad choice for me smh. I threw that up within an hour or two of me eating it. I was in so much pain and discomfort that for a split second, I questioned myself why I did this myself.
You will be very sore, bruised and uncomfortable so be prepared for that. Dr Almonte said she took 7 L out and injected 1200 cc in. I lipoed my entire back, sides, stomach arms and slightly my inner thighs. Will post pics later as I am extremely exhausted.
P.S. The massages are PAINFUL but you HAVE to get them done. Oh and bring a sports bra for extra compression cuz your boobs get swollen too. I forgot mine like an idiot smh lol.

11 weeks post op

Hey y'all ! I am now 11 weeks post op so I will try and get you guys up to speed..

I still wear my faja because when I don't, I swell a bit and my skin hurts and is a lot more sensitive compared to when I have it on. My second stage faja is officially too big for me (I was first in a large and now I'm in a medium). I noticed it was getting big about a month ago but at that time I was using my boards so it was fine. A lot of my swelling has gone down so I don't use my foams and boards as much as before. The longest I've gone with out wearing my faja is 24 hours due to going out outfits and washing delays but I'm in it everyday as much as possible. I was thinking about buying a smaller faja however I don't want the legs to get smaller. I finally have found a tailor that is willing to take it in for me so I will be doing that asap.

I have found a massage place in the GTA that does excellent lymphatic drainage massages. You can PM me for their info.

My butt is softer than before and I'm not as stiff however I still go through these weird pins and needles feelings in my back and sides mainly when getting up from laying down. I am also still itchy but not as much as before. I stopped wearing my arm sleeves at about 4 weeks post op (I did not have aggressive lipo on my arms). My body is still a bit sore to touch especially when someone hugs me tightly or slaps me :P ;).

I am still thinking about posting more pictures since I have notice a trend Of ladies screenshoting and sharing pictures without permission-_- . Hopefully I have covered everything if not feel free to ask me anything!:D
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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