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So I have a friend who just came back from Fatima...

So I have a friend who just came back from Fatima Almonte in DR. She looks amazing and she is recovering well! (which I am not surprised, all of the reviews I have read coincide with everything she said! ) I told her before she went that if she came back alive and breathing that I was going asap! Welp! I have already paid my deposit! And I will be booking my flight next month!

From Get go, all the rave reviews about Lesley appear to be accurate! she is very quick in her response time and she CC's Fatima on all emails once your deposit is made. I have yet to receive a message from Fatima, but... that, I am not too concerned about.. that's what she has an assistant for! Besides I haven't really asked any doctor worthy questions yet ( I'm sure they will come as my time nears) which I will update you ladies as much as possible! Shit is about to get real!

aside from the fact that my friend came back alive and breathing, there are a few reasons I am confident about choosing Fatima over yily, (the deadly duran) and Cabral. I see those three names the most on this real self site. I'm sure you have too! * reason #1 - after extensive research I have not found any reported deaths, * reason #2 I have yet to find any bad reviews on Fatima or her staff, Reason #3 the initial email was very specific about what is required on my end and the requirements and practice of Fatima- ( she only has 3 surgery days a week- Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday. Umm yes please! and in those 3 days she will only have 3 patients a day! like holy shit! she is all about being aware, focused and not overworked! - Reason #4 she holds your deposit for a year and your quote for 6 months- and allows 2 date changes (which I do not intend on doing! )

there are so many more reason, but those to me are super influential in my decision making

So............ any ladies out there got any tips or tricks that you are willing to share? have at it!

I'm not really ready to drop body pics yet.. I'm not that comfortable yet- I'm sure I will be as I get closer to my sx date- But I will share a few wish pics* I'm 5'6 175- 186 lbs not looking for a humongo ass- just something that sits up in some jeans and a smaller waist with a flat tummy I don't have kids so I'm not doing the tt- I am having lipo to full bk flanks waist and abdomen with bbl. these are looks I hope to achieve I love their hip to ratio... again nothing crazy just slim and sexy

* also I'm looking for a surgery buddy! if your going dm me please

Soon to Be Almonte Doll

So it's possible I've found a sx buddy, I order a few things from amazon is figure I'll order 3 or four things a month so I'm not spending a shit ton of money all at once, I plan on sending more money to fatima, I'd rather have at least 3/4 of my total due at least a month in advance. I'm finding that there are more additional cost once you arrive.. so I'd rather budget now than later. I read alot of reviews on the bopping pillow vs the booty buddy and I think my next purchase will be the booty buddy. It just makes more sense too me. 7months untill my sx date. I'll be booking my flight next week. To be sure I get a good ticket price. I sent lesley some wish pics about a week and a half ago and haven't heard anything back, I just wanna know if the look I'm going for is obtainable. So I'm a tad frustrated about not hearing anything bk yet,.. though I know lesley is only one person so I'm trying to be patient. Other than recently. She's been rather quick in her responses.

Found a lady that does lymphatic massage, so I'll be booking her soon so I don't have to worry about finding one after my procedure. 

I've stopped obsessing at this point. It was consuming me. All dY everyday I was looking pictures of ass and hips!! I had to let it go,. Ive got seven months, I have slowed down on searching reviews and am more in preparation mode... excluding the fact that I still haven't stopped smoking... ugh... I dread it. Anyway thought I'd post just because.. comments and positivity welcome. Have a good night dolls!

Over It. Recovery Houses- Searching for Reviews

Please leave your reviews below! I have the option of staying at : New life - My home -- Tropical -- Armonia (sx with almonte)

Im having trouble finding reviews for my home, tropical and armonia... anybody stayed at any of these ?

from what I have found new life is scary ! but some people are dramatic soo ya know.... either way help please !

HEEEyy Dolls! So I'm Uber excited.. Me an my sx...

HEEEyy Dolls! So I'm Uber excited.. Me an my sx buddy decided on a rh DreamBody Divas it is! I found the rh house, but my buddy did most of the communicating with the rh person (not sure of the lady's name) But evidently she is rather quick in her response time. There was an initial problem (minor) with the invoice total versus the pricing that is provided on the site. It was fixed immediately and she honored the price tht was given on the site. (but that's not the best part!) ill get to that--- 2nd, the rh only has 3 girls per stay, which means more individual care from the nurses ( a nurse is on premises 24 hours) I attached pics so you ladies can read what is posted on the site. Wait Wait wait! thisis the best part----------- 80 percent of the supplies are provided arnica gel gauze gloves alcohol wipes yadda yadda yadda.. yup. sign me the fuck up! I'm saving money! 2 diff ways! here is how! keep reading!

so the screenshot of my emails between me and Lesley show the price of my sx WITH a recovery house ( if you have read my other post's you know which ones were included in the options for me to choose from total of 4 I believe) & the other screen shots are of sx WITHOUT the recovery house. so ultimately I'm gonna end up saving 3 -4 hundred buckaroos booking with dream body divas rh (if you include all the supplies and creams) obviously I'm a ways away from surgery but I will be sure to update from the moment they pick me up from the airport.. oh wait.. did I mention that part? they pickup and drop off from the airport without extra costs. yeah...... I'm feeling good about this - Questions? sure hit me up! ill try to respond as quickly as possible!

clarification on bad review drembodydiva

Hey you dolls!! Sorry I know I've been mia.. so alot has taken place since my last post. I'll be quick though.

So another girl who I met on this site sent me a screenshot of recent review on the RH house I'm staying at in February. Long story short I started picking the review apart because some stuff just wasn't adding up. So I contacted the owner Carolyn and within minutes she addressed my concern with the review... the girl who left the bad review on *DBD (dreambodydiva) also had a tummy tuck, that is why she was "sitting on on her new booty" her doctor was Duran. The girl also made comments regarding getting a small seroma after not having her faja for a whole day. Carolyn informed me they did in fact wash her faja however you are not supposed to put this one in the dryer.. the faja had to dry outside and that day the sun was not out and it was cooler than normal but she was not out of her faja for a whole 24 hours. The girl came to the DR with stitches on her knee previous to getting surgery which could have contributed to that "bad smell" she spoke of. She already had ano open wound that was trying to heal. Essentially Carolyn addressed the entire review and also informed me that the girls doctor "duran" told her not to leave early yet the girl did against the recommendations of her own doc. Here nor there, I'm comfortable with the response of Carolyn and will continue to move forward in staying with her rh in February. I would post her entire response but I don't know how to attach an audio file from my phone because whatsapp has an encryption on them. But I will provide the initial post from the girl

15 Hemoglobin!! No cigarettes for 5 days!

So I had an appointment with my family doctors last Wednesday... I actually went to the doctor because my chest was killing me and nose wouldn't stop running. But I had them do my blood work too.. called the next day and my hemo is at a solid 15.0! Fuck yes! I had only taken 3 iron pills over the course of a week ( I hate pills) and it had been 2 days since I had taken a an iron pill prior to the appointment. Sooooo.. I'm good I'll go back to check my levels in December and again in January to ensure that my hemo is up to par!

Ab board MYD 0104 Tabla Abdominal Liposuction Board

just received my order from amazon with my ab board, lipo foam and other small items (hibi cleanse, purple pez, and arnica tablets).. still need a few other small things and ill be set. my rh will supply all the gauze chux wipes and scar tape so I will def not spend the money buying those. the model number of the ab board I bought was MYD 0104 and I bought the lipo foam 8x11 that came in a 3 pack from shapewear specialist on amazon I selected the option to only show items eligible for the free shipping over $49 and had my stuff in 3 days. all were of great quality and good packaging.


Thinking about switching to duran.. but getting a February date with her is going to be nearly impossible. Ugh. It has to be February. Its the only month i can take off next year
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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