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So I received the quote from Dr Almonte, $4,300...

so I received the quote from Dr Almonte, $4,300 all inclusive except the flight. Her assistant is soo sweet and very professional and fast in response. I ve been conversing thru whatsupp and i feel so comfortable having the procedure done by Dr Almonte. I think I will have to move my date to early January..still looking for a buddy..anyone planning on going to Dr almonte and staying in a recovery house?
I'll be traveling from NJ
let me know ladies!

flight booked, deposit sent!

just booked my flight to DR :) i'll be leaving nov 30 6am and arriving at DR 10am. my procedure is scheduled for December 1st - what a great xmas i'll b having this year haha.
I went thru such a hassle trying to find a buddy and ultimately I'm ending up going with my friend who is a nurse, scoreeeeeeeeeeee! I Spoke to a friend who also got lipo and bbl done in dr 4 months ago and I'm honestly at ease. She said it's not that bad, the pain is definitely manageable, its all about your pain tolerance and preparing your body with vitamins.
I'm feeling so much right now, im scared, im excited, I just want everything to go well with one complications
xoxo night!


meant to say, with OUT complications, damn typos lol

things i need

so I started to buy things I need, I already started taking iron and folic acid, instead of vitamin C I eat about 2 oranges a day, I also bought cotton tees, granny panties, wipes, couple maxi dresses.
where did you ladies buy the lipo foam or the ab boards? I cant seem to find them anywhere.
I was going to buy the stage 2 faja but Lesley said its not recommended since I don't know what size I will be. My friend that will be coming with me is a nurse and she'll be able to get me the compression stockings, adult diapers and pads, so ill b able to save a little $ there.

things I still need:
mederma for scarring
arnica gel
arnica tablets- I read somewhere that its good to start taking these 3 days before sx and it will help with bruising and swelling...did any of you ladies find this helpful?

the pink room

so I was driving through elizabeth nj one day and came across "the pink room" I'm so glad I decided to go inside because this place literally has anything and everything you might need post op. I was trying to find the ab boards and lipo foam on amazon and ebay and there was nothing coming up, there was one thing that came up it was 1 sheet of foam for like $65 - no thanks. this place literally has everything in store that they have online - I love it. even though I was really tempted to get my second faja I decided not to because I wont know what size I will be, and I'd be really bummed out if I spend money for something that wouldn't fit.
they are located at:
249 1/2 Morris Ave
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208


I also started taking my iron and folic acid, instead of vitamin C, I've been eating lots of oranges and citruses. I am waiting for my insurance card to come in so I can go get my hemo level checked and the other test that are required.

I'm officially 30 days away!!!!!!!!!!

ughhhh freaking out

so I got blood work done on Monday and the doctor just called me and asked me to come in and discuss. I'm beyond terrified because I feel like if my results came back ok she would tell me that over the phone, but she asked me to come in and discuss tomorrow.
ugh, I'm beginning to regret booking my flight and sending the deposit before being cleared by my doctor.
I'm praying its nothing serious.


So I went to the doctor to "discuss" my results and ........ Everything is fine!! My cholesterol is just a little high but she said that won't interfere with the procedure. My hemo is at 14.6!! I guess all the brocolli and spinach is paying off lol.
I'm so glad I'm cleared, I was honestly going crazy thinkong I will have to change my flight and post pone sx. I really recommend you get blood work done form before booking anything. That was my mistak. Thankfully it turned out ok
Tmrw I will sent Lesley more money. I wanna carry as little with me as possible

18 days to goooooooo

im so close ! I really cant wait, I'm praying everything goes well and I get the results I want.
This website is so helpful, im on it literally all day long, I don't even pay attention to fb or instagram anymore. so while scrolling through all these journeys, I started to wonder why some doctors give drains and some don't? I noticed this both in DR and FL... hmmm it would be amazing no to have the drain but if it's necessary than I guess I have no choice!

Before pics

I'm here!!!

Well ladies I'm here! My flight was good, couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about my sx. I'm at the clinic now, this is where I'll be spending the night. Now I'm waiting for them to do all the tests. Btw, never the driver is SOOO nice and he speaks perfect English. On the other hand at the clinic the nurses dont. I can't wait to go to the recovery house !! I wanted to go outside and get a few things but they were all like no are you crazy they'll kill you, you stand out too much lol. So I guess I'll be stuck here for now.
My friend who was supposed to come, did not, her passport didn't come in time, so I'm really bummed about that, she woulda been my right hand since she's dominican and has family and friends here. Oh well I guess it's just me myself and I!
Please pray for me, I'm really nervous

I made iT- 2 days post op!

I tried writing a lo he review 3 types and both times my phone froze, so I'll try again once I get to the rh.
I just want to say thank you to those who prayed for me and wished me well, I truely appreciate. I'm ok, not relally in pain maybe 2/10, just really sore, but today is better than yesterday.

3rd day post op

So I'm on my 3rd day. I did #2 today since Monday. Wasn't bad, I have a rolled yoga mat that u use to sit in the toilet and I put it under my legs when I'm in bed. I'm moving more and more, still very swollen and sore. Dr almonte told me. It to wear a faja for 2days. My consultation is tmrw so let's see how that goes. As for "my home@ its a very nice and clean place, when I first got here they put me in a room with 2 other girls but since I was feeling nauseous and cranky I asked to be moved to a seperate room. The food is good, they give you fruits inbetween meals. I also bought a fresh pineapple when I got out of the clinic, there's a fruit stand right across the street, it's was .75 US dollars but make sure u bring pesos becahss they won't accept $. I woke up today with my dress in blood, my drain is leaking, the nurse said she'll call the dr to see what she says. I'm not really draining a lot so I'm holding the drain will come out soon.
Will post more updates soon

4 days post op photo

My drain was supposed to come out today but didn't. Raquel saidonday morning they'll take it out and Monday night I can go back home, really excited because um starting to be homesick

"my home" rh

so im staying at "my home" from what lesley told me it is the only one with staff that speaks english.
overall, its a nice, clean place, very big, the rooms are nice, they have hospital beds in each room - which is a big plus.
they have 2 nurses here - kathy and diana. I just love Diana, shes so sweet and caring. she literally hugs be everynight before i go to sleep lol - i just wana put her in my suitcase and bring her home lol. she tries really hard to make you comforable and serve you the best she can.
the rh (myhomerecovery.com) overall is a really good rh to stay at. i would say the only thing that i disliked about it is that their wifi sucksssss, it literallly goes in and out all they long and yesterday was out all day, it actually still is out and its 8am next day. ugh!
also, their website states there is fresh smoothies served daily, but ive been here 6 days and havent had a smooothie yet. lastly the food- its good, especially when the weekend cook is here, BUT I was expecting healthy food since i am recovering from sx. I wanted to be eating lots of fruits, veggies, salads. lean meats ect. instead they server lots of of bread, pasta, mashed potatoes, fried porkchops, chicken parmesian ect.
so if you are staying here, my suggestion would be to tell your driver to take you to the supermaket so you could buy fresh fruits, veggies and some other healthy stuff.


so it will be 2 weeks on Monday since my sx. I feel great,im driving already and im already back to work, I started yesterday actually. I work in an office so im just sitting at my desk. I sit on a yoga mat, I cut it in half and rolled in a towel so its like a pillow right now, well I don't really sit on it, I keep it under my thighs so my butt doesn't touch the chair. my bruises are like 97% gone, im still sore and somewhat swollen, but I can move around, im having a harder time bending like to put my socks or shoes on. but im managing.
I had the faja on since Lesley put it on me which was Monday so its day 5 today. I still haven't showered, she told me to wait a week. Im also starting my massages on Monday, I found this spa that does it with the ultrasound machine, so lets see.
ladies this faja smhhhhhhhhhhh this is the most uncomfortable thing ever. Idk how I'll have this on for 3 months.
ill take some pics when I take the faja off, hopefully today so my skin can breathe a little bit

Selling my fajate!

So I before I left Raquel put me in a size small faja. Next day I took it off and couldn't put it back on so I went and got a size medium. I wore it for 5 days andy swelling went down so much and it was super loose by day 5. So now Im on the middle row on the size small. Here is a picture of the faja I bought in DR. I paid $140 for it, I'm asking for $80. Let me know if anyone is interested. if you are getting lipo you will need this so don't over pay :) it's size medium
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