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Hello, I am new to realself. I am also hooked on...

I am new to realself. I am also hooked on this website, all I can think about is big booties :) lol. I have been trying to get my in contact with dr.duran for two months and when I finally did reach her she quote me and told me what she think I needed done from my photos she looked at which is a bbl, lipo tt. But the unthinkable happened my phone disconnected before I could receive my surgery date :(. I tried for a whole week to get in contact with her again, but I called today an was able to reach Elizabeth an she git me a date for February 21 and while I was on the phone she sent out the pre-op email with all the info that dr.duran gives. But I didn't receive the email so I call back but they were busy. Can anybody tell me what info does dr.duran send out in her emails for pre-op patients? I don't even have her bank info to send my deposit. Can someone please help me ASAP...thank past and future duran dolls.

Ready to be a xzotic duran doll in 4mnths

Elizabeth reaent the email today with bank info an what meds i needed *thanks to the duran doll who info me*. Now heres the thing i spoke with duran she seen my pics an quoted me at 3400 bbl,lipo an said i need a tt. Now the new quote is 5000. Oh well the prices we ladies have to pay for the ass we want an desperately need. Lol...now im lost on the triangle board an foam or abdominal board, where can i find it? Also any post-op dolls can fill me in on their experience with the epidural block blue pill? I hope it knocks me out until the next damn day lol...my count down begins feb 20 is my fly out day an feb 21 is my sx....will be staying until feb26

Sending Duran a Deposit....

So, I received a email yesterday from Duran stating she gave me the wrong quote and she was sorry because she was in a hurry so now my quote is 4800 ( I know 200 dollars cheaper, but I damn sure take it) for a bbl, tt, lipo. Now my only problem is I am trying to send her my deposit. I tried western union an they only got pick up locations an I don't know if she has that kind of time to be picking up money from wsu an I just don't want my money sitting unattended. I also tried citi bank and chase they don't have any locations in my area and I am unable to get an account with them because of my location. Noo, I don't have bank account any more I ended up closing that like a dummy..lol,,
People on here act like they just cant tell others what method they use to send her a deposit, that shit pisses me off aint like im asking for a bank or whatever all I need to know is how you sent your deposit. I want my sx paid before I leave that means less problems and less money to carry. Can any body help me or others that's wondering the same damn thing?

Anybody use Xoom to send Duran deposit

So I read a few review about some people using xoom to send Duran a deposit. Most people say it took a few days an I wasn't for sure what others were trying to say about their experience sending money through xoom. I want to try, I don't care if it take 3-5 day to reach her bank account as long as the money gets to her an I can track an have a receipt to show when I am in DR. I am so impatient, I want to just go ahead an pay while I got it an then I can focus on getting a passport, flight an a hotel or RH. I know some of yall feel the same way I do. Holding on to this money is making my pockets hot. I feel overwhelmed an I still got 4 1/2 months to count down. lol... Im just an organized person. I need for all my stuff to be done by December....as for the triangle board and I am having a tt do I need a abdominal board also???? So many damn questions and reviews that have me hooked an lost

Cant wait to have a booty...

Hello dolls,
So today my sister had a party. Im usually a out going person but lately i been feeling like the elephant in the room..lol...i mean my flat ass big stomach...i mean im not heavy set my body is just all over place. My surgery isnt until february but im bout ready to spend my last to rush it for december lol i feel desperate all i think about is ass...im gettn a bbl, tt an lipo. I want my hips done to...damn i cant wait an i know she probably busy in december...im so tired of pull my pants up an shirt down...lol..

Growing Impatient....

It seems as the days are dragging by I am getting more and more impatient and tired of looking at my body the way I don't like it. but that comes with having kids. At least I can fix my self up with some of Duran help lol....my sx is February 21, Im starting to feel behind because I haven't bought any supplies or book my flight and a hotel or RH. I want to have everything done by December. I am having a bbl, lipo and tt. Now the tt part scares me im not heavy set, but I do got a stomach. so will I be needing a abdominal board and triangle board?

Anybody have duran do their hips

I want to have Duran to do my hips while she is doing my bbl. I have hips but when I lost weight my hips shrunk and my ass disappeared lol well the little I did had disappeared. Any ladies with postop advice that had a tt?

Growing impatient...

I have 4 and half months to go but i cant wait. The more ass i see dr.duran create the more i want mines. Lol...i might change my date to a day in december hopefully she not overbooked. My boyfriend said i should be patient an keep my date for feb 21. But i cant argue with him cause he paid majority of it...i want a big booty nowww...flat stomach and hips...

Tummy Tuck Questions

Anyone who had a tummy tuck by duran. How was it? What can i expect after surgery? And what items do i need to buy? Like a abdominal board, etc...please someone inform me

Going to be a Duran Doll April 8, Best Birthday present

Hello Dolls, I originally had a February 21 date but I swapped out for April 8. Its a birthday present to myself. I cant wait. I am getting a tt, bbl, and lipo. I am looking for Duran to give me a small waiste an a huge ass. Im confused on what I need for my tummy tuck?


I had sx on March 19 with Duran. I stayed at real tropical recovery which is topnotch. They cater to my every need. I got home on March 25 and the same day I got home I have been admitted into the hospital an being treated with powerful antibiotics because my stomach an lower back swelled up...its not Duran fault but I do think that her operation team that wraps people belly up after a tummy tuck wrapped my stomach wrong causing it to bulge an have a dent on side...people just make sure when you come out of surgery your stomach is fully wrapped the correct way.
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