New curvy body here I come! :)- Dominican Republic, DO

My first review!! I'm so excited I've been reading...

My first review!! I'm so excited I've been reading so many of the ladies reviews on here for months and I'm excited to finally start my journey to a more confident more better version of myself, and I'm also excited to share it on here.

*Some info about myself*
I'm 23 years old I'm 5'3 and I weigh 135lbs, I have a 2 year old daughter had her via c-section and I haven't been able to get rid of my baby fat! Ive tried to work out rigorously multiple times but it just isn't going anywhere so I finally decided on lipo. I'm hoping to have some lipo done to my tummy, love handles, lower back and inner thighs in hopes of having enough fat taken out to get a BBL leaving me with a BIG juicy round one ;)

I plan on having my surgery done in the Dominican Republic with Dra. Fatima Almonte I'll be traveling to DR in March most likely first week not sure on my dates yet. I'll be going with a cousin of mines who's previously had work done by Dra. Almonte (breast reduction and lipo to her arms to be exact) and loves her and her work so I'm trusting her on this one she also will be getting lipo and a bbl on our trip. So far we plan on staying there no more than 12 days so I hope that's enough time to feel better or good enough to fly back home (NY)

Tomorrow I start a crazy vitamin and healthy diet routine so that I'm good and healthy by the time surgery comes around! I'm anemic and need to get my hemoglobin levels up ASAP!

More info and before pics later! :)

It gets more real every day!

Last night I spoke to Dra Almonte through whatsapp and she seems really sweet and genuine. Will be sending her my before pics in the morning according to my height and weight she quoted me about $3,000 and would give me a more accurate quote once she receives pics.

Today I went out and bought some vitamins (b12 b6 iron vitamin c) and also.........some guava fruit and red peppers lol I know really weird but my mother and aunts insist I do everything it takes to get my hemo levels up as high as possible and this is what they told me to do (Dominican woman and their myths) don't know if it's true but we will see. Told me to take the guava fruit and red peppers cut them up and throw it in the blender with water and drink that as a "juice" and so I did that and it's not ALL felt crazy but after doing a little research I found lots of other woman have done the same so crossing my fingers here!!

I plan to see my primary care doctor before the end of the week to know exactly where I am with my hemo levels and to know if I'm healthy enough to go through crazy harsh DR lipo which I don't mind as long as I get the waist of a bee!!! :)

Wish pics!

Just want some good projection and a round fluffy booty, and of course a teeeeny waist lol.

Before pics :( (embarrassing)

This is so embarrassing but here goes lol

Got my official quote

My cousin and I spoke to Dra Almonte just now and it's official she quoted me $3,200 Lipo on my full back, full tummy, love handles and BBL

Worried Excited Sad etc..

I don't even know how I'm feeling anymore I've been obsessing over this the past couple months and I'm just ready to get it over with.

I went to my primary care Dr. for blood work etc.. My hemo level is at a 10 which is not good at all! I've been stuffing my face with all types of healthy stuff eating red meat everyday, beans, taking all types of vitamins so it better go up by the march gets here. Deff don't want to end up in DR for absolutely nothing because Dra Almonte will not operate on me as she stated in the last convo we had. Makes me so nervous! I'll be back mid Feb to check again :(


Changed my date by the way, my mother will now be accompanying me and my cousin through this and so we decided to change the date. We'll be flying to DR on March 14th since my mother has had a ticket purchased for March 13th for a while. It makes me a little less nervous that my mother will be there even though we have family there I feel more safe with my momma :-/

Lost and Confused!

Geeeeez I need help idk what to do anymore I been having sx dreams every night good and sometimes bad. Day dream about it all day long! I'm going to start a new job soon and what if they don't allow me to miss work? I want to go for exactly 9 days This is so frustrating! My mother wants me to take my two year old along with me since she will be in DR with me and I have family over there that can help care for her but I really don't want to. My boyfriend isn't being very supportive which doesn't help either. New job, taking my baby, no support I'm so frustrated and annoyed idk what to think or do anymore one thing I know is IM GOING NO MATTER WHAT just need this to be over with and need some clarity ASAP!

More Pre Op pics

Getting closer!

I've been on an emotional roller coaster happy, excited, scared, nervous, etc etc...I'm just ready for it to be April and this is all over with lol. I've been juicing and taking my vitamins daily in hopes of being healthy enough for this and most of all to get my hemo up! I been so sick these past few days all I've been doing is researching my doctor, looking up garments, and reading reviews on here! 38 days to go!!!

Another wish pic

28 days!

Exactly 28 days from now I'll be in or out of surgery I'm flipping out getting everything I need, my hemo went up a little but still not even 12 I'm soooo scared I need help ladies!!! What to do what to doooo I've been juicing, taking vitamins eating red meats beans and all HELP MEEEE :(

I'm so anxious

I'm soooo anxious and excited now. Next month around this date I am going to be a few days in to my recovery which I hope god willing is a fast and easy one :) I purchased my flight yesterday which made everything seem officially REAL LOL.....did I mention I'm taking my 2 yr old??? Sheesh didn't want to but since we have family down there why not just take her now? My mother will be in DR with me as well so she will help. I have my cousin and a friend of hers going as well and all 3 of us are getting surgery the same day! I'll try yo get pre op pics from them so that when I post my pre op you guys can see their results as well since it's a little hard finding reviews for the wonderful Fatima Almonte! Kissessssss :)

OMG!! :)

Getting closer oh yessssss I'm so excited lol can't keep calm! :)

Everything's been so crazy and all over the place for me lately, work, and just life in general but I can't even think about anything other than this surgery heck..I can't even focus at work I'm constantly catching myself looking up fajas, massage spots, can't even sleep etc etc.....will upload some more pre op pics soon since I plan on uploading lots of post op pictures!!! :)))

Good news!

Went to the doctors today to get my lab work results and turns out my hemo is finally up there! 14.1 thank you god lol soooo happy! A definite relief!

:) :) :)

OMG OMG OMG next Friday I'll be on my way to DR cannot keep calm!!!!!!! Going to post my last post op pictures in a few

Last post op!

My official last weekend with my yucky bod lol :)


Ok so I'm basically a day away from leaving and everything's kicking in I can't sleep I can't stop thinking about what I'll look like. I'm scared to end up with an extremely fake looking behind or a weird shaped one lol. I leave Friday morning landing SDQ at around 1pm and heading straight to CECIP for blood work, EKG etc..will then be visiting family and mentally prepping myself for all this. Soooo soo soo excited but definitely nervous praying Dra Almonte comes through for me nothing but good reviews on her so far just hoping my results are what I'm expecting...will update when I land :(


1st one in the am will update tomorrow


Ok so little did I know I would have wifi at my family's I landed at about 2pm and went straight to cecip met Fatima and Raquel both very nice genuine caring woman. Fatima is soooo sooo soooo nice talked business and turns out I will not be getting lipo on my abdomen area. Only full back, love handles, and getting the bbl....reason being she recommend I not get lipo on my abdomen area due to the gigglyness I got going on, she doesn't want it to look worse sooooooooooo I'm taking her advise and getting a TT and I'll be doing that in July! Kinda sad but atleast I'll get rid of this back fat that's on my last nerve! Lol like I said in my last post I'm first at 6am a little nervous but nothing too crazy. Sleepy so for now that is all till tomorrow :) xoxo

I made it!!!!!

Made it to other side lol I got here at 5:30am was the first one this morning. I'm going start off by saying that lipo is no joke! My back hurts a lot but not to where I'm complaining a lot. My butt also hurts haven't seen it yet but my mother says it looks good. Staff has been great although one lady did have an attitude this morning maybe woke up wrong side of the bed 6am on the dot fatima came in and marked me up I took the blue pill and felt nothing till I finally can't remember anything but getting marked up! I woke up at around 1 throwing up non stop...still haven't seen my results but here's what I got going on.
Thanks for your support ladies.

Mini upfatr

So much to say..

Been in so much pain it's crazy really wasn't expecting this..y

My official post op!

Ok so today I'm ok enough to be able to write this review I have been so out of it and I will say this again, lipo is no joke! Was not expecting to go through what I been through since sx. Everyone's pain tolerance is different and I guess mine is just horrible lol. Haven't been able to sleep, been real dizzy and lightheaded but I will say I love my results! I'm extremely swollen literally even my face looks fat! Tomorrow I go see Dra Fatima to get my drain removed and I'm not looking forward to it. Just placing my hand on my sides or back is horrible long story short, I've been going through it. :(


Check up!

Right now I'm at the clinic getting checked and hopefully getting my drain removed, I have no pain in my butt area just my back. My cousin hasn't been feeling too good she's had to get iron and blood transfusions, very anemic and weak. This has been a lot for me mentally and physically. Oh and by the way DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN while getting sx! My daughter has been sick since we got here and I feel helpless my mother has been lots of help but my daughters cries for me have been killing me and honestly recovery isn't easy. I'm just dying to be back home, wonderful country lots of nice people but I'm ready to be in my bed in my house with my baby :(
I'm really swollen but can already see results..I'll post more pics when I feel better and get home.

I'm homeee :)

I came home yesterday and I couldn't be more happy to be back in my comfort zone. I got my drain removed on the 18th and since then stopped draining all the fluid in my back because the small hole left over by my drain closed up now idk how all the fluid left over is going to come out :( the plane ride home crazy for me I got so swollen and uncomfortable worst 4 hours of my life. I can honestly say that I feel a lot better and the only thing bothering me is my upper back I'm going to go get a massage today that'll hopefully make me feel better.

Feeling much better!

Hey ladies so today I think I'm almost 3 weeks post op and I'm feeling great! I've been super itchy and after being at work for 8 hours I end up extremely swollen. Scars are all healed up and really really itchy it's been driving me nuts lol. I got a stage 2 Salome faja from thepinkroom in an X Small and I'm suffocating but my waist is deff getting smaller. I love my doctor she's called me and checked up on me and my results definitely recommend her to anyone she's really genuine and real which I feel is beyond important when it comes to what you want and what your going to get. Loving my results!

My doctors definetly hooked me up

Yes yes yes all in all loving my results I swear I'm already excited to go back to almonte for my tummy tuck she is the best of the best hands down she hooked a girl up!

Everyday gets better!!

Every single day as I'm going to shower and start my day I stand in the mirror and I'm just in awe! I love my body I love my results and I'm seriously doing everything to keep it this way no more lipo for me lol! My back is really sore for some reason these days and I've gotten a few massages that have deff helped it! Other than my back hurting a little everything is perfect! Still wearing my faja 24/7 all day everyday I'm in a XS suffocating but it's all worth it!!! Ready for the summer!!!! ;)

It's been almost 2 years!

2 years this March and I still have the juicy booty Almonte gave me lol. Surgery was a lot for me physically and mentally which is why I disappeard and never got my tummy tuck but I'm back and the plan is for this upcoming Feb let's do this!
Round 2 here I come lol

FEB 16th!

Off to DR the 16th of this month and definitely going back to Almonte, I have complete trust in her. Surgery will be either the 17th or 28th and I haven't decided on recovery house yet. Right now I'm thinking "my home, serenity or armonia" anyone going during this time? I'll be there from the 16th till about the 28th

I am 6 days post op!

So I didn't end up going to my round one doctor :( Leslie her assistant had a mess once I arrived and couldn't fit me in for surgery. I ended up getting full back Lipo and a TT with Doctor Estrella Rodriguez which is in the same clinic as Fatima Almonte. My Bff got Lipo TT BBL and BA with him two years ago and looks fab plus Fatima told me he was good so this past Thursday 25th at 7am this all happened. I have been on an emotional roller coaster but I'm finally feeling better and in absolutely no pain today! Estrella and his assistant Belkis are awesome :)

11 days in...

I feel great and I'm recovering quite quick TT is really not as bad as it may look I'm loving my results so far and Doctor Estrella is definitely a star ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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