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Hi sistahs. I say sistahs because I've been...

Hi sistahs. I say sistahs because I've been reading so many of your post that I feel so close to some of you even though I've never commented on any post.

Well I'm getting married and I've decided to just do this thing. I've decided on Duran. I sent an email to Surgicoordinator and received a reply back in 72hours with my quote. I was quoted $4900 plus $200 for Surgicoordinator for a total of $5100. I noticed that there's a fee for mandatory risk insurance. Anyone know what's covered in this insurance. I plan to visit my doctor and start working on my iron levels now although I don't plan on having the surgery until next February. Okay I feel like I'm on my way now since I've made my first post :). I'll add before pics so you'll see the mess she has to work with. Flat as a board! Plus I have this stupid lump on my butt from falling down stairs on my butt. I've had it now for 3 years so I hope it doesn't cause a problem for my bbl.

Since receiving my quote I've been worried that I don't have enough fat. I don't want a big Bubble butt or tiny waist. I want a natural look with hopefully some hips. I don't know if I should try to gain weight. Any suggestions?

I have a date!

Didn't want to deal with the trying to contact Duran's office in the wee hours of the morning so I went through Surgicoordinator. I live in California so I was setting my clock to wake up at 3am to call. It's too much. I called and Stephanie answered right away and gave me the next date on the calendar. So if anyone else is going in December let me know.

Bbl TT Lipo - It Just Got Real Duran Dolls. I Have a Date Now

Hello. I now have surgery date. So I called my doctor to make an appt to see what my numbers look like and to set about a plan to gain some weight and if necessary increase iron levels. I have a friend that's a nurse and speaks Spanish so I'm thinking of asking her to go with me for at least the first few days. Question are there any dolls out there so went through this and didn't want a big butt?

Things are real now!

Here's my to do list
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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