Diaz Doll - No ETA...tryna lose this weight...who with me?

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So I've been lurking on here for a while now and I...

So I've been lurking on here for a while now and I feel like I've finally decided...this is what I'm going to do. I have a big butt and no (not enough) hips and this gut --UGH this gut. I'm 27, no children, 5'7, about 230 lbs, and dealing with a lot of stress. I'm trying to lose some weight and get down to about 165-175 lbs (admittedly I've always worn my smaller weights well but I've always wanted hips)...so here I am. I haven't emailed Duran yet... I'm still trying to pull my funds together... How are all you coming up with 5k so quickly? Damn. I feel like I'm reading reviews and one week you're deciding to do it and the next you're scheduling dates....or is it just me? I'm hoping to find someone on here (maybe near philly) that's thinking about it and maybe wants to travel together to Duran or has done it and can give me some tips. How should I start? What should I bring? All the posts are so informative...even though I still have butterflies.

Today was wonderful...

I sent my email to Dra Duran, in spanish. I told her my height, current weight, weight I plan to be when I visit, number of pregnancies and what I wanted done. Of course I sent my 'wish' pictures. I havent heard back yet and I dont expect to without some stalking but I've made the first step! Also, I joined a facebook group for us Duran Dolls and immediately made a dollbaby friend, local to me, thats traveling around when I was hoping to travel....OMG, pieces are falling in place. sidebar// vambie (on here) is going for her surgery in a few hours - I cant wait to talk to her and find out how she's doing//
I hope to get a quote soon so I can reserve the date with my dollbabies... I added a file to the FB group with all the contact info I've gotten for Duran, the RH houses, food, travel items, Duran emails etc...Just one place to go for all (most) of the answers. I'm so excited. And scared. This is a big step, but the support will be amazing from you guys and my new friends...Lets see how tomorrow goes.

I dont watch reality TV

So I'm always very alarmed when people are able to immediately reference these chicks with great bodies...I now know that these women are just as doctored (between surgery and photoshop) which makes me feel so much better lol. Anyway, I was reading today that peoples bodywork is on mediatakeout because their images are being stolen from Duran's twitter etc. Peoples tattoos are exposing them which is awful...In my google search for the attached pic, I found so many realself accounts - I know most of us are smart enough to cover up and those of us that dont may not care about people knowing but be careful ladies. Please be careful. You'll look great, yes, and you know like I know that ya man/woman/fam wont care but these jackals on the web are horrible.

Anyway, I've been stressed lately and eating horribly and my skin is awful. Where can I find a good aestetician? (sp)

Are any of you in the facebook groups for your surgeries? Its a wonderfully valuable place, everyone is so supportive...

got my YILY quote?

Guess what? (Did you read the damn title?) I got the quote from Yily! Yesssssss. Of course I still didn't get my Duran quote but I'm so happy about the yily quote. Here's my opinion - Duran has the most dramatic and excellent work I've seen and she is on the 'higher' end of the cost spectrum. Yily does wonderful work that is less expensive and less dramatic. I have considered both. I will continue to consider both. My swaying point is results right now. I say 'right now' because, as it nears the time of my scheduled surgery I may say 'hey Duran hasn't responded OR, Duran has responded and she's way expensive (although her results are dope). Or Yily just posted some dope pics so I know she can do this for me (for less money). I wont know until nearer to the time of my surgery.

BUT....loving the quote. I'm hoping Duran wont be too much higher, but I'm figuring she will be damn near a stack more....Wish me luck ladies. I'm getting closer.

And Duran Quote too

I couldnt make this stuff up. I got a quote from Yily yesterday and then today....Duran sends me a message telling me that I can reserve my date with my buddies. Of course she told me to lose weight (I knew that) but I can hardly stand it, I'm so excited. It was actually not as expensive as I thought it would be...and she's gonna snatch this waist. So I have 6 months to get it all together.

I'll be a Duran Doll in less than 200 days. I'm going to begin dieting, taking my vitamins and purchasing the stuff on the list. I'll call Elizabeth soon and solidify my date. Then I guess its deposit and plane tickets...I have to get my passport renewed too...There is so much stuff left to do. But I have 6 months. I'll figure it out. OMG girls....I'll be on the team soon enough.

So I'm looking for a Sx buddy

I met a girl from my old hood thats going but she is already bringing her cousin and the RH they chose doesnt have triple rooms so if I went with them I'd still be spending the same amount of money and still be in a room by myself...kind of defeats the purpose. Plus, I want to stay at Armonia. So...I'm looking to go in late April, early May, worse case even early June. Any takers? Anybody in NY, NJ PA area? Maybe we can fly together...Anybody really...Preferably someone that is less scared than I am, lol. Lets pack our bags...


So I got a damn quote from Dra. Baez....And for the first time, I'm reconsidering Duran. Let me say this first. I'm in some BBL groups on FB and more often than not I'm glad to be in them, the girls in there are supportive and pretty dope, recently there was a hubbub about some phoney doctore and wiring money - noone that I have or would even consider, but it made me think about flying to Dr to get surgery. I also saw a really horrible story (on RS) about a girl who hasnt had feeling in her left leg due to sciatic nerve trouble after seeing duran. All of it made me scared - Im not sure how I feel now but I still think Im going to go. BUT...this evening Baez sent me a quote and BABY them prices are nice. And then I saw a patient of hers that was looking good! Her stomach wasnt as flat as I would have hoped her but hey, maybe thats what she wanted - or what Baez thought she needed. Any girls up here planning to be (or have been made Baez babes? I want to see some post ops. I'm still looking for a traveling buddy and RH buddy in April or May...

so here is the update

Not much today ladies other than a READINESS to get this done. I know I still have much to plan and do but I am SO ready to get there and back and then put on a bodycon dress and step out. I've been talking to my ex - I guess maybe those of us that arent in realtionships all go through this phase - and I'm so ready to invite his ass to dinner and stomp all over that heart. Its petty, I know. But damn I cant wait.
I got some extra cash recently and I know I should be buying my supplies but I really want to get some jewelry - FOCUS GIRL FOCUS. I just feel like maybe I'm missing some info. What should I buy first? Can anybody answer that? I know I should get vitamins, and some travel stuff, a cute carryon...UGH. FOCUS GIRL. Anybody been through it? Any vets still up here reading reviews and have advice for me? Now that I know where I'm going and when...what do I do?

More Wish Pics

OMG Nothing is happening and it feels like SO MUCH!

So me and by sx buddy are thinking about Yily now. In addition to her rates being cheaper, and not requiring a deposit, she actually has some really good results. But her bedside manner is not at all what I've heard about Duran. I hard Yilys assistant slapped a girl during her Sx!!!!!!!!!!!! She woke up during and was screaming from pain and he slapped her - at least thats what she wrote. I aint beat for that. Am I a basic B*tch for still considering her? Anyway, now I'm not sure of who Im going to and I still need to raise money and I still dont feel like I'm losing any weight....and all of this feels like so much *ish happening. I said I was going to buy an elliptical - I guess I need to do but I'm trying to be grown up and pay bills and get some debt off my credit, and just keep my head above water.
I'm a writer, professionally so I'm trying to write more to earn income. I'm a graduate student so I offer paper writing service to people in college etc (if you know anybody, hit me up, I'll give you my prices lol). I just really to get in a comfortable place or else I'm gonna start questioning myself. Help Ladies. I'm feeling...bothered.

Religious reasons?

So I think Ive decided on Yily. Im pretty certain. I'm working on alot of other things right now with work and life and school and I figure I needed to just DECIDE so that I could stop thinking about it. I'm doing a liver/blood flush now (for personal reasons) but when I've gotten some of that wrapped up I'm gonna start taking the iron in preparation of the sx. I'm also doing something wonderful for my skin and I'll go see a dentist and get a whitening (might as well get all the way right, ya know). I'm trying to lose weight still and I really dont want to do a diet pill while I'm doing a liver flush cuz diet pills (like alcohol) ruin the liver and most other functions. But I hope I can change my diet and get active enough to drop some pounds. This elliptical will help alot. I'll post pics of it shortly....Things are still chugging along, slowly but surely.
The next question I ask is only for strong believers, not for people that kinda sorta believe in God but dont have any restrictions in life and never really think about religion ever. I'm posing this question to people that think about their God daily, and pray regularly, and make decisions based on your feelings about God and not your own wants...AND FOR THOSE OF YOU, answer this.

Anybody out there second guessing the surgery for religious (spiritual) reasons? Anybody think that you shouldnt make alterations to the temple that God's given you? I'm not trying to make anybody think deeply about something if they havent already considered it, but those of you that have. Those of you that are true believers, worshippers....ever think this is the wrong move? I've thought that recently. But I think also that if I had a spinal condition that God would be okay with me fixing it. The difference being my relationship with Yily/Duran is aesthetic, its not 'necessary.' (I know that someone will say 'its necessary for me' (and it might be but I'm not talking to you if you feel that way)....I'm not saying I dont want it, cuz I do. Im not saying I wont get it, cuz I feel like I probably will. But is there anyone that is having second thoughts based on something more than money or fear of flying or plain old fear of surgery? Let me know.

Cant decide between Yily and Duran

I dont know what to do....


Hey Ladies! Is anyone interested in letting go of a late April date of something later? I know two girl that are looking....Please PM me.


Alright ladies I had to move my date back just a smidge! So I've confirmed with Elizabeth for May 5! Only a few days later but I needed to make sure that my classes are done...I'm still not even sure exactly when this particular class ends but hey, I'm going to let the teachers know when the classes start that I have a surgery scheduled. Anyway, Im sooooo friggin excited and I need to get started on this damn diet/exercise and blood toning.

So my diet is a variation of the Slimfast 3-2-1 plan....mine is 4-3-2-1-0 (sounds like alot but its not). 4 miles a day, 3 snacks, 2 shakes, 1 meal, and 0 drinkable calories (so just water).

I walk around this complex near my house. From my front door back to my front door is 4.3 miles or so. I usually eat almonds (1) fruit (2) and then a 100 calorie snack (3) for my snack during the day. I make green smoothies with kale, pineapple, banana, coconut milk (or anything I have in my kitchen honestly) for my shakes because I dont drink cow milk (slimfast uses cow milk). Sometimes instead of two shakes I'll eat one shake and one small salad. Then for dinner I eat a small meal. Either a lean cuisine or I take the smallest plate I have (a salad plate) and fill half of it with salad and then 1/4 meat, and 1/4 non-white carb (like a sweet potatoes or spelt pasta). I drink water or seltzer (when I want soda) all day long. I can drink unlimited amounts of tea or fruit or veggies.

Im also doing a long detox that involves warm lemon water every morning before I eat anything. I take nopalina linaza to help move my bowels (TMI) and I stretch afterwards with some pushups and a little jump rope. Jump rope is easy cardio that doesnt require me walking long distances etc (just jump for 15-30 minutes). I will also fast 1-3 days a week to allow your organs to rest and so that you dont hit a plateau.

this is the PLAN. Lord help me. Cuz I have trouble with consistency.

Ladies, Im almost there. Where my May dolls at?

Guess who's Bizack

Many many years later and I'm back up here...not for revision but starting from scratch. A few years I decided against it and Im actually extra glad that I did. I had a lot of things to work out in my own head, about myself and now (although I still can't guarantee what I'l do next) I am back here looking at all the toy waists and feeling inspired. Plus, bacon 2014 I got a new job and started making $$$$ so now if I get a good quote I won't have to worry about saving money by eating ramen lol. Right now Im looking at Dr. Manuel Diaz. I really like what I've seen from him although I need to loose ALOT of weight. Maybe this will motivate me. Maybe I'll find some girls on here that are at the losing weight stage in their journey and we can team up. Who knows...but Im here. So lets see what happens.
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