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I have looked at her work on this site for over a...

I have looked at her work on this site for over a year. I am not changing, my mind is made up....I
I am a mom of a three year old daughter. I am 270 pounds....YES....I KNOW...I'm working on losing 75 pounds right now...I am looking for a surgery buddy that wants to go late 2014...September or later. Please let me know if you are trying to get your coins together or lose weight or whatever and just plans to go late next year.


Okay my fitness coach AINT NO JOKE...... 21 pounds down. im ready yall. NOW WHO IS GOING WITH the next question. I think that if I have a buddy we can motivate each other. Either way im focused and yes my eyes is on the prize... I have my down payment and I will have the rest way before my surgery. October November or December is what im looking for. I want to do it in the cold by the summer time I can rise like....HEY BOO..I BEEN WORKING OUT ALL WINTER.....LOL

As for you....

As for you and your surgery buddy I don't know nothing about but........... my surgery buddy the ISH to me........heyyyy SoSexiiZoey. MY gurl has all the info on the info with more Im glad I ran into her after my last one bailed on me. We match like a puzzle and no matter what we getting our Im ready for the pain and im keeping my iron up while im eating healthy. I went to see the best man 2 and it was so good yall. Go check it out if yall haven't already....but anyway I was saying that to say I didn't eat all the junk I usually eat while im at the movies...I got MY EYES ON THE PRIZE... I think imma wear that phrase out by the time I get to Duran not worried tho..I got my girl in my corner letting me know that I can lose this 70 pounds so with that being said....I will talk to you beauties later the gym is calling me.....

Where my big girls at....

Im 5'7 254 pounds (now) and I haven't found any reviews on thick girl my size or height. I mean I know you have to be at least no more than 190 to get this done but dag.....where is the BIG let me be a BIG GIRL spokes person. Im trying to download pics but my phone wont let me do it but I will do it from my lap top...when I find out how to erase it from my pic file....don't want nobody catching on to my secret.....hahahaha


HAPPY THANKSGIVING YALL.......I aint messing with yall and all that good ol food. One plate was enough for me and I ate on that all day. I went up to my room and worked out while everybody was downstairs...WHAT.....yall don't look at me crazy ZOEY and I got moves to make this time next year and I cant let her down. We got so much to do but this is just the beginning....

EDGAR are the WINNER!!!!!!!

Yall Im done with Duran. Yeah she VERY good at what she do but so is Contreras. Plus he speaks ENGLISH and have his own recovery house. Yeah prices was a factor but the main reason why I picked him is because he ANSWERS HIS FREAKIN EMAILS in a timely manner unlike DURAN. You nearly have to hunt her but down......With that being and my sister are headed to DR to get done up in October seems like a long way but not for me when im trying to get this freakin weight off my thighs and get my money up....

Is it me OR........

Why every time I read these story they never do updates.....its like they get us all the way to the door and shut it. I mean I wanna see post op 5 to 6 months down the line ....gosh is that to much to ask. I mean some do and if you know one please post there name... I really appreciate when yall keep us updated and let the people that hasn't got there yet know what to expect. I think the journey that we all are facing needs to be faced together. True I am going with a friend and two heads are better than one but if I was going alone I would want a whole lot of CORRECT INFO about my doctor not hear say or second hand stuff. I won be going till October 31, 2014 and RIGHT NOW Contreras is my doctor. I am ready mentally and as time gets closer I will post more....until then I will be losing weight and getting my iron up. Good luck to all of you guys.

Adding pics

wish pic

Facebook Drama

Never thought that it gets this deep when it comes to REPRESENTING a doctor. You would think some of the ladies getting paid to take up for him (DR CONTRERAS). People are afraid to say how they really feel about their results in fear that they are going to get bashed and picked on. I dont think that is fair at ALL. im starting to think that that is a shut up and like what ever he do for you group. Women can be so judge mental. Well imma tell you one thing. I plan on being 200 pounds or smaller...and if i dont like anything about my surgery i will tell it. I also will report what i do like. This my body my money and my freakin mouth.....WHO GO STOP ME..UMMM NOBODY...cause if them trolls come at me aiming straight for they JUGULAR!!!!!!!

260 pounds....Dr said i needed to be 210

First time

I never had surgery before...but I have always been big and shapely EVERYONE always say that they can't believe I weight this much....WELL I DO IM VERY BIG. I Can't wait till I get my TT, BBL, BL


...okay..weighted myself with my fitness coach and it says scale at home says also says LO BATTERY...i may need to just stick to one scale....but 150 sounds right...i been needing a battery for a while tho....ANYWAY....UMMMM LET ME JUST and my sister is going to D.R.....OCTOBER 31, 2014...... feel free to tag along IF YALL going on that day. Its her BIRTHDAY SO WE DOING IT BIG..... Im going to DURAN.....she still being picky....nevertheless.....we getting done in D.R


not 150...250...i wish i was 150....

Only once a month

Ok yall since my surgery date is so far.....I will just make a post like once a month..or when something is important that i feel yall need to know. The closer I get to my surgery date which is Ocober 31,2014 i will post up some stuff....cause i sure will need yall i will keep yall updated on my weight loss....TATA FOR NOW :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

After looking high and low and changing my doctor several times, I went back to my DAY ONE DOCTOR.....DURAN

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