Duran , Salama , Cortes? - Dominican Republic, DO

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This Is My First Profile On RS. I'm Interested In...

This Is My First Profile On RS. I'm Interested In A BBL/TT/LIPO... So Far Duran Has The Results That I'm Looking For OVERALL.. Im Just Nervous About The Out Of The Country Thing For Obvious Reasons.

Cortes Is Great But Not Aggressive With The Lipo BASED OFF WHAT IVE SEEN And Lacks Projection I've Noticed That Girls That Are Going To US Doctors Are Going Back For Round 2. Ugh Too Much Money For Round 1.. I Don't Want A Round 2 Or I'd Have To Add Butt Implants For Projection (Which I Don't Mind) . *Cortes Is Only A 3hr Flight*

Salama Work Is Good To. But Girls Ate Getting Round 2 ugh ... Is Round 2 Just A US Thing? I Rarely See Round 2 For The DR.

If Any Of You Ladies Are In Any Facebook Groups For Duran , Cortes Or Salama Please Add Me. I'd Like To See How The "Vets" Are Holding Up

Facebook: Daniesha King Or Leave A Link On RS

Duran FB Group / Wish Pix

Can Anyone Add me To The FB Group? I Cant Find Any Post Op Pix On Duran's FB

Im Baaaaack. .

Its been a year since ive been on here. Im still interested in a BBL/LIPO. Im also still interested in Duran but ive noticed she giving out a more marital look i want something DRAMATIC do ive been watching Cabral . Fisher and a few different doctors in Colombia

Currently my stats


I want aggressive lipo (full upper body) and a BIG BOOTY period! Lol

Just received a quote from FISHER in Miami

So I just spoke to Stephanie (one of Fishers consultants) after emailing my pictures i was quoted ..

$5500 for fat transfer and lipo which includes 1 hospital stay. Labs etc etc..

1200cc per cheek minimum
$500 extra for my arms

$1,000 Deposit (which would take 4-6 weeks to be refunded if i decided to cancel) which is Bogus!

$900-1500 for RH (1 Faja included)

$35 per massage.

Im looking at around
$8,000 for flight . supplies. Etc...

I'll PASS. I See if he was giving DRAMATIC RESULTS than ok but i dont think its worth it. I'll keep looking

Pix Of My sad Looking Body lol

I gained over 20lbs for surgery i better find some one ASAP LOL


It's been so long since ive posted on here. IG is whats been having all my attention. Initially i was set on going out of the country to the DR or CO, but being that this is my first sx i wanted to stay on U.S. soil. My first choice has always been Hasan but he was charging more than i wanted to pay, so i booked with Mcadoo through seduction cosmetics. I gave them 1k out of 4k for my deposit and i was set for 10/19, but this is where the drama begins... Like i said before Hasan was my first choice so vanity cosmetic had a labor day special with Hasan for bbl with 12 areas of lipo for only 4K and BOI DID I JUMP ON THAT!!! lol after speaking to someone at Vanity i put down 2k to lock in my date and price then proceeded to call Mcadoo (seduction cosmetics) to request a refund, mind you i only put down 1k with Mcadoo and i did NOT sign any contracts etc.. Once speaking to Stephanie about a refund she put me on the phone with the manager this b*tch was very unprofessional i think her name was Danya or Daina she got to accusing me of signing the documents AND sending copies of my I.D and Credit card and telling me that she's not giving my money back unless its for medical reasons etc etc. So i hung up and called my bank to file a claim right after finishing the call with my bank i received a call back from Stephanie at Seduction Cosmetics apologising about the misunderstanding i guess because she told her manager that i sign the contracts etc. At this point she said administration will contact me to process my refund THAT WAS 3wks ago. I have yet to get a call back . Everytime i call they take down my number and never call me back FYI i started recording the phone calls after that. Ive been calling everyday and still nothing i even sent emails. Alot of girl complain about Vanity Cosmetics but to be honest everything has been going so smooth. Anyway a girl on IG inboxed me the attorney general info because apparently im not the only girl who is having these issues with Seduction, Vanity , Spectrum Etc. So yes i will be contacting him this morning in the meantime ill be finishing up with preparing to be Hasanified lol

Do Anyone Know How I Can Change My Doctor At The Bottom Of This Page To HASAN?

I'm Confused. Help lol

RH And Supplies

I booked my stay with Curveyangels the owner is Vanessa she's such a sweetheart i found her through the IG community she's had sx twice which is a plus because i can bug her with a bunch of questions and concerns lol.

So far ...

Flight booked

RH booked

SX Supplies ( still waiting on my P EZ to arrive) but i have chux , bandages, arnica gel etc etc

Bbl Pillow (happy booty pillow)

Neck pillow for my flight

Small Blanket

I think i did pretty good eventho this is my first sx i refused to overpack and buy a bunch of unnecessary supplies.. Anywhi ill update you ladies later

Tomorrow Is The BIG DAY

I did my pre op Saturday at Vanity. And everything went smooth accept the fitting of my faja. Seems like the were all to tight around my booty unless i was being paranoid i ended up getting a size 44 and ill be getting it altered around the waist after my sx . other than that Vanity was nice and clean inside it is located inside of a shopping center which is odd. But i seen alot of ass on the building lol. Ill update more later

Post Op Massages

I Booked With MyBodyContour305 She Has Great Deals. I'll Be Getting 5
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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