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So, as some of you may know, I recently had a BA...

So, as some of you may know, I recently had a BA 2/28/14, click here to read my review.... Well I am also planning to get a BBL sometime in late august. I have decided to go with fisher. I cannot get it done until late august because I am pregnant (due Feb 5) and was told I had to wait 6 months postpartum before I could proceed. So this will be my birthday present to myself ;) I am so excited. I have read tons of reviews on Vanity, and I am fully aware of the office staff. But I am in love with fishers work. I cant give you any real stats.... since my baby bump messes with my hips and waist LOL but PRIOR to pregnancy my waist was at a 30.... and I weighed 135 lbs. I am hoping to keep a good bit of my weight on. or at least go into surgery about 160ish. I am 24, soon to have 3 children and this is the last baby ;) So I am excited. I have been assigned to Jessica as my coordinator. I am probably not going to book my plane ticket (if I do not choose to drive) until late because I have seen many girls speak about date changes. Nethertheless I am stoked! Not much to update on being that I have 2 months before I deliver LOL. BUT I did pay a deposit to lock in my quote of 4500.

According to Jessicas email 4500 will include:
Lipo of Waist, full abdomen, love handles
Fat transfer to Glutes and Hips
EKG if needed,
Lab work
24 hr nurse line
and ALL surgery cost

Recovery House, Supplies, and garments

HOLA Ladies!!

So, I have decided to use New Body Recovery services with Moni. Seen some awesome reviews from the girls and I have high hopes that she will exceed my expectations. My problem comes in at which package I want to purchase. I am torn between the 6 day and 7 day. I would love to do a 10 day package but realistically with 3 kiddos that’s going to be impossible. I haven't received my Invoice yet for the deposit payment. But I will give it until tomorrow before I call Jessica to see what’s going on. She seems nice (so far) so I hope no issues will arise during my journey.
I am torn between which supplies and garments to look into. I am one of those anal people who likes to be fully prepared way in advance. So I have been looking into things I should purchase. What were some post op things you ladies couldn’t live without?
I am also torn between flying and driving. I think flying would be a better fit but with all the post I have seen about last minute changes at vanity I am pretty reluctant to do so. Flying and driving wouldn’t be much of a difference….. But I would have to drive myself and I think that’s a big no no. So far I haven’t found anyone to travel with me. I think it makes me more anxious to know I have paid towards something.
Some reviews I have read scare the crap out of me but others aren’t so bad. I guess it really depends on your pain tolerance. My BA wasn’t so bad with healing….. Hopefully this will be a breeze as well. I do know my pain killers were by BFF so with that being said I plan to nurse myself the same way this time….
Any advice on garments would be greatly appreciated. I know I can’t purchase until postpartum but styles, best fit, would be greatly appreciated. Jessica told me to purchase through vanity would be $120-$140

wish pix!

I have serious booty greed. Pleaser excuse the picture overload! I'm praying I have enough fat for the results I want. I'm planning to keep as much of my weight as possible!

vanity vanity vanity

Boy, you know.... I'm really having second thoughts about this surgery. And vanity is making it very easy. AS in my first post, i spoke to Jessica about the bbl and was quoted 4500 if I could pay a deposit by dec 5. Paid the deposit and no invoice.... Emailed Jessica and she sent it to me. Well... It was WRONG. It shows the sx as originally 6000 with a 1000 discount making my total 5000.... Granted its only 500 difference BUT that's still MY money. So I emailed her starting this is not what we discussed.... And now I'm waiting for a reply ????


I called Jessica and it was a mistake. Waiting for the new invoice ???????? I'm happy again lol

pre pregnancy measurement.

So, hopefully measurements won't change too drastically but pre pregnancy after my BA i was 37, 30, 34 (hopefully I measured correctly lol)

With my waist trainer my 30 could skrink to a 27... So hopefully we can do the same after surgery and its enough fat ????

Changed Coordinators

WELL needless to say JESSICA is no longer my surgery coordinator. AFTER a month of asking for a corrected invoice I FINALLY got in contact with Jaqueline who not only fixed my invoice but was VERY helpful in answering my questions. I guess Jessica had an attitude because I SURELY told Jaqueline how unsatisfied I was and how Jessica had not fixed it! But ANYWAY. I plan to pay half of my surgery next month to secure my date. I am looking at JUNE and I hope there's no issue with rescheduling and labs Because Im coming from out of state and cannot do the multiple surgery changes. I've even thought about booking my flight LATE because I don't have time for foolery but then my cost for the flight is going to go up. grrrrrrrr Im going to call Jackie and see what we can do.

pre surgery pix

so I decided to go ahead and Show my pictures. currently I'm 8 weeks postpartum. I'm getting back to my regular clothes. I still can wear juniors and I'm in a size 5 or 7 depending on the fit. I am definitely in love with vanityvixen2014. She's awesome. I hope doctor fisher can give me ass like her because she has assssssss for days. I'm currently 5'6 150 lbs. I told Jacqueline I want to shoot for June but I'm so scared to book a flight and then they change the date! But if I don't book it early the prices are going to be insane! Decision decision.

just when.......

Just when I think I hav found a perfect surgery coordinator to work with Vanity throws me a curve ball. I called today to speak to Jaqueline only to be told she no longer WORKS there! So now I have Yani.... Not sure how much I will like her as she already told me a lie.... I explained I was concerned about surgery dates changing since my mother is traveling with me and will have to request this time off of work. Only for her to tell me "Oh no we don't change dates after they are scheduled" Which I know is not true due to the dozens of RS reviews I've read about vanity and their horrible communication with doctor schedules. But anyway. I haven't put a surgery date but I am shooting for June. I was told I would have to arrive on a saturday to do my labs to have surgery on a monday. I am really hoping my labs come back normal. Do you ladies think I should have them done before hand? I really dont want any surprises


helloooo Ladies! Phew so much has happened since my last post I felt the need to do an update. Well As you can see I FINALLY HAVE A DATE!! Welp- I know its a whole year out BUT we recently purchased a house and paid off my car-- so priorities first. I had to do much convincing for my soon to be hubby before he would even agree to lipo.... lets just say I left out all the details about my ass. I just can't tell him until its all said and done and Im well into my 5-6 day recovery. Im sure he will be upset but HEY, once its done its done.....

I've put on massive amounts of weight since baby #3 and I truly believe I may be in need of a tummy tuck but small steps first. I am hoping my stomach skin will tighten enough to not look sagged but I am head on for a face to face consult with fisher before the lipo love. I want him to see me way before I actually get close to my date. with that being said I may try to go and see him sometime in sept. I will update some pictures soon. but I must warn you I still look like im 5-6 months pregnant and baby boy is over a year now :(

7 months to go

Is it bad I have anxiety already? I'm so ready to get my new body. Next year is going to be so busy for me. I'll officially be married next July. Surgery is next March. I've become obsessed with IG. Looking at pictures, following recovery, searching garments. Ahhh

Nothing has really changed with me. Mcadoo does not do hernia repairs With bbls so don't let them tell you otherwise.

I reached out to Dr. Fisher personally and he has agreed to lipo around my hernia.

I've been thinking about going to see a specialist about possibly repairing my hernia beforehand but I'm still on the fence.

Will try to keep you updated!



Please don't let coordinators deceive you into paying if you ate scheduled next year. They are offering Hassan, fisher, and others as replacements

No longer with vaniy

Well dolls....

Now is a good time than any to update everyone on what has been going on. I am no longer with vanity and I'm in the process of waiting for my refund. Too much has happened with me personally, as well as their staff that I've decided to go elsewhere.

With that bring said, I'll briefly say-- I have a hernia and moderate-severe muscle separation. I'll need to have a TT in order to repair the damage and I've decided to go abroad for a ONE AND DONE procedure.

With that being said, I am officially team Duran! DOMINICAN Republic here I come!

Duran March 2017...

If you have been following me I am now scheduled with duran.... now
to update following. Sx March 2017.... date will not be released until
after sx for safety reasons... I have done a bunch of research so I
don't care to follow negative reviews! I'm just ready for these 6 months
to fly by for my new body!

Drum roll please......

I'm going to be a Cabral Barbie! I'm so sorry for the million changes. Please don't tell me anything about my doctor. I did my research so pleaaaseeee keep your comments and negativity to yourself. I really wanted durán but after sending my deposit via western union it NEVER got to her office and they gave away my date. Soooo plane ticket was already purchased I had to make a call. I chose cabral. I have 2 sx buddies but they will be arriving the week after my hubby leaves. He will be with me the first week. When he leaves, they will be arriving. Sorry I don't post much on here. I am mostly on IG. As surgery approaches I'll post more.... these are my current measurements. Less than 2 months to go. I'm getting anxious. Still a couple of things to buy. Yikes. It's getting real.

About to start hemo building
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