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Date is set and deposit has been made. October...

Date is set and deposit has been made. October 16,2013. I have wanted this procedure for over 8 years, but now I am ready.
I am 37 , newly divorced with 4 small children. It is finally mommy time. I had my breast done in the states in March and it was a breeze. I am kind of good with pain. I had all four of my babies without pain killers. This is not to say that this will be a breeze, but I hope that it is tolerable. I will not make this long. I will just keep focused on the important things. I will keep you posted

Dr Duran DR

More people coming out of the wood work

I have been getting messages form different people saying that they have the same date as me with Duran. I hope that she is not over booking. I do not want to be the last surgery of the day waiting for hours. So far there are 3 of us. This is starting to worry me.

Garment or Ace Bandage

I have a question. When I had my breast done, the doctor used ace bandages instead of compression stockings. It was easier than taking the stockings off and on. I would rather wrap my body in ace bandages then a garment that I can not get off. Does it make sense to anyone else. It will give you the same compression and you can put the lipo foam underneath as well. I think it will take less time to wrap than it would to put on a garment and I am sure it will be less painful. What you you all think?

Change of Doctors

I have changed doctors. I am going to Dr. Carmen Dimario in Philadelphia. I had my consult and I saw a lot of his work in person. I will keep you all updated.

Less than 2 weeks to go

I have my drs appointment tomorrow for for clearance. I am excited but I am so not looking forward to the pain. I am also a little concerned about the results. I dont want a huge ass, but I do not want a high ass on my back. I like a low waist and a long torso. I hope that he can create that illusion. I hope that he can also get my back down a little. I hate seeing wide backs with a small waist. I do not want to look line a line backer. I dont want to be too demanding but this is my permanent body and there is no room for error. I know that my body is not perfect now and it probably wont be perfect after surgery but I do want an improvement. I do not want to have a granny shape. I am going to start back to working out again after this. I gained weight for the surgery so my back is wide and I have a huge tire around my waist. Not a pretty picture at all. He does not do huge butts, but I just want to be happy with my results

6 days left

My surgery is in 6 days. I am starting to get nervous. I am just worried about complications and I am starting to wonder why am I doing this. I already paid in full at this point it seems like there is no turning back. I have to just pray and stay positive. My nurse and ex husband already backed out on me. I have to find someone that I trust to go with me. This is getting to real for me right now. This doctor doesnt seem too well known. I know people that have recommended him, but I am still worried. I dont know what to do at this point. I really want this, but I want to come home to my babies too.

OMW to surgery

So nervous. I will update as soon as I can. Asking for prayers


I am home in bed. I will take pics soon. It hurts like hell but it is bearable. The front feels like if I had a c section. The back doesnt really hurt, it just aches. I will update from my computer possible in 2 days. Good luck to all of you and I hope that you getthe results that you desire.


Wow!!! that is all that i can say. THis is crazy. The first few days is hell but it passes. I still have a ways to go but it is definitely a process. I will post a few pictures but I dont have any naked. i am stuffed with padding right now to I will do the best that I can. I wish you luck in your journey. This is not a game, just to let you know. I had 4 kids with no pain meds and breast augmentation and this is by far the hardest, but it is bearable.

Day 2 pics

Here are a few pics but they are not the best. I am afraid to have my garment off for longer than 1 minute. Now rwmember, I did not want a Bertha Butt. I just disnt want to be flat anymore


My stomach is looking crazy. It is all lumpy and I have a huge hard lump around my belly button and then my goin is like a mountain range. I have a deep crevice below my belly button and then the bottom is collecting fluid and it just looks awful. Now, I am only 9 days out, so I am going to pray that things get better. They do extensive post op so I am praying that they can fix this. I will not be getting a round 2 at all. My ass is OK at the most. It is not fat, it just looks like my original ass with a little improvement. Maybe it will fluff or something. At this point, I dont even care. I just want my stomach to look okay.

Pictures So Far

Eee are a few pics of my belly. My ass aint nothing to really flaunt.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

The system wont allow me to change doctors. DR duran did not do my surgery

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