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I plan on getting a BBL and all over aggressive...

I plan on getting a BBL and all over aggressive lipo. I don't plan to have surgery until Feb 2015, so my husband and I have time to take off. I couldn't go to a foreign country without knowing any of the language w/out my rock :-)

I'm a 23 (soon to be 24) year old mother of one
Right now my measurements are
chest-40, but my bra size is 34G

I had my daughter almost 4 years ago and I was almost 200 when I finally had her. That was the heaviest I've ever been. after I had her I was 183ish. Then went down to 170, I'm finally at 163. My ass was 155 two months ago, but I ate so much crap, I gained 10 pounds in like, 2 months :-/

Anyway. I decided to do Duran b/c I read she's so kind and Yily can be hard. I don't need all of that. Also, all those posts I read about those patients getting infections scared me. I didn't find any about Duran having that issue( correct me if I'm wrong)That quote of 4,800 is Duran's quote of a TT, lipo, and BBL. this does not include medical insurance. this is from the email she sent me.

" This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 or us150 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is around $150 USD"

Honestly, I don't want a TT. I hate the long scar and the way belly buttons look. the loose skin I have isn't that bad IMO. Does it suck, yea, but that scar would suck harder. I did add some pics of TT's that looked good, but I can't guarantee how long my scar will be.

So, I think I'd rather have some loose skin. I'm going to try dermarolling it, dry brushing, and the cupping method. So when I see her in Feb, I can decide if I want to go through with it. I'm now waiting on a quote for lipo and a BBL w/out a TT

While its super early...I plan to continue working out and lose more fat so my results will be better. At this point, I"m going to research where we will stay. Do recovery houses allow men to stay?
I'm not sure if we'll do that or go to a hotel w/a nurse. I don't spend a whole bunch, but I do want to be taken care of (American mentality)

all suggestions, tips, and advice is appreciated! Can't wait!

Sucked it up and hired Bella Vita

So, you guys know getting ahold of Duran is harder then getting close to the president, lol. I called the office and was on hold over an hour each time :-/ I called early in the morning, 7am their time and that afternoon, 2:30 their time. So I hired Bella Vita. it total it cost 159 (150 plus 6% tax). So I'm just waiting on her to give me my quote for what I want, which is a bbl w/lipo including my arms and thighs. I hate how some people leave out their thighs and and its like, they have huge thighs and a small waist and nice size butt. I just think the thighs should match, just my opinion, not trying to talk about anyone... everything evened out.

So, I've been hasty and started getting some stuff. I ordered my back and ab board from inthepinkroom.com and some lipo foam sheets from contourmd.com I'm a little excited. I ended up trying for late August, so I'll see what date I get, hopefully the 20th like I requested.

pretty much I'm waiting on my quote, then I'll send my deposit. my husband and i plan to get our passports this month. My old one is passed renewal. from there, create a plan of action and get organized. I've already created a list of supplies, I'm fine tuning it. I know people say, don't bring a lot just a carry on bag…can't do it.

I'm also like, dude, not showering after that surgery will kill me. If Duran says its cool, I do plan to shower in the DR when I get the ok, with bottle water/boiled water of course.

any suggestions on a garment to wear when my faja is being washed?

Any suggestions for an extra CG

So, like I mentioned before, I'm trying to decide on what CG to bring as a backup for when my first one is being washed. Since I'm getting my arms and full thighs done, I wanted something w/longer pants and arm sleeves. the sleeves may not be a big deal b/c I'm sure Duran will give me a arm compression garment.

I was thinking about these 3. no one reviews these Fajas on these websites though.

This surgery ain't no joke

I've been reading peoples reviews, not just the ones that make me warm and fuzzy, but the ones that show what can go wrong. I read the stories w/MRSA infections (not just in the DR, but in the US as well) Duran's indiscretion w/the woman that had nerve damage from her BBL, which resulted in her using a walker (or cane don't remember) b/c of Duran hitting it. Not to mention all of CIPLA having issues w/MRSA, and all those Doctors were giving ppl infections and being shut down after all of that and the deaths of those girls (weren't yily or Duran's) This stuff is off the chain…I'm going to check out some Drs in Columbia and continue on my search. FYI, I'm still waiting on my Duran quote from Bella Vita, I sent in my payment Feb 11. My last email I got from Duran was Jan 26….crazy right.

Still waiting on Bella Vita

I ended up sending Jazmine an email the 15th asking her to also get quotes for me from Almonte & Baez (I had emailed her before, but she said my email was too much to answer. Which was funny, because I've read peoples emails they sent her and she responded and mine was shorter than theirs). I also asked if she knew of the woman that had nerve damage and if she knew of anything else like that. I don't know when she'll contact me, last time I heard from her was the 11th.

Waiting sucks

This is a crazy turn of events, lol.

I finally got my "quote" from Duran through Bella Vita and this is the form it came in, lol.

"I sent your client profile to Dra. Duran for review and she denied your case for a few reasons. First, she recommends a TT and would not simply do just Lipo and BBL on you. Also, she would be unable to do lipo to your arms and thighs due to the build of your body and the amount of time it would take to perform your surgery - increased time, increased anesthesia, thus increased risks."

Say what…
Ladies, I have no interest in a TT and I've talked to 2 other doctors in the DR that has completely ignored me when I said I don't want it and I only want a quote for a BBL and lipo. I get they want nothing but perfection, but I'm ok with not being perfect (even though I'm want PS…right) I don't mind getting as close to it as I can, but I also know to be realistic about stuff. I have a little loose skin because of my daughter, but its not severe like some I've seen. its even tightened a little from my derma rolling. I'm a little sad she didn't even answer my other questions, one of which was, what should my weight be before I come. I'm down to 155 from 161. My regular weight should be between 125-135. I asked Jazmine to convey what I said and see if Duran would reconsider, butto also get quotes from Yily (who scares me), Baez(who is ok), and Altomne(Never heard of, but I'm researching). I guess I'll see is Jazmine can work some magic and see if her relationships with the surgeons and her consulting clout has a little bit of weight.

This was so left field. I know my body isn't great, but I've seen girls with much bigger builds then me, that were patients of Duran, that had everything done, but on the flip, I'm glad she cares enough to know the risks.

We'll see what happens next

Weird turn of events (cont)

I pretty much got a reply straight away from Jazmine after i replied to the initial email above. her reply was the following.
" She denied you mostly on the fact that you are only wanting to be quoted for lipo and bbl. Dra Duran has drastically changed the way she does things and the majority of the stories on real self are from before this change. I get lots of comparisons regarding real self, especially regarding weight but again at one point Dra Duran was most recognized for her work on larger women where as now she has a strict BMI requirement. So there are a few factors. As for weight loss, Dra Duran quotes based on what a client is presently at and not where they think they'd be in the future. There's no way for her to know that's where a client will truly be. She has to work with what she has at the time if request."

Oh wells. Now I have to wait and see how the other Drs I wanted quotes from feel about my anti-TT stand, lol. I just think a TT is extreme for a little bit of loose skin. Also b/c my ab muscles aren't weak or separated, they don't need to be repaired, so I find that procedure to be way to much for myself.

I just want a big ol booty. My husband said, "I know, baby" lol

Ok! Back on track

So, it seemed everyone in the DR wanted me to do a tummy tuck….wahhhh!!! So, I sucked it up. If I'm gonna do a tummy tuck, then, I'll do it w/Duran. Luckily scars heal pretty fast on me and I'll derma roll and dermastamp it once it has healed. I uploaded pics of what those look like for those curious. How will this help the scar? it will help collagen and blood get to the scar . the tiny pin prick's will essentially break down the skin and single the body to repair the area. it won't get rid of it completely, but it will help it at least get a better tone of blending in. I got some from owndoc. she has a great forum w/a bunch of answers to questions and a derma roller pdf.

Also, Duran's scars are thin and low, thank god. So, I sent my deposit to her through a wire transfer from my bank. 250usd, plus 45 in transfer fees. What was weird was how my bank was like, the IBAN# is connected to citi bank and the girl, who sounded my age was like, "is this suppose to go through citi bank?"
I said, "no, not necessarily, I figure since you guys do international wire transfers as well it shouldn't be an issue." I told her to include that number in her notes. I'm gonna be so upset if that girl just didn't know what she was doing, b/c its a $15 fee if it doesn't work right. If it doesn't, I'm gonna slick talk my bank into waving it b/c she was confused. Anyway, I'm waiting on Jazmine to confirm they got it. Little thing that helped me straight from BBL2014's page (thanks of the detailed deposit post)

My bank wanted Duran's address, I gave them CIPLA's address, which is at the bottom of her email.
the SUIS is the SWIFT code and the ABA is the IBAN
When you give them the swift code, the bank name pops up for them.

Banco de reservas República Dominicana.
200 02 092 000588 4
Agustina Hilario Duran
ABA 021000089
Bank address: Calle Maria Trinidad Samchez, Cotui provincia Sanchez Ramirez
Dra Duran’s "Address": 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

We'll see if this went smoothly

pics were left out

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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