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After countless hours of reading reviews, scouring...

After countless hours of reading reviews, scouring websites for doctors, looking at before and after pictures and reasearching medical journals i have finally reached the decision to bite the bullet ! Passport? Check! Plane ticket? check! Recovery house reserved? Check! Now its time to gather up my ever growing list of surgery supplies and let the anticipation build! So a little background about me. Im 30, have 3 kids, 5'5'' and weigh 150-155 lbs. Ive always been fairly active with an athletic build just NOOOOOO bump on the rump! It time to change that and Duran is Doc for the Job. I absolutely love the way she sculpts the tiniest waists and gives a heck of a backporch to go with it. I emailed several Doctors before deciding on Duran. In fact for a while i had scratched her off the list because i emailed her three times and never recieved an answer for almost a month. Then out of the blue she replied! She seemed so genuine and down to earth not rehearsed or generic like so many other cookie-cutter email replys i had gotten back. I had recieved a previous email quoting me lipo to back, abdomen and love handles with fat transfer for 3,000 from Yily. Duran was slightly higher than Yily by about $500 but after a few email exchanges she agreed to include lipo to the inner thigh and arms for the original quote. I was like "SOLD! sign me up" I asked for May 27th but her earliest appointment was May 30th. She said that she only liked to do 2 surgeries a day so i was more than happy to push back my surgery a couple days to ensure that she will be able to give me ample attention. I paid my deposit via paypal and by the next day it was confirmed through paypal and then within minutes of recieving the email from paypal she sent me an email as well letting me know that she had recieved by deposit and my date ws set! My knees start knockin everytime that i think about the fact that by this time next month i will be on the road to recovery :) Duran suggested several recovery houses and after speaking with Angela at Angela's Recovery house i secured my dates with her as well. This is just the begining i will be sure to keep everyone updated and i will try to upload some before pictures. Any advice from you ladies is very welcomed :)

Whew nerves are really getting to me. Only 25 more...

Whew nerves are really getting to me. Only 25 more days! Holy crap when i think about it like that i get major booty countdown fever! I have been taking iron pills for the last 10 days and plan on getting a b12 shot next week. Slowly collecting surgery necessities but i have alot more to do. Right now it just seems surreal. I added two before pics and a wish Pic but im not sure if they uploaded because i been having trouble loading realself on my mobile. Let me know what yall think! Honesty please ladies...thanks

Thinking about adding a BA to my surgery. Emailed...

Thinking about adding a BA to my surgery. Emailed Duran and she said it would be an additional $2000...seems like alot compared to the $1300 Yily quoted but all the Duran BA pics ive seen look amazing! I may just have to tighten up my belt a lil more and save the extra 2k up.

Well ladies its 2 weeks and 2 days till im off to...

Well ladies its 2 weeks and 2 days till im off to get my world rocked! The nerves are kicking in big time! I lay awake at nights imagining what my new body will look like....i start off thinking about all the good possibilities but then my warped mind starts thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong. I start feeling selfish because i know surgery much less surgery in another country is no joke. What if my desire to improve my body leaves my kids without a mom? Im so torn right now. On top of that my hubby, who has been super supportive through all this, tells me if i want i can take an additional $2000 out for breast implants. Ughhh im an emotional rollercoaster these days i swear.

Less than two weeks till Duran works her magic! Booty fever

Got that last few items on my short list of items im taking to DR with me. After reading a zillion pre and post op reviews ive realized that most people pack waaaay more to take to the surgery than they actually use....so im simplifying. Just the necessities ;) its less than two weeks till my surgery and im in sleep deprivation becuase im up late reading everyone's reviews (so grateful for this website) and looking at wish pics.....my phone is full of booty pics to take with me to see Duran!

Help ladies i need your opinions

I need your opinion ladies! Help. Im letting the cynics get to me. Family, friends....well i guess just family and friends are the only ones ive told wbout my plans so far....but they are all so negative. Saying im wasting my money that i wont even get close to my wish pics. I tell them im realistic and that the bodies on my wish pics are not my body and that my results will be unique to me. All im wanting is a smaller defined waste and a rounder butt...i think that can be accomplished. What do you ladies think? They just keep saying im gonna be disappointed. Guess my nerves are letting their doubts weigh on me. 8 more days ;)

3 days!

Thank you ladies for all your support. Ya'll aredo the best. Im getting my mind wrapped around the fact that i will be flying outta here within 2 days and i will having surgery in three ;) i promise to keep everyone updated and share post pics as soon and as often as i can.

In the airport! ! Sh*t just got real lol

Sitting at the airport. My plane will be boarding in about 30 minutes. Next time i step foot in this place Duran will have done her thang and i will have my new and improved body. Anxious! Excited! Nervous! I will try to update as often as i can. I spoke with Angela yesterday and she wil be expecting me. I will have an evening at her home then its off to CIPLA in the a.m. keep yall toes and fingers crossed for me

Day 1 Santo Domingo. Surgery tomorrow

Ok so I am just updating everyone on my experience thus far. I arrived at the airport and quite efficiently obtained my tourist card, went through immigration and then was checked at customs with zero problems. As soon as I walked out the exit doors I noticed two things #1 damn its hot lol and #2 Angelas girls waiving a lil white sign with my name on it smiling. They were so sweet . They both hugged me. Now normally I ain't a hugged but I had been so nervous the last few days the friendly welcome was just what i needed. The car had ac and was nice. The driving around here is crazy...no rules just everybody driving wherever and however they want. Angela is so sweet and genuine in person...not to mention one heck of a good cook. I've ate 3 times since I been here and it was delicious! I got to meet my roomy. She is a yily girl and WOW she is looking good. So shout out to Mel619 :) about two hours later 2 new Duran dolls to be arrived! We all are scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I know their results are gonna be awesome cause they already beautiful ladies. Whelp that's about it. Gonna wash up and try to hit the hay early tonight.... Surgery tomorrow

Marked and ready to rock

Well we got here about 6:30 this morning. Filled out several forms then got my room. It is very nice here. No pillows so bring your own ;) Mel619 went one wat to get have her post op with Yily and hopefully get her drains out. My thoughts and prayers are with her. Then got my bloodwork done
her very professional. Then to Durans office. Its small but very classy. Duran and Elizabeth are both beautiful and soooo nice. THen to the cardiologist and back to waiting room. Several patienta came in for their post ops and Durans work looked dang good.next it was time for my evaluation. Duran listened to everything i asked and wanted for results. Im scheduled to go first and right now nerves are kicking my but. See yall next update

Experience with Cipla

I'm not the type of person to believe negative statements about people or businesses without giving them the benefit of the doubt.i realize thar everyone's experiences are personal and unique to each person. That being said my personal experience with Cipla was horrendous. For reasons I have yet to find out my left hip nerve was hurting me terribly. Nerve pain is unbearable. I kept asking for stronger medicine to help with the pain but was ignored. I spent from 4'oclock Friday evening until 3o'clock it torture. I couldn't sleep and began to throw up the pain was so horrible. I would beg for help and they would say"es normal es no problem". They moved my phone away from my bed so I could not call the nurses station so after several hours I began to scream for help and no one came. One nurse laughed at me and called me a baby because I was crying as she left the room. I saw doctor Duran twice. She wasn't working that Saturday so she must have came from her home she was concerned about my pain and tried to give me some medicine ....it did not help. Shortly after that I released to Angela's recovery house. When I got there I was allowed to walk with the assistance of a walker. My entire left leg was numb for two days but now it is much better. Angela and Carmen are amazing I can not recommend them highly enough. As for my results they are amazing. Duran did her thang.

Two weeks post pics

One month pic

One month out. I still am having health problems. I passed a clot through my lung, had to get a blood transfusion because my hemo levels were dangerously low. I walk with a limp due to the nerve damage from surgery. I have continous muscle cramps and nerve pain in my left leg. I will be the first to admit that my results are good and that Duran is a master sculptor but please ladies don't go into this undertaking thinking that "it'll never happen to me...those horror stories i read on here" because it can happen to anyone. I knew the risks and i took the chance. Good luck on your adventures
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