BBL Round 2 - Deleting pics soon... Duran Doll - Dominican Republic

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So now I have settled for Duran. I spoke to...

So now I have settled for Duran. I spoke to Elizabeth, her assistant, today to confirm my appointment for September 2nd, for like the thousandth time! (Just have to be sure) I called and talked to Angela to see if she had me down for the recovery house and good thing I did! I wasn't on the schedule! Thankfully everything is all sorted out! Now I have to do is get my passport, flight, more supplies, and I haven't even bought my luggage :(... I can already see August will be a busy month...

Any other ladies scheduled for September 2???

Dr. Jimmerson is blowing up this procedure and I dont like it

So not much to update but I just felt like venting lol! I was at my hair dresser and they started commenting about Dr. J and how this new fad is that everyone is getting fake booties lol! Mind you I have been through this procedure before so I had to fake ignorance, shock, and awe (talk about awkward)... The girls literally spent an hour discussing bbl's and how disgusted they are that everyone is getting them. Mind you, I could care a flying f*** less about what the next woman thinks but I mean damn you Dr. Jimmerson for putting that shit in the air! I liked when this was literally one of those procedures you stumble upon finding after doing a butt load of research (pun intended) now its going to be just as commercial and over hyped as getting fake tits... I mean after all ladies I did like the head scratches and mystery I got from people who wanted to know how I got these hips and ass because no one knew about it, but it seems the secret is out... Next thing you know girls are going to be like "Yea she got a bbl done"...

It's that time (again)

Less than a week away from sx and those damn butterflies are killing me. I can't believe I'm doing this all over again! The pain, burning, itching, compression, stiffness, and soreness... Yea, I'm bout to own all of that - again. I'm excited but so very nervous because I know what to expect, kinda. I guess my biggest concern is its still warm out so it will be harder to pile on clothes to cover up and it will be harder to find excuses to stay out of sight and heal but its cool... I will just do what I've been doing and push it in the back of my mind... I'm sure you ladies can relate to what I'm feeling.

Duran does great work so I know it's going to be difficult to disguise all the new ass I'm bout to get! Oh well...

Oh and just a quick story before my battery dies... Went to onyx with my man over the weekend in atl and one of the strippers walks up to us and grabs a handful of my ass and says to him "what are you doing in here when you got all this to play with???!" Me and the girl bust out laughing and my fiancé looked very turned on but confused by the scenario... Either way it was a double compliment for me because the chick was stacked! Good times lol!

I made it!

It feels great to make it to the other side! I'm here in the DR and the language barrier is so real! It gets annoying at times but so far ppl here have been patient and understanding, just remember to keep your American attitude at home.

CIPLA is a gorgeous building and I was very impressed with the care and caution they take to make sure you can survive sx. Its much more thorough than the U.S. But enough about CIPLA, Duran is an amazing doctor! I she took so many precautions during surgery, she is very meticulous and best of all she limits her sx to 3 a day which is reasonable. Her assistant Elizabeth is wonderful! She literally followed me the whole day to translate for me... After the afternoon came I had to ask her does she ever get time to eat! Poor girl said that its rare so I gave her some crackers and an extra juice I had. A lot of work goes into this process...

So i was Durans second patient and during the consultation she told me she doubted she could harvest much fat since this was my second procedure, talk about disappointed. She said she would do what she can so when it was my turn I took the blue pill and was out! I woke up during the last 10-15 min of sx, I wasn't in pain I just watched as she lipoed my arms and keep telling her I don't want a breast reduction lol! I woke back up in my room n had the, sweetest nurse named sarah. She gave me plenty of pain meds, changed my linen several times, and came to check on me every hour, just a wonderful person!

So about my results... all night I kept rubbing my butt and I was so sad because it felt the same! I didn't have the strength to look in the mirror so I had no clue what to expect! Duran came to check on me that morning to see how I felt, and I asked her how much she put in... she reminded me she couldn't get much fat but told me she put about 1200cc in each cheek -WHAT!! Talk about shocked! I was ecstatic! The nurses kept telling me how big it was and now I know why... before I left I finally took a look in a mirror n I am in love with the results!!! Duran out did herself!!! I will post pics tomorrow...

some pics


very swollen


just a little pic of me layin down

Had my first massage today and that pain is intense!! It just one of those things that hurts a good hurt because you know its helping... Don't get me wrong I shed a few indian tears but its all for progress! My post op is tomorrow so its time to get some rest. Buenos noches!!!

post op appt

Had the post op today. Everything went great, got the drain removed and I'm slowly but surely starting to feel normal again! I took some pics without my faja today... Let me know what u think!

back home, more pics

Hi ladies, so I got back home monday but I been to lazy to update. Honestly, I have been enjoying being waited on hand and foot by the hubby and just getting used to being back. I can't tell you how much I missed having a nice hot shower, cable, and real wifi! I'm home and in heaven! I havent forgotten about my detailed review of the recovery house and my trip home but that will have to wait till friday. Here are some more pics. I'm still absolutely lovin my results and my ass and hips are perfect! I couldn't be happier with how things turned out. I literally have to shop in the plus size section for pants that fit this ass! I was an 11/12 pre op and I'm now a 16! Sheesh!

Deleting pics soon

I will be deleting my pics soon. No particular reason just dont feel like having them floating around in cyber space anymore. The last thing i need is for someone to recognize me lol. Duran has plenty of post op pics on her FB and twitter. If I change my mind in the future I will post more but I will delete everything tomorrow.
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