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I'm set with Dra. Duran for my BBL. I am excited...

I'm set with Dra. Duran for my BBL. I am excited to have found her and to have read all the fantastic reviews and seen the amazing outcomes in all the Duran Doll's pictures. In addition to getting a BBL I also want to get a breast augmentations, if I can and if it's a good idea, done on the same day. I have looked around for Dra. Duran's BA pictures but haven't had much luck or I didn't really like what little I did find, but I am not ready to decide before having seen more pictures and was thinking who else would be able to give me recommendation of Dra. Duran's BAs than the beautiful Duran Dolls themselves. So here I am, I wanted to see what you girls thought. What are your opinions? how did your results come out? Are you happy with your BA outcomes?
I have see just how thankful all Duran Dolls are for their booties, but what about those that had breast augmentations too? Help a girl out, I want to make the best decision I can.
Thank you dolls! :)

How much would you ladies say you spent on average on top of surgery costs?

I've been saving up and have surgery covered, but I know there are a lot of additional expenses (plane tickets, hotel stay, fajas, vitamins, etc, etc). How much extra money would you ladies advice me to save up so I can comfortably pay for all the other expenses? How much would you say you spent?

Posting some photos to give you girls an idea of what my body looks like

My date with Dra. Duran is finally set :).

I had waited too long to set the date after getting my quote and when I called this Monday to try to find out what my options were for late December, I was told Dra. Duran was fully booked until the end of the year. I started to think the surgery may end up not happening and the end of the year is the only time that works for me. I was sooo not looking forward to waiting yet another year for this!!

I was unsure about whether I was willing to risk sending my deposit in before knowing that there was an opening for December, so I contacted Dra. Duran and told her about my situation with needing a December date but there not being any available and not wanting to lose my money. She said to not worry about the deposit, to just make an appointment if I call her office and find out someone has cancelled theirs.

I called this afternoon and was initially told I was still out of luck, but when I asked how often they recommended me to call since I didn't want to end up bothering them blowing up their phone every day or every other day and told them about the exchange I had had with Dra. Duran, an opening for Dec. 16 appeared by surprise. I'm not complaining, lol, I'm happy it happened.

So the date is set and I'm incredibly excited! I don't know how I'm going to get through finals and studying when all I'm going to be thinking about is surgery and the amazing work Dra. Duran will do ;).

Time for me to start looking into hotels, maybe recovery houses, buying my tickets and everything else.

Stay healthy girls :).


So I was initially thinking of possibly not getting massage sessions since I'm on a serious budget constraint, but the more I read (Thank you Pink_Flower), the more I think absolutely must have massage sessions after my surgery.

What did you ladies do? Do you have a massage lady you recommend in DR? How much should I expect to spend per session and how many session would you all recommend?

Just Realized I updated on my BA post instead of here, wish there was a way to delete updates :/

Just wanted to do a quick little update. I'm three weeks from my surgery and I'm so excited! Dra. Duran better hook it up! I've been doing my ritual realself surfing everyday looking at all the beautiful results, I'm pumped :). I'm so glad to have found this community. I don't contribute much, but I appreciate everybody's posts, advice, tips, and such.
I am scheduled to see my doctor tomorrow for a final checkup. I hope everything comes out perfect. I'd hate to have to postpone or even cancel my surgery. I don't think I could wait any more than the next three weeks.
Thanksgiving break starts this Wednesday for me and then FINALS! I hope they don't stress me out too much :/. I want to be as healthy as possible come surgery time.
With the last weeks before surgery nearing, do you girls have any recommendations for me? Anything I should make sure to do, now and later on, to prepare for surgery? Any tips are welcome ;)

Monday is fast approaching... my anxiety is building up!

I'm halfway through quite a stressful week. The idea of having surgery right after finals didn't sound so bad at all at when I was planning things out. I figured it would allow me to have more recovery time before I had to go back to school for another semester. I still think it'll work well in that aspect, but the stress of finals and projects and deadlines, combined with getting minimal sleep, isn't helping my surgery related anxiety :/.

I finally got around to telling my parents about my trip and all two days ago. They are fully supportive and gave me their blessings. I thought it would help put me at ease to let them know, since I'd have something less to worry about, but it just made things more real. I'm sooo beyond excited and impatient, but being restless and having a million other things to be worried about is multiplying my nerves.

I've got to think about the prizes at the end of all this: a booty and boobies I wasn't naturally blessed to have and the reward of good grades at the end of a tough semester.

On another note, I have been hard at work on trying to gain some weight for the last two months, but my body just refuses. I've been eating all sorts of things at all times of the day, even often forcing myself to, but the scale just refuses to tell me I've put on any weight. My whole life I've fought with my body to keep weight off and to not get bigger but when I actually try to, it decides it doesn't actually want to get fat...oh the irony.

I got by test result last week. My bloodwork came back perfectly but my doctor detected a mild heart murmur last time she checked and ordered an echocardiogram for me. The echo showed it is nothing pathological and that I should have nothing to worry about. I contacted Duran about it and she told me to bring her my results so they can decided if I need further testing. I'm not worried about it, I really think it won't be a problem and I sure do hope I'm right. Other than that, I just have to worry about keeping my hemo levels up.

As always, thank you for the support and the posts. I love this community.
Next time I write I may already be in DR :). Much love BBL sisters.

I made it through :)

I wanted to write a quick update to not keep you ladies hanging.

I had my surgery on Monday, been feeling progressively better. It's true what
they say, recovery is no joke. I had a BA and a BBL and I swear, recovery is its own brand of hell! I keep on thinking about all the girls here that had more things done, tummy tucks, lipo of the arms and thighs, etc, in addition to what I had done, and I can't help but feel awe at their resilience. The ladies here are some real badasses!

I ended up getting blood transfusion, my hemo levels dropped after surgery and I was feeling extremely weak. I was given the option of trying to elevate my hemo levels with vitamins first, which we tried, but it was of no help. So although hesitant, I ended up opting for the blood transfusion. It definitely made a difference. I was able to leave by the end of the night on Tuesday.

I've since been confined to the apartment my sister and I rented out. My sister has been an angel for me these days. I honestly don't think anyone could have possibly taken better care of me. I don't even think I could have been as attentive as she has been with me if the roles were reversed. I love her so much!

I will be updating post-op of pics soon. I finally have an ass!! and boobs!!! The ass isn't huge, nothing that particularly sticks out, but Dra. Duran did the best with what I had and I am so thankful for it :).

Dra. Duran is a fabulous woman. Beautiful, intelligent, and obviously talented. I am so glad I made the decision of having her as my doctor. I was so nervous about surgery, but the moment I met her, my nerves flew away. She was so calm and confident that she inspired trust in me. I'm supposed to go see her tomorrow morning, I'll tell you how that goes :)


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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