Yily Doll_Feb 4, 2014 - Gettin Me Some CURVES for my 30th Bday! - Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm turning 30, Jan. 29th (yikes) - i'm 5'2...

i'm turning 30, Jan. 29th (yikes) - i'm 5'2 -170lbs ( recently lost 38 lbs to get ready for this surgery) - i have a 2 year old son and gained 60 lbs during my pregnacy!! i had NO SHAME giving into those preggo cravings - 9 months and 60lbs later my son was born only 6 lbs 6 oz ! i kept telling the doctor " you sure maybe theres not another one still in there somewhere ?" lol - Now he's 2 and i have to officially give up the " i just had a baby " excuse. dammit. I decided on Dr. Duran - i'll be getting a Tummy Tuck, lipo of my full back and arms, and a BBL - she quoted me $4,800..and extra $200 if i want to get my chin done. ( hey why not, right?! lol ) I have no one to go with - if anyone is going the weekend of Feb 22 ( i'm leaving Feb 21 from Newerk ) and staying at the Real Recovery House Armonia. I'd love to buddy up ! i'm so nervous but it ain't stoppin me!

Faja now or later ?

It seems like most of the girls who i've been reading up on buy a faja before the trip. I know they give you a faja included in the cost of surgery, i think having a second one is a great idea but..what kind ? I like the idea of the full body suit, with hooks in the front, high back, long sleeves and long leggins ( to the ankle ) - is that to much ?

wish pic

I have way to much fun with this plastic surgery simulator app. LOL

Boppy vs. Boppy-ish ?

So from what I've been reading a boppy pillow is a MUST when you get a BBL. This may seem stupid but I dont think I completely get why. To sit on it ? to support the small of your back ? Is sitting down on a regular seat that bad? Honestly, I feel like sitting on a boppy wouldnt be comfortable either lol Can anybody break it down for me ? lol ALSO, i dont have a Boppy- but I do have a " Gia " pillow ( sounds bootleg now that i think about it lol but its not, its just shaped differently ) I used it to nurse my son. Is that good enough or do i need to invest in a bobby ??

Yily Doll - Feb 4, 2014

Jet Blue Flight booked outta Newerk Feb 2 . Staying at Daisys Recovery House. This may be premature but I am SO HAPPY I'm staying there, Daisy has been amazing - she responses with in mins every time. Day or Night. And from the pictures I've seen it looks like a nice clean updated place.

Yily Doll- Feb 3rd- TTL, Liposculpture, fat injections in buttocks for roundness

Yily Doll- Feb 3,2014-pics-TTL, Liposculpture, fat injections

Yily Doll _ 18 days post op

i had zero complications. incredible recovery. after the first 6-8 days pain was extremely tolerable. after 8-10 days any and all bruises were gone. Today is day 18. Soreness in my abs is absolutely nothing compared to day 1-8. I still can't sleep on my stomach or side but i've gotten used to sleeping on my back ( head slightly elevated) so sleep isnt an issue. My #1 issue is my skin sensitivity. It reminds me of the feeling when your clothes rub against ur stil when u have a real bad sun burn ( except your skin isnt hot to the touch obviously ). I love how i look in jeans but wearing jeans for a long period of time , especially if im sitting a lot is uncomfortable. Tolerable. but definitely drives me nuts about a couple hours. Leggings, velour pants, things like that do feel much better. i used to LOVE taking off my faja for a break while i wash it or for whatever reason but Lately my skin sensitivity has gotten to a point where i feel better WITH the faja then without it.
i'll be posting new pictures soon

Yily Doll - feb 3,2014- pre/post op pics

I had a Tummy Tuck, fat injections to the upper part of my butt for roundness, lipo to my entire back, the back of my arms and my chin

Yily Doll - 2/3/14- chin lipo before/after

Lipo to my chin didn't hurt at all. I had no bruising , no one realized I got anything done at all. my chin is sore to the touch, on a scale of 1-5, it was at most a 2. Only when i press on my jawline. They put gauze with surgical tape on the area after they're done. Once I took off that dressing ( maybe 48 hours after surgery) i didn't wear a chin strap to compress the area afterwards which I think I should have. I recently started wearing a chin strap to bed - I think in a few weeks the results will look even better .

Yily Doll- 2/3/14 - after pic

I got a Colombian faja with the cut outs for your butt ..it makes my but looks CRAZY . I say if u don't have a BBL but are curious about what it might look like. Get that kind of faja lol
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