Duran BBL June 2014

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Hey guys :) like many of you I have been stalking...

Hey guys :) like many of you I have been stalking this site for a loooooong time. It's been a year now and I'm finally taking the big step and going for it. At first I was team ghurani for the LONGEST but and only had 2,000 left to pay but I recently changed my mind after having fallen inlove with Durans work! I love her. Why is she so hard to get a hold of :( I emailed jazmine to try to have her get me a date but I'm still waiting on my refund from eps D: so until then I have to wait to send et my info cause I don't have enough money to pay the $150 to have her help me. Ahhhhhhh I'm so excited for this I swear even tho I don't plan to have it until June of 2014. I don't give a damn about having lost my deposit at eps. I'll be saving money with Duran AND her work is top of the line. Well time to wait and see

Duran dolls do it better? Lol

I feel so welcomes in real self. When I first had my last page I didn't really get comments til a while after. Was it cause I was with ghurani and there aren't as many cool ghurani dolls? Lol who knows. I sent all my info to xxx@xxx.com hopeful they will help me set a date. I'm kinda bummed cause my bf and I broke up after 4 years, yesterday . I mean he was a cheater. Cheaters never stop cheating they only get better at lying, but apparently he still hasn't perfected it cause he's so obvious. I let him walk out cause I wasn't gonna take it anymore. I need this surgery now even more. I wanna start a new life, in a new a school cause I'm transferring next year. My new look will help me feel more confident in myself. I don't need a man who has eyes for me and every other girl that walks past by. I want to value myself. I mean I do, but I wanna feel good. Know what I mean? At first I was scared to go to the Dominican Republic by myself cause he was supposed to go with me but I can do this. Plus katiedear (on RS) will also be joining me. I got her to switch with me and by my roomie over there. She was also going to ghurani and I'm so great full to have met her on here, she's a cool person :) even if she lives in the UK and I live in the US. I won't feel so alone. I'm going to hire a nurse, a taxi to drive us, and a cook :3 I already kno the perfect place to stay (found on airbnb) LETS DO THIS. Ok maybe I'm getting too ahead of myself? I still have research to do obviously
anywho, ABOUT ME:
Im a girl obviously
About 108 lbs
Im 20 years old
Measurements still not sure but I'll update u guys ASAP
An that's it for now you guys :) get ready for my emotional-mess

Oh haha

Excuse the screenshots. Those were from my old profile xD I forgot to crop them


I've been thinking... I think I wanna add a BA along with my BBL... Hmm... Ima ask the price... Ahhh I'm even more excite now. Does anyone know if breast implant ever have to be replaced?

Scratch that last part

I don't want her to do my boobs. I'm not too crazy about her breast work.


I'm so bummed you guys. So far I haven't heard much from jazmine... What if it's all a hoax? That would happen to me tho... :/ ugh she's most likely not because I've heard that many people have gotten a date thru her, it prolly would have been announced on realself of how it's a scam... Idk I just don't want to go to any other doctor if its not Duran. I've been thru too much to switch my doctors AGAIN I lost my deposit $$ from ghurani, plus I was short around $52 dollars when I was refunded my money! And then I paid jazmine $150 ugh I feel so sad. I just want to be able to have my date already and say that all I have to do is wait til that date comes and how excited I am. It just feels at this point that it's not going to happen for me and it makes me sad....

Happy days

I got an email from jazmine today saying that she already has sent an email to Duran, she's just taking a bit long to respond but that she should have replied by Sunday. So I'm happy :) my weight gaining regimen has gone good so far. So hard not to spend money tho. I'm trying so hard to save but people's birthdays keep popping up and OMG Xmas is around the corner. Good thing at my job double discount day is on the 14-17 of October, I'll do my Xmas shopping in advance xD haha. But yeah I'm in a good mood u guys.

Pre op pics

Here are some very sad now pics. Dra Duran needs to hook me up with sim killer curves D:


Hell to the f***king yes! I got my quote you guys. 3,400 USD jazmine came thru you guys I HIGHLY recommend her services!! I'm so glad I spent the $150 if I would've done it by myself I would've just waited a couple months or not got a hold of her at all. Yaaaay I'm happy now :) I'll update more later you guys

Sent in my deposit

Ahhhh even tho I STILL don't have my date yet, I'm excited. It feels so much more real now :3 soooo idk if ima have a roommate Anymore :( sigh, is anyone going in June 2014 that needs a roommate to share expenses??? No, I will not be stayin in a recovery house. Why? Uhm, I just don't trust people. Too much drama, it's hard for me to deal with many women, heat, pain, many girls = attitudes and arguing. Plus I don't need a stranger taking care of me. No one can take care of me like my one of my family members or bf. (oh yes I got back with him. We had to come to some compromises and and come to an understanding, I'm just happy out 4 year relationship didnt go down the drain) plus I'm still going to hire a nurse AND a cool cause duh I need one. Lol oh and a driver. So yeah if anyone is going and needs a roommate, hit me up!

Received my date

So I finally got my date you guys!!! Ahhhhh June 16 2014!!! I'm so excited!!! Only thing that sucks is that it falls on a Monday :( so ima see if I can change it to a Tuesday or Thursday cause I wanna be able to come in the day before to get a check up or something. You know all those tests the run and stuff. It'll be waaaaaay easier that way. Omg but I'm so happy tho! It feels so great! Now all I need to focus on is gaining 10-15 pounds, setting up my flights, room to stay at, a nurse and cool and I'm good to go! It's so far in advance tho so I'm gonna worry about that until January.

I wish I was rich

Ahhhhh I hate being broke D: just thinking about financing it sucks. I mean it's waaaaaaaaay more affordable than ghurani and I am definitely gonna have the money for it, it just sucks not being able to but clothes or junk food. I'm so used to king out and buying food I'm not used to it yet. You know young people, we spend more money on food than anything else. Lol wait, or is that just me xD haha but yeah. I guess I need to start getting used to it if i wanna remain healthy after surgery. Fuuuck and then Fucking Christmas is around the corner and I have to buy so many people things. And also my damn honors history class is forcing me to pay to go to historical sites and write a paper on them (four) and last but not least my STUPID boyfriend (did I tell you we got back together?) told my sister that I was the one who threw away her doc martens!!! Ugggh he's so stupid. All just because I punched him in the nose. But in my defense he deserved it because when we were breaking up he started taking out my drawers an throwing them making sure all my clothes were all over the place messing up my stuff on purpose. And so yeah I punched him, and his bitch ass went to tell my sister what I did. (She also deserved it because I KNOW she was the one who threw away all my new clothes, my new flats and several other shit. I know, family can be so grimy sometimes) anywho I don't regret throwing away her shoes. I just regret having told his stupid ass. Now I have to spend about $135 for some damn shoes. Uggghhh FML

Oh yeah one more expense

University applications.. I forgot about those damn university applications -_____-

Allll byyyy myyyy seeeeeeeeellllllf.....

*continues to sing* don't wanna be.... Aaalll by my seeelf... So yeah I guess ima be going alone to the DR. Buying plane tickets for TWO is waaaay too expensive. Plus I still have to buy the passports and other expenses while I'm there?? FUCK THAT. Well hopefully I have room mate when the time comes so we can split the costs, but to make sure I'm okay I'm eliminating the bf from coming, hiring two nurses (night and day) get a driver, a cook, aaaaannnd... Idk what else haha I haven't made my list of to do's, I'll make it closer to my date. It's so far away :( and I'm sad cause at my job they cut my hours. Grrrrr so mad about that. This year just sucks because I can't spend money on things I like, and I keep spending a lot on food cause there's never any damn food at home. I've been in a pissy mood all day. D: idks

Future me

Healing Haven

Yeah I know before I was sooooo against recovery houses but I will now be staying at healing haven recovery! Still looking for a person to room with me there so if u want to, hit me up! I really liked Jules their coordinator she's such a sweetheart and the pricing is for 11 days with round trip to the airport and CILPA along with food, 6 massages, a nurse, laundry service, a cell phone rental to call back home, medicine delivery and room by myself. If I have a roomate the price will go down but for now $963 :D
I'm really considering only staying for 9 days tho I get home sick fast. (One day before my sx and 8 post op) cell phone, I might not need, and I MIGHT just bring my own medicine from America if my doctor is willing to prescribe it. I'll just ask jazmine with the date comes closer. I'm so excited tho. I keep stalking durans Instagram. IM OBESSED WITH ASS. All I do is look at other girls butts. Haha I have endless amounts of pictures of girls butts on my phone. It feels weird but I can't help but imagine what I would like like if I came out like them. I'm not so worried that Duran will give me good results, but if I will have enough fat :( I'm just hoping Duran never become like yily and starts to half ass her work. I'd be devasted

You know what I hate?

I hate the stupid shit some people say sometimes. Like you know those memes that say "any guy can drive in a straight line, only real men can handle curves" I hate them. I hate them so much it pisses me off when people post stuff like that. A woman is not defined by her curves and any bitch that thinks that is only trying to make herself feel better because she once felt threatend by a skinny girl. I mean hearing stuff like that is hurtf I'm not gonna lie. I hate being skinny and no curves. I HATE it. Growing up I've always been the undesirable one, the ugly one, the stick. But gnawing older now I can finally say that it all turned around. You know that feeling being the ugly duckling and then like magic puberty hits and the beauty you thought was unattainable is now reachable? Idk if that makes sense. I'm just rambling on, but yeah those memes just bring me down. Like I'm up there like "ok I'm finally pretty!!! Guys actually like me, wow I remember when guys thought I was ew but now they chase" and then u remember "oh yeah, I still don't have 'the perfect body'" it's like your never gonna be good enough. (Don't get me wrong I'm not doing this to be good enough for anybody even if it sounds like I'm going in tht direction) it's just that other birtches try too hard to put themselves at the top that they have to put others down by saying "yeah your cute but I'm better cause I have a better body than you" bitch, swerve. POINT IS beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but most importantly a personality (and some proof you have a brain) idk I just wanted to vent on some frustration I have. I feel better now. Even if I made sense to no one. Thanks dolls! I love all you big booty vets, no booty having soon to be vets! Even if u end up not getting a booty cause of unforeseen issues. Just know your beautiful, fuck what they say. Your beautiful cause I say so.

This is perfect for my body


Sorry i havent updated in a while

Hey guys! I had to make myself stop going on cause i was just ADDICTED to this site. Wow only fourth months left to go. I already paid off my recovery house but i still havent bought my plane ticket or passport ahhhhhh ill do that this month. Ive been feeling really nervous latley like "do i really wanna do this? Am i ready to go off on my own for the first time and do something to alter my body in a country i am not familiar with?" ...... YES I AM! Im just scared. This is going to be the moment where (i know this sounds so childish) i finally grow up. I can do it tho. Im a big girl. Im just afraid of airplanes. Ill probably cry. Im really scared of the way back. I live in cali so the plane ride is a ten hour flight. Yikes! Whatever all for the booty. My mom keeps trying to change my mind. Since ive been gaining weight my moms like "your growing a booty!" And then ill be like " AND ITS GONNA BE EVEN BIGGER!!!" Haha! I cant stop thinking about it. Theres not one day i dont wonder what its going to look like. Im scared but i trust duran. I dont want a ghetto booty but one that fits and complements my shape. One that people i dont know will never suspect. Obviously the people i know personally WILL know but eh, whatever i guess. As long as i feel good about myself. Right now i weigh 110 lbs my goal weight is 125. Its so hard to keep the weight on you guys :( and it sucks even more cause i was forced to take a walking class in order to be considered as a full time student at school -____- damn that one unit i needed. And because of that class i keep losing more weight!!! >:0 its not fair. And i notice that i lose weight being at work too because they have me running around fixing the store. So thats my dilemma at the moment. Keeping on the weight :( which reminds me, i need to buy iron tablets....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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