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Super excited about going to duran. Hoping to...

Super excited about going to duran. Hoping to confirm my date for October 2013. Im hoping she can give me the results I want.. bubble butt, high sitting(cocked), alot of projection. I already have thighs and dont want to big of hips scared it will make me look big. Im not going for a thick look.. but slim with a sick booty.

Dr Duran OR Dr Baez

I also received my quote from Dr Baez. I am torn between the two. Need to see more Baez results.. Please If anyone has any pics of baez results besides whats on her website could you forward me the link. Im going for the super slim waist and bubble butt look, what doctor is best for those results. Any help would be muchly appreciated. Hoping to make my final decision asap. Thanks.

Slim waist & Projection

Cant seem to find any Baez results. So looks like I'll be going with Duran.. I have considered going to Yily. . But strayed to Duran. I have seen Yilys work and feel she gives more or the wide booty, when my ideal results are projection & slim waist. Contemplating like crazy here. .

Staying in DR

So more than likely I will be bringing my fiancé with me to do my surgery in the DR. Does anyone know of any places to stay and or tips on staying there. Should we stay on a resort and hire a nurse. Just looking for some options, also I dont want him to be completely bored I'm sure I will be sleeping for the most part. Thanks girls.


Can any girls who have previously had a visit with Duran leave me a checklist and or tips on what to bring not to bring. Anything that will be helpful.. nurses, drivers, hotels. I need all information I can get. Thanks in advance.

Dental Surgery in Dominican Republic

Has anyone also received dental work while in DR for BBL.. figured what the hell might as well, received my quote I am going to get veneers and a crown lenghtening.

Nurse & Drivers

Anybody know of any nurses or drivers in Dominican Republic. Ill need a nurse for the first 4 days or until my drains are removed. And a driver for about the whole week. Trying to figure things out any help will be greatly appreciated.

Wish Pics

Round bubble butt & projection..

More Wish Pics

You can tell from my wish pics. That I dont care to much for hips. I want all over and round projection.

Finally Booked

Just booked my trip and have a date set with Duran. October 29th. Said I wasnt going to be scared but I'm starting to feel. More nervous then anything. Found an amazing girl to travel with cant wait to start our journey. Ill definitely be needing her to calm me down lol :) Thanks so much Golddee.
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