Slayed by Duran 4-6-16 BBL/LIPO

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I started another review because the original one...

I started another review because the original one was a little over the place. I had paid a deposit last year to Dr. Pantoja but I have now decided on Dra. Duran. I have a date booked for April 6th. My next step will be booking the flight and then I will be doing blood work with my PCP. Hopefully, that conversation goes well and she's supportive. I would like her to give me the meds I will need instead of paying $150-200 in the DR.

A little about me, I am 34, 5'2" and 149 lbs. I will post before pics soon. I'd been in good shape until I had my second child in 2014. I had my first one at 18 and not too much damage was done. But since my second one, I have gained weight and am no longer comfortable with myself. I hate the way my clothes fit and I'm no longer confident.

Keeping this short for now but I will be sure to share my journey as I go along. I have been researching recovery houses and honestly, it's HARD to choose one. I am traveling alone after my surgery buddy had a change of plans and I'm now considering a private room in an RH but I'm definitely still open to finding a new surgery buddy if it happens.

Anyway, good luck and happy healing dolls.

Before Picssssss

These were taken a while ago. I was about 5 pounds lighter. I have been gaining weight more rapidly and I can't wait to see Dra. Duran to suck it all out! Lol. I have to take new measurements but the last I checked about 2 months ago:
Chest 36
Waist 30
Hips 42.5
I had asked Duran how much extra it was for chin lipo and she texted me today and told me $200. So I will be including and I also want her to do my inner thighs. My total for BBL with chin lipo is $4100.

Plane Tickets Purchased!!

It's getting real. I'm literally thinking of this damn surgery every waking moment and apparently when I sleep too because I've had some very vivid dreams of my BBL. All good dreams, so I'm comforted in that. It's 3 AM and I woke up out my deep sleep to look at ass. Lol. So I figured, I'd look for flights. I hit up Orbitz and found a flight for $500 and jumped on it. With insurance added, my total came up to about $550. I don't have to pay for the 1st luggage so I'm happy there's no additional fee required.

The next thing I will be checking off my list is the recovery home. I will be spending the day researching so I can book it. I'm considering Princess Recovery but I can't decide if I want a private or shared room. I'm leaning more towards private but I will see. I can't wait until this is all over with. I pray every day for me, my family and Dra. Duran. I believe I've made the right decision in her.

Princess Recovery Home Booked

So moving right along on my journey... I booked Princess Recovery Home from April 5 - April 15. I thought I booked myself to leave on the 14th, but after reviewing the flight details with my boo, I realized it was for the 15th. That's what happens when you book a flight at 3 AM. Oh well. It's just an extra day to recover in the DR as my boo says. I already know I'll be going crazy with boredom and readiness to get back to my family but everything happens for a reason. So I will soak it all up.

I chose the private room with that big ass bed because big ass bed. Lol. I'm hoping to treat me being there as sort of a vacation? I just pray that everything goes well with Princess Recovery and my surgery. All I can do pray and leave it to God.

Next up... The dreaded talk with my PCP to do my lab work. I'll prob get the balls to schedule an appt. this upcoming Wednesday.

OAN: Who's going the same time as me and considering Princess Recovery as well?

Duran Deposit Returned: Please Help

I'm trying not to be annoyed but I am. The wire I sent to Duran's DR account has been returned. How are Duran Dolls getting their deposits paid? Of course I've called and emailed Fania but we know what the response time is like. :-/ I've booked my flight and RH, I don't need this crap right now. Lol

Can you ladies tell me how to successfully get Duran paid? Thank you.

Deposit Delivered, Hemo Checked...

So I was able to get my deposit delivered to Duran's office today. I used a website called because I don't have a Caribe Express here in Vegas, that I know of. So I found Ria Financial and signed up for free and they have a promotion to waive the fee if you use your debit card to pay. Which I did and I paid absolutely nothing for them to send my money to Caribe Express and Caribe Express home delivers to CIPLA for you. Now take note, I read somewhere else that a doll had to resend her deposit because Duran does not want to be paid in Dominican pesos. She wants US Dollars. I had to call Ria Financial and modify my order because it was due to be paid in pesos. Their customer service is amazing though and they made it very easy since the deposit hadn't been paid yet. So my deposit was delivered today. For free.

I went and got my hero checked today. I read on duran_dollfromharlem post that there's a website called You can order a CBC for only $24. I ordered online, printed my lab and went to LabCorp today. It's President's Day so people may have thought that they were closed but I literally was in and out in no more than 10 minutes. So 24-48 hours for those results to come back and I know where I stand. I will have plenty of time to put together a regiment for my blood if needed. I WILL start iron and folic acid regardless though.

Last thing is, I did sign up for Amazon Prime 30 day free trial so I can get fast/free shipping. I am making my supplies list on there and will order everything I need at once. Once I have my supplies, I'm pretty much set until my surgery date. It's hard to just sit and wait. Of course I'm anxious and a bit impatient but I feel at peace at the same time. I just need everything to continue to fall in place. I'm continuing to pray for me, my family, Duran and all you dolls on your journey.

Lab Results

I got my lab results in less than 24 hours. My hemo is 12.1 which is only a little over the minimum of 12 that Duran requires. It's good but I'm going to start taking some iron and folic acid anyway. I guess they say your hemo drops a bit when in DR. I'm also going to do a cleanse a week before my surgery and refrain from eating junk so that my bowels are clean and I won't have to deal with constipation. There's a cleanse at GNC that I've heard works really well. I want to feel as light as possible.

Good luck to you dolls. xoxo

Finally Reached Duran's Office

After endless emails sent to Duran and of course no reply, I called her. I reached her office after the second attempt and had her assistant just confirm that my deposit was paid and my surgery date of April 6. Duran has hired a new assistant but I don't know if I spoke to her or Fania. I hope the new girl isn't replacing Fania but in addition TO Fania because Duran needs all the assistance she can get. Lol. I was just pleased to reach someone and confirm my appt.

I ordered my MegaFood Blood Builder from Amazon and it will be here tomorrow. I'll get my hemo checked again sometime in March to ensure that they are working and then once again right before I fly out.

The only thing left for me to do is order supplies and wait for my date. Have a great day ladies.

Trouble in Paradise (FL)

Prayers to all past and present Dr. O dolls. I don't know the details of this but I saw a couple of girls say their surgery was cancelled and didn't know why. I'm sorry ladies.

Surgery IG @durandolltobe2016

I finally made a surgery IG. I want to gather as much info as I can about what is to be expected and it seems everyone is on IG now? Either way, I will be documenting my journey on both IG and RealSelf. This site has helped me so much and I will continue to contribute what I can. So if you dolls know of some really great and informative IG pages, please post them. And of course follow me if you like.

I have 30 more days! I cannot not wait. It's driving me insane. I haven't bought any supplies yet. I've just continued to put supplies into my Amazon shopping cart to keep a running total of what I'm spending. I will purchase everything all at once and then have it shipped within 2 days. I MAY also take a trip to the Dollar Store and see what I can find there. I really just want to keep it simple and get the bare minimum.

Lastly, I have been taking my MegaFood Blood Builder for a couple of weeks now and I will be checking my hemo again on March 9 to see if they are really working. I will have enough time to make any adjustments if necessary. I would like to reach 13. I was only at 12.1 and that's cutting it too close. I will post my updated results when I receive them.

Question: Does Duran's office contact girls just to reconfirm their date when it comes closer to their surgery? I will be calling within 2 weeks of my date anyway. Just to confirm they still have me down. I called a couple of weeks ago but I'll be calling again. Lol. I'm being extra cautious. But I hope they reach out to me the closer it gets.

Have a great day dolls!! xoxo

MegaFood Blood Builder Works

Checked my hemo again yesterday. Up to 13 from 12.1! 27 more days to go. I will be adding new pics soon.

Oasis RH

Can anyone tell me ANYTHING about this recovery home? Good, bad, etc? Anything at all. Lol

Pre Surgery (No spell check)

I'm back dolls. First, I apologize for not keeping up here. I didn't abandoned RS, I just wanted to post pertinent things relating to my journey. It was a waiting game and I was angry that time seemed to be going so slow. Lol. So let me start with just a few things pre sx.
After my first hemo test (12.1) I began the blood builders. I was taking one a day. I went and tested a little over 2 weeks later and was at 13. I was good with 13 but I did start iron, vit c and B12. I had also gotten a juicer and juiced 1 beet, carrots, spinach, apples and oranges per day. Delicious. I was going to get tested again but I honestly didn't feel like paying another $24 at Walk In Lab and (TIP --->) wished I had just bought a hemo kit. I would've been able to test as frequently as I wanted. IF I ever have another round I will invest in one.
I ordered most of my supplies as I stated from Amazon. I enrolled in the free trial Amazon Prime and got everything shipped the week of leaving. I will tell you what I bought and what I needed in another post. Because I kept my list to the bare essentials, I didn't waste money. I would've sworn I'd only need a carry on but them Poise pads alone take up A LOT of space. Lol. I took one checked bag which was only 41 pounds and 2 small raggedy bags that I carried on. I didn't take any chances with name brand ish.
I was literally running around the day of my flight like a chicken with its head cutoff. (My flight didn't leave until Midnight) I had gotten my hair braided in cornrows (which were fugly as hell. Smh), I had gotten waxed, and did my banking. (TIP--->)I separated all money into envelopes by who was to get paid what when I got to the DR. I didn't want to be counting out money in public.
To be continued...

Arrival To DR

I had gotten to the airport 3 hours early just to be safe. Lol. Check in was fast and simple on AA. The flight to MIA was about 4.5 hours and wasn't too bad. I made sure to get a window seat so I can lean against it and go to sleep. I only slept for about 2 hours. :-/ The flight from MIA to SDQ was a little more than 1.5 hours. I slept most of that. I chose aisle seat cause I wanted off the plane. You will be filling out some paper asking about why you are visiting along with where you'll be staying. Just enter Pleasure and the address of your RH or hotel. You'll need your passport number. Always keep it handy.
Once you land you will come to an area that has a few lines. To the right is where you will get your Tourist Card. (TIP--->) BUY YOUR TOURIST CARD ONLINE! Just save yourself sometime and headache.

If you do this then skip that line and go to the Visitors line. They will scan and take your tourist card from you. You will then approach a desk where they take your passport and the customs paper you filled out on the plane. They will take your picture and scan your fingerprints. Stamp your passport and send you on your way. Next you go to baggage claim and wait for you luggage. For some odd reason my luggage was taken off the belt and standing off to the side. I didn't realize this until after 15 minutes of watching luggage go around. I got scared they lost my ish. I finally walked over to check if it was mine and it was. Relief.

This whole time I had been in contact with my RH and the driver was waiting for me the whole time. When you exit the airport beware: it gets crazy. Lol. There are A LOT of people there, picking people up. My driver didn't have a name card so it took me a little bit to find him but it wasn't long before I did. I knew what he looked like. I'm staying at OASIS RH and the staff is amazing here. I will do a full review once I leave. I was taken straight to CIPLA. Yes the driving is nuts. They have lanes but don't abide by them. They DO have traffic lights. I read some dolls said they don't. I sat in the back of the car so I didn't have to look. Lol

Pre Op Testing

I pulled up to CIPLA around 2PM or little after. Giselle from Oasis escorts me to Duran's office on the second floor. Her office is at the end of the hallway. Very tiny space for a lot of girls. She deserves an upgrade. Lol I don't see Duran this day. I pay $220 for testing and I am told to go pee in a cup in the bathroom that's down the hall. They mention nothing about the $130 for insurance but (TIP--->>) I had called my insurance BCBS and asked if I already had international coverage and they said YES. For nothing extra. So call your insurance provider and just ask. I then take the pee and have to take it downstairs to the first floor labs. I set the pee down and go get X-rays done with a man. Take shirt and bra off, done in 5 minutes. Next I give blood to a woman and finally I sit down and answer a couple of questions in a chair. All of this in the same space, Laboratory. And I'm done for the day. I am to be back at 6:45 AM. Next Giselle takes me to Oasis where I get settled in.

I shower twice that day. The first was to just get the day off of me. The second was before bed with the hibiclens. I had dinner at 7:30 PM. I fell asleep around 11 PM. Woke up at 6 AM. Left RH about 6:40 AM. Got to CIPLA about 6:55 AM.

Slay Day

Slay Day
I arrive at Duran's office at almost 7 AM. It's almost full. Some were post op girls. Some were getting surgery that day. This took all morning. I am first called into Duran's assistant's office for testing. She puts the clamps on my chest, wrists and feet after taking off shirt and bra and laying down. She asks health history. Takes blood pressure, listens to lungs, checks X-rays, etc. I go back to waiting to see Duran. When I'm called into Duran's office, I sit there for about 10 minutes as she discusses a few office things with Fania and Walkaria. She apologizes and says this is the only time she gets to take about such things because if they interrupt her in the middle of her surgery day, she gets angry. Lol. She then picks up my file and says "(my first and last name)! I remember you!" Lol. I'm not sure if his is good or bad. I HAD been texting her about things here and there which had replied but I didn't think she's remember me. I've also sent NUMEROUS emails tho with ALL my info (Deposit, Quote, Labs, Flight, etc.) when I needed a response to a question. So maybe she saw them. Lol. IDK! ANYHOO... She has me take my clothes off and begins to mark me up. She writes her name on my ass and my belly and says its so people stop stealing her pics. I told her I also want my chin done and she laughs as tho I don't need it. But she says she will do it.

Pics Not Posting

I will try again later.

Day 2 PO

Really hope she goes down a bit. I'm scared. Lol. I know she'll settle down. I just don't wanna be looking like Kim K.

Day 5 PO Sneak Peak ????

I'm loving my shape so far. This is the best pic that I can get at the moment. Seeing this is making it all worthwhile. This ish is NOT for the weak.

Day 6 PO

I got my first massage last night. Not fun but it was good nonetheless. She took a pic for me. Next time I'll have her zoom out more. I saw Duran yesterday for follow up. I begged for a medium FAJA and she laughed saying I'll actually be getting an x-small. :-O She's out to kill me. Lol. I'm in a small stage one now and I'm DYING. After a few hours, its unbearable. She said, "You think this is easy? Is no easy." Lmao. She's so beautiful. I see her again tomorrow before my flight in the afternoon. Be prepared dolls! This is no walk in the park! xoxo


It's imperative that you have a release letter from your doctor that explicitly states you are able to fly. I had a hard time getting home because American Airlines wanted this letter that I did not have. The only reason they knew I had surgery was because I requested wheelchair access. Apparently, because I was leaving 8 days after surgery, they wanted a release letter. I cried to the supervisor who eventually let me go. You can forgo the wheelchair but you may regret it. It was so much easier and quicker to get the chair. Had I walked, I would've been standing in long lines forever and I would've been swollen from head to toe. Just be advised dolls. I just wanted to give a quick update.

8 Days PO

Duran took these before I left.

10 Days PO

She's 45" right now. I'm having a lot of stiffness and I hate my FAJA. That is all. Lol

14 Days PO

Developing a small seroma. I've added more compression and I'll keep an eye on it. I'm considering draining it myself but we will see. Other than that, I'm very happy and very pleased.

Oasis Recovery House Review

Overall my stay at Oasis was great. I was really taking a chance on them because there aren't a lot of reviews on them at all. So I definitely wanted to leave one.
I had originally paid my deposit at another RH but after so many bad reviews, I decided to look elsewhere. I contacted Oasis thru Whatsapp and got an immediate reply.
The night before my flight they texted me to let me know they were expecting me and let me know everything was going to be perfect, which was very reassuring. When I landed, I texted them to make sure they were at the airport and they were. I found Wander and Giselle waiting for me near the airport exit and we were on our way to CIPLA.
Giselle escorted me to Duran's office and never left my side. When it was time to go pee in a cup and do my labs, she took the guess work out of everything and led the way. I felt relieved that she was there for me.
Oasis is a condo on the 4th floor and is about 15 minutes from CIPLA. It's very spacious. I had the private room which had a queen size bed, tv, AC and private bathroom. The 2 nurses were Judith and Mabel. (Not sure if I'm spelling those right.) I absolutely loved them. So sweet and so helpful. Both very attentive. I think Mabel even checked on me in the middle of the night while I slept. Lol. I understand Spanish more than I can speak it but somehow we made it work. They keep track of your meds and help wiping you with baby wipes and washing your faja everyday.
There is a cook. Maybe 2 cooks. I'm not really sure because I stayed in my room most of the time. They definitely make sure you are fed. Every meal was like clockwork. And most of them were good. The food of course is different but I was grateful for everything I was served. I love fruit and was able to request fruit at anytime which they cut up and served in a bowl.
Oasis has call buttons which I found very convenient. I thankfully didn't need anything in the middle of the night but those who did, I know they responded quickly. A nurse was there 24/7. They also have a girl that cleans everyday. She mopped my room and wiped everything down each day.
Wander made sure I was at my appts on time and most importantly at the airport on time when it was time for me to leave. I really felt taken care of and I would recommend Oasis to anyone that asked. Tell them Victoria sent you. ????
Their IG is @oasis.rh
Whatsapp (829) 355-1919

1.5 mo PO 36-27-43.5

Just sharing a couple of updated results. I still have stiffness and soreness in my torso. I massage with a heated hand held massager I bought from CVS. It's cheaper at Walmart but I had a bunch of coupons so got it for real cheap. It's a hot & cold massager by Wahl I believe. It's amazing. I will be in the gym soon and I cannot wait. I need to tone these arms. They're gross. Lol. I thank God everyday that I've no health issues and a smooth recovery because it could have gone all the left real quick. There's just so many risks, known and unknown. So I'm blessed. Anyway, I just wanted to share a quick update. Good luck to you dolls. xoxo

More Pics

Quick Update

I am now 9 weeks. My skin is softening up but there's still some swelling and stiffness. I couldn't be happier. I will post more details this weekend. In the meantime here is a before and after. And a pic of the massager that I use. Have a great day dolls.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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