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Okay so I've received my quote from Laura to get a...

Okay so I've received my quote from Laura to get a BBL and TT with Dr Duran. I've been trying to pay my deposit but Xoom won't allow me to as it says US cards only and I am from the UK. Hellllp!!! I've tried emailing Laura but still not response. I want to secure a date for February 2016. Has anyone had problems paying their deposit?

Deposit paid!!

Ok guys I've finally sent my deposit through PayPal to Laura . I'm just waiting for her to email me back with my actual date .

Flights booked!

I've finally booked my flights yay! Starting to feel real now . Not looking forward to the long flight from the UK . Outgoing flight is 12 hours . Incoming flight is 15hrs . With 1 stop. I paid around £530.00 for a round trip for 12 nights . I was only going to do 10 nights but decided to add two extra days as Duran said I need to be there two days before my surgery. Also as I'm getting a TT with Lipo and a BBL I'll rather stay a bit longer just to be safe . I've ordered the required vitamins needed jus need to order some other essentials

Started taking my vitamins

With my ex exactly a month away I've started take my pre op vitamins , I've been taking folic acid, b6 , b- complex and b12 , iron and vitamin tablets to increase my haemoglobin levels

Landed in DR!

Hey guys here's a quick update . I just landed in DR a couple of hours ago flew all the way from London. My driver wasn't at the airport to pick me up and he was late so I had to pay for a taxi and on top of that my phone had died so I had to pay some random guy at the airport 30 dollars to use his internet on his phone to get Laura Durans assistants number and to use his phone . I paid 40 dollars from airport to Cilpa and a driver was there to take me to my recovery house. I'm currently at paradise recovery house . The staff here are lovely . I go for my pre op tests on Monday so I'll keep you updated

Breakfast and lunch at paradise recovery house

Paradise recovery house . So far so good !

Cilpa pre surgery

Hey dolls,
So today I came to Cilpa I had my X-rays and blood work done then I wen track to my recovery house. Two hours later they tell me that I need to go back to Cilpa because i didn't see the cardiologist . Any ways woop I've been cleared for surgery . I'll post some before and after photos of myself later on tonight and will keep you updated

Surgery day

I'm dressed and ready to go . Had my consultation with Duran at around 645 am . Was so shocked she came in the highest heels ever lol . She told me she may not be able to do my arms as I have a lot of weight on me and to be on the safe side she may or may not do them . After seeing her I went through my medical history with me I then paid fania for my 2nd stage garment which was 150$ my compression stockings $35 and my surgery $4550 as I had already paid my 250 deposit. Make sure your compression stockings are thigh high as I bought the wrong ones and had to buy new ones. After that I went to the ground floor where they weighed me and took my height . They went through personal questions such as how many siblings I have , whether my parents are alive, chicken pox when I was young etc . Yeah I know j thought it was irrelevant but I guess they know what they were doing .they continued to do my blood pressure . After that I came back upstairs I was given a open back gown a hair net and disposable socks . She put the blue pill on the table with water . Right now I'm just waiting to be told to take the pill. Wish me luck ladies !

Pics of me now (yuck)

I absolutely HAte my body pre op . But here's some pictures so you can have a insight of my transformation once I've been duranified lol


Btw Duran nearly tried to not do a tummy tuck on me she said as I'm young(23) and I also have no kids she didn't wanna do it . But I told her I have no plans to have kids in the next 2 years so I'm fine .
Quick facts
Pre op 218 pounds 5"5

Officially a Duran doll!

Hey dolls sorry for the last update I've been in ALOT of pain . Once the pain goes down I will be giving you a full review. However what I will say is Duran did a good job! I look amazing

Finally back home!!

Sorry for the late update . My phone broke whilst I was in DR, once I got back home I couldn't be asked to get it fixed didn't have the energy. I'm about to write a lot so the typos will be real lol forgive me . Ok where do I start first of all I love my results , she gave me exactly what I wanted . I had a VERY big stomach before surgery now it's FLATTTTTT! People are so shocked . On the day of surgery I had a consultation with Duran following that fast forwarding to before surgery I took the blue pill . It did nothing for me . I was the second person to have surgery that day . I went up to the surgery room doesn't even look as bad as people say it is . They attached the drip to my hand after that I don't remember a thing! I'm not sure if I woke up during surgery , I'm sure I did but I actually can't remember lol . The night of surgery was the worst night of my life ! I paid $50 for a private nurse for the night provided by the recovery house . The nurse couldn't speak English , she hardly paid attention to me . She took my pillows for herself and ignored me when I needed help. She kept saying I'm a problem . She really irritated me . I felt like I was gonna die . She left around 5am said she needed to go to her job. I was left alone . I got up and nearly fainted . Urinated all over myself it was a joke. They put me in my stage 1 faja and my driver came to get me . Duran didn't close it but she closed it the following Friday . Overall my recovery was ok they really looked after me at the recovery house . I had headaches and felt nausea just make sure you bring your pain killers . Diclofenac helped me most with my recovery. I've attached photos will give a review on my RH . If you have any questions just ask me will happily answer them

Post op 14 days

This is me now

14 days post op

Me now

1 month post op I HAVE A SEROMA

seems like im just getting worse by the day , stitches are poking out and really hurt. i have a seroma and there is alot of fluid in my stomach looks like a baby bump. went to the hospital here in the uk to see if they could drain it they said my body will absorb it kmt. as it is alot of fluid i need this drained asap. my mum is a nurse but she doesn't feel comfortable draining it. i have a lot of fluid leaking from my belly button . overall still happy with my results just wish i didnt have this seroma as it has taken away my flat stomach. my back is still very swollen without my faja i feel like shit. hopefully i recover soon!

Nearly died!!

Dolls i went through a mear death experience so far been admitted in hospital for 12 days when i feel better will update you on the details!!

Thank God im alive

Okay guys i told you i thoughtt i had a seroma , this was confirmed by the doctors here in the uk. I had an xray and they sent me home and said theyll call me back in to drain it. A few days later my body started shutting down . At this point i started feeling cold . Im gonna try keep this short but my belly button started leaking . The next say my wound buss open and started leaking . Around 1 litre of fluid came out at this point i was scared and went to accident and emergency i think in the us u guys call it emergency room. When i went to a and e they looked at it and said they can see some black stuff so they took me into emergency surgery. Once they opened me they said i had an infection that had spread and alot of black dead tissue. The surgeon said it was life threatening and she had saved my life. She said if i hadnt come in to the hospital that day i could have died!!!!! They had to cut out the tissue as the infection spread and this caused them to have to cut out all my skin on my stomach so i currently have no skin on my abdomen . I was put into a induced coma for 5 days and i was on life support as they said they had to take me into surgery 3 times to wash out the infection. Ive been in hospital for over 2 weeks now waiting for a skin graft from my thigh to my stomach. I havent contacted duran as ive been ill and i also dont know if she had caused the dead tissue when she operated on me . Im just grateful to be alive. The thing is i looked after myself after surgery and took all my meds. Im abit baffed about the dead tissue but i cant say what caused anything as nobody knows

Dr Duran BLOCKED ME on what's app after giving me a life threatening infection!!!!

It's been 3 months since surgery and I am still recovering from a life threatening infection called ' necrotizing fasciitis ' given to me by Duran . The tools she used on me weren't clean which lead to me nearly losing my life! I informed her I had the infection and she blocked me on what's app. I've was in a coma and after that I had a skin graft to cover up the skin that my uk doctor had to cut out of me because the infection had spread to my tissues . Duran will make you look good but she does not take precautions to ensure you're safe after . She does not care!!! I did not smoke I followed all instructions but yet I am here disfigured . Was it worth it ? HELL NO. Ladies do your research and find another doctor . I will not recommend her after the treatment she has given me . Some ladies have surgery with her and come out alright but others do not .


I saw a girl say it couldn't be Duran as I went hospital a month later . Firstly I left he DR on the 11th arriving back to the uk on the 12th . I felt fine . I don't know how long infections take to spread but clearly it was doing its job . By the end of Feb I felt so ill where I couldn't take it anymore so I went to the ER . Before that I felt ill but I thought it was normal side effects . Yes I had a seroma , yes I was getting massages but doesn't change the fact I had a rare flesh eating infection spreading inside me . The doctors in the uk even stated the way the Duran sewed my muscle repair was a joke aswell. Seriously guys I'm not doubting Duran to be a good doctor but why would she block me if she had nothing to hide?

Forgot to add

Forgot to add she even offered me a reconstruction this was when I first intitally told her what was going on .

Last and final update

Hey girls ,
I appreciate all your prayers but this is going to be my final review. I don't wanna update anymore as I feel I need to move on and get on with my life and stop thinking about what ifs . What happened to me was unfortunate and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I was most angry about the fact that Duran blocked me . That was really shocking as I was a patient of hers and followed everything she told me to and I think it's heartless that she would block me now that I've had a complication. Anyway I wanna wish all the future dolls good luck with their surgery and just make sure your looking after yourselves x


It's been 3 months since surgery. I know I said I wasn't going to update anymore but I was wondering whether there's anything I can do to help myself . I'm all clear of infection now just going through the healing process. It's been hard these few months but I got through it. I felt like this could have happened to anyone but it happened to me. I was aware of complications of surgery but just never thought it would happen to me . Before sx I was healthy I never smoke or drank. Anyway my surgeon here in London said that in a years time he may pull my skin down to cover my scar , so basically another tummy tuck . I said to myself I'll never get surgery again but this is being done by the nhs . The nhs is basically free healthcare in the UK . I'm still comtemplating my options . Also because I was in bed so much whilst being in hospital I feel like my BBL is out of shape . Duran never gave me a huge ass as she said my skin wasn't stretchy enough but she gave me a nice shape. I feel it's dented now . I'm just gonna hit the gym once I recover.

Skin graft healing

This is my skin graft on my stomach healing . Really upsets me. Just trying to stay positive . Would never reccomend Duran to anyone after everything I've been through

DR Duran is a joke

7 months later and I've got a lot to fill you in about ! I will be updating this really soon but all I can say for now is STAY CLEAR OF DR DURAN .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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