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Hello all. I recently decided on Duran. I had...

Hello all. I recently decided on Duran. I had scheduled with Salama in FL but the price was way too high. My surgery is booked for Aug 20. I am looking to buddy up someone because I have not found someone I can travel with. Also, can someone recommend a recovery house for the first few days of surgery. Thank you:)

2 days Pre

Tomorrow I will be in Santo Domingo and the following day is the day of my surgery. I finally took measurements. I am 38", 32", 37". I am 5'3 and weigh about 142. My body is totally not proportioned. As I sat here obsessing over pics for days, I realized i had to check myself that there is only so much Dr Duran can do. At this point, I am hoping for the best but am ok with getting even a little more booty than before. I know with the lipo sculpture and TT there will def be a change. Anyhow, I am finishing my packing and have provided a pic of things that I bought.

More stuff

I'm holding up well

Let me begin. I arrived in DR on Tuesday and went straight to CIPLA. Duran was not seeing anyone anymore so I went and got my bloodwork and X-rays done. My hemo was a little over 13 which was good. I was told to come back for surgery the next day at 6:45. I went back to the recovery house and bathed with Heplens right before bed. The next day I arrive at CIPLA at 6:30 but don't see Duran until 7:30ish. She marks me up. I express my concerns. I then see the cardiologist. After I pay in full I'm taken downstairs for intake. Then they take me to my room. I wait about a half an hour until they tell me to take the blue pill. I the. Wait a good 15 minutes and they wheel me to surgery. The only thing I remember are the crazy vivid dreams while I am under. And yes the craziest, I wake up during the last I don't know hour of surgery. I was shivering because I was sooo cold. Then it was over. I get wheeled to my room. It was the worst night ever. I could not sleep. Not because of pain but because I was so uncomfortable. I slept maybe 3 hours. I don't feel too much pain but just pressure every where. Today I am back at the recovery which I am so impressed by because they have been great. I'm in bed now wondering what I am going to do for my rest of my stay. If I didn't mention before, I have my 2 babies that I am missing dearly. :/. I will post pics In a few.

Before pics

These are my pics from before. :/

2 days Post


How do you ladies lay down with a tummy tuck and bbl???? I a, so concerned bc I can't find a comfortable place. I build fortresses around my nalgas but still feel pressure on them. Also how often are you laying down vs getting up????

I'm ready to have my life back

Sorry I haven't been on to update but I feel like this site and obsession with my surgery were taking over my life. Let me go back to to where I left off. The recovery place was awesome. I'm very glad I chose them. They held my hand thought out the whole stay but all the while encourage me to get up and do things on my own. There was very little pain except for a shooting sharp pain where I later found put was where my drain was. On day 5 my dr removed all do my drains. I left Santo Domingo on Day 8. It was a very difficult trip. Just like every day in the recovery and even now still, trying not to put pressure on my butt while keeping my tummy tuck clear of any pressure is so challenging. I was so uncomfortable on the plane. I sat on a boppy which btw sucks. I stood up every so often. I know the pressure I put on my butt has affected my results however how could I avoid it?!? Now I know why some surgeons only perform one at a time. Anyhow when I got back to the states I was in a whirlwind of emotions. I don't know of anyone else experienced what I did but it was tough. I was sobbing for days. I kept feeling guilty about putting myself at such a risk. Not only that, being at home and being immobile was and is extremely difficult. I am happy to be at home however I wish I could have stayed a few more days. I am back of driving but very little. When I do I use a towel under my knees and pillows on my back. Sleeping so still challenging bc I cannot lie directly on my back nor on my butt. I am still trying to preserve as much fat possible. Back to my butt has gone down significantly. I attribute it to putting pressure on it so early :/. I am still however happy with my results because it is still way better than before. My waist is small And my hips look GREAT! The side angle projection is insane. Dr Duran is truly a miracle worker:)

Still sore

Hi all...I'm trying to stay away from posting more pics. I've been way too consumed with every detail. Anyhow, I'm 3 weeks post tomorrow and I am still sore. My body feels like I had a crazy workout. It hurts all over. I guess that is the after effects of the lipo. My tummy feels strange too. It's itchy and weird. It is still very hard. Better than before but still not soft. My inner thighs are still bruised too. Today is my first day back at my part time. I tried my best to stay home BUT I have to get back to paying the bills. I'm still so concerned with my butt but what can I do:/. Did anyone go back to work as quick as I did and still get good results? Anyhow...thank you everyone for your support. It is much appreciated. :)

What a transformation!

Although I'm a tad disappointed that my butt went down so much...when I compare to what i was to now! I can't believe how different I am. I am so happy with my results. I can't want to go back to the gym and start squatting away to get some muscle.

So happy

i am still sore on my bum. My mid section is still a tad hard but the sides are finally soft. Things are coming along:)

No regrets

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I am feeling 90 percent better. My butt are still sore but not too much. My back still feels itchy and a little weird. My stomach is still hard in the center but the sides are pretty much loose. I am still sitting on a yoga mat and still sleeping on my stomach. I want to preserve as much fat as possible!!! My measurements are 34, 26, and 38. My butt went down a lot but as you can see it still looks great. I am very pleased with my results. They look so natural. My tummy tuck looks good. The scar is very low and is healing very nicely. I didn't expect such great results with the tummy tuck so I am more than satisfied.
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