9 months post op ... Duran Doll

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Hello I finally got to write my first post today...

I finally got to write my first post today seeing that I sleep, eat, and breathe the real self website. I am 20 years old, 5"5 in height and I weigh 185lbs (sad I know) :(. At first I wanted to be a yily doll and even talked with her or her assistants I should say about the pricing for the surgery which I want liposuction to my stomach and back fat, armlift, and some fat transfered to give me a more rounder butt. It was then I seen the work of Duran and may I say she is given these women a body of a godess!!!! Even though her booty sizes can be a little large and thats not what I want, but I am pretty sure when I tell her I do not want such a big ass shell give me a good sized one. I emailed her sunday morning and she emailed me right back sunday night about sending pictures of me to her. I went ahead and sent the pictures that same night and it is now a week later she still has not responded :( IDEC though I am going to wait for her because my mind is already made up as her being my doctor to do the surgery. If she does not reply within the next few days I am going to call her because I have seen some reviews where she does answer the phone, but anyways when I do get in contact with her I plan on getting the sugery done in December only because I might be getting this state job so you have to wait 6 months before you take a long vacation. If I dont get the job then I am going to try to schedule it sooner because I can no longer look at my body. I am so unhappy with myself and refuse to go shopping or even go to the clubs with friends because I hate how everything fits :( I mean you all can testify that you've tried on that one outfit and you know it would of looked better if you had that hour glass figure or even a BUTT :(

Well I hope I will be starting my journey soon with you ladies and I will be adding my pre op pics soon!!!!!

Talked with Duran!

So she quoted me 3800 and she said I will have to loose 20-25 lbs nothing more -_- now all I need to do is figure out a date to go and I also need to get a passport!!!


My boyfriend thinks I am crazy yall because I am legit on this website everyday all day -__- ... everytime he ask me what I am doing I am on this damn website lol, but anyways starting the gym hopefully tomorrow because I talked with duran again and she told me after I loose the weight to call her so we can set up a date. I really hope I can get this done before I start work or school!

For those going to D.r

Wouldn't everything be cheaper if you are paying in pesos? I see some of you dolls that have already gotten your surgery paid for some things with pesos! it's not it cheaper because you get more money for your American dollars when you change it to pesos?

Quick post

While reading a lot of reviews and looking at pre op and post op pics I've realized that when you loose weight before you surgery it really helps! So on that note I will be working hard in the gym because I need the best results I can get!!!!


If I can just get this shape :(

So excited :) JANURARY 2nd ... Duran Doll

So before going into work this morning I called cipla and after talking to a couple people asking tu habla ingles (do you speak English), I finally got to speak to Elizabeth!!! At first I couldn't even talk because I was in such shock that this was going to be the actual moment I would make an appointment for something that I've been dying to do! Also from reading previous reviews and the girls always talking about how they talked to Elizabeth, but anyways she scheduled my surgery for Janurary 2nd an she was very nice to me.


I will also be staying at real recovery armonia!

Up all night :(

So while my bf is sleeping I'm still up on this damn website! I can't seem to sleep and also the thought of me actually having a legit set appt with Duran and how that day is soon to come is so nerve wrecking to me :( I'm starting to doubt it but reading some of the Duran dolls reviews is giving me hope! Well off to try to go to bed ... I'm going to make a supply list in the morning :) good night

I'm so upset

I am just so aggravated upset and sad all at once. First off it looks like ill be going through this journey alone because no one supports me. Second thing is my mom has just been so negative about the whole thing and saying that if I go she'll never talk to me again because Idk if what I've been researching is fake! I mean I understand where she is coming from, but if she would just sit down and actually listen to what I have to say and see how much research I have done she would realize this is legit. People think we are crazy for wanting to do this but they don't realize what we go through on a daily basis about not being happy with certain parts of our bodies. They don't know what it's like to not want to go shopping because you can't even look at yourself in the mirror! I am just so over everyone and wether I have the support or not I am still going to do what I want because its my choice and what's going to make me happy!!!! Sorry ladies for this sad post though I just needed to vent lol

Excited and nervous!

I knowwww it has been awhile dolls, how is everyone?!!! I am doing very well ... work and school is taking up all my time, but money and an education to a better future calls!! I have been seeing Duran's Instagram pictures and she has been going to work on these women!!!! Geesh I can not wait!!!!!

My hemo is 15.0!!!

So I got my test results back and I could not believe it was a 15.0 and apparently I took a hemo test back in 2011 and my hemo was a 14.4. I have never took any kind of iron pills at all in my life, but I did start taking some in the beginning of September (womens iron complete from gnc) and I can say that I like them a lot! So future dolls if you are getting this sx I would really recommend them to boost your hemo levels if you need it!

It's really almost time

Hello ladies,

It's almost about that time and I can't be anymore nervous! I am finished with my fall semester of school, so I am now able to get the rest of my supplies (made deans list by the way). I will post my before pics and my supplies as soon as I have everything! In the mean time I am wishing you dolls a very Merry Christmas and many blessings!!! :)

It's that time!

So I leave tonight and I need nothing but prayers right now. I am anxious and ready to get this over and done with keeping in mind that anything can happen. I do not want to be negative, but it is the truth. My luggage is all packed and I was going to make my list and post it, but I will do that after because I just don't have the energy to do it with all these butterflies I have. I will post some pre op pics and too a new year and a new me.


Omgosh I can not believe I am actually here! Praying everything goes well! So glad I came with a wonderful group of girls because I couldn't do this by myself. Will keep you dolls updated as much as I can!

I did it!

I want to thank everyone for their wishes and I am doing very well. One thing I recommend to anyone is to please hire someone to sit with you overnight. I had a allergic reaction to a medicine they gave me, which I have never been allergic to anything, and if it wasn't for that girl I don't know what I would have done. My face got so puffy and my eyes were huge, but they have me a medicine to take all that away and I was fine. Other than that I am doing well! I am staying with Mayra who is the owner of real recovery armonia and I have not been to the house yet, which looks beautiful in pictures, because we had to come straight to CIPLA, but I can say that she is the sweetest thing and loves you like if you were her child. I will be updating later but until then I have to make sure my girls are okay! Adios!

Real recovery Armonia

I wouldn't recommend anywhere else to stay. It is pricy but worth every penny.

... More pics of recovery home


So I am going to try to write as much as I can! So ladies this surgery is no joke and is not a game. You have to be mentally prepared for this because it can really take a toll on you, but I can say that I love my results and I am healing very well! I can not thank no one else but god for helping me get through this sx. Also my friends who I met on this very website and we can not be any closer. Which I would never recommend doing this on your own. Also I was the one with the crazy list but honestly all you need is :
- 4 packs of wipes
- 2 packs of pads
- tshirts/ wife beaters
- pee funnel
- pre & post op vitamins
- meds if you can get them from your doctor in the states
- 2 maxi dresses
- like 40 chux
- dial soap
- Clorox wipes
- bandages, gauze, and tape
- pair of slippers and sandals
- Ensure
- couple pairs of underwear
- change like $150 (American money) into pesos

Another thing is that since Real Recovery Armonia is a great place to stay they are constantly taking care of you and washing your clothes right when you take them off, so you don't really need to bring that much clothes. That's it for now but I will be back to update you dolls with pics xoxo

I made it home :)

So I made it home today around 7 this morning and I have been sleeping ever since lol. Although the real recovery was good to me you do get homesick when being their for so long, especially when the whole time there I talked to my mom who didn't support me at first but supported me the whole time I was there and my boyfriend who is my best friend supported me the whole time I was there, I started to miss them a lottttt!!!! Plus my friends and other family members and just my normal day to day life. But anyways dolls just wanted to let you guys know I made it home safely and I am still very happy with the choice I made to go there! Until the next time dolls xoxo

3 weeks post op

Okay ladies so I can not express how much I love my results, but I do have some ups and downs. The ups would be that everyone loves my body and I look great in clothes and the down part would be the whole healing process. I mean between my skin being hard as a rock, the itching, and the feeling of my skin feeling like it's tearing is driving me crazy. I know that all those things are apart of the healing process but I just can not wait for it to be over. Other than that even though that drives me crazy I am still continuing to be patient with my healing and as long as I am healing the right way then I shouldn't complain lol. I hope all is well for you current and future dolls and until next time xoxo



Yooooooo I just have to say that the itching is real. I can not take this :( I do have Benadryl cream for the itching but my skin is so tender I hate rubbing anything on it. I put lotion on, on certain places but that is the only time I like touching my skin besides the masseuse. Also my skin gets veryyyyy hard when it's cold (particularly when I am getting in and out the shower) and the fact that I live in Massachusetts & it's FREEZING!!! Other than that I am more mobile and I definitely still love my results and I am healing well :) until then ladies xoxo


I just had to share this with y'all because I never looked so good in underwear lmao :) I am so thankful ... Still swollen in some areas but as you all know I LOVE my results ... And I can't wait to get in the gym so I can tone everything up I was 190 going into surgery (no I didn't loose wight before the surgery I actually gained) & Idk what my weight is now but until next time xoxo dolls!

A little over 2 months post op

Hello ladies I am doing well! I am back in school and tryin to work at the same damn time so I am just to tired to do anything. I have been healing well and still happy with my results. Although at times I do feel that I lost some butt, but I believe it's only because I am so used to it now because every where I go friends, family, and random people are always commenting on it lol I don't wear my faja everyday as I should because it's just to damn annoying. The front part of my stomach is still hard in some places but my back and butt is soft ;) that's all I have for now and if you have any questions and the answer is not already in my review I will happily answer when I can ... Until next time dolls xoxo


10 months post op (Duran Doll)

Heyyyyyy I know it's been a while but I have been crazy busy and haven't had time to post anything but I am doing great! I love my results I am very happy that I got the surgery... I feel like it was the best decision I have made. I have to be honest though would I do it again ? No and I say no because it was a painful experience for me which I WAS expecting, but I am glad it's over. I know some women get multiple surgeries but 1 was enough for me. Otherwise I love my body :) One thing I am working on now is my arms because I couldn't get them done due to the fact that I had a lot of fat removed from my abdomen area and she did not want to jeapordize my life in any way which I love about duran because she is very serious when it comes to her patients well being. I am regretting it now that I didn't get my arms done but things don't happen for a reason so I took that as a sign and she also told me I could go back anytime to get them done for free so maybe one day but right now that is not an opinion for me so I will continue to work out. I have gained some weight but I do not look fat I'm just really thick. I don't have any pictures really but I have a few that I will post. Also I will try to come on real self and answer questions more often because I am more than happy to help, but please do not think I am not responding on purpose. Once you are post op you will realize that your life will go back to normal and it won't consist of the surgery taking over your mind lol

Post op

Sorry, I am 9 months post op not 10!!!

One year anniversary (DURAN DOLL)

I can't even believe it's been one year since me and my girls had our surgery. I am still very happy and will try to post more pics when I can. Also I do think I will be going back to Dr but I'm not sure when. My sister wants to get some stuff done so Im thinking about going with her and maybe getting my arms and boobs done by duran. Good luck to all you new year pre op and post op dolls!!!!! May you be blessed :) ttyl
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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