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Hey ladies I've been reading a lot of reviews and...

Hey ladies I've been reading a lot of reviews and doing research. I'm booked for September 27 and I'm nervous after reading a review :( a young lady walks with a limp and suffered nerve damage after her surgery with dr Duran I really want to do this surgery but I'm kinda scared now. Any ladies going to Duran on the 27th I would love a buddy to room with I'm thinking of going alone

Quote from Dr Baez

Ok so dr Baez sent me a quote for $2900 for bbl I don't know what to do $2900 vs Durans $4000 that's a huge savings but I honestly haven't seen lots of work from Baez I know she's a sweetheart I spoke to her husband and corresponded with her via email but I rather the work speak for itself and duran is the queen of sculpting bodies and her work is all over this forum.

I'm backkk

Ok so I finally made up my mind no more DR for me I'm going to dr salzheaur miami. I will put up some pre op pics for y'all also i just want to say thank you to all the ladies that have been updating and helping the newbies out I really do appreciate it. I will try to be more active on this site and hopefully do my part.

Looking for Miami Sx Buddy

If any of you ladies are going to miami alone and need a buddy please get back to me I was thinking end of april or may doesn't really matter I'm flexible


Ok so ladies I'm finally doing the bbl. I just need some help finding a recovery house in miami that is affordable and a caregiver. Im going to be in Miami Aug 10 im going alone so pleeaassseee help me find a recovery house. Thanks love yall n im gonna post pre op pics and post op pics im going to Dr Mendieta im nervous and excited.

Shit Just Got Real

I'm gonna be in Miami Aug 10. I can't wait to finally get this sx over with. I've been wanting this for like 2 years now. I went thru a lot of doctors as yall can see finally picking mendieta I really hope he shows out. I just want to get this over with once and for all. I love this site thanks to all the women that answered my pm and helped a sister out I really appreciate it. I will post pre and post op pics as soon as possible. I know it helps to see results and see somebody with your body type. Anyways wish me luck girls I shall be back to update with pre n post op pics. Kisses


So I had my sx Aug I am officially 3 months post op. I went to Dr Mendieta I honestly don't think I got what I paid for. He was nice but he didn't deliver. Don't get me wrong I look better than before but not what I wanted. Dr Mendieta charges almost 10k for his bbls and honestly I feel like its a waste of money. His lipo sucks I still have a gut he barely touched my stomach. My ass is ok nothing special its def bigger than before. I got like 1300cc injected. I don't like the overall shape tho. Lol @ my complaints I just feel like 10k cash I should be looking amazing. Anyways ladies I'm going for a round 2. This time I will def take my time n find a great doctor who can give me results. I wouldn't recommend Dr Mendieta thats my honest opinion.


I need help finding a condo close to Dr Salamas office. What areas should I be looking at I'm going in March.


This is going to be my final review on Dr.Mendieta. After two years I can finally say he RUINED MY BODY. I have dents all over my buttock, huge scars on my back and buttock from the lipo incision, dark stain marks on my buttock, a large lump that shows in clothes on my right cheek. Basically a total nightmare. I regret I ever touched my body. I thought if I went to a well known surgeon I wouldn't have any issues like some who go to other countries boy was I WRONG. What a waste of money and vacation time. I gave him CASH AND THIS FOOL RUINED MY BODY. I have a square butt with a shelf and don't forget large dents EVERYWHERE. I owe it to all you ladies to inform you about this talentless fool. Be very afraid don't let him touch you. I gained so much weight because I'm depressed and bitter. Now I'm going to save my money and go to Dr.Kolker in NYC and have him correct what he can. I want to lipo this butt shelf mess and go back to being normal. I also will get a tummy tuck because of the weight I've gained and try to get my life together. For the new ladies please take your time and don't rush. I wouldn't want anyone to experience what I'm going through. God bless you all and wishing you all a speedy and happy recovery.
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