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I have made my appointment with dr Duran for the...

I have made my appointment with dr Duran for the 17th of September for lipo and a bbl... I'm excited & nervous at the same time cause I've never been out of the country alone or had any kind of surgeries before. I've read a lot of reviews but I still don't know what to expect so any thing would help ladies. If u could link some packing lists ? Or lists of the vitamins you all took etc. I'm booking my flight tonight but I still don't know how to send Duran my deposit cause she hasn't gotten back to me as yet.

I haven't told my family or anyone about the surgery cause I know they will freak out and think I'm crazy for going to the DR for sx. I'm just hoping I have enough fat for the booty I want. I'm thinking of gaining weight for the sx has anyone done that ??

Anyways here are some pre op pictures
I'm 5'3 130lbs

Has anyone had a BBL as well as a BA at the same time ?

I've wanted implants since forever but I want a sexy body and a nice booty more, is getting them separate or at the same time better ??

Looking for a nurse

I have decided to go with my aunt, were getting a hotel by the beach and renting a car.. Don't think I'll be up to going anywhere near the beach but that's all for her. I think I am going to stay at cipla for a couple of days and then at my hotel for the rest of the stay. I want to get a nurse to come and help me with my recovery but I don't know where to look ?

I'm going to try to gain at least 15lbs before my sx

I want a BOOOTY and I want to make sure I have enough fat to achieve it cause I know I'm gonna loose like 30% of it. Here's another pre op pic with clothes on

Here are all my pre op vitamins

Women's multi vitamin - 1 time a day
Vitamin A 10 000 iu - 2x daily
Vitamin C 1000 mg - 2x daily
Bromelain 500mg - 2 capsules 2x daily
Iron 25mg - 1x daily
Blood builder - 1x daily

So that's 11 damn pills a day. I decided to take extra iron and blood builders because I have anemia and I want to be sure that my hemoglobin levels are ON POINT. I had a hard time finding a list of everything I needed to take for pre op so I thought this list would help some ladies :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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