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Hey guys I have been stalking this forum for...

Hey guys I have been stalking this forum for awhile now. I finally went ahead and emailed Dr.Duran. She replied to my email with a quote an hour later. She quoted me 3500 for bbl. I asked for implants also but she told me don't touch my boobs because they are beautiful. I was disappointed and happy at the same time that she thought so. But anywho, is the next step calling her office for a date and then send deposit? Or the opposite? I am not even sure how to call her because I don't have international dialing in my plan. All your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much !

Yily Doll July 14,2016

I began this journey sometime ago and I havent been on here since. I have finally booked my surgery with dr yily de los santos for july 14, 2016. I will be staying at luxury recovery house and my flight is also booked. I am 5'5" and i weigh 145 lb.s Dr yily didnt suggest I gain weight but I am trying to. I have a few questions for the vets and I will post my pre op pics when I get home because I am at work right now.
1. whats a good stage 2 garment I can buy so I wont have to purchase one in the DR?
3. whats the best palce to buy lipo foam and ab board ?
4. when did you start waist traning.
5. Anyone else going around that time? I am going alone and woul dlove to have someone to connect with.
Im a nurse so i have been stocking up on alot of my post op supplies from work ssshhh dont tell. Thanks in advance ladies
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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