yily doll July 14 2016 anyone else going ??

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Hey guys I have been stalking this forum for...

Hey guys I have been stalking this forum for awhile now. I finally went ahead and emailed Dr.Duran. She replied to my email with a quote an hour later. She quoted me 3500 for bbl. I asked for implants also but she told me don't touch my boobs because they are beautiful. I was disappointed and happy at the same time that she thought so. But anywho, is the next step calling her office for a date and then send deposit? Or the opposite? I am not even sure how to call her because I don't have international dialing in my plan. All your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much !

Yily Doll July 14,2016

I began this journey sometime ago and I havent been on here since. I have finally booked my surgery with dr yily de los santos for july 14, 2016. I will be staying at luxury recovery house and my flight is also booked. I am 5'5" and i weigh 145 lb.s Dr yily didnt suggest I gain weight but I am trying to. I have a few questions for the vets and I will post my pre op pics when I get home because I am at work right now.
1. whats a good stage 2 garment I can buy so I wont have to purchase one in the DR?
3. whats the best palce to buy lipo foam and ab board ?
4. when did you start waist traning.
5. Anyone else going around that time? I am going alone and woul dlove to have someone to connect with.
Im a nurse so i have been stocking up on alot of my post op supplies from work ssshhh dont tell. Thanks in advance ladies

Less than 2 weeks to go

Ok I'm starting to get nervous. I think I have all my supplies ready. My mom was going to come with me but she can't bc of work now I'm even more nervous. Can't wait for my new body. See you guys soon

Leaving today !! Soon to be yily doll

Can't sleep flight is in a few hours. Can't believe I'm really doing this. I'm just starting to get a little nervous but no turning back now. Spoke with my recovery house yesterday to confirm my airport pick up and spoke with yilys office to confirm surgery date. Called my phone company so I can use my phone while I'm there. The person I spoke with was actually from santo Domingo he was really nice but told me to stay safe bc they tend to take advantage of Americans. I'm sure everything will be fine. Will keep you guys posted

Sx today

Well I made it here safely !! When I landed the driver was waiting for me with a sign with my name on it. He's older but cute and really sweet but doesn't speak a lick of English. Lol . No one really does but everyone seems nice. He took me straight to CIPLA and I got my blood work done and a chest x Ray. I paid my balance and filled out my paper work. They didn't tell me what my levels were they just said I was good to go and then Jose brought me to the recovery house. I was the first person to get here so I was smart and picked the bed closes to the Outlet to charge me phone and iPad. They brought me dinner to my room and surprisingly it was really good and I needed it because I was starving from not eating all day bc of my blood work. After dinner I pretty much passed out until my room mates came in. They were fussing about the room something about they wanted a double and I believe she said she will change their room tomorrow. But they are really nice they are sisters and are both getting surgery with yily tomorrow I believe tummy tucks. But they didn't get their blood work done and they were telling me they were worried about their levels but anyway that's it for now I'm going to try and get a little more sleep. I'm super excited and a little nervous it hasn't really kicked in yet or maybe I'm never going to get nervous IDK but either way I'll check in with y'all soon

Yily doll 1 day post op

I made it to the other side dolls !!! My driver got me to the hospital around 6:30 And I was actually first to get surgery. Yily is soooo sweet and she is a cutie pie. She marked me up asked me if I wanted hips I told her no she was like "what ? No ? Just a little ? So I said ok just a little. I took my blue pill and I honesty don't remember anything after that. When I woke up I was in the recovery room still completely none but in a lot of pain in my back. They took me to my room and I was moaning pain medicine n the nurse brought me something. The first night was horrible i kept waking up in pain and wAs so uncomfortable. I did not want to lay on my damn butt so I rolled over on my stomach n the nurse had a fit !! She came in yelling No no n rolled me over on my back. I woke up starving they fed us soup took blood work n then finally they put on my faja !! I never been so happy it was such a relief the compression eased a lot of my pain after that I was up n walking around. I couldn't get any good pics bc my room mate was having a lot of complication n had to get a blood transfusion. They took out my catheter n Jose brought me back to luxury. They brought me a big lunch to my room n I ate standing up bc I didn't want to sit on my butt lol. I ve been laying down watching Netflix making sure I move my legs around a lot. I'll try n get better pics soon.

More pics

Will post more when they take my faja off tomorrow

Pics didn't upload

2 days post op

I love it here at luxury they have been taking such good care of me. They took off my faja gave me a bath and then wrapped me back up. I freaking love my results and I know it's only going to get better these pics do absolutely no justice yily shaped me beautifully my butt is not super big but a perfect size for my body and it looks so natural. I am super happy n satisfied.
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