27yo Duran Doll *June 29th* TT, BL/BA, BBL - Dominican Republic

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After diligently researching for 3 years, it's...

After diligently researching for 3 years, it's finally time!! I am 27 years old, mommy of 2 (7,1). I am 5'2 and 132lbs. I had my first daughter at 20 and she messed me up. She was a big baby, so I was left with a mommy pouch and lots of stretch marks on my tummy. Ever since then I started researching tummy tucks. I knew that's what I eventually wanted, but I wasn't ready because I knew I wanted more kids. I also knew i alwats wanted a bigger butt. I have natural DD boobs which make me look top heavy on my small frame. Even before kids, from 16+ when I only weighed 120 I had these big boobs that everyone though were breast implants, so I want a butt to even it out. In my research for BBL I came across DR and more specifically Dr. Duran. I was immediately BLOWN AWAY because her results were NOTHING like what they were doing here in the US. I knew I wanted to go to her. Then I got pregnant with my second baby. That pregnancy was a breeze! I didn't gain alot of weight like I did with my first, I looked and felt great my entire pregnancy, I didn't get a single additional stretch mark, and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 130 within 3 weeks. I nursed him for a year and a half and went all the way down to 110lbs (now back at 132). Once I stopped nursing I knew it was time to get serious! My husband and I agree that we are done with kids, so it's time to do something for me!

Booking with Duran/Getting a Date

So about 2 month ago I messaged Dr Duran on Whatsapp and got a quote within 5 days! Then i accidentally erased it ???? I attempted to get a quote from her again, only this time it took 2 attempts and 2 weeks before she replied. No biggie! I understand how sought after she is because of her amazing work and I'd be willing to wait months to go to her! She just seems very genuine and from what I've read she's a very dedicated surgeon who truely cares about her patients. Exactly what i need! Well, after I got my quote I bought a calling card and started calling the office. For 3 days straight I would wake up at 5am (California, 8am DR)  call the office over and over again, but couldn't get through (about 20 times back to back each day Lol) Then on the 3rd day I realized I was calling the wrong number ????. I wonder who I was calling ?? Sorry!) When I tried the correct number, they answered right away! I was so happy! They asked if I had received a quote and I said yes, I am ready to be booked in! The girl (Fania) said there were openings in August /September (????????) I asked if there was ANYTHING available sooner, she said yes, just one date in June, I said BOOK ME NOW!!! She emailed me the info to make the deposit and I sent it that same day.

Choosing the right RECOVERY HOUSE - My Research

Continuation from my last update: After sending Dr. Duran my deposit and confirming my date I immediately started researching Recovery houses.  I found that they are pretty much all comparable in terms of price ( Except Marias Recovery House, great deal!), but ultimately for me it was between Serenity and High Class. They both come very well recommended and they are both absolutely beautiful and modern /updated and most importantly IMPECCABLY CLEAN. And a big selling point foe me was that they both have 24/7 security (a big plus, after I heard about the girl who was robbed outside a recovery house). My hubby is picky and I am absolutely sure he will be FaceTime-ing me constantly so I want to stay in a beautiful place I'll be happy to show off LOL. I decided on Serenity because of the fact that one of the dolls I follow on IG has stayed there 3 times and absolutely recommends it, and because I've heard their masseuse there is the best. Another thing I liked about Serenity is that they provide quite a few supplies so that i dont have to haul them with me. They supply Chux pads, gloves, medical tape, gauze. The pads alone wouldve been 1/3 of my luggage, so its definitively helpful. One other thing, they have English speakers there. I speak fluent spanish so it wouldn't be a problem for me, but I know many people will appreciate that. I DM SerenityRH on IG and sent my deposit. #onestepcloser!! :)

Booking a Flight to DR Santo Domingo

Continuation from my last update:

Next it was time to book my flight. I found an amazing deal with Spirit Airlines for $553 round-trip  (leaving from LAX) and I was ready to book! Thank God I read the reviews first. From what I read, it is a very cheap airline, not just in price. They nickel and dime you and charge outrageous baggage fees, your carryon can't be bigger than a small purse (or there will be another fee), their seats are very small and crammed and leg room is ridiculously small (I saw pics, imagine flying back while recovering), they are mostly dirty, and they don't even offer a complimentary cup of water ($3). Once you are done with all the surprise charges you end up paying the same, if not MORE than with another reputable, well-known airline. I went with American Airlines  $700 plus $50 flight insurance. It's also the most convenient for me,  as other flights were between 20-27 hours (flight time and loooong layovers). Now wouldn't it be perfect if i could find a travel buddy to fly with? (Crosses fingers)

Skin Prep... Avoiding stretch marks

Getting my butt ready to be plumped!! Lol Both of these are extremely beneficial to skin. Raw unrefined 100% pure African shea butter and organic virgin coconut oil
I apply the shea butter every other day and the coconut oil everyday. It's makes your skin feel incredibly soft and moisturized. Ive been using the shea butter on my legs after I shave for 3 months and they stay soft and smooth for 2 days. I love this stuff! Celebrities even swear by it. And this is my first time trying the coconut oIL but I've read about all the befits and all the ways to use it and number one on my list is preventing stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by a rapid stretch of the skin and dry skin increases the chances of getting them. The more moisturized you keep your skin the healthier it is and therefore the more elastic it is, avoiding stretch marks. I can already see a difference in how it feels and I've only been using it for 4 days!A plus is that my hubby loves rubbing this on me and giving me a butt massage lol I'm going to keep using it and let you girls know how it's working. *Crossing my fingers for a plumped booty with no new stretch marks!!*


I am so so so excited and ready for this!! I'm one month pre-operiod and I have mostly everything set to go with the exception of a few more tanks to wear under my Faja. Buuuut... one thing I've put off way to long us the most important one... MY PASSPORT!!! : ( It's too late to order it with regular delivery, it won't get here on time since delivery time is 6-8 weeks. So I was reading the customs website and from what i undrrdtsnd, if I want it within a couple weeks I have to schedule an appointment and state why I will be traveling and show proof that I have impending travel plans (like flight information, etc ). Once at my appointment, the person will decide whether to approve or deny my expedited passport so I can get it withing a few days/ a week. But my question to you dolls is, have any of you done this? Why would I say I am traveling? I really don't want to say I'll be having surgery. I don't know what is a fool-proof thing to say in order for them to approve my passport. Any of you have any experience in this and Can shed some light?? I'm getting soo nervous about it, for I don't have it I can't travel! I've been putting it off for so long, my hubby's fault > : ( . But now I am up against the wall and need to get it! !

Serenity Recovery House

SerenityRH on IG just posted these pics today!! Aahhhh!! See you in 4 weeks!

Less than 12 days to go!!!!!

Ahh I can't believe how fast time is flying, but I still wish it could fly faster!! I truely cannot wait!!!

Pack bags.. CHECK!!!!!

Luggage w/TSA approved lock
Passport /ID
Cell Phone
Arnica Gel
Lysol/Clorox Wipes
Heated Blanket (This is my MUST. After surgery you are often cold from anesthesia reaction. This will provide added comfort for your recovery. I never leave home without it!)
Squirt bottle (for intimate cleaning)
Tape measure
Travel pillow
Adult Wipes (PLENTY)
Anti-bacterial Soap (Dial)
Hibiclens (Small Bottle for washing hands during stay)
Tank Tops (To be worn under faja)
Pack of xl granny undies (suuuper sexxy)
3 Loose Maxi Dresses
Flip Flops
Headbands/Hair Ties
Extra Long Poise Pads
Thigh length compression socks
Pre Op Vitamins
Coloidal Silver (one of my Sx buddy put me up on this and I'm so glad she did!! Thank you boo!! Google the benefits dolls)
Stool softener/laxatives
Lipo foams

My Recovery house provides chux, medical tape, gloves, and gauze so I won't be taking these items. Now I just need to get my boppy and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my passport!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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