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Chin liposuction?

I guess I should mention a little more about myself. I'm petite, about 5'2" and I weigh 150lbs. For someone so short I don't look like I weigh 150, but I do :]. Anyway I've had no pregnancies and for that reason I'm just looking for liposuction, no tummy tuck. 

9 days!

Only 9 more days til surgery! I really want my chin lipo'd and my arms so I'm hoping Duran will do both. I keep hearing she turns people down and I don't have that much fat under my chin so I don't know if she'll be willing to do it. If she is willing to do it does anyone know when you pay for the extras? If I pay for surgery do I pay for the extra things I want then too? Because what if she refuses to do my chin...

1 day post-op

I had to get my labs done the day of surgery because my plane landed late but it wasn't a problem. Duran's assistant charged me less than I expected for surgery so that was good, but she did charge for a blood transfusion that I didn't use so I'll get that refund. I'm so glad I bought the safe for my money and passport! I bought it online from Home Depot and it was only about $16, but worth every cent. I feel a lot safer about my money with it in general and the safe at CIPLA was battery operated and missing batteries, so I used the cord and connected my safe to a chair.
I asked Duran about my arms and she said it would all depend on my hemo so when I asked about my chin she laughed and said no. I respect that because she explained I didn't want to put my body in too much stress and I'm glad I didn't. My hemo was 14.3 which is weird because when I had it taken at home it was 14.4 and I've been taking the iron for over a month.
The labs were normal I don't know why everyone said the X-ray was creepy it took 2 seconds I took of my bra and was fully clothed then stood in front of something and the man took the xray.
If you don't speak Spanish the office seems shady the girls stare and talk a lot about other people so be prepared.
I shared a room at CIPLA so I could get into surgery quicker and I think I was 3rd out of 5. My roommate took the blue pill and they came and got her an hour later at 1230 and I think I went in around 4.
Laying on my stomach feels like they're are heavy bricks on top of my ass but Duran saw me sitting and yelled at me already so I'm going to deal with laying on my stomach. My results are amazing I'm bruised and swollen but I love them already!


My stomach is flaaaat I can't wait til the swelling goes down my waist is going to be tiny

Real Review on Kindness Recovery

Save your money.
The first few days were great. The women who worked at Kindness greeted me outside and were so nice. A few days post-op they start to slip up. Anything you want turns into a hustle and they try to charge you double or triple for it. You shouldn't be out of your faja for more than an hour, but if you ask them to wash it don't expect to see it again for AT LEAST 3 hours. And even then sometimes they'll leave you the entire night without it. Anytime you call them they'll "be right back" so if you ask for a snack it takes up to an hour. I paid extra to stay here because of the AC but it turns on and off and barely works. The TV hasn't worked the entire time I've been here and I don't expect it to be fixed by the time I leave. So if your TV breaks here you're basically going to be in bed laying in silence most of the time. The food is horrible they have a menu that they don't follow so if you're expecting certain meals, don't. The meat is always dry and over or under seasoned. They don't serve you the snacks so you have to keep asking. You need a ride anywhere? Costs $80 to go to the beach. 80 US dollars. It's all bullshit really because half the other recovery houses don't charge anything for transportation and they charge you $100 for airport + additional charge for any other places. I understand it's a third world country and the hustle is real but I'll probably only tip 2 people my whole stay here. If their dumbasses weren't trying to get money every second I would have tipped more, but I'm not for that grimy attitude. The only nice thing I can say was my overnight nurse was good even though she barley spoke English and she was great at the house taking off and putting on my faja because that process is a bitch.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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