Soon to Be Duran Doll Jan 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm so addicted to this site, I fell in love with...

I'm so addicted to this site, I fell in love with yily waist line and and I'm love with Duran bootayyyyyy.
I must say a lot on reviews on this site has help me a lot , very informative.
I'm schedule for surgery on 15/01/15
I will be leaving toronto on the 14/01/15.
I'm a little nervous but God is with me.
Hope I get a body like miracle watt or lira galora.............
Can't wait to be a Duran doll my birthday gift to my self.

Another thing I really hope I made the right decision about the recovery house. I will inform you ladies about the final seletion.

Hope it's clean and good care!!!!!!!

Wishhhh pixxxx

The body on these ladies.........

Surgery day, yayyyyyyyyy jan 15th 2015

I hv so much to tell you ladies....
I'm here , did my blood wrk yestrdy my hemo was 12.2 :(.
A lot happen yestrdy but I will inform you ladies about it later.
I'm going to get ready to leave for CPLA in a few.
Thank you ladies for the support and I will answer all the questions at a later date.

Where do I strt !!!!!!! Duran doll

Ok ladies , let me strt from the beginning. I got ton santo Domingo Wednesday , low and be hold I had no one to pick me up.
My phone went dead , my data plan didn't kick in. I stood in the airport tn waiting for my phone to charge. Up coming this creepy man with a sign.
Not knowin it was angel so he call dr durab office and I spoke to Elizabeth and she told him to bring me to the office.
Now I decide to stay at yashim recovery house. Apparently Elizabeth called her and told her I was here and that i tried reaching out to her. Cur I was ready to make a U- turn in the air port. Back home . It was Soo frustrating cuz they don't speak English .

Please bring a translator with you

Bootyonfleek on a big pause!!!!!!

Ok so I got up at around 6 ant got to dr durab office about 6:20. It's small and it had a lot of post op girls in dere. I waited to do my pre op test ( cardiologist , xray , registration ) please note it's not a first come first serve I don't really know there system cuz girls cane after me and was registered before me . I meet a few lovey ladies there and we joked around to get rid of the nervousness.
Ok finally I was register about 9:30 and was send to the 4th floor to get my room.
But the forth floor was full so the put me on the 3rd floor the the surgery floor on my way down I saw beautiful yily. Lol mad about something don't kno Spanish but body language is everyting .
Anywho moving song I got my room and was playing the waiting game . So it's 10:30am nw, then 1:30, 2:30,3:30 ok my this time no one was saying anyting so I called up to Duran office to find out what's the latest they said she was in surgery and when I get the blue pill I'm next ............
Uhhhmmmmm yea so about 5:30 in com the nurse to give me the pill and water I was like yayyyyyyyyyyy Bootyonfleek Duran doll. Short live happiness cuz an hour lady on comes duran to crash my happiness " hola mami no surgrey tdy , tmr you first" .... KMT really !!!!!!!
I jus turn my back after waiting so long no update . Disappointed so I didn't hv surgery on the 15/01/15. But I slept like a baby with that blue pill , lol.
But ok the 16/01/15 at around 7:30 the Nurse came in give me yet another pill but the time I was off to the room. I was up tru most off it and it hurts like hell I even left Duran a lil note to remind her. It was pain in the end she told me I didn't get lipo arms cuz I lost a lot of blood and I may need a blood transfusion .

Little reminder to dr druran

Day after surgery !!!!!!

Yes u got my blood transfusion on the 17/01/15
Two bags @. $110.00 each it lasted about two hours
I was so ready to get up out that clinic to front desk to ask what's taking so long if the have to bring the blood on a flight . So slow and communication makes it worst.
LAyn n my stomach for over 24hr I just want to wlk geezzz nevr evr wanted to walk so bad in my life . Lol

How to obtain a quote from dr duran

To get a quote u send the following:
Sub heading QOUTE
Name ;
Little msg( what you looking for when you comin)
Pregnancies :
And pics: front and back view+side view)
Nothing more!!!!
It's best to send it last Saturday and early Sunday.
When I was dere I saw her email listed and it had 1800 sum emails. If it don't work, if you speak english call after 1-2pm if u speak Spanish dere open from 6:30am ( assistant )
Please note you will not get to speak to dr durab unless she not busy and ur extra special :)

Spell check

I'm sry for the spelling ladies, I promise I cud spell lmao!!!!!!
Darn spell check hv me looking silly. Lmao

Pix pix pix at 23days post up DURAN DOL!!!! JAN 2015

Hey ladies as I promise here is a picture:)

23 days post op

Try. Again

Back view

Almost 3 months post op

I ladies I'm almost three months podt up, I still hv scar tissue cuz I can't stretch cuz it hurts.
A lot of my fat was re absorb so that not cool.
I think I need a round two with a different doctor, aftercare sucked ass with my doctor.
Not too too please with my results
My hips are gone and my butt decrease a lot :(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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