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I hear a lot of people having problems getting in...

I hear a lot of people having problems getting in touch with DR Duran but I had no problem. I wrote my email in English, translated it to Spanish with google translate app then sent it of. I got a response the next day (today). I'm booked for May 10th and I'll be staying at the Juana Recovery House. Anybody going around this time who might want to room with me? I'm leaving from Atlanta, Ga.

Please excuse me. Where's my manners. Lol, more about me and buddy searching

My name is Kai, I am 21 and I have a son (who btw is gonna be 1 in December! Woot woooot!). I am a nursing major. I'm 5'3, 138 pounds, I'm trying to gain weight so if anyone has suggestions on how to gain good quality fat please do tell. I would love to have a traveling and room buddy for the trip. I originally said I would be staying at Juana RH but I'm open to other RH's. I've been eyeing Silouhette RH but whatever the search continues for that. But I definitely am looking for that rocking body shape. Before I had my son I had a great shape. My pregnancy didn't leave me bigger, it left me much smaller and less curvy, so I'm definitely getting it back thanks to the help of Dr. Duran. Anybody looking for a buddy to let me know. My date isn't set in stone so depending on my buddies date I can definitely make arrangements. I'm boing alone so a buddy means a lot to me (and my savings with this whole recovery house thing!). Lol. But that's all on me what about you guys!?

Issue with pics

I don't know why my pics are half showing. Anybody know how I can fix it? And I found a buddy!!!! Yay! Shoutout to lovely333! Maybe the pics are to big. Idk.

Ideas on gaining weight?

Hey ladies! As you can see from the pictures I posted I'm sorta petite. I'm not skinny but I lack fat. Does anybody have ideas on how I can put on 15lb? I know muscle mass was one but there's a billion brands, idk which to choose from. And my buddy told me about ensure too! Any other options? Please tell!!!!

Ummmm am I the only one worried about waking up in the middle of surgery!?!?!?

Hey ladies I was just wondering... Is it normal to wake up during surgery, and wake up enough to talk to them!!! What type of anesthesia they using in DR! That worries me. I'm reading a lot of reviews about ppl waking up letting the doctors know if it hurts or if they thirsty or whatever. That ain't normal, that's dangerous as hell. What y'all think?

Hey is there any duran dolls post op 8 months plus

Hey I was just wondering ladies is there a Duran doll 8 months to a year post op who fairly recently updated there profile. I want to see how there doing and how there results are keeping up. If anybody know any can you put there page name in the comments. Thanks so much!

Wish Cabral wasn't so dangerous to go with :(

Duran + Yily = Cabral!!!!!! Cabral work is on point, the best results I seem so far. He has little work out but the work I've seen is flawless. Did you know he owns Cipla office and he trained Yily and duran. It's unfortunate what happened with his career, he could have been a top bbl surgeon if it wasn't for those deaths. His work hits dead on the nail, he's like a mixture between Yily and Duran. I got a son to come back home to I don't have time worrying about dying. But dang I wish I could go with him as my suergon. Idk. *shrugs*

Faja question

Does Duran aloe you to cut the butt holes out of the faja as soon as you put it on after surgery? I don't never want my big beautiful cheeks compressed in the garment. Lol

So sad and upset!!!! But never discouraged.

Hey ladies! So I had a very unexpected fee come up involving my schooling for spring semester. I HAD TO DIP INTO MY SURGERY SAVINGS!!!! I'm so depressed about it. I had to move my surgery date back and I think I lost my travel buddy, so now I have to find a new one. I moved it back to June. I still had enough for my procedure but I touched my security money for DR. And I ain't going no where in no foreign country without my extra security money whic by the way is a hefty amount. Hell no! Not gonna happen. Lol. So keep me in your prayers, changed my date to June 24th. Sigh. Here's a pic of me. My weight gain is going slow, want to gain hefty quality weight. And some wish pics too! Happy Christmas Eve dolls! Muah!

Buddy searching...

I had to changed my date! And I'm in desperate need of a new buddy because of that. Scheduled for June 24th but will move it up as early as June17th to match date with potential buddy. I will be staying at armonia rh. I'll be flying out of Atlanta. Please inbox me!!!!

Gaining weight.

Just bought tons of ensure HIGH PROTEIN!!!! Now ima go get the right muscle mass shakes. I'm getting excited. Still looking for a buddy too! Somebody who is going June 24th or later, but no later than August. And congrads too all my recent bbl sisters, happy healing!!!!!

Hey RS sisters!!!!!

I decided I will officially be going with Cabral! I can't deny that he gives exactly what I'm looking for. I called his office and they had my same date available so I will still be going to DR June 24. But I'm still looking for a buddy. I can even push the date back as far as August if that's the date of a future buddy. I really don't want to go alone. So just let me know!

Ensure question

How many ensures should I take a day? I'm taking two a day while eating a meal to pack on serious weight. But I don't feel to good. Lol

Dr. C's

Dr. Cortez work is just as good as Cabrals. He's just more pricey. Do he have in house financing? Just wondering. But if anything at Cipla happens evolving Cabral (god forbid) between now and my surgery date I'm definitely switching to Cortez.

Final change

Ok ladies I had serious plans to go to DR to see king of barbies Cabral himself. But a friend of mines asked me to be apart of her buddy crew that came with the sweetest deal I have heard. A chance to be salmafied with my cousin, and two buddies is going to be so awesome! I already put down my deposit and making payments as the days go by. November 11th is my surgery date. And to be honest ladies I don't feel like hassling with language barriers, passports, and praying my recovery house is decent. That's too far to stress about. But to each it's own (or something like that). I'll just stay in the US... Way easier for me and my nerves. But I'm gaining serious weight! Yay!! I'll post a pic from my past bday this march 11 and me a couple of weeks ago. Still have a ways to go. Oh and a wish pick. Talk to you later ladies!

Hey RS!

So my Salama plans are still in motion. I also wanted to look at Dr Lagrasso for laser treatment on stretch marks/skin tightening and breast lift. As he any good with breast lifts? If so let me know ladies. But I have been gaining weight! Thighs looking like cottage cheese. :/ my body feels the weight gain so I have tummy aches a lot cause of all the constant eating. I'm not a big eater so this change got my stomach flipped upside down! Lol. Welp till next time ladies!


Hey does anybody know any affordable condos for four girls who's getting the bbl with Salama? We need something close but affordable, we have a hotel suite booked but I think the condo will give is more privacy and comfort.

6 months pre op

6 months pre op and I have already gained some good weight. I'm excited about it!!!! My Boyfriend gave me a wish pic that he thinks will fit my body type what y'all think about it? I was also thinking although we all strive for what may be an ideal body I don't want to have my expectations to high. I'm going to show salama my wish pics and let him know even though I want this I ultimately just want to look good. If you can't give me nothing else give me a even, clean lipo, and even fat transfer cause I AM NOT going back for a revision/ round 2 or none of that. I know what I want to look like but if it risk me having to come back to fix it... Forget it! LMAO

Just checking in

Just checking in with all the ladies! I am getting closer and more excited!!! I am still struggling with weight gain!!!! :( but I like drinking so I heard alcohol make you gain weight *drives to corner store and by hella wine* lol but other than that I'm about to start getting what I need. And only what's NEEDED! I'm go through pain regardless so there will be no unecesary purchases. You guys think salama can work with what fat I already have? Cause this weight gain is no damn joke!!!

See a slight difference in weight gain.

Hey everybody. I finally took pictures similar to the very first ones I posted of myself. I see a slight weight gain, or are my eyes playing tricks on me!? Lol I might get my arms lipo to get a tad more fat. I won't do my lipo my thighs because I like that there big already. I just need the booty to match. I also posting a pic of the type of weight gaining protein I plan on using. Till next time RS Sistahs!!!!!

Serious Mass weight gainer

Hey ladies!!!!! I have been drinking serious mass weight gainer. It's for muscle men mainly but when you don't never workout it just turn to fat. Ensures was not doing it for my little self I need something that was gonna pack on the pounds!!!! Lol. The date is getting closer, I'm weighing more of my pros and cons and just trying to not let the thought of this surgery take over my mind. But anywho I'm still excited and I pray doc get it right the FIRST time cause I'm damn sure not going back for no round 2's.

Gaining weight mission

I'm drinking in two 24oz bottles of serious mass a day. One in the middle of the day and one before I go to sleep. I'm 134 and I'm tryna get to 150.
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