Change Of Plans On Being A Correa Doll!!!! Back To The DR I Go With My 1st Choice My Girl Duran...2/25/16

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Hey ladies I have been reading a lot of Great...

Hey ladies I have been reading a lot of Great reviews about Dr. Duran on here and emailed her a few times even got a quote back today after all the trying... Now for some reason I'm second guessing it I guess because it's out of the state but I've heard nothing but great reviews on her come on ladies help me out!!!! Am I making the right choice...

duran Doll it is!!!!!

Duran doll it is... I will be send in my deposit of tomorrow Soon as the bank open...then she will give me a date now looking for the information for Angela's recovery house ladies if you can help me out with that...please comment

wish pictures.....

Undecided Really!!!!!!!

Hey Ladies... I need your help I'm undecided On what doctor I want to go too... I've been quoted by Dr Duran and Dr Hassan in Mia but I want to go to Dr Duran but I'm a little iffy on going out the States... If anyone has had Work with Dr Hassan please help me out?????

Dr. Duran it is!!!!!! After looking at This I will Definitely be going to Dr Duran rather be safe then sorry...

well I've made my decision!!!!!! Dr Hassan it is

Well ladies its been a few days but I'm back and yes I've made my decision I am going with Dr Hassan ...put down my deposit with Ms Margaret and I'm locked in... Can't wait its been along time coming but I want to put on a few more pounds right now I'm about 145-148 so my weight goal is to be about 150-155 that I can have the results that I let me start getting everything I need slowly but shortly...

Yes Yes Dr Hassan It Is!!!!!

More Wish pictures!!!!!

Change of plans ladies!!!!! Back with Dr Darun I go

Yes change got my deposit back from vanity Dr Darun it is after talking to one of the girls that went down there didn't sound that back that the only reason I was second guesting it because it was out of the United States....But if one of u ladies can please inbox me a supplies list I would gladly appreciate it because reading some of the reviews I been going through don't want that anything unnecessary

Deposit PAID!!!!!

finally got my bank to figure out how to send the deposit off ..send over a copy of my receipt to Dr.Darun email so now I'm waiting for a surgery date hopefully it doesn't take them long to get back to me guessing I'll start gabbing my supplies...

Yes Finally I Have A Surgery Date!!!!!!!!!!

Yes ladies I finally have a surgery date talk with Dr Duran assistant Elizabeth today glad she spoke good English and was really nice she gave me my date which is September 27th and told me to make sure I called back 2weeks before my date to confirm everything is on track so so far so good!!!!! I'm so excited it's been along time coming.....

Looking For A Buddy in September!!!!

Hey ladies so I was wondering if someone wanted to buddy surgery date is set for September 27th with Dr mom will be coming along with me also just so I can be as safe as possible knowing she's there would make me feel better...

Change of plans!!!! Going To The Talented Dr Correa

Okay ladies so I was originally going to go with Dr Duran in DR....But after seeing Dr Correa work I decided to get a quote they got right back to me no waiting weeks and months then also hook up with some beautiful great young ladies Who will be going same I'll keep you Guy's updated on everything....

Change of plans!!!! Going To The Talented Dr Correa

Okay ladies so I was originally going to go with Dr Duran in DR....But after seeing Dr Correa work In Colombia I decided to get a quote they got right back to me with a quote of 2,600 didn't have to wait weeks and months so I'll be going in September also hook up with some beautiful great young ladies Who will be going same time I I'll keep you Guy's updated on everything.

Dr Daniel Correa work Colombia

More Wish Photos!!!!

Hey dolls its been a while....decisions decisions

Sorry Doll's it's been awhile I've been having a lot of things on my Agenda far as my personal life but I'm finally almost made my decision back down to two doctors the best ones at that!!!! got a quote paid the deposit with Dr got a quote from Dr Cabral the King him self... decisions decisions my last few post in was thinking of going wit Dr Correa in Columbia but I wasn't getting to the best results far as his bbl work I was looking for don't get me wrong he is great and does great work and will be going to him fall 2016 to get my breast done but for now I'm going to sick to the DR for my 1st Round

Back To The DR I Go Doll's!!!!!!

Good morning Doll's was up checking my email and I got an email to confirm my date with Dr Cabral i will be flying down 2/23/16 surgery on 2/25/16 I just want to make sure I'm making the best decisions possible so I ending up getting a date with both doctors I'll make my decision after I get a consultation from both of them but I already paid the deposit with dr. Duran decisions decisions...what a journey and it's just beginning far from over

just a few updates...

These are my deposit and dates I decided to post from each doctor... Plus ladies it's been 2 years of me going back in forth with myself Dr. Duran has always been my 1st choice... But its just something about Dr Cabral's work also.. But its getting closer so I'll be making a choice soon..also thinking about stay at Maria new recovery house it's 5mins away she said...

Hey Doll's Looking For A Sx Buddy 2/23/16

Hey Doll's Looking For A Sx Buddy!!!! Flying Out 2/23/16 Going To The DR Sx On 2/25/16 With Dr Duran... Staying At Maria's New Recovery House And She Said It's 5minutes Away From Cipla....

It's been a long journey for me dolls

Okay so it's been a while and I've been researching and researching and researching I'm finally set and ready to go Dr Cabral is my choice I leave for 4/12 can't wait

It's been a long journey

Packed and ready to go 4/12 had to end up rescheduling my date due to me getting sick 2days before but I'm back on track and fine my original date was February 23rd

Doctors updated

Hey Dolls anybody's knows what doctors except united medical finance
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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