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I've been lurking for some time now. After further...

I've been lurking for some time now. After further research I decided to go with Dr. Duran… I've been emailing her like crazy for the past few week and I haven't heard from her. Period….. So I decided to contact Jazmine Navarro at Bella Vita Consultants. I sent a email requesting services July 18,2014 and she responded fast. Sending me papers to sign and so on. After viewing her papers and signing the contracts. She sent me her fee. It was 200 for a standard package or 350 for a Premier package. Of course, I had to go with a VIP Premier package. Because I didn't want to wait to have surgery. I wanted it all done before Christmas and my birthday.

So Jazmine sent the paypal link and I sent over the money immediately. After she received the paper work and money. I sent over pictures and since it was a friday. She said she'll get back to me with a quote on Monday. (Cool) I then realized I wanted a nose job while I was there. So she said Dr.Contreras was the person for the job. So I asked her to send him the pictures I sent her of my nose and email me a quote. She said fine….

So monday finally arrives and I received my quote. 5,900 for BA,BBL and Lipo…. It's crazy because I'm already a DD. It just doesn't feel like it to me. I want them bigger and fuller and my shape isn't bad. I just really want it perfect. I got some work done in the past as far as my ass goes. Wasn't really the right way to go about it but hey. I live in Atlanta so everyone here has butt shots. I'm just very lucky to have a nice ass being that I got it that way… I got my ass done twice in Atlanta by the same person. He's very well known in the "AtL"…. For his assets lol….

Anyway…. It's just time to get things done the right way…. Everyone is telling me there' nothing wrong with me. But at the end of the day. THIS IS MY DECISION… THIS IS MY MONEY… THIS IS SOMETHING I WANT TO DO FOR ME…. AND THERE IS NOTHING NOBODY CAN SAY TO CHANGE MY MIND. I'm 100% sure this is something that I want to do for me.

So tomorrow… I'm sending out my 250 deposit to Duran to secure my date for Nov 2014…. Is there anyone getting surgery by her in Nov? Would u like to share a room or possibly hang out? What is a good recovery house?

I'm still waiting on my quote for my nose job. I'm looking to stay in DR for two weeks. I just want to make sure I have everything done while I'm there. I'm going to get my BA,BBL, and Lipo first then a few days later I'm going to get my nose done. I'm really excited about my new body. This is something I always wanted to do. Now that I'm doing it. I'm just so happy, excited and nervous. I've read about the current deaths and so on. I'm just hoping and praying everything goes right. With God on my side. I know I'm gonna come out A1….


People are crazy these days… lol…. Worried about all the wrong shit. Just worry about you ok ? I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. At the end of the day. This is MY MONEY and WHAT I DO WITH IT IS MY BUSINESS! I told some of my friends today what I planned on doing in Nov. And they're like " Why are you getting surgery" " You don't need to touch your body…. "Just work out'… How bout no Bitch… I'm doing exactly what I wanna do and that's taking my ass to DR in November to get surgery. My boyfriend loves my body and asked me today " Baby, I love you just the way u are, why are you doing this? " I replied babe… I'm doing this for me. It's something that I wanna do. " He's like "I just don't want u to do it for any other reason but that. You gotta man who fully supports u but I don't want u touching ur boobs… Their gonna feel nasty and fake if u get the boob job…. hahahaha

He's a mess.. Hell…. I'm already a DD but I'm like should I fall back from the BA or nah? Decisions.. Decisions… I guess the extra money could go towards a rolex or a new bag… My birthday is in Feb.. So that can be a option. I guess I have to figure it all out… Anyway…. Still no word on the quote for the nose job. I guess I'll send Jazmine a email here shortly to see whats up w/ that…..

This is only my second day on RealSelf and I must say I really like it. But when it comes to being negative and so on. You miss me with the bullshit. Ur negative ass comment or remark is better left unsaid. I have no problem blocking you or kindly putting ur rude ass in ur place. Ur welcome !

You must stay positive outside the bullshit b/c people will try to tear u down. Stick to ur guns and remember ur doing this for U! So enjoy it. Don't listen to the negative people around you. Some of them are jealous.. Maybe they can't afford it. Maybe they don't want u to look good or even better than them. Fuck them…. Ur beautiful and u deserve it! Hell u deserve the WORLD!

If this is something that u really want. Stack up! If ur dealing with someone… Make sure they support u in every way… If ur boyfriend or the guy ur dealing with ain't helping u finance this. There's no way in fuck he should be enjoying it after the fact…. That's just me tho… lol lol

Still no date…..

Greetings Real Self Fam & foes lol …. I'm still waiting on date for surgery. I had several problems trying to send the deposit to Duran. Bella sent me the info she had and my bank said it wasn't right. Then she sent 1 another 1… From a bank of america…. Still couldn't send the money to the info she provided. So at this point. I'm like fuck it… I'll just send the money to u and have u send the deposit for me. So I sent her the money Monday and I sent several emails and still no date set for sx or no reply. I paid for the VIP package and I feel like that package only got me a earlier date. That's all… I know I wanted my sx fast but damn… There should be more to the package than that. If ur not looking to get sx fast. Then I recommend getting the standard package. Just being honest….

I'm gonna try calling her today to see what she says… Hopefully I hear something good from her. As far as the BA.. I'm still not sure what I want to do. I just really want to look natural. And I need to find out what Duran uses as far as that is concerned… I don't want to go thru my nipple. Because I want to breast feed in the near future. If u get BA thru ur nipple. ur pretty much fucked and breast feeding is not a option plus ur nipples can look silly af and uneven. I'll pass on going thru the nipple anyway. Plus breast feeding will help u lose weight drastically if I ever decided to get preggo… I'm interested in the Gummy Bear Silicone Breast Implants. It feels very natural and looks very real. If she can provide this then I might reconsider.

I'm still looking for a upscale recovery house. I want to enjoy the beautiful country while I'm there..

Date Set…..

Finally got my date a few weeks ago.. Just been very busy….. Anyway… I'm set for Nov 5th…. I'm going to leave the 3rd… Just to enjoy DR for a few days… So I decided to wait on the BA… I'm going to get my BA in the states because what I want Duran doesn't have… I want the Gummy Bear Silicone thru the armpit…. Not thru my nipple. I'm gonna get a BBL and lipo….. And I'll get my nose done a week later while I'm there. If anyone has a list go things for me to get while I'm there. Please let me know asap!

One month from today!!!! OMG I'll be a Duran Doll in 30days!!!!

Greetings Ladies
Well I booked my flight a few days ago and I'm getting in Nov 3… My mom and my friend from DR is coming with me. Having my friend with me is a big plus being that she's from there and some of her family still lives there. So for the first 2 days… I'll either stay with her over brothers house or get a room close to Cipla. I feel really good about her going with me. And having my mom there means so much to me. She can take very good care of me… So it's a win win situation.
Anyway….. I find it a little hard to get in touch with Jazmine from Bella….. I send emails and sometimes it takes her forever to respond. I honestly feel like I should of stuck with the basic package.. The only thing I got was a early date for surgery…. * shrugs*

I decided to stay at the Real Recovery Armonia.. I paid my deposit plus a night. Guess I could do that so they're sending me a refund for 100… lol… I started buying things for my trip yesterday and I also started taking my vitamins today. I'm a little confused about how many vitamins I take per day. If anyone knows how many to take per day please let me know asap…

So far my list includes

1. Women's 1 day
2. Vitamin C (500mg)
3. B12 (2500 mcg)
4. Folic Acid (400 mg)
5. Iron (65mg)

I was thinking about adding a few more things to the list of vitamins… Any suggestions? How many of each should I take?

Where to buy faja's ? Is there anything I should know about?

I decided to get BBL & lipo…. After a week passes…. I'm getting my nose job… I can't wait ! Anyone know about a nice resort close to Cipla? A good driver? Any info I should know please let me know… Thank you !
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