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So currently I weight 160 lbs and I'm 5"6. I've...

So currently I weight 160 lbs and I'm 5"6. I've struggled with maintaining my weight for yrs and personally as I get older I see myself starting to loose the battle. I've counted calories as well as maintained a pretty active life style jus to keep my weight down. But I want something that can help with my mid section. And I want a lil bit more fullness to my bottom. I don't want my backside to have that shelf I would prefer more of a low heart shape. I went through Laura because I'm completely new to this and I don't speak Spanish so I felt it helped a lot having a middle person. So far she's been great and very responsive. More importantly I received my quote and booked my surgery all within two weeks. No one really knows that I'm doin this accept for one close friend and my boyfriend they both sadly they aren't very supportive. I would love any advice from vets or questions from anyone starting their journey.

Vitamins Wish Pics & Current pic

So these are some of the vitamins I've picked up but because my surgery isn't til August I think I won't start taking them til March or April. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a huge drinker, I don't really smoke except for the occasional cigar my main concern lately has been to juice with the purpose of detoxifying my liver. So things like lemons, ginger root, oranges, along with some other fruits and tons of water have been a huge part of my daily intake. My measurements are currently 36", 30" 43" goal measurements 34", 26", 44" hopefully that isn't too unrealistic lol.

New Date!

So unfortunately I've had a rough last few months and needed to take some time to get things back in order. Now that I've done that (mostly lol) i have started to focus back on planning my surgery. My new date is Dec.21 with Duran, Laura from surgical Cordinators was very helpful in securing my new date. I have booked my flight and I will be flying jet blue. I'm leaving from NYC without any layovers so my flight is a little over 3hrs. I've booked my recovery house visage of grace and I purchased the single suite for 90$ a night they were having a sale. I have also brought a ton of supplies not sure if I will need it all but I'd rather be prepared as much as possible. So I've put on 15lbs this is what I was reffering to early on my weight is a constant struggle. I'm not sure if I will keep it so I can have more fat for them to work with or if I will go back down to 160 before my surgery.

Wish pics& my current swim suit pic lol

Swim suite pic of me trying to upload it again first time didn't work

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