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Having once weighed 210lbs and and now being able...

Having once weighed 210lbs and and now being able to keep my weight fluctuating between 125-145lbs over the past 11 years, my body and my mind are ready for a Brazilian butt lift. No matter how much I work out and eat well, my stomach and butt are always flabby. Even at my fittest 120lbs with working out 6 days a week for over a year I had a flat flabby butt and squishy stomach. I have a hard time putting muscle on in those areas. I have worn spanx everyday for the past 3 years and I don't want to do that anymore. I imagine being able to wear clothes and not have a lumpy flat butt and love handles. I've put a few years of thought into this and I recently started researching the procedure and Doctors. I've decided on Dr. Duran. I started following her on Instagram and have read countless reviews of her work. I know she does really big gadonkadonks, and they look amazing on so many women, but I think I'm looking for a more natural look. Still nice a full though. Think Jessica Biel, only less muscular obviously lol.
I emailed Dr. Duran on Saturday around 7:30pm and received a response two hours later! She quoted me $3800 for lipo and bbl. I'm all in! I've been doing some calculations and I estimate with surgery, meds, faja, stockings, labs, flight, and recovery house it will total around $6000 USD. Thats around $7000 CDN which is where I'm from. This is still less expensive than getting it done in Canada which would be at least $9000. Plus I would want Dr. Duran as my surgeon anyway, its just a bonus that its less expensive in the DR.
So now comes the saving money part of the journey. I will be taking a year to save up and pay for this. I will be sacrificing vacation, new clothes, dinners out and other extravagances, but it will be worth it in the end to feel good about myself physically. Don't get me wrong, I love who I am as a person, I want to love my body as much also. Or even liking it would be great haha!
I'm going to send Duran my deposit in the next two weeks to reserve a surgery date. I'm thinking July 2016. It's a long way a way, but I think time will fly by.
I'm starting to research recovery houses and I keep hearing about Angela's, but I don't have Facebook and can't find any information about it on the web. I also am looking at real recovery house and Jazmin Recovery house. Jazmin's is in the lead at this point as its only $65 per night and includes transportation to and from the airport and the clinic.
I have only told my best friend about my intentions and she is very supportive. I'm not sure who else I'll share this with. At this point I think I'll keep it to myself. We'll see!
I'm going to post some butt inspiration (wish) photos. Eventually I'll post before and after photos of myself. I think thats a difficult thing to do, even if your face is covered. But I admire and am thankful to the women who did it before me. Seeing what the possibilities are have made me realize that I could have the body that I dream of.

Spoke to Elizabeth

I called Dra Durans office today and spoke to Elizabeth. She said that since I wasn't wanting surgery until next year, to wait until December to send my deposit and set my surgery date. So now I have 7 months to plan and save until its time to book. I will also book my flight and Recovery House at the same time. I was looking forward to officially setting a date, but having enough money to do all of those things at once will be great. Also, I donated blood yesterday and my haemoglobin was 12.8. So that's pretty good right now, I will do what I can to maintain that or and even raise it to 13+
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