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So im new to the site but I have been looking at...

So im new to the site but I have been looking at the reviews. I finally got a price and date set for dr duran for March 27th 2014. I have tried working out and doing squats but this flat ass just ain't growing. .lol. If any duran dolls have any advice for me please let me know. I have to start at the bottom with sending her money, I want to know any sites that helps me with supplies and can someone tell me how surgery actually went. I heard some people wake up. .is this true?

update.. help duran dolls!!!

So my sx date is getting closer and im getting nervous because people are filling my head about thoughts of bad things that could happen in Dominican. Is there anyone that can relieve my mind and ensure me that I will make it back safely to the US? Also is anyone going around March 27th that can be my sx buddy. I really don't want to cancel my date but I need to be reassured. My friends told me they had some war going on between hatians and Dominicans and say they might mistake me as a hatian and try to rob me. I rather stay in the US if all that drama is going on.

I went with salama instead of duran

So my sx is scheduled today with dr. Salama. I'm a little nervous. I was initially going with duran in Dominican but everyone talked me out of it because of the safety. I am staying at the recovery house which I think is way too much money for the way it is. Staff member Grace is very sweet (I love her) but far as the house. ..NO. I paid 1899 to stay here and it's just a regular house with three rooms double beds and one bathroom. Just this morning I had 4 ticks or bed bugs in my bed. There are little sugar ants all over my room. My roommate is very sweet also and I like the fact that you can share experiences and meet new friends but I could have took my ass to a nice hotel for this price. It really doesn't make any sense to me for a dr that is becoming well known to have a recovery house in the ghetto of prostitute alley. My roommate is from another country and she almost got picked up by a stranger add aske wad walking to walgreens which is 5 mins away from the house. If you really don't have a choice and want the procedure the home will do but if you need a little luxury and civilization (like me) then I would highly recommend a hotel and private nurse or family member. I see why dr. salama office never sent me a brochure! I'm not a complainer at all but this house is not worth it. When I went for my consultation yesterday I didn't even see salama. You only see him the day of surgery. Then they told me they no longer use two of the antibiotics. I'm like so well I get a refund for passing for these meds you gave me scripts for just last week? They said no. Just unnecessary money being spent. Far as the luggage you only need one bag. You won't be getting dressed really while you're here. I brought two bags full of clothes and underwear. With the garment you can't wear underwear anyways. Well I guess that's enough ranting for now. I have to take a shower and get ready for today! Procedure day.

day 1 post op.

First day was hell. No lie. I cried could barely move. The in house aid fed me my meals in bed (she is so sweet). She gave me my meds to ease the pain etc. But let me rewind back to the day of sx. I saw salama day of sx only. He was good looking and well built. Female staff were very courteous and Alex (crna) was nice also and Good looking. The driver Justin is also very sweet. Anyways they asked health hx both salama and Alex. Salama took pre op pics then he explained procedure and risks thoroughly. I know there was a girl that got burnt badly and ruined his credible reputation butin thinking she may not have been following post op instructions. You cannot stay sleeping on your belly you have to rotate to your sides also or else necrosis of the tissues could occur causing poor circulation and tissue to die. Anyways they directed me to surgical area placed an iv in and Alex (crna) explained what each drug was for as he pushed it in. I was sleep sooner than you know. When I woke up I was in recovery room and Justin (the transporter if you book the recovery house) was the to take me home. He has you lay on a mattress in the back of the vehicle. When I got to the house Grace had soup waiting for me. I could barely walk because I was in so much pain years were rolling down my cheek but I toughed it out. Overall salama did an excellent job and staff were very professional. Only problem I had was the bugs I found in my bed and my nagging ass roommate across the hall. She was always yelling waking me and my roommate up or crying about something petty. I can't wait til she goes home! I feel like giving her money back personally so she can go.
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